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January/February 2005 Edition


Sheriff's Report:

Lots of exciting stuff scheduled for this month.

On Friday, March 11th we'll be holding our Employee of the Year ceremony at the Marathon Government Center at 2 p.m. I encourage everyone to go if they are able - the employees being honored in the ceremony deserve our support and congratulations for all their hard work. Members of the 100 Club will be present, as will members of the Cormier family. Our Law Enforcement Officer of the year is presented at the ceremony with the Cormier Memorial award, in honor of Deputy David Cormier, who died on duty in an accident in 1998. We will also be saying goodbye to a number of people retiring from the agency at the ceremony. Click here to see which employees will be honored, and to find out why they were chosen for the award.

On Monday, March 21, at noon we'll be hosting the Grand Opening ceremony for the new home of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Sector 7 Patrol Division. Please join us for the dedication of the Roth Building, located in the old Mariner's Hospital building at 50 High Point Road on Plantation Key. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will officiate at the ceremony. 

The Sheriff's Office will host it's annual Easter at the Animal Farm event March 20th from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Animal Farm at the Stock Island Detention Center. The event is free of charge, so bring your kids out to hunt for those elusive Easter eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.


Our national accreditation inspection (CALEA) went well in February and early word is we passed with flying colors. Thank you to everyone who participated: in particular the folks in Professional Standards, including Lt. Bruce Winegarden, Deputy Butch Albury and Sheri Cuervo.

Promotions, retirements

We've seen some promotions and retirements since the last Rap Sheet. Captain Jenny Bell-Thomson is retiring effective April 1st. Jenny has been around a long time and we'll miss her very much. She is looking forward to spending more time with her kids, and we wish her well with that, as well as with her bookstore, Cover to Cover Books in Tavernier.

Taking her place is newly promoted Captain Don Hiller.  Don, you are taking on quite a challenge with Sector 7. It is an extremely active sector with lots of things going on all the time. I'm sure, however, that you are up to the challenge.

Taking Don's place as Lieutenant in Special Operations is newly promoted Lt. Corey Bryan. Corey is already off and running in Special Ops, and I'm sure we'll see him do wonderfully there. Taking his place is Sgt. Gene Thompson. Prior to taking the position as Detective Sergeant in the upper Keys, Gene worked as a road patrol sergeant in the middle Keys.

The Detective Sergeant in the middle Keys, Mike Langston, has moved on to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Thanks for all your work, Mike, and good luck at FDLE. Taking his place is newly appointed Detective Sergeant James Norman who transferred from the Special Investigations Unit's Homicide Division.


Bureau of Operations

Sector I Report

Well, here we are again with another month gone by. Sector One is doing well although working extremely short handed. We have 4 positions open and are holding them for our new recruits coming out of the academy. But fortunately it has been relatively quiet. Now that I said that, things should get real busy……..

Before I go any further, I have to congratulate several people. A large congratulation goes out to newly promoted Capt. Don Hiller, Det. Sgt. James Norman and Det. Sgt. Gene Thompson. I will let their division talk more about them while I brag about Sector One. A really large congratulation goes to the 2004 officer of the year. Dep. Paul Shultz. Paul is a true asset to our Sector and sets the example with his work ethic daily. Thanks Paul for all your hard work and dedication.

Sector one held its annual kids fishing tournament last weekend and thanks to Dep. Charlie Cobb and Dep. Tom Peteck for all their hard work putting it together. We had 133 kids show up and have a great time. There were a lot of people who volunteered their time to make this event safe and fun and if I tried to name them all two things would happen: First I would turn the RAP Sheet into an epic and second I would forget someone. So I will just say thanks to everyone who helped because without you it could not have happened. The one that I will mention by name is Jigs Bait and Tackle. They worked hand in hand with Charlie and Tom as well as providing a large amount of prizes to make certain that every kid won something. I had a great time and know everyone else did. Thanks to all those who helped for a great event.

Until next month, stay safe and remember, we live in paradise.


Monroe County Sheriff's Office Sector One Patrol Division took part in a formal inspection in February at the Naval Air Station Bachelor Officer's Quarters in Key West. As members of the division stood at attention, Lieutenant Mitch Snider, Station Commander of the Division, inspected each patrol squad's uniform and equipment for cleanliness, neatness and readiness.  Click here to see more photos...

