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December 2004 Edition



Sheriff's Report:

The Fraternal Order of Police contract was ratified last week. Those who voted supported the contract by a wide margin, with 85% voting for it. The contract is a good one and most people covered by the union will see significant pay increases over the next three years. Both the contract and the FOP pay plan are posted for your viewing in our Outlook Public Folders under "Fraternal Order of Police". The pay plan includes any changes that may apply to your vacation accrual as well. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this contract happen.

Retroactive pay will come this week to union members, just in time for Christmas. Keep in mind that the pay plan was designed by the Fraternal Order of Police, not by Sheriff's Office Administration. If you have a problem with your rate of pay, contact the union. As always, if there is a payroll issue (sick time, vacation time, overtime or simply an error in your check), contact Kimm Johnson in the Finance Division.

The contract requires a change in the way we pay you for holidays. For those of you who have, in the past, received a check for holiday pay in December, you will now see that extra pay in your checks as the year progresses. When a paid holiday takes place, the pay for it will appear in your next paycheck instead of at the end of the year. You will receive your check for taking no sick time at the end of the fiscal year (in October) instead of in December.

There are other changes, all outlined in the contract which you can read for yourself. The contract is in place until the end of September, 2007.

I want to wish you all Happy Holidays. I am awarding everyone an extra eight hours of annual leave in addition to the paid holidays on Friday, December 24th and Friday, December 31st. You will see this additional annual leave appear on your pay checks during the January 14th payroll. You may take the leave when you wish, with supervisor's approval. Record the time as vacation time, please. Part time and hourly employees will be pro-rated based on the hours they work.

Thank you for all your hard work this past year. It has been a terrific year. The first half of 2004 saw an 11% decrease in crime, much higher than the state average and a number we should all be proud of. I hope we can anticipate a similar decrease for the second half of the year, and I look forward to seeing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement report when it comes out in 2005.

Colonel Rick Ramsay has been working hard in his new position this year, and has gradually been making the job his own. He is a terrific help to me, and a great choice for the position of second in command of the office.

Most of all, I am thankful for the way we all work so well together. Our teamwork and professionalism make us an agency we can all be proud to work for.

May we all have a happy, productive and safe year in 2005.



Bureau of Operations

Sector I Report

Hello all from sector one. I hope I find everyone in a festive holiday spirit. I have missed the last few months of the rap sheet so I don’t remember where I left off with the coming and goings of the sector personnel. So in an effort to not miss anyone I will just say hello and welcome to all you new people and goodbye to all you who have left. Things in the sector have been going really well and I would thank each and every member for their hard work and dedication. A special atta boy goes out to Sgt. Mimosa and Sgt. Roberts crews, (our two night shifts). Each team had an opportunity to interrupt and apprehend a burglary in progress. (nice job guys).

Well with the season on us, it is time for the eating to begin. Sector one hosted a holiday lunch at the station on the 22nd. Lots of people were there and a great time was had by all. Likewise, the FOP party was on the 18th. Once again, history repeated itself and it was a terrific party.

On a last note, sector one (myself, Col. Ramsay, Sgt. Mimosa and Dep. Shultz) took another road trip to loop road and did a little patrolling and game check point. This was a great time and while working with FWC, Park Rangers and us, we issued 3 criminal citation and one pending game violation investigation. We got to take some air boat tours, talk with the really nice Monroe citizens and meet some great LEOs from our sister agencies. Although as you can see in the photo, Mimosa, Shultz and myself did take a vote a demote the colonel to sergeant while we were there. Don’t worry colonel, you can have the birds back now. By the way Paul, the snake in you bed was not poisonous. This is really a good time, a good thing for the area and a nice change of pace. If you are interested in going next time, let the colonel or me know.


Sector 6 Report

Pretty busy this past month or so.....Deputy George Perez left us for greener pastures up north in Lee County (Ft. Myer's) where he is now the proud owner of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with a swimming pool and sauna, located on 2 acres of land for $135,000!! OK, OK, I stretched the truth a little, I lied about the sauna. George lives in Cape Coral and is doing well in his FTO program showing Lee County how we do things here in Monroe......

Lt. Brazil and Sector 6 participated in the Florida Sheriff's Explorer Association delegates meeting at Hawk's Cay. A very impressive felony boat stop demonstration using Sheriff's patrol boats and air assets from ICE and Coast Guard was a part of the show for the delegates.... and speaking of boats, Deputy Sanchez was involved in an interdiction operation with Coast Guard trying to catch smugglers coming into the Keys. First night out they got a go fast boat and some surprised folks.....

