Newsletter published by the Community Relations Division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, for Monroe County Sheriff's Office employees.

Date: October, 2003
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Table of Contents

Sheriff’s Report

The Sheriff's Office, along with other area law enforcement agencies, honored the memory of Detective Patrick Scribner after his death of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound this month. Members of the Sheriff's Special Weapons and Tactics squad are pictured passing a folded American flag from hand to hand. The flag was then presented to Scribner's daughter by Lt. Colonel Rick Ramsay.

Editor's Note: This month, Lt. Colonel Rick Ramsay is filling in for Sheriff Roth. He wrote the following article.

On the 15th of Oct. we had a police memorial service at headquarters for Detective Patrick Scribner. This service was held to honor a friend and fellow law enforcement officer, who was dedicated and truly loved his job.

His life came to an end way too soon and he will be truly missed. The service was put together in a very short time, but was an outstanding effort by all who participated in the planning and who took part in the ceremony. The service was organized and put together by a group of very special people, who cared very much for Patrick. I would like to personally thank everyone who made this happen and made it what it was.

The turnout was outstanding with representatives attending from all areas of law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical services. This was a very emotional time for everyone. The ceremony, and the process of saying goodbye to Patrick, made us all realize his death was real, and not just a bad dream. Patrick has passed away, but will never be gone so long as we all keep him alive in our hearts and minds.

As most of you have already heard by now, Sergeant John Barber's house was recently destroyed after a terrible house fire. John is a school resource officer supervisor working out of Key West.

John and his wife were out of the home when their daughter noticed smoke and flames coming from behind a dresser. She immediately exited the house and went for help, but by the time that fire units arrived the house was well into the burning stage. The fire units did a great job considering the situation, but it was futile as the house and contents were lost. No one was injured during the fire, which is the most important thing, but nonetheless John and his family are going through a lot.

John has a wife and three children and has received tremendous support from everyone. The F.O.P. was right there for John as was the Sheriff's Office to help the family out during their time of need. John's wife also received support from her work as her boss let them move into his new house, which he had just completed pool and all.. We are all pleased to see that they have such good friends and co-workers who have stepped up to the plate to help them.

The Sheriff has authorized the donation of vacation time to John and his family, which will be converted into money in order to replace clothing and needed items. If you have any questions about this contact Becky Herrin for further information. John we are sorry for your loss, but happy that you and your family were not injured.

On a lighter note,  Monroe county Fire/Rescue held it's annual awards banquet at Hawk's Cay Resort on October 10th. This event was not only for emergency services personnel, but for law enforcement as well. We had a very good showing of deputies, who received a variety of awards for life saving as well as for heroism. A good portion of the awards given out were for our men and women and I was very proud to be there to support them and see them receive their awards.

A good time was had by all and the food was outstanding to say the least. The event had a gathering of about two hundred people and lasted most of the night. For those who received awards congratulations are in order and a thanks to everyone for an outstanding job.

Quite a number of people toured the new Aviation Hanger facility and the new Mobile Command Post in Marathon October 22nd during a special open house. It was nice to see members of the public take time to attend the open house. They obviously care about the Sheriff's Office and everyone was very positive and supportive in their comments. The safety and security of the public is, of course, our primary responsibility and something we are concerned about every day. We could  not do our job as well as we do, however, without the support and partnership of the community.

An open house held October 22nd in Marathon showcased the new Sheriff's Mobile Command Post and the new Aviation Hangar. Members of the public were able to tour both the hangar and the vehicle during the course of the day, as well as the two Sheriff's helicopters and the prisoner transport plane, all of which are stored in the hangar building.

General News

Remember to review paperwork, and keep your will up to date

By Risk Manager Tamara Snider

In lieu of the recent events with our Sheriff's Office families over the past few weeks, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to review your personal paperwork on a regular basis to make sure it is up to date. That includes any life insurance policies you might have, wills, property insurance policies and any other important paperwork. Beneficiaries change, as does the value of your house and property and it is important that all the information be up to date just in case.

Throughout our lives changes take place during the normal course of things, and  if you're someone who has worked for the agency for some time you probably never thought about reviewing your personnel file to make sure everything in it is accurate and up to date. If something happens to you and the information is not accurate,  particularly the beneficiary information, the insurance company will have no choice but to pay your benefits to the person you have listed on your paperwork/policies. I can't stress enough to take a moment and look into this. You can contact Human Resources at 292-7044/45 or via email to

As for those of you who are homeowners, make sure your policy limits are sufficient for the current replacement value of your home. You should sit down with your insurance agent every year or two and review  your policies to make sure they will cover you in the event of an emergency, disaster or other occurrence.

Make sure you have a will and that you keep it up to date. Your will should be in a place where your survivors will be able to find it should something happen to you, either on file with an attorney, in a safe deposit box or somewhere else accessible but secure.

You should also consider keeping important paperwork - like wills, insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates and vehicle titles - in a safe deposit box just in case something happens to your house, such as a fire, flood or hurricane.

Recent events should teach us all something: it can happen to you, and you should be prepared if it does.

New Civil Citation

By Community Relations Director Greg Artman

A new Civil Citation will be coming out in the near future which has been developed in cooperation with the Key West Police Department. It will consolidate the current Civil Citation form, Tobacco Citation, Truancy Violation, and Key West Curfew violation into one form. When the new Citation arrives, there will be training available to MCSO and KWPD personnel. There will also be information available through the monthly Rap Sheet, and from the Juvenile Diversion Programs office.