Report from Marathon and Sector 5

Traffic Enforcement News

By Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Glenn Test

The Traffic Unit has been very busy with all sorts of special details.  In addition, we have been responding to numerous citizen complaints, trying to crack down on hazardous violations.  Particularly fruitful has been a crack down on passing stopped school bus violations.  Watching bus stops throughout the Keys we have issued numerous citations over the past few months.  This is an area of traffic enforcement that all deputies should pay particular attention to, not just the STEP units.

We would like to wish Deputy Kirk Salvatori well in his new endeavors and retirement.  We would also like to welcome our newest member, Andrew Ensminger, to the Traffic Unit.  Hopefully he won't find it too difficult to keep up!  And no Andrew, just because you have the wings tattooed on your arm, doesn't mean you can have a motor. 

Congratulations are also in order for Andrew Leird as he has successfully completed the Northwestern/Harley Davidson Motor School.  Along with his diploma Andrew received a few bumps, bruises, and a smashed foot, but he toughed it out and graduated.  In the near future Andrew (AKA T15) will be patrolling the streets of the Upper Keys on his Harley, and hopefully he will pay particular attention while negotiating the S curve at the 93 MM!

Sector 4 Road Officers help with Fundraiser

On January 23, 2005 the Sheriffs Office hosted a fund raiser for Stand Up for Animals. I would like to thank the following officers for assisting me in making this a successful event.

I would first like to thank Sgt. Greenwood for allowing us to put this event together. I would also like to thank Deputy Tanner for finger printing all the children. Deputy Jagoda for running our silent auction. Deputies Lin Badman and Deputy Laura Garcia who were checking the proper installation of infant car seats. Deputy Barger took care of advertising the event with flyers, adds in the local papers and radio stations.

Thanks to their efforts we were able to raise $465.00 for Stand Up for Animals. We also had three shelter pets adopted.

Community Relations Update:

Emergency medical information kits available

The Key West Rotary Club has teamed up with the Sheriff's Shared Assets Forfeiture fund to provide emergency medical information kits to the elderly.

The free kits contain medical and emergency information forms in English and Spanish and a magnetized plastic pouch that will adhere to refrigerators for easy access in case of medical or other emergencies. Law enforcement, rescue personnel and fire fighters know to look for these potentially life-saving kits. The free kits were purchased through a grant from the Sheriff's Shared Assets Forfeiture Fund in conjunction with the Rotary elder program.

The kits have been provided to the Sheriff's Office and are available at all Sheriff's substations in the Keys and at the headquarters building on Stock Island. Also, Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator, Deputy Emil LaVache will distribute the kits at crime watch meetings throughout the Keys. Kits are also available at all five First State Bank branches in Key West.

House Numbers available
You respond to a call at a house....but you can't find it because the house has no visible address posted outside. It takes an extra five minutes to find the location because you pass it three times before you figure out which house you are supposed to go to. What do you do? 

The answer is: Call or send an email to Crime Watch Coordinator Deputy Emil LaVache ( Deputy LaVache recently acquired a large number of house numbers which are for the express purpose of numbering houses that don't already have them. The new program is FREE OF CHARGE to the home owner, and will help other emergency responders on future calls.

Crime Stoppers tips may be submitted anonymously via email

People who wish to submit Crime Stoppers tips to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office or Key West Police may now do it via email ANONYMOUSLY.

Thanks to a company called Anderson Software, makers of TipSoft - Tip Tracking and Intelligence Management Software - anyone with a computer can submit a Crime Stoppers tip completely anonymously. There are tip links on the Sheriff's Office home page,, and on the Crime Stoppers page of the site.

Awards and Commendations

Employees of the Fourth Quarter, 2004

At a recent ceremony held at the Government Center in Marathon, Sheriff Rick Roth gave out awards for Employees of the Fourth Quarter, 2004. The chosen employees, and the reasons for their selection, are listed below:

SWORN: In September, Sector Seven experienced two armed robberies and four burglaries in a short period of time. This activity was very unusual for the Key Largo area, and raised the suspicion of Deputy Jose Carballo.