Deputy Smith is leaving us to go to Homicide, good luck to Terry. In his stead we welcome back Deputy Seago on a TDY from Traffic.......Our 2 patrol boats participated in the "Take a Soldier Fishing" day last month. This involved a day of local fishing guides taking Gulf War Veterans out for a day of fishing sponsored by the Islamorada Charter Boat Association. A "Blessing of the Fleet" ceremony was held from Whale Harbor Bridge and about 200 people turned out to honor them as they departed from Holiday Isle and Whale Harbor Marina......

From the lighter side: One day last month near Thanksgiving, I came into my office to find yellow crime scene tape across my office door with a warning sign saying "Beware of Wild Animal" inside, "Do Not Open - Danger." Now being a veteran 34- year law enforcement officer I immediately announced that I was going to a nearby restaurant for coffee and would have my secretary Vicki open my office door. But, after much ridicule by my fellow officers, I went ahead and took the crime scene tape down and entered my office only to find a giant, 8 foot tall, blow up TURKEY...No, I'm not kidding.... Now it wasn't hard to figure out who did this......the Night Squad headed up by Sgt Tim "Turkey" Hurd comes to mind.....

At a recent Accident Review Board by Commanders, Tamara read a memo from Sgt Roy Bogue explaining how a deputy's cell phone was damaged: "The springie thingie.. on the flippy thingie, not kidding about that either! And have heard of drug interdiction? Well Deputy Alvin Burns has a new twist on that; it's called "Impact Interdiction." You drive your patrol car into the back of a pick up truck and then arrest the driver for possession of 10 grams of cocaine and a half pound of marijuana.......Alvin, see you at the next Accident Review Board.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday your kids, early and often!

"Charlie 3".

School Resource Officer Update

December 3-5 MCSO Explorer Program hosted the quarterly Florida Sheriff's Explorer Association Delegates meeting at Hawks Cay. It took months of planning, elbow grease and a few more gray hairs but we pulled it off.

The explorers from all over the state including our very own MCSO Explorers participated in business meetings, training classes and shooting competitions. They were able to experience our “island atmosphere” with an outdoor dinner and Opening Ceremonies Friday night at Pigeon Key.

I want to thank Captain Bob Peryam for delivering a stirring and highly motivational speech and slide show at the banquet to the approximately 300 explorers and LEO's in attendance from around the state. I also want to thank Sheriff Roth for his support and attendance at the banquet. Deputy Tammy Jensen and Deputy Beverly Brazil deserve huge "atta girls" for all the blood, sweat, tears and endless hours of work they put into pulling off this conference.

I was very excited to have our recently formed Explorer Pistol team compete for the very first time. We had 72 shooters competing in 3 different categories (CO2, 38 and 9mm). The competition was held at NAS Range. Although our team won no awards in this competition we scored very competitively. I am very proud our young team of shooters.

The training for the explorers was a multi-agency, felony take down of a “go-fast’ boat and a water rescue on the gulf side of Duck Key. The demonstration was followed by classroom presentations from each participating agency. The whole enterprise came off without a hitch and was an impressive display for the attending explorers. We want to thank MCSO, USCG, ICE, FWC, Border Patrol and DEP for their participation.

Overall, the conference was a great success. I want also thank Greg Artman, Will Schlegelmilch, Ray Jodlowski, Tony Pabon and Tom Peteck who also sacrificed the entire weekend to make for a memorable weekend for all.

House Numbers now available for residences without them

The Community Relations Division, in cooperation with Home Depot, has acquired a quantity of house address numbers and Sheriff's Office Reserve Captain Ted Migala has agreed to help install them on homes that need them.

If anyone in the agency sees a house that is unmarked and needs house numbers installed, please contact Deputy Emil LaVache or Captain Ted Migala via email and let them know where the house is located.

The goal of the program is to make sure as many houses as possible are properly marked with addresses to make it easier for all emergency service personnel to find.

Awards and Commendations

Congratulations, Employees of the 3rd Quarter, 2004!           

Right to left: Reserve Deputy Ralph Williams, Records Supervisor Jamie Denton, Detective Sgt. Trish Dally and Sheriff Rick Roth.
Corrections Sgt. James Sheagren

SWORN : Detective Sergeant Trish Dally was assigned to oversee the two detectives of the Homicide Unit, as well as three detectives in the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit and five Victim Advocates four and half years ago.

