Newsletter published by the Community Relations Division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, for Monroe County Sheriff's Office employees.

September 2003
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Members of the Sheriff's Office attended a luncheon September 22nd to say good-bye to long time employee Russ Stamets, and to congratulate Lt. Colonel "Little-Bird" Rick Ramsay on his promotion. In the picture, Lt. Col. Ramsay awards a plaque to Dep. Stamets thanking him for his
years of dedicated service.

Sheriff’s Report

Our budget for the 2003-2004 fiscal year is final and it includes a 2.4% cost of living adjustment (COLA) for our employees.  Be patient...the raise takes effect as of October 1st, but it usually takes a couple of pay periods for the increase to actually appear in your paycheck.

Health insurance benefits took a hit, but not as much of a hit as initially proposed. The deductible amount stayed the same - $300 per person and $600.00 per family. The cost of dependent care was also changed. For details of those changes, see the Health Insurance story under our General News section, below. There were also changes in the co-pay amount, the amount charged for prescriptions, and some other changes as well. Retirees will now be required to pay $50 per month out of their State health insurance subsidy for their health insurance. See the story below, or watch for a detailed list of changes from the County's health insurance benefits office soon for more information.

I'm very excited to report that our new Mobile Command Post has arrived. The Command Post was purchased with federal forfeiture funds and will be extremely useful for a variety of purposes, including major investigations, emergencies, lengthy field operations and hurricane recovery. It came completely equipped and ready to go for $249,000, except for the installation of our own communications and computer equipment, which we are working on now. We have already conducted training in how to operate it and set it up for use.

Our new Aviation hanger is very near completion. The facility itself is finished, but the hanger "deck" or floor still needs to be sealed prior to aircraft actually moving in. When it is finished, it will be home to both the Knight Star and Trauma Star helicopters and to our prisoner transport plane. The hanger also houses offices for the Aviation Division, a large briefing room and another meeting room which can be used for various purposes. The hanger was built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, with winds of 131 to 155 mph, so the building will also be used for tactical operations and equipment for use in the aftermath of a storm. The Aviation hanger was also paid for with approximately $850,000 in federal forfeiture funds,  combined with matching funds which came from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation.

 We'll be holding an open house in Marathon within the next few weeks so everyone can tour both the Command Post and the Aviation hanger. The opportunity to tour both facilities will be open to everyone - the public included, so watch for the date to be announced.

General News

Health Insurance changes

As of January 2004, the following changes will take place in our employee health insurance benefit coverage. For more details, please contact the Monroe County Employee benefits office at 305-292-4446.

  • Deductible: $300 individual/ $600 family
  • Medical Co pay and out of pocket limit: : 75% up to $30,000 and 100% thereafter for the remainder of the year.
  • Vision: Available to employee through a third party, at additional expense.
  • Dental: Available to employee through a third party, at additional expense.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Free to employees and members of their household. Limit of 8 visits per year and visits beyond 8 can be submitted for 50% co-pay.
  • Prescriptions: Co-pay of $10 for generic brands; $50 for preferred brands and $70 for non-preferred brands.
  • Massage therapy and Acupuncture will not be covered. Chiropractic coverage is limited to 12 visits per year.

Dependent coverage rates:

Old Rate Old Rate 1/1/2004 rate 1/1/2004 rate
(pay day) (Monthly) (pay day) (Monthly)
Spouse and        
0 children $110 $238 $163 $353
1 child $130 $282 $217 $470
2 or more children $130 $282 $244 $529
Children Only        
1 child $110 $238 $110 $238
2 children $130 $282 $130 $282
3 children $130 $282 $162 $351
4 children $130 $282 $216 $468
5 or more children $130 $282 $244 $529

Health-care premiums jump 13.9% for U.S. workers

Editor's Note: The following article shows we are not alone in increased costs of our health care benefits.

By Bill Brubaker
The Washington Post,
Posted September 10 2003

Health insurance premiums for American employees rose 13.9 percent during the past year, the biggest annual jump since 1990, according to a survey of employers released Tuesday.