Deputy Carballo aggressively pursued his street contacts to develop information as to a possible suspect. Through many contacts, he developed a suspect. This information was turned over to CIU. Deputy Carballo continued providing information to CIU, and ultimately the suspect was arrested and confessed to two armed robberies and three burglaries. A gun, cash, and property were recovered as a result of this investigation.

Deputy Carballo’s actions were exemplary to the commitment and partnership with the community. His relationship with the community was the single most important aspect of this investigation.

CORRECTIONS: Nurse Darlene Arnold exchanged her stethoscope for a pair of handcuffs when she transitioned from the medical field to corrections. She no longer physically checks the pulses of inmates, but she still has her fingers on the proverbial pulse beat of the inmates.

Officer Arnold maintains a diligent dedicated approach to her duties. She constantly monitors the inmates and their behavior. She consistently conducts cell inspections, cell searches, and pat searches. In the last year, her proactive efforts have resulted in the confiscation of three potential weapons, drugs, and nuisance contraband. In addition, her keen observations detected and prevented the theft of food on two separate occasions.

Her actions serve as an outstanding example for others to follow. Her attitude is also exemplary. Her positive energy and unending enthusiasm toward her work, her peers, supervisors, and the inmates is contagious. She willingly accepts any responsibility without complaint and performs each task to the best of her ability.

SUPPORT: Karin Tkacs has always worked very hard and is always concentrating on her job. Karin diligently handles our mass of property and evidence submitted with grace and patience. She is always ready to assist anyone that calls for property and evidence and she responses back in a timely matter. In a couple of incidents, people have been very rude and abrupt. She has handled these situations very professionally. She has also gone above and beyond the call of duty making sure that all policies and procedures are followed and trained our new deputies and two new employees in her office. Even though her job is frustrating at times, she is always smiling and happy.

RESERVE: Reserve Sgt. David Bickford has volunteered over 750 hours of his time in the 2 ½ years that he has been involved in Aviation and Sector 7. David also volunteers for the Key Largo Fire Department and is a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. David has completed the Parking Enforcement class and in November 2003 he took on the duties of Reserve Sector Seven. Sgt. Bickford has been doing all the administrative duties for Reserve Sector 7 freeing Reserve Capt. Ted Migala up for other duties.

David demonstrated his dedication to the Sheriff's Office on November 11, 2004. A suspect of a triple homicide in Miami-Dade County had turned himself in at the Plantation Key Public Defenders Office. The suspect’s vehicle was a crime scene and there was a need to secure and protect the vehicle until Miami-Dade crime scene detectives could process it. At 11:30 a.m., Det. Sgt. Corey Bryan requested Reserve Capt. Migala to contact a Reserve to protect the scene. He called David and asked if he was available to come out and protect the vehicle. David was busy, but rearranged his schedule and reported to the scene at 12:25 p.m. David secured and protected the scene until relieved at 5:40 p.m. This is just one example of David’s dedication and willingness to make himself available on limited notice.

EXPLORER: Explorer Sgt. Priscilla Franco has been a vital and integral part of Post 906. If a job needs to be done, she will volunteer whether it involves work at the moment or on her own time. Explorer Sgt. Franco has been a member of our Drill Team since inception. She has put in countless hours of time practicing, preparing uniforms, helping newer members learn routines and encouraging the team to do their best. As a member of Post 906, she has worked hard, taking new or younger members under her wing. She has also been a Squad Leader, a Supply Manager, and the Room Captain when Post 906 travels. She is currently the Post Sgt. and responsible for all secretarial work for the post.

The Explorer post of MCSO recently hosted the December 2004 delegates meeting of the Florida Sheriff’s Explorer Association. Explorer Sgt. Franco was a huge asset in this undertaking. She brought lots of ideas to the table, helped with anything that needed to be done, from phone calls to decorations to running errands. When the DJ did not show up, she immediately got on the phone and found a replacement. She is a very active member of the FSEA and is currently running for the position of State Historian of the association.