The concern over continued Teen Court funding will be discussed at a "summit meeting" hosted by Senator Rod Smith on November 13th in West Palm Beach. Since the legislature passed legislation doing away with Teen Court's ability to be funded through a county ordinance attaching a $3 fee to court costs, there has been a growing movement to reinstate the funding source. New legislation will be discussed, as well as other options for continuing this worthwhile program. Greg Artman and Karol Cotton from MCSO will be attending the meeting from Monroe County.

Heroes of the Keys

Deputies, firefighters, and emergency medical services workers from around the Keys were honored recently at a special "Heroes of the Keys" dinner held at St. Peter's Church on Big Pine Key. The photos featured below were taken by Joyce Cordell and were submitted to the Rap Sheet by Matt Cordell, with the Sheriff's Aviation Division:

The Sheriff's Honor Guard took part in the "Heroes of the Keys" dinner at St. Peter's Church on Big Pine Key and Sheriff Roth was a featured speaker at the event.

Bureau of Operations

Sector One Report

By Captain Chad Scibilia

Hello again from Sector one. I would like to start out by saying thank you to everyone in sector one for making my transition here a smooth one and welcoming me to such a fine station.  

We have to say good by to Natalie Mashburn, she has been selected to fill a CAWAC position and will have started by the time you read this. Natalie worked hard at obtaining this position, and we congratulate her on her accomplishment and wish her the best of luck in her new duties. We will miss her energetic and friendly work around the sector and thank you for your dedication and hard work. 

I could not complete this article without saying thank you to Sgt. Vaughn Sommers, Dep. Matt Dowling and Dep. Maretta McNichol. These three officers along with the rest of the zone officers, have been instrumental in targeting juvenile problems we have been having on Stock Island. These three officers organized a meeting with several MCSO units and the SAO in efforts to come up with ideas to combat the problem. The three officers then held a community meeting to seek input, support and assistance from the citizens. This resulted in a strong partnership with the community and another crime watch group being started as well as putting us on a strong path to solving the juvenile problem. I would also like to thank Dep. LaVache and Dir. Artman for their assistance. 

Monroe County EMS held it annual awards banquet last week and recognized several officers for their efforts throughout the year. Congratulations to Dep. Mark Long and Dep. Jimmy Williams for being awarded for the delivery of a baby. Also awarded were Dep. Diane Mimosa and Sgt. Daryl Hull for life saving efforts. They were given the Phoenix award, which I am told is a very prestigious award in the fire world. Congratulations to all. 

We would like to welcome back Dep. Freddie Rodriguez and Dep. Butch Albury. Freddie was out on maternity leave and we welcome him back to the working class and congratulate him on his new baby girl. Butch has been gone at bomb school and has finally graduated from Red Stone. Remember Butch, when it stops ticking, RUN. 

And last but certainly not least, I wanted to say thank you to Lt. Mitch Snider. Mitch has been working many hours this month and helped cover several patrol shifts in order to afford officers time to attend training as well as personnel matters. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated. You are truly an asset to this sector.

Until next month, stay safe.

 PS. Sector 4, you can’t have my training budget but we appreciate your efforts.

Sector 6 Report

By Lt. Tom Brazil

During September & October Sector 6 has been fairly quiet. This is generally the slowest time of the year for us and since we have been lucky and remained at full strength in manpower, we have been able to keep a handle on most of the issues that have come up. We have worked closely with Sector 7 in covering each others night shifts to ensure adequate backup and road coverage. Great job to everyone in displaying a true team spirit. I would personally like to thank everyone for their professionalism, dedication and loyalty to the agency.

In early September the law enforcement contract with Islamorada was renewed with the Sheriff. From the feedback we have received both council and residents are pleased with the service we have provided over the last three years. The Village is going to include a new station in the government center being built on the south end of the property at Founders Park, which will give us considerably more room than we have now. Construction is expected to start next year.  

On the lighter side, Jim Freed recently did his impersonation of Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun when he had to "punch out" of his unit when it caught fire while driving down US 1. Fortunately Jim got out unscathed but the unit is a total.

Congratulations are due to K-9 deputy "Storm" on being selected for officer of the quarter. Sergeant Hurd has done a lot of hard work in training and it truly shows. In addition, I am proud to say that my son, Thomas "TC" Brazil, was selected as explorer of the quarter, based in large part on his working with Sgt. Hurd and "Storm" in training.  

In early September we had an interesting case where two juveniles from Miami on a stolen motorcycle stole a boat at Holiday Isle Resort to go to Cuba. They learned the hard way that when you steal a boat you should know something about boats. They didn't and promptly ran the boat aground leaving the channel. Both subjects were taken into custody and the boat returned to the owner.

We had an incident on October 21 with a violent suspect at Pelican Cove Resort that resulted in four officers and the suspect going to the hospital. Deputy Jason " The Tackle" Madnick made the first grab while Deputy Adam "Spray" Rabinowitz and Winn "More Spray" Higgins demonstrated their proficiency in the use of pepper spray, not only on the suspect but on their Sergeant, Roy Bogue, as well. All kidding aside everyone did an excellent job in a bad situation and none of the injuries were serious. Thanks for the help Jason. 

Congratulations are due to Adam and Michelle Rabinowitz on the birth of their son Allen Jarred "AJ." Congratulations are also due Todd and Bobby Joe Pitts on the birth of their daughter.
Recently during the arrest of a violent subject in Islamorada officers were forced to utilize pepper spray to control the subject. Pictured, top left is Sergