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June 2004 Edition


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By Sergeant Glenn Test

The Traffic Unit is fully staffed for the first time in my three year reign, and it feels good! 

Statistically we are finding time away from all of the special assignments to do actual traffic enforcement, as was demonstrated during the recent memorial Day weekend.  As a unit we conducted a series of three wolf packs in unison with Miami Dade P.D.  Our counterparts to the north were working the 18 mile stretch and Card Sound Rd. on their side, while we conducted business on our side.  On the 18 mile stretch we made 20 traffic contacts, while on Card Sound we issued 81.  Our total contacts for the three wolf packs was 483!  Next up, Fourth of July. The top performer during the holiday weekend was Lin Badman with 71 contacts, and Andrew Leird was close behind with 68.

In memory of a terrific Dispatcher: Debbie Erwin

By Communications Officer Debbie Shepherd

On Tuesday, June 28th, Debbie Erwin passed away after a lengthy illness. Debbie worked in Plantation Key Communications
in the "olden days" when only one Dispatcher was on duty at a time. If we were lucky, we would have two dispatchers on duty from
1100 - 2100 on the weekends.

Dispatching back then was a one man show with the Dispatcher answering the phones, dispatching fire/rescue and police and operating the tele-type. It took an extraordinary person to be able to handle all these duties and Debbie certainly fit into this category. Debbie was exceptionally good at researching subjects on the tele-type. If you only had a name, approximate age and possible address, Debbie could locate the subject. It wasn't unusual for officer's to wait until Debbie worked to send in their tele-type requests. This was before the implementation of the DAVID system. Now it is much easier to track someone down in Florida.

When Deputy Kalogeras was shot Debbie and I were called into work. Captain Wilkinson asked Debbie to call Miami Air Rescue to see if their helicopter was available. The person Debbie was speaking with was asking too many unecessary questions and taking up too much of her time . As Captain Wilkinson was walking by Communications, he overheard Debbie say something to the effect of, "You listen to me ! I have an Officer shot and I need to know the availability of your helicpter now, not tomorrow now!" Captain Wilkinson was so impressed with Debbie's fortitude that he often mentioned this story when speaking of Debbie.

When Debbie was working her first priority was officer safety and she instilled this on all the new dispatchers who came along. She had the rare talent of anticipating what an officer needed even before they did. Her comittment to officer safety undoubtly saved lives.

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