Explorer Sgt. Franco is highly involved with her school, Marathon High School. She has been involved in many activities such as SWAT, STARS, Challenge Day, Chorus, and Student Government. She is also a very family oriented person often having to balance her outside activities with the needs of her family. Explorer Sgt. Priscilla Franco has been and continues to be a tremendous asset to Exploring, often times putting the needs of the group ahead of her own.

Letters of Thanks and Commendation

Detective Larry O'Neill received a letter of appreciation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for assistance in the arrest of a man wanted for molesting a six year old girl in California in 2003. The letter says, in part, "Detective O'Neill's diligence ensured that Gallo (the suspect) was safely apprehended and will be brought to justice here in California."

Officer Michael Signil was commended by Captain Penny Phelps  for his quick action in preventing one inmate from attacking another with a broken broom handle. The commendation says, in part, "Your quick actions prevented injury and/or serious harm from befalling inmate Leland. You courageously and unselfishly put yourself in harm's way to prevent an attack upon another human being."

A physician at Lower Keys Medical Center wrote to Sheriff Roth to thank Deputy Sonya Morgan for her help. Deputy Morgan helped Dr. Francessca Brettschneider get to the hospital through a traffic back up caused by a major accident on the highway. The Dr. says, in part, "On behalf of myself, hospital staff and patients involved I wish to thank Officer Morgan and the department for your concern."

Marathon City Manager Mike Puto wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend the efforts of Colonel Rick Ramsay and Deputies Linda Kohout and Lin Badman for their help escorting Santa Claus during the annual Marathon Fire Department's caroling on Christmas Eve. He says, in part, "That evening we were hit with a major fog bank that rolled in and stayed with us for most of the evening. Your staff did an excellent job in escorting all the fire vehicles and Santa to his scheduled stops."

Maria Forbes wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend Deputy Emil LaVache for assistance he rendered her. She'd left her wallet in a shopping cart outside the Commissary on the Sigsbee Military base and was going back to get it when her car broke down. Deputy LaVache drove her to the base to retrieve her wallet, which had been turned in with all her belongings intact. She says, "No doubt Deputy LaVache had plans of his own but he put that aside to now drive me to Boca Chica Marina. The Lord surely put him in my path that afternoon and I'm very grateful for his help."

Howard Corbone from Alaska wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend Sgt. Sam Cassel for his help. Corbone's family was victim of an auto burglary at the south end of the 7 mile bridge. They were in a restaurant eating dinner and Sgt. Cassel was in the same restaurant eating with his family. According to the letter, "Sgt. Cassel took over an hour of his own time to help us out. He took what was a bad and confusing situation and made everything much better. He deserves commendation for his generosity, professionalism and kindness."

John Gregg, from the Key Largo area, wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend a number of staff members in the Plantation Key Detention facility. Gregg was arrested in December, and then again in January for violation of probation. On both occasions he says he was impressed with his treatment at the facility, saying the staff "treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy....even the arresting officer Jeffrey Parker was truly professional from start to finish." He specifically mentions Detention Deputy Marks, and Sgt. Bandlow who  says "treated him fairly and with dignity."

The President of the Coast Guard Enlisted Association wrote to Colonel Rick Ramsay to thank the Sheriff's Office for helping with the Coast Guard Ride for the Keys 2005, to raise money for Hospice/VNA of the Florida Keys and the Make A Wish Foundation. He singles out some officers for recognition of their specific help: Sgt. Glenn Test, and Deputies John McGee, Dave Johnson, Andrew Leird, Eric Mixon and Adam Rabinowitz.

Bret Herringer, who works for the Monroe County Tax Collector's Office, wrote to Sheriff Roth to thank members of Sector 7 for their help in serving notices of violations to mobile homes and travel trailers not in compliance with Florida Law. According to Herringer, one of their clerks received a threatening phone call from a recipient of one of these notices who said he would hurt Herringer if he saw him again. Because of this, Herringer contacted Lt. Donald Fanelli and asked for a deputy to escort he and his partner as they served more violation notices. Sgt. Sean Heffron assigned Deputy Lyle Agins to accompany the two as they issued the violation notices. He says, in part, "Please see to it that all of your deputies are made aware of how appreciated they are by the employees of the Monroe County Tax Collector's Office. Especially the three fine deputies that helped my partner and me this day."