Upon taking over the Homicide Unit, Det. Sgt. Dally inherited a disheveled storage room of reports, photos, and cold cases that were piled away in dozens of assorted boxes and bookbinders. Many of the boxes contained numerous and assorted case supplements, copies of interviews, cassette audio tapes, copies of property receipts from different cases, hundreds of photos, and many case reports that were improperly filed. Sgt. Dally took on the task of going through all of the above-mentioned items. She put these items in order and properly filed and catalogued them. This task, which she worked on by herself, took approximately three months to complete. During that time frame, she also found a list of cold case numbers. Some of the cold cases had paperwork in the boxes and shelves, but for many of the cases on that list, there was no paperwork in the Homicide Unit. She went to central records, scrolled the microfiche files, and went to the Property Division to obtain any and all available paperwork. She then catalogued, filed, and bound what are currently our cold case files in the Homicide Unit. Her goal was to make the tracking of these cases as easy as possible for the detectives and the agency. This was a direct result of Det. Sgt. Dally’s hard work and self-initiative.

She has worked closely with the Homicide Unit to make us feel part of a team of detectives. Over the years, Det. Sgt. Dally has come to all of the homicide scenes, unless out of town at the time. At the scene, she offers assistance to the lead detective on the case and has helped with task coordination and brainstorming. She actively participates in the investigation process and is always available to assist homicide whenever and however we need it. One such example of her participation in a case came on April 7, 2004. Homicide had been called by St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office to assist them with a homicide. Their suspect, Charles Best was the suspect for the death of his wife at their home in St. John’s County. Best was believed to be in Monroe County possibly with a rental car. She went to the Marathon Airport to check with the car rental dealer’s and see if Best had rented a car from them. While inside, Det. Sgt. Dally spotted Charles Best and followed him outside. She called dispatch for back up and took down Charles Best at gunpoint and waited for back up to handcuff him. Her involvement in the case resulted in the apprehension of Charles Best. Her involvement in that case was a demonstration of her self-initiative, sound judgment by following good tactical procedures and taking him down outside, away from others. (See case 04-OFF-003299).

Shortly after taking over the Homicide Unit, there was only one homicide detective for all of the death call-outs in the county for approximately four months. Sgt. Dally stepped forward to help out. She took one week a month as the on call detective for death call-outs, until Investigator Ellsworth was hired. At the time, Sgt. Dally was also covering for her CAWACU detectives for on call duty as required, due to manpower shortage, vacations or schools.

Det. Sgt. Dally has supervised the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit for many years. CAWACU Detectives are the most highly specialized of all investigators. They have to follow very specific requirements when interviewing children and dealing with crimes against children. She provides training for the detectives and guides them in the interpretation of the applicable laws. These detectives deal with seizures of computers that contain child pornography, handling and preserving evidence in sexual assault cases, and figuring out the actual cases from those of false allegations. She also has worked some of these cases, due to the workload of the detectives, covering on call due to emergency leave, schools, or manpower problems. Det. Sgt. Dally reviews and is available to assist the detectives as their needs arise.

When the Sheriff’s Office was awarded the grant for the First Responder Victim’s Advocate Program, it was turned over to Sgt. Dally to oversee. She has trained, directed, and helped develop it to its current status. The Victim Advocates are a well-trained, dedicated group of individuals who assist victims of crimes. They are an invaluable resource for law enforcement personnel. The Advocate’s help victim’s with obtaining restraining orders, providing resources for financial assistance, as well as being a sounding board for the victim’s. She is required to take care of the quarterly reports, staying updated on the grant requirements, as well as handling the financial and statistical documentation of their activities. She was instrumental in establishing a collaborative union between outside social service agencies, (i.e. Department of Children and Families, the Domestic Abuse Shelter, Family Court, Legal Services), as a means of better serving the needs of victims and survivors of crime.

Det. Sgt. Dally has also been training Det. Leird and Det. Norman with supervising the above units in her absence. She is patient and allows learning through doing. Her goal has been to teach others to act on her behalf when she is gone or unavailable and to prepare others to promote to supervisory positions. Det. Sgt. Dally supports continued training and education for all of her personnel and advises us at our unit meetings of upcoming training.

Unlike other Sgt.’s in the department, Det. Sgt. Dally supervises three very different and specialized groups that totals ten people. She has remained enthusiastic about her work, is supportive of her people, has maintained an open door for both personal and work related problems, as well as embracing and utilizing the differences of individual personalities with-in the unit.