Many employers plan to charge their employees more for health insurance benefits over the next year, the survey found. And two of every three employers are looking for alternative insurance arrangements in an effort to reduce costs.

But few employers say they will drop health insurance coverage altogether, according to the survey of 2,808 public and private employers by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust. The survey examined health insurance costs between the spring of 2002 and the spring of 2003.

"A key finding, which is not entirely surprising but is still terribly important for employers and workers and the economy, is that we did not find any letup in the rate of increase of health-care costs in 2003," Drew Altman, chief executive of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said in an interview.

"Actually, the rate of increase for premiums was a little bit higher than last year, when it was 12.9 percent. So that's bad news for employers. But it's especially bad news for working people who are again paying more."

Employers attributed the higher premiums to higher prescription drug spending, higher hospital costs and a decision by health insurers to raise premiums to boost their own profitability.

The average 13.9 percent hike marks the seventh consecutive year that premiums have increased and the third straight year of double-digit increases, the survey said.

Employees also faced higher deductibles for out-of-network services in PPO (preferred provider organization) plans, higher co-payments for office visits in HMO plans and higher co-payments for prescription drugs, the survey reported.

And a trend toward eliminating health benefits for retirees held steady this year. The survey found that 38 percent of all large employers offered retiree health coverage, almost unchanged from last year's survey. In 1988 66 percent of large employers offered retiree coverage.

Web Site has lots to offer

The Sheriff's Office web site,, has a lot to offer for employees looking for information, and for those of you who want the public to know about what is happening in your particular area of the Sheriff's Office. Take a little time to browse around the site and familiarize yourself with the information it offers. If you have any suggestions for the site, such as information you'd like to see included, or changes, updates or corrections to what is already there, call me at 305-292-7116 or send me an email at

The Arrest/Mug shot pages: The most popular area of our web site, these pages receive 13,000 hits a week from those interested in viewing the arrests law enforcement agencies in the Keys make every day. To harness these hits, I have created a small pop-up window for important announcements. If you have an important event coming up, or just want to remind people about a statute, a road closing, or something else going on, call me and I'll talk to you about using this useful tool to get the word out.

Special Events and Announcements: This page is set aside for announcing new programs, upcoming events, new laws effecting the citizens of the county, or anything else of interest. If you have something for the special events and announcements page, email it to me at and I'll get it on for you.

Planned road closures: On this page, I post road closures and road work being done by the FDOT, as well as road closures caused by other events such as parades, races, etc. If you know about something which will be interfering with traffic anywhere in the Keys, let me know.

Photo Galleries: The groups of photos offered on these pages can be anything related to the Sheriff's Office, whether it is photos of recent training events, awards, special investigative operations, or pictures taken of road patrol activity. Send me your digital photographs and I'll post them - they help show people what we are doing in the Sheriff's Office.

Contact Information: If you aren't sure who does what in the Sheriff's Office, or what a person's phone number is, visit this page. It lists most of the major positions, phone numbers and addresses around the Sheriff's Office. If I've left anyone off, make sure you let me know!

Detention Center Rules and Visiting Hours: If you don't work in one of the Detention Centers, and aren't familiar with the way they work, visit this area of the web site so you'll be able to answer the public's questions about an important area of our day to day operations.

General Orders: All the policies governing our day to day activities are posted on the web site. No need to dig through that big green manual, or search the public folders. Just visit!

Job Opportunities: Tell your friends and family about our Employment page on the web site. Not only can they see job offerings, but they can now fill out a Preliminary Employment Application on line!

WebCAD: This page tells people what our road patrol deputies are doing at any given time of the day or night. If there is an accident, or some other major occurrence, dispatch has the ability to add details to the page to keep the public up to date about what is happening. This has been a tremendous boon to the traveling public, who can check the page to make sure there are no accidents closing the roadway. It is also crucial in keeping our local radio stations up to date on the status of accidents so they can make accurate announcements on the air to people sitting in traffic wondering what is going on.