Glenn Passage, the Royal Palm Park Crime Watch Chairperson, wrote to Sheriff Roth to thank Deputy Emil LaVache and employees at the detention center, for arranging a tour of the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island. He says, "We at Royal Palm Park very much appreciate the good relationship we have with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department who also supports us in our Crime Watch activities."

Support Services

A Note from Property and Evidence

By Director Diane O'Dell

The Property and Evidence Division has been extremely busy these last 2 or 3 months.  As some of you know some of my employees have changed.  Roxanne Rahming has transferred to the Civil Division.  Kelby Thomas transferred from the jail to Roxy's position.  Kelby keeps the office operations going.  He can help answer your questions when you call the office.  If you need info on the location of evidence or are just looking for results, he can help you.  Michael Knowles took Gus Alfonsos' position after he passed away last May.  So I've been busy training new people and working on our annual project.  Every year I have to make room for property from the coming year.  Also we transport the prior year's evidence from Marathon and Plantation Key to the Key West Office for storage.

We are sending lots of disposition requests out to deputies and detectives.  I wish you guys would take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and answer them.  Lots of cases never go to court so the property just sits in storage for a year.  If you have know the disposition of your cases, please take a minute to check off the "yes destroy" or "no don't destroy" box so I can take care of my business expediently.

Also a reminder to deputies and detectives on basic property and evidence handling procedures.  Some of the mistakes I can correct in Property and Evidence Division, like case number and FDLE forms.  But when there is  a problem with the evidence, we must return it to the submitting officer for correction.

  • The case # on your evidence should be the offense number.
  • All packages must be labeled with offense #, property receipt # and item #.
  • All packages must be sealed at the opening with evidence tape and initials.
  • Initials should be 1/2 on the bag and 1/2 over the evidence tape.
  • Seperate items for FDLE from items for storage. 
  • The property receipt and the FDLE form must be completely filled out and must correspond to the package of evidence.  If you want to submit items 3 & 4 to FDLE then the FDLE form should have items 3 & 4 listed.
If at any time you need assistance with packaging property and evidence or the paperwork, please don't hesitate to call. 
  • Key West Office is open 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday.  305-292-7144 or 292-7026 and cell phone is 797-0058
  • Marathon Office is open 9 to 4 Tuesday and Thursday, 305-289-2430 or 797-0100  Karin Tkacs
  • Plantation Key is open 8 to 5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 305-853-3211 or Karin Tkacs cell phone 797-0100.

From Human Resources

By Director Donna Moore

The entire Human Resources Staff would like to personally thank Assistant Community Relations Director, Becky Herrin for her outstanding work on MCSO job web site. Due to Becky's hard work, the web site was responsible for over 37% of the successful recruitment and hiring of MSCO employees. We would also like to thank all of the employees who took the time to recruit family members and friends. Employee recruitment was responsible for over 30% of the recruitment and hiring of MCSO employees. Again, We would like to thank all of you for support to the Human Resources Division. TEAM - "Together Everyone Achieves More"

Donna, Kristie, Deshawn, Ernie, Hilda, Joey, Mary, Phyllis, Amy

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Promotional Exam Eligibility List

2002 – 2005 Eligibility List

  • Eric Mixon
  • Sheila Seago
  • Harold Boyden
  • Manual Cuervo
  • David Carey
  • Mark Terrill
  • Henry Hamilton
  • Diane Mimosa

2003 – 2006 Eligibility List

  • Sean Heffron
  • Todd Wyatt
  • Rick Martin
  • Dawn Leird
  • Jim Ford
  • Julio Alvarez

2004 – 2006 Eligibility List

  • Alvin Burns.....78
  • Christen Kellenberger.....70
  • Terry Smith.....65
  • Lyle Agin.....76
  • Donnie Catala.....70
  • David Johnson.....65
  • Thomas Tobin.....74
  • Lionel Vargas.....70
  • John McGee.....71
  • Linda Mixon.....67
  • Joseph Moran.....70
  • Alberto Ramirez.....65

Accreditors will recommend re-accreditation

At the exit interview last Wednesday the CALEA assessors advised the Sheriff that they are going to recommend that we be reaccredited. This will occur at the Boston meeting in July.

