Public Records Request


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Records Division provides local background checks, copies of accident reports and event reports for incidents handled by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. While we are happy to provide copies of all public documents, and those documents provided are official records of the Sheriff's Office, we do not "certify" any records.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Central Records Division will examine your request and contact you if more information is needed. You should receive a status of your request by the end of the next business day.

If a report or incident was handled by another agency, for instance the Key West Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, that agency should be contacted directly for copies of their public documents.

Note: Florida law prohibits a government agency from requiring that a person requesting a public document identify him or herself, or give a reason for the request. If you don't wish to identify yourself on this request form, please contact the Records Supervisor at 305-292-7050 so someone can facilitate the request for you anonymously.

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