Coming soon: Soon, we will be posting a page on the site with an up to date listing of all jail inmates, their charges, bond information and lots of other useful information. The information will be updated every 15 minutes. Keep your eyes open - we're just working out the last few bugs before posting it.

Bureau of Operations

Report from Marathon and Sector 5

By Lt. Larry Kelley

I'm going to start out by offering my best wishes and congratulations to some of our newly promoted administrators. Lieutenant Colonel Rick Ramsay's new position as Undersheriff is well deserved and I think he will be a tremendous addition to the Sheriff's upper staff. Captain Chad Scibilia has taken on the responsibilities, as many before him, at the Cudjoe Station and will make a fine commander of the lower Keys sector. I look forward to working closely with him and Lieutenant Mitch Snider in helping to bridge the Keys. Lieutenant Don Hiller, with his vast experience in investigations, both HIDTA and traditional, is well suited for his new position. I am sure he will be great. Running SID is a big job and I am sure he is up for it and I look forward to partnering and sharing. I just received an application for temporary assignment to SID from one of our Deputies and think it is a good idea to share and learn. Congratulations to all of these friends and co-workers.

Welcome back to our long, lost civil officer, Tom Peteck. We are glad to have him back and look forward to many more years of his partnership with us. By the way Tom, how was retirement?

Congratulations to Deputy Gregg Johnson, he has completed the FTO program and with flying colors and has entered our ranks as a full member of patrol. We are sure he will add energy and motivation to our crew.

I am happy to report that the City of Marathon has approved our request to hire an additional Deputy. This position will be a Marine Enforcement Officer and we will be making the selection for that position in the very near future. The position does not take effect until January 1, 2004 but we are identifying the officer that will take it now so that we can get them trained and identify, purchase, outfit and ready the boat, motor and trailer and all other equipment that is needed for the job. We have budgeted enough funds to send the officer to formal marine enforcement training and would like for the officer selected to be ready and "water-bound" at the beginning of the year.

We have just made our shift bid selections to be implemented next month and I will be posting the new squads the week of this posting. Many Deputies have said they wanted to bid again and all the Sergeants felt this was the right thing to do. All Deputies got their first choice except four. Not everyone can be a winner but seniority will soon kick in and they will be better able to compete.

We have set our sights on a lot of training in the near future. Deputies Sonya Morgan and Dan Marquith have just completed Intoxilyzer 5000 training. Sergeants Cain, Heber, Morgan, Greenwood and Brady will be attending Mid-management training in January. Deputies Chuck Kellenberger and Ernie Paton will be attending Line Supervision next month. Deputies Sonya Morgan, Iscandel Perez and Derrick Paul will be attending Radar Operator training in Miami also in October. Deputy Perez will also be going to Laser training in October in Miami. The Zone Commanders and Sergeants have done a commendable job in adjusting shifts and days to facilitate this training effort and I want to thank them and all the personnel involved for their flexibility. It will be an immeasurable advantage for us all to have these officers receive this important training.

Congratulations to Deputy Harry Boyden. We sent him to Miami to Radar and Laser Instructor training. He will be also attending a future ITW course there that will allow him to instruct these courses. We all look forward to this training being available locally and we will offer his time to the Training Division as often as needed. Harry looks forward to stepping up to the task.

A hearty job-well-done to Deputy Lin Badman who partnered with the Marathon Fire Department on their recent Fire Safety Day at K-Mart. Lin set up a Child Seat Check Station and checked the installation of numerous child safety seats and issued one to a needy family. Also on hand for the event, were Reserve Deputy Ken Groat and his wife, Brenda, who manned a fingerprint station and helped to make child safety kits for parents who requested the service. Way to go to all of you, thank you for your service to the community and keep up the good work. And Ken, I hope you didn't run into too many of the drivers you have been hammering with disabled tickets lately. They would not have been happy to read your nametag and compare it to the signature at the bottom of their $253 ticket. By the way, you are doing a phenomenal job watching our parking lots. I know you are because I'm answering the phone calls of many of your customers. I consistently assure them that you are doing a thankless job in an admirable way, thank them for their comments and direct them to the Clerk’s office.