We had to make some adjustments to policy and gather some additional proofs of compliance during the on-site, but over all it went well. Notices will be forthcoming on those policy adjustments.

Personal thank yous will be going out to individuals who had direct involvement in the on-site assessment. However, you and your staffs deserve a big thank you and congratulations. CALEA accreditation is only achievable if the entire agency is involved and committed to the process. Without you following policy and doing your job we would not have been able to achieve this for the Sheriff.

Thank you and congratulations.


Accreditation inspectors spent a week in the Keys making sure the Sheriff's Office was following all the right professional practices. On the left, they inspected a representative from each area of the Sheriff's Office, checking equipment and asking questions about general practices. On the right, the inspectors are pictured with Sheriff Rick Roth and Professional Standards Lt. Bruce Winegarden.

Finance Division Update

Finance has had some changes recently. Those who have stopped by have realized that personnel has shifted spaces within the department as well as taken on different responsibilities.

Should you need information, you can contact the appropriate person to help:

  • Carol - Travel / Training, Tuition Reimbursement and General Accounts Payable
  • Gina - HIDTA issues (after payment has been made)
  • Diana - HIDTA payments / Contractual Information
  • Lisa - All HIDTA issues
  • Kimm - Payroll
  • Terry - Bonds, Inmate Welfare, Commissary, Civil and State Forfeiture
  • John Fowley - Purchasing Information

List of Internal Affairs and Disciplinary Actions available

A complete list of all 2004 Internal Affairs investigations and Disciplinary Action Forms is now available for public viewing. Click on the links below to see them.

General News

Virus alert: Don't open FBI e-mail

From CNN Justice Producer Terry Frieden
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 Posted: 8:05 PM EST (0105 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Don't open those e-mail attachments that appear to be from the FBI. They might contain a computer virus.

The FBI late Tuesday warned computer users that scam artists pretending to be FBI agents are at work spreading the computer virus.

"These e-mails did not come from the FBI," the Bureau said in a statement released from its Washington headquarters. "The FBI does not engage in the practice of sending unsolicited e-mails to the public in this manner."

The warning to the public was prompted by an ongoing mass e-mail in which computer users receive unsolicited e-mails purportedly sent by the FBI.

The scam e-mails tell recipients their Internet use has been monitored by the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center, and that they have accessed illegal Web sites.

The e-mails then direct recipients to open an attachment and answer questions, but the attachments contain a computer virus.

"The FBI strongly encourages computer users not to open such attachments," the statement said.

The FBI does have an Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is located in West Virginia.

That center, however, is investigating the ongoing scam and not -- as the scammers claim -- monitoring the Internet use of ordinary citizens.

Cyberlinxx and eAgent Users

All FCIC certified members are able to obtain access to Cyberlinxx and eAgent. Although eAgent and Cyberlinxx use different modes for opening FCIC, they both access the system. EAgent uses the physical terminal to access FCIC. Communications, Key West, Marathon, and Plantation Key Jails, Warrants, and Central Records all have physical FCIC terminals.

Cyberlinxx, however, is accessed through the Sheriff’s Office home page. If you use Cyberlinxx and it refuses your attempts at entry, contact Supervisor Michael Grattan, Data Processing. Cyberlinxx carries an expiration (similar to DAVID) and your access may have to be restored. Many members using Cyberlinxx have already experienced this event, which seemingly has coincided with the installation of eAgent. EAgent is not responsible for any difficulties with Cyberlinxx.

Any member can contact the FCIC TAC Michelle Rabinowitz, A/TAC Raye Liu, or FCIC Point of Contact Michael Grattan, if they need assistance.