Over these past years, Det. Sgt. Trish Dally has demonstrated and exemplified the best qualities of professionalism, ethical and moral standards, a positive attitude towards her job, a dedication to strong management and training skills, and is a leader by example of her words and actions.

Most good supervisors go unnoticed for the good work they do. Often they make the work they do appear effortless and stress free. As line level employees, we are not often aware of the goings-on behind closed doors and behind the scenes. Most good supervisors are content with the knowledge they have good people working with them as a part of a team and they get satisfaction from the fruits of those labors.

CORRECTIONS: Sgt. Sheagren consistently takes an active interest in the Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Corrections. He frequently recommends procedural and physical changes that will enhance our operations. Sgt. Sheagren submitted a revision proposal for the Bureau of Corrections policy and procedures for Marchman. He was tenacious with his research, gathered all memos and directives on the subject, and reviewed Florida State Statue 397.01-397.6675, and wrote a comprehensive March Policy and Procedure for Corrections.

Sgt. Sheagren also took on the initiative and the responsibility for re-certifying seven of our Officers’ in CPR. He worked long hard hours to accomplish this task (without any overtime) and he never uttered a complaint. This was a monumental task; he made sure our facility was in 100% compliance with the F.C.A.C. He consistently maintains an above standard performance rating and has maintained the wellness award consecutively for five years and is always available for special projects or additional duties in our facility.

Sgt. Sheagren requires minimal supervision, is always ready, and willing to assist. He excels in the Agencies Core Values; he is loyal, dedicated, and a team leader. His efforts and tenacities are a definite asset to the Plantation Key Detention Facility and to the Sheriff’s Office.

SUPPORT :  Jamie Denton has help in so many situations, and she continues to go the extra mile to assist other even if it might not be her job.

On Thursday, July 22, 2004, the jail received an arrest from the City of Key West named Jeffrey Bryson. Mr. Bryson insisted that he was not the person wanted. The FBI, Customs, Oklahoma, Secret Service and other states where calling the jail to talk to Mr. Bryson because of the many warrants he had within the United States. Jamie listened to Mr. Bryson’s mother and Mr. Bryson who claimed he was a victim of identity theft. Jamie went to work and did everything in her power to establish that he was not the person that was wanted. Jamie in fact did establish that Mr. Bryson was the victim. When he was released, Jamie stepped in again to make sure Mr. Bryson was taken to Miami to meet up with the ship he was taken from.

Jamie is dependable and never considers stories like this as being special because she considers it her job.

RESERVE : Reserve Ralph Williams has been a very big asset to the Reserve program. Ralph averages 120 hours of volunteer time per month. Ralph always makes himself available for details that the reserves in Sector VI & VII are called upon to perform. Ralph volunteered for four 12-hour shifts performing neighborhood patrol in Islamorada during the latest hurricane watch/warning.

During the last 11 months, Ralph attended the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in the evening. To fully appreciate this achievement, you need to know that Ralph drove every school day from Key Largo (MM 103) to the Florida Keys Community College in Key West. This was a 200 mile round trip. After graduating top in his class with academic honors, Ralph passed the LEO state exam on his first try. Ralph has begun FTO as a Reserve Deputy (volunteer) in Islamorada until he can be offered a full-time position.

Ralph is commitment to the goals and objectives of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and has put in 2067 hours of volunteer time over the last 19 months.

EXPLORER : Over the last several months, Explorer Brian Backhus has shown what true volunteerism is all about. During the times when most kids would think of themselves or about what they could be doing for fun, Explorer Backhus was thinking of the community.

While people were evacuating the Keys because of threats of hurricanes Backhus was responding to the Key Largo Fire Department to help in any way he could. He has put in several hours being trained on the different fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment in order to better understand and help the department in time of need. He has completed the First Responder Course and is now able to assist the rescue crews at various types of incidents.

Explorer Backhus does this while still attending school, regular explorer meetings and activities and holds down a part time job. Explorer Backhus has a true sense of community pride and shows this in the many volunteer activities that he is involved with.