I want to say I feel a void with the transfer of Deputy Jen Lascala to Sector 1. We worked closely together to get her the training and time to make the county Child Seat Safety Program the success that it is and I will miss her in this area. But the upside is that she will still be in charge of the program and I just met with her yesterday at the monthly Community Traffic Safety Team meeting here in Marathon and she shared with the team her success in attaining yet another grant for over 300 new child safety seats for our upcoming year of events. Jen, you are doing a great job and giving the community a great service and I hope you can continue what you have started here.

If you see two new Smith and Wesson police bikes in the Marathon area, they are the newest tools in our community policing efforts here. The bikes were selected by Sergeant Dennis Cain, with the input of our two bike officers, Deputies Louis Rivera and Iscandel Perez. I hope they enjoy their new equipment and put them to good use.

Sergeant Sam Cassel has taken delivery of one of the two new wave-runners we will be putting into service here in Sectors 4 and 5 and it is a monster. I hope the bad guys don't try to run from these babies. Can you say ---"fugidaboudit"?

The warm and fuzzy side of our own Chief Mike Rice is shown here in a recent release of baby hatchling green sea turtles off the reef of Marathon. The turtles were in need of release and the Turtle Hospital asked Mike for help. He mentioned it to his wife Ann and that was all it took - this was definitely going to happen. Mike really is a lovable guy, you should have seen him bonding. Pictured here from left to right are Mike’s wife Ann, his sister Lisa and the hero himself.
Here is the release crew. Sue Schaf of the Turtle Hospital, Mike, Mike’s wife Ann, Mike’s sister Lisa, and Stanley Wade, each holding one of the nearly 50 hatchlings that were released that day.

Well, I guess that is all from the wonderful world of downtown Metro Marathon and its adjoining nether-regions. So Ya'll work hard, stay safe--

AND REMEMBER……. "Being a good cop is a constant learning experience--the challenge is to learn as much as possible, as soon as possible, in the least painful way."

Sector One Report

By Captain Chad Scibilia

Congratulations to newly promoted Captain Chad Scibilia. Capt. Scibilia has taken command of Sector One after having served as Lieutenant of the Special Investigations Division for the past two and a half years.

Well, let me start out by saying HI to everyone in the greater metropolitan of Sector 1. I am looking forward to meeting all the new people and working with such a well-respected sector. I appreciate all of you who called with concern, but you can relax, my uniform does still fit. Unfortunately, you can’t say hi to one sector without saying goodbye to another. To all of you in Division 4, I will greatly miss working with each and every one of you. I have never been as fortunate to work with such a great group of officers and thank each of you for all your hard work and dedication.  I know that we are all sorry to see CAPT. Rick Ramsay leave and am sure he will be missed, but I am looking forward to the great things he will accomplish in his new position. Congratulation Rick!! And remember, if those birds start getting a little heavy we are all here to help. I know some of you are a little confused with the agency now having two colonels but just think of it like I do. You have the original recipe and extra crispy. Congratulations also go out to newly promoted Lt. Don Hiller. Don, its about time you took the plunge. Don’t worry about the money, it only hurts for a little while.

 We would like to welcome to the Sector 1 team, Deputy Jennifer LaScala and Deputy Tom Walker. Jennifer comes to us from Sector 4 and Tom from the private sector. We are looking forward to great thing out of both of these officers and are glad to have them as part of the team. Welcome aboard and remember, if you need anything all you have to do is ask.

 On a closing note, has anyone seen my lieutenant? It seems he has been working patrol at night and hanging upside down from the rafters sleeping during the day. Thanks Mitch for covering the shift.

Until next month, stay safe and be good to each other.

Special Investigations Division has new Lieutenant

Members of the Special Investigations Division are answering to a new Lieutenant. Newly promoted Lt. Don Hiller recently took over the position and brings years of experience in undercover detective work as well as many years experience with the Sheriff's Office to the job. Congratulations, Don!

K-9 Detective joins walk for missing children

Sheriff's Detective Manny Cuervo and his bloodhound, Sadie (front, left) joined the Walk through Florida last week in Miami. A number of other's from the South Florida area also joined in, including Big Pine Fire Chief Dave Allen and his K-9, Alexis (pictured in the front, center).

Sheriff's Detective Manny Cuervo and his canine, Sadie, recently participated in the Miami portion of the Walk through Florida at Tropical Park. Sadie is a Bloodhound training in tracking techniques, donated to the Sheriff’s Office by the Jimmy Ryce foundation. This walk is part of an event organized by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Missing Children Clearing House and Child Protection Education of America (CEPA). The purpose of this event is to publicize Florida Missing Children's Day, held on the second Monday of September, the same day in 1995 that Jimmy Ryce was abducted and murdered in the Redlands area of Miami.

The awareness walk began in Tampa on August 30th and included stops in Miami, Ft. Myers, Orlando, and Jacksonville, ending in Tallahassee September 8th where the Florida Missing Children's Day ceremony took place.

Also participating in the event were Big Pine Fire Chief Dave Allen and his canine, Alexis. In addition to the duties of the tracking hound, Detective Manny Cuervo and Bloodhound Sadie perform tracking duties for the Sheriff’s Office, and are used to teach child safety awareness and abduction prevention techniques at local schools and youth groups. They educate our children on what to do if they were approached by a predator, a lesson crucial in abduction prevention.

Law Enforcement Officers visit Turkey Point Range

Deputies, Detectives and other law enforcement personnel recently visited the firing range at Turkey Point to take the Basic Patrol Rifle Course for the M-16. Teaching the class were members of the Training Division and SWAT Leader Detective Donnie Catala. Below are some pictures from the class:

Bureau of Corrections

The end of the Rainbow is Dorothy's desk

By Sgt. Linda "Mick" Simonet

Ever wonder where the end of the rainbow is? And where the pot of gold is at the end of that rainbow? Well, I found it.

What drew me was the persistent clinking sounds of coins dropping on each other and a leprechaun-like giggling sound. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and saw Dorothy Child sitting at her desk instead of a little red headed man dressed in green.

If you look closer at the picture, you will see she is carefully counting a year's worth of quarters she says came from the Visitor lockers in the main lobby of the jail.....good work Dorothy....are you sure you didn't find those quarters at the end of the rainbow?


Dorothy Child, Financial Assistant at the
Stock Island Detention Center

What do DRs and Car Insurance have in common?

By Sgt. Linda "Mick" Simonet

Ever wonder how much television effects our day to day lives and influences the way we interact with others?
The other day the Disciplinary Review committee held hearings for inmates who have received disciplinary reports. The inmate is allowed to make a plea, present their side of the story to the committee, and the committee makes the decision to find them guilty (or not) and assigns the penalty as required.

One inmate had four disciplinary reports and was looking at the possibility of 30 days in lockdown with an additional 30 days loss of visitation privileges. The inmate had pled guilty to all four DRs. After hearing him out he was asked to step outside the conference room. The committee had a short debate on the findings of the DRs, and after a decision had been reached, the inmate was called back in to receive the penalty.

He stood there, obviously nervous about the penalty, believing he was about to be buried under the jail. I said to him, “I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want first?” Squirming, the inmate answered, “I’ll take the good news first.” Before I could get the words out, one of the committee members blurted out, "I saved a bundle on my car insurance!”