All members who utilize the FCIC can have access for 6 months before they have to be certified. This allows enough time for the member to attend a class for the certification. There is an FCIC certification class and a re-certification class each quarter, taught by an FDLE instructor. Contact Michelle Rabinowitz or Raye Liu to sign up for the quarterly class. Re-certification can be completed without a class and online. Any member needing FCIC certification or re-certification can contact any Local Agency Instructor for a class or a test on the following list:


  • Sheri Cuervo, Accreditation
  • Jamie Denton, KW Jail Records
  • Beverly Greene, KW Jail
  • Tiffany O’Connell, Warrants Supv
  • Nadege Pierre-Louis, KW Jail Records


  • Carol Cain, Communications
  • Dennis Cain, KV Station
  • Angie Glover, KV Station
  • Joan Green, Traffic Unit - Special Ops
  • Debra Shepherd, Communications
  • Terri Story, Communications


  • Peggy Bryan, PK Station
  • Vicki Bryan, Islamorada Station
  • Thomas Kiffney, Islamorada Station
  • Wilson Williams, Islamorada Station

State takes a stand by revoking/suspending licenses

From the State of Florida  Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

To: All Florida Law Enforcement Agencies

From: Sandra C. Lambert, Director, Division of Driver Licenses

Subject: Traffic Fatality or Serious Bodily Injury with Blood Draw

In accordance with section 322.27(1)(a), Florida Statutes, our Department must be notified, within 24 hours, of any traffic fatality, or when the law enforcement agency initiates action requiring a blood test for impairment or intoxication resulting in a serious bodily injury or fatality pursuant to s. 316.1933, F.S.

The DAVID system now contains a Fatality/Serious Bodily Injury (SBI) Menu button. Please read the Instructions located at the bottom of the Inquiry/Add screen, immediately after the Menu Screen. Law Enforcement Officers can submit the report using the DAVID system, which will replace the Fatality Notification Teletype they currently submit to the Florida Traffic Fatality Desk. This reporting system was created to record traffic crashes, which meet ONLY the following criteria:

  • A Traffic Fatality and/or
  • Serious Bodily Injury where a blood sample was drawn from any driver

The Bureau of Driver Improvement will review officers’ crash information reported through DAVID and determine if there is sufficient evidence that a driver has committed an offense for which mandatory revocation/suspension is required, including violation of any traffic law which resulted in a crash that caused death or personal injury. If so, this Department will suspend the driver’s license effective immediately, if personally served, or given a 20-day notice, if mailed.

The Division of Driver Licenses is taking an aggressive stand when there is a crash with a fatality or someone is seriously injured and where blood is drawn. We need your help to supply us with the detailed information in order to suspend a driver’s record.

If you have any questions, please contact Bennett White at

Oops, I Did It Again: Ten Most Common Managerial Mistakes That Lead to Litigation

Employers that fail to adopt and follow basic good management practices will substantially increase their risk of litigation and liability.

It is not illegality that fuels employee lawsuits, but rather employee anger arising from perceived unfair treatment.

    Placing a legal label, such as discrimination or retaliation, on the seeming unfairness occurs afterward.

    Supervisors, managers, executives and even human resources staff often engage in behaviors that, unwittingly, lead employees to feel misled, lied to or otherwise unfairly treated. In doing so, they increase the likelihood of litigation. Ten common mistakes increase the likelihood of employee lawsuits and financial exposure.

1. Forget About Training
    Workplaces today are busier than ever. Devoting time to management training takes precious hours away from productive, moneymaking endeavors. A company, however, is its managers. What the managers say and do, the company says and does. Correct behavior prevents lawsuits. Missteps lead to liability. Managers who are not conversant in company policies, and who do not know the basics of setting goals, preparing performance appraisals and proper documentation become the catalyst for lawsuits.

    Supervisors need training about how to handle difficult situations--what to say, whom to turn to for assistance and what not to do. Failing to provide management training is shortsighted, and with the rise of potential individual liability, unfair to a company’s supervisors.

Click here to read the rest of this article.......

Tax Notes: What is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) sometimes called the Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a refundable Federal income tax credit for low-income working individuals and families. Congress originally approved the tax credit legislation in 1975 in part to offset the burden of social security taxes and to provide an incentive to work. When the EITC exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it results in a tax refund to those who claim and qualify for the credit.

The EITC is a refundable Federal tax credit for eligible individuals and families who work and have earned income under:

  • $11,490 ($12,490 if married filling jointly) if there is no qualifying child.
  • $30,338 ($31,338 if married filing jointly) if there is one qualifying child.
  • $34,458 ($35,458 if married filing jointly) if there is more than one qualifying child.