Service Awards for the Third Quarter, 2004

5 Year Member Plaques
Jennie Parker
Winfred Higgins
Bradford Bandlow
Sam DeSantis
Lucia Miles
Terry Smith

10 Year Member Plaques
Hilda Finigan
Tommy Taylor
Lynda Mcdermott
Paul Barefoot
Susan Greenwood
Anthony Campana

Joyce McCoy
Anthony Williams

15 Year Member Plaques 
Kirk Bondurant
Christopher Todd Wyatt
Karl Beilmann

25 Year Member Plaques 
Anne Leonard
Debra Shepherd

Letters of Thanks and Commendation

Sheriff's Detective saves woman's life on Florida's Turnpike

On Friday, December 3rd, Monroe County Sheriff's Detective Peter Chong-Yen was returning home from a week long undercover operation in New York City. He'd flown into the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and was on the Florida Turnpike near mile post 38.9 in Miami when he saw a black Ford Escort station wagon go airborne from a collision. The car went off the southbound shoulder of the turnpike where it struck an embankment, launching into the air and landing in the center of a roadside canal.
Detective Chong-Yen immediately pulled over across five lanes of traffic and ran over to the scene where he saw 68 year old Mary Faveron, of Miami, in the driver's seat. The vehicle was partially submerged and was sinking fast. Detective Chong-Yen and another male passerby dove into the canal and swam to the vehicle.
As the detective reached the car, water began entering the open windows and the car sank quickly, trapping Faveron inside. Detective Chong-Yen dove down and reached the car, which had settled to the bottom in approximately six to eight feet of dark, murky water. According to Chong-Yen's own account of the incident, he could not see and had to feel his way for the window and pull the woman out of the car and to the surface. He and the other man were then able to bring Faveron to shore.
Faveron reportedly suffered no serious injuries and was treated and released by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units. Chong-Yen said the woman's daughter arrived on the scene and thanked him for his actions, wishing him a wonderful holiday and happy Christmas season. According to Chong-Yen's written account, he told her "I have just received the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for."

Chong-Yen is a detective with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, assigned to the South Florida Money Laundering Strike Force based out of Miami. Prior to working for the Sheriff's Office, he spent 15 years working as a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. Colonel Rick Ramsay will be recommending that Chong-Yen receive the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Medal of Valor for his life saving actions.

Other Letters:

The family of Stanley Myers wrote to Sheriff Rick Roth to commend Lt. Mike Pandol for taking care of Mr. Myers when he became ill behind the wheel of his vehicle. They say, in part, "Lt. Pandol was understanding and showed such compassion. We are forever grateful to him."

Jane Daniels wrote to Sheriff Rick Roth to commend Deputy Linda Hartley-Mixon for all her work in the Marathon Beach Subdivision. She said, in part, "I have never worked with anyone with the energy, discipline and dedication that Linda has demonstrated...The neighborhood has improved tremendously under her assignment. I feel Linda has the respect and trust of the greater percentage of the population of the neighborhood."

Support Services

FRS Bulletin

Human Resources Director Donna Moore wanted to share with you all the latest Florida Retirement System Electronic Newsletter for Employers. Click here to look at an Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) version of it.

General News

New money - learn all about it

You may have noticed new $50 bills in circulation. They join the new $20 bills which began being issued in 2003. They are a new breed of United States currency designed to be harder to fake and easier to check; smarter to stay ahead of tech-savvy counterfeiters; more secure to protect the integrity of U.S. currency.  Click here to learn more about how to recognize these features, and more....


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Smithsonian Institute

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Christmas and Holiday music

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What's Happening

From the Big Pine Road Prison: Car Wash

Big Pine Key Road Prison is starting our employee pov car wash Friday, Nov. 19, 2004. we will have an inmate assigned for this task of washing and washing vehicles and boats (no larger than 25 foot).

  • Car wash $4.00
  • Car wash and wax $8.00
  • Boat wash and wax $15.00

This price does not include your soap and wax supplies, you must bring them with your vehicle. The car wash will be available M-F 8am -4pm. You can purchase tickets from the Secretary, cash only. Tickets may be purchased in advance. It will be mandatory for you to provide your LE ID and ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS ARE PERMITTED ON THE COMPOUND. This car wash is for the exterior of your vehicles only and vehicles must remain locked at all times when the inmate is working on it.

Any questions call Dale Wilkins, Correctional Officer Major, at 872-2231 or 872-1421

For Sale:

Deputy in Homestead eager to sell the following items: 

1) Custom made dark gray formica wall unit, 2-pieces; base has three sliding drawers in the center and two sets of magnetic doors on either side that reveal ample storage space with an adjustable shelf; top piece has two, long, glass shelves and accented lighting......$75.00 obo
2)Dark gray / light gray dining room table;  (6)dark gray chairs with burgundy cushions; seats six, but has a leaf to expand the table to accommodate seating for eight; table top opens, horizontally, to reveal hidden storage compartment in base.....$65.00 obo.
Call Lyle @ (786) 255-8255