Awards and Commendations

Letters of Commendation

  • FBI Special Agent in Charge Hector Pesquera wrote to Sheriff Roth commending Sgt. Tim Hurd and his K-9 Storm for their assistance with an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force investigation. He says, in part, "We are sincerely appreciative of Sergeant Hurd and K-9 Storm's efforts in moving this investigation forward in a positive direction."
  • Lt. Ed Maldonado of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote to Sheriff Roth thanking the Sheriff's Office for assisting in the recent Sport Dive Season. He says, in part, "A special thank you to Sergeant Donald Fanelli (now lieutenant) and Lieutenant William Moran for their assistance during this period as well."
  • Doctor R. Daniel Zieg wrote to Sheriff Roth commending him on his decision to promote Lt. Colonel Rick Ramsay. He says, "(Lt. Colonel) Ramsay is a find young man and a valuable asset to your department......we will look forward to working with you and your undersheriff for many years."
  • Larry Shain of Marathon wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend Deputies Derek Paul and Linda Kohout for helping him when a trespasser invaded his property in August. Shain says, "They woke the individual up and he became belligerent and slightly combative. Your two deputies treated this man with more kindness than I would have. They maintained their cool and professionalism."
  • Gary Smejkal, with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office in Texas wrote to commend Deputy Todd Pitts, Det. Sgt. Corey Bryan and Det. David Carey for their efforts to solve a theft of money and jewelry. He and his wife were visiting the Key s with friends when money and jewelry were stolen from their motel room. Smejkal says, in part, "Sheriff Roth, these three deputies were truly professional. Each one took the time to explain exactly what would be done next on the case. Having been in law enforcement for the past 28 years, I knew what to expect, however this did not deter them from making me feel that my situation was a priority in their case load....These three officers should make you proud."

Support Services

Human Resources News

By Director Donna Moore

First of all, the entire Human Resources staff would like to Welcome  Kristie Hernandez Assistant Director, and Amy Bentley, Human Resources Specialist to the Human Resources Division. Now, on to the important updates: 

Important Florida Retirement information: 

The Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP), implemented on July 1, 1998, is a program that allows you to retire without terminating your employment for up to five (5) years while your retirement benefits accumulate and earn interest compounded monthly.

Members registered in the Special Rick Class (Deputy Sheriff, Detention Deputies), 55 years old with six (6) years of service may participate in the FRS Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). 

Members registered in the Regular Risk Class (Support Staff), 62 years old with six (6) years of service may participate in the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). 

For additional information, please contact Donna Moore, at (305) 292-7044, or for additional information you may contact the Florida Retirement System directly at (850) 488-6491 or visit the wed site at

Please remember you have an enrollment period of one (1) year to participate in the DROP program when you become eligible.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office List of Available Benefits 

Sick Leave PoolThe purpose of this program is to provide employees with an emergency pool of sick leave hours in cases of prolonged absences due to illness or disabilities. The Sick Leave Pool kicks in when the employee  uses up his or her own sick leave. You must sign up to be in the sick leave pool in order to claim the benefit. The Monroe County General Operations Manual Chapter 9:00 for additional information.

Anti-Smoking Incentive Program – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will assist employees who wish to quit smoking in the purchase of a medically-approved, anti-smoking medication.  Members are eligible after six (6) months of employment. Each member may only use this benefit one time.

Weight Loss Program – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will assist members in a doctors certified weight loss program.  Members are eligible after six (6) months of employment. Each member may only use this benefit one time.

Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) – FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to twelve (12) calendar weeks of paid or unpaid, job-protected leave for eligible employees for the following reasons:

·        To care for the employee’s child after birth, placement, adoption or foster care.

·        To care for the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, parent or domestic partner who has a serious health condition.

·        For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform their job. 

Please contact the Human Resources Division at (305) 292-7044, for additional information relating to the aforementioned benefits. 

Additional Insurance:  Listed below are the names of companies that offer additional insurance for full and part-time employees.  These services are optional to the member.  If you wish to sign up with any of these companies please contact them directly for further information: 

  • Hartford Life: Peter Dreyfuss – (888) 952-7067 
  • AIG Valic: John Witzgall – (305) 872-1646
  • Colonial:  Dan Rachman – (954) 583-0485   
  • Allstate:  Paul Clark – (315) 374-1293
  •  MetLife: Janet Froyen or Ann Manescalco – (800) 232-6763

 Domestic Partnership – The Domestic Partnership Resolution allows employees in a committed relationship who meet the criteria established by the resolution as constituting domestic partnerships.  Please contact Employee Benefits at (305) 292-4446.

