Below is a list of informational flyers (in PDF format) detailing various aspects of Smallpox and the Smallpox vaccine:

Click here for a detailed 34 page document about the disease and the vaccination. This document is tailored to hospital personnel dealing with implementation of the government's vaccination program.

Click here for a shorter overview of the disease itself.

Click here for an overview of the vaccine.

Click here for information on possible reactions to the vaccine.

Click here for possible reactions of people with close contact to those receiving the vaccine.

Click here to view a list of common questions and answers about smallpox.

Click here for a document which gives recomendations to emergency responders dealing with a possible biological weapon incident.

About the National Smallpox Preparedness Program

Information from the Centers for Disease Control Web Site

President Bush has initiated a national preparedness program to protect Americans against smallpox as a biological weapon. Communities have been asked to form smallpox preparedness teams that are ready to respond to a smallpox attack on our country. If you have been asked to be a member of a smallpox response team, you must now decide whether to participate in this effort and receive the vaccination in order to protect others. This decision must be weighed carefully.

As you consider your participation on a smallpox preparedness team, please read the materials provided on this page.

What You Need to Know About the Smallpox Vaccine
Learn about the smallpox disease, the benefits and risks of the smallpox vaccine, who should not get the vaccine, and what to do if a reaction occurs after a vaccination.

Deciding if You Should Get the Smallpox Vaccine
The following video and worksheet can assist you with determining if you should not receive the smallpox vaccine due to certain medical conditions.

What People Close to You Need to Know
If you are considering the vaccination, there are things that your close, physical contacts (your spouse, partner or other member of your household) should know. This fact sheet, designed for your close contacts, describes health conditions that put people at high risk and provides information about the steps close contacts can take to protect themselves.

Drugs Used to Treat Reactions to the Smallpox Vaccine
If you have a reaction to the smallpox vaccine, your doctor may use one of the following two drugs to treat you:

Questions and Answers for Prospective Vaccinees
Answers to questions about smallpox disease and smallpox vaccine:

More Information
Many other resources are available on the CDC website, including the following:

CDC public response hotline:
English: (888) 246-2675
Español: (888) 246-2857
TTY: (866) 874-2646