Where can you go to get more information about EITC, and other tax issues?

Take advantage of free assistance. The IRS offers recorded messages on about 150 tax topics through a toll free TeleTax service at 1-800-829-4477 or visit

Serve as a Police Instructor in Iraq
Pay: $12,750 / monthly

The U.S. Department of Justice, International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), in conjunction with the U.S. State Department, has implemented a Civilian Police Development Program in Iraq. The program focuses on basic entry level training, in service and advanced/specialized training. Instructors, subcontracted by SAIC will provide training in accordance with supplied lesson plans. Minimum requirements include:

  • Five years experience as a sworn U.S. Law Enforcement Officer
  • Able to pass a background security and credit check
  • Medically certified to be in excellent physical condition
  • United States Citizen
  • Possession of or ability to obtain a valid U.S. Passport
  • Classroom instructor experience in Criminal Justice Disciplines preferred

A minimum six month commitment is required and may be extended upon mutual agreement; a candidate's ability to plan for a one year deployment is preferred. Interested candidates meeting these minimum requirements should email a complete resume to or fax an abbreviated copy to:

George R. Ludington
1331 F Street, NW
5th Floor
Washington D.C., 20004
(202)305-8190 or (202)307-6478
FAX: (202)305-3335

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Nutrition Corner:

Did you know:  Only 8% of Americans ever eat any whole grain at all? Most of us buy white bread and restaurants serve white bread, for the most part. Most breads labeled "rye", "pumpernickel", "multi-grain", "stone-ground", "7-grain", and "oatmeal" are just white bread dressed up to look like whole grains. If "wheat flour" is the first ingredient listed (doesn't matter if it is enriched, bromated, stone-ground, etc.), it is still just refined white flour. Look on the ingredients label for the words "whole wheat", "whole rye", "whole grain pumpernickel", etc.

Eating whole grains is linked to a lower risk of heard disease and stroke. Whole grains help prevent spikes in blood sugar, help reduce the risk of colon cancer, and possibly cancers of the mouth and stomach. The fiber in whole grains also helps with constipation and diverticulitis.

The United State's new dietary guidelines recommend three or more servings of whole grain each day. A serving is defined as 1 ounce - the equivalent of one slice of whole wheat bread, half of a whole wheat english muffin, or one half to one cup of most whole grain breakfast cereals. For oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, brown rice or polenta, a serving is a half cup cooked.

Click here to view in .pdf format the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Click here to view a 12 page brochure outlining the new nutritional guidelines.

The guidelines cal also be viewed on line at

Relay For Life Fundraiser - Monroe County School Team

Easter Blanket Chance Drawing - $1.00 per chance suggested donation. Six chances for $5.00. Tickets can be purchased at the School Board office at 241 Trumbo Rd or call Joy at 293.1400x310. Drawing will be held March 24th.

Click here to see a picture of the blanket.

Blood Drive

April 13th @ HQ and CKSO. Times to be announced

Funnies....Famous police statements

These are statements from police officers recorded on their video systems.

  • "Relax, the handcuffs are tight  because they're new. They'll stretch out after you wear them  awhile."
  • "Take  your hands off the car, and I'll make your birth certificate a worthless  document."
  • "If you  run, you'll only go to jail tired."
  • "Can you  run faster than 1,200 feet per second? In case you didn't know, that is  the average speed of a 9 mm bullet fired from my gun."
  • "So you  don't know how fast you were going. I guess that means I can write anything  I want on the ticket, huh?"
  • "Yes,  Sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will  help. Oh ... did I mention that I am the shift supervisor?"
  • "Warning! You  want a warning? O.K., I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll  give you another ticket."
  • "The  answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not.  Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?"
  • "Fair?  You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on  rides, eat cotton candy, and step in monkey poop."
  • "Yeah, we  have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a  toaster oven."
  • "In God  we trust, all others we run through NCIC."
  • "Just how  big were those two beers?"
  • "No sir  we don't have quotas anymore. We used to have a quotas but now we're  allowed to write as many tickets as we want."
  • "I'm glad  to hear the Chief of Police is a good personal friend of yours. At least you  know someone who can post your bond."
  • "You  didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't. Sign  here."