 Employee Assistance Program - You and your eligible dependents may use the twenty-four hour confidential EAP to help deal with personal or work related issues.  Please contact Employee Benefits for more information at (305) 292-4446.

 Tuition Reimbursement – Employees on a regular employment status may apply for tuition reimbursement for courses / training taken that relate to their job.  Contact the Training Division at (305) 292-7011, for additional information.

Finance Division Update

By Director Tom Ravenel

Change in Class "C" Travel Reimbursement

Class “C” travel is defined as “travel for short or day trips where the traveler is not away from his or her official headquarters overnight.”  MCSO has been reimbursing Class “C” travel by check through the accounts payable process.

Effective August 1, 2003, reimbursement for class “C” travel is being made through the payroll process, and will be included in your paycheck.   The county was notified by the Auditor General’s Office that class “C” meal allowances are considered as taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service and subject to withholding of income and social security taxes. 

There is no change in the way the Travel Reimbursement Form is to be completed.  Continue submitting the completed form to Gina Rivas, Finance Assistant, for processing. 

Attendance Award Policy

This policy, effective for the period beginning September 22, 2003 and ending September 19, 2004, is intended to reward MCSO employees for superior attendance.  This award is being offered as an incentive to increase the effectiveness of the Agency and reduce the costs associated with absenteeism.  Different monetary amounts are offered to employees based on their assignments and the budgetary effect of their use of sick leave.

In order to be eligible for this reward, the employee must have been employed for the entire period mentioned above.    For employees who transfer from one eligible job position to another eligible position during the year, they will receive the award amount that is listed below for the position held on the last day of the period.  Employees on workers compensation, on family medical leave, in the academy or on administrative leave without pay do not qualify for the award.  Contributions to the Sick Leave Pool are not considered use of sick leave under this policy.   

1. For employees who fill a post and are permanently assigned to one of the following positions:

  • Road Patrol Deputy/Sergeant

  • Detention Deputy/Sergeant

  • Communications Officer and Call Taker

  •  Aviation Pilot and Mechanic

  •  Airport Deputy/Sergeant

  • Airport Security Technician 

These employees who do not use any sick leave during the period will be awarded $1,000 for their perfect attendance.  Employees who use one day of sick leave during the period will be awarded $500 for their attendance.  Employees who take more than one day of sick leave are not eligible for an award. 

2. For employees who are permanently assigned to one of the following positions:

Law enforcement and corrections sworn non-exempt members not mentioned above.  This class includes school resource officers, detectives, internal affairs investigators, civil deputies, court security personnel, community relations deputies, transportation officers, detention deputies or law enforcement officers not filling a post, etc.

These employees who do not use any sick leave during the period will be awarded $300 for their perfect attendance. 

3. All administrative personnel and all FSLA exempt members will receive $100 for their perfect attendance.

4. School Crossing Guards will receive $50 for their perfect attendance.

The awards will be paid, at the latest, in December following the end of the fiscal year.

Purchasing Move 

John Fowley, Purchasing Agent, has relocated to the DJJ Building, top floor.  His new phone number is 293-7477.  For the time being, faxes can be sent to the Supply/Inventory Room, 293-7481.

What’s Happening

Special price on airplane tickets to Tampa

SeaCoast Airlines is offering special fares to Keys Residents and Active Duty Military stationed in the Keys who are departing from Key West Int'l Airport going to the Tampa Bay area on Oct. 21, 22, 23, & 24 and returning to Key West on October 26 and 27. The Bucs play the Cowboys on October 26th.  Other attractions in the area are Busch Gardens, MOSI, the Florida Aquarium, the Pinellas County Beaches, as well as major shopping centers and a choice of Wall-Marts.

Fare for the above period:  $129 per person, round trip, applicable taxes included.  This fare is valid for above dates only. 
SeaCoast wants to extend this offer to locals who want to leave during Fantasy Fest.  It's a great time to visit the attractions and spend some time on the beach.

From the Southernmost Federal Credit Union

Southernmost Fed. Credit Union is pleased to announce that their ATM machine is operational. Members that use it will not be charged a fee. It is located at 1004 Kennedy Drive in Key West.

Members will find in their September SMFCU newsletter some exciting Christmas loan promotions along with their SKIP A Payment coupon.

Thanks Sheriff, from AIDs Help

Dear Sheriff Roth,

In April, AIDS Help was granted $9000 from the Sheriff's Asset Forfeiture Fund to provide HIV prevention and education and also locate individuals who may be infected with HIV/AIDS in Monroe County and offer treatment and support to their families and children. As part of our application, we proposed to conduct HIV prevention outreach and education to pre-release and released inmates from the Monroe County Detention Center.

I am pleased to report that as a result of the efforts of our staff and the active participation and commitment of the staff at the MCDC, this program is now fully underway. In particular, I want to recognize the efforts of Case Manager Stephanie Robinson, Director Towanda Scott, Captain Rick Remley, Major Tommy Taylor, Head of Nursing/Medical Jane Mannix-Lachner, and Mike Zarnowski from MCDOH. Without the support, commitment, and involvement of these individuals, this work could not happen, and I want to take this opportunity to recognize how important this effort is to our whole community.

As you may already know, HIV has spread into the black and Latino communities, and many of these community members have no idea they are at risk for HIV, nor may have been exposed already. Detention centers like the MCDC are now recognized by State and Federal authorities as good locations for AIDS Service Organizations, like AIDS Help, can educate, test, and help stop the spread of this disease before it devastates these communities any further. This can only happen through partnerships like the one we are developing.

Thank you. Best Regards, John Mikytuck Director of Education AIDS Help, Inc.

Hello from an old friend

Just a few words to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy the Rap Sheet. I can read about every friend that I left in the Sheriff's Office and sometimes it makes me sad because I am not there. I have made new friends over here and now we are close to our daughters and Grand Kids. Every time that we make a trip to Key West I stop and say hello to every one at the office and that makes me very happy.  HELLO!!! to every one!

Thanks: Your Friend, Bart Badia

Toys for Tots Pageant

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office will be sponsoring a Children's Beauty Pageant to raise money for the Middle Keys Toys for Tots Drive.

The third annual pageant, for children aged 0 to 18, will be held November 2, 2003 at 1 p.m. at the Sombrero Country Club in Marathon. Entrants must return applications by October  31st to Linda Hartley, 950 83rd Street in Marathon. The registration fee is $30.00 plus an unwrapped NEW toy. Entrance forms can be picked up at the Sheriff's substation in Marathon, Marine Bank, the Marathon Chamber of Commerce, Marooned in Marathon, Jules La Vern's Overseas Adventure Store, Chris Bull's UPS Store, Publix Supermarket, and Winn Dixie stores and in Key West at Off Duval Gifts. You may also call Linda Hartley for an application at 305-289-4591 or Rita at 305-289-0009. All entrants will receive a trophy commemorating the event.
Those who wish to attend the event will pay $5.00 at the door ($3.00 for children). All money raised by the event will go to the Marathon Toys for Tots Drive. Last year, the Marathon Toys for Tots Drive provided toys and Christmas dinners to more then 200 families in the area.

Funny Story

Nextel's come in handy....the other day, members of the training division got a panicked phone call one of their own. The training sgt. in question (who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are F.L.) was stuck on the toilet without any toilet paper. Before his compatriots could come to the rescue, his pathetic cries for assistance were heard by the trusty, who kindly brought him a roll.

Congratulations to Bruce and Brenda Winegarden!

Here are Thomas and Trista, the new additions to the Winegarden family!

Good-bye and we love you PaPa!

This is a message to Colonel Bill "PaPa" McDonald from his loving family....

C.J. and Christopher

Shae and Sam William

"We love you PaPa and we're gonna miss you! Happy Grandparent's Day
(a little late....but better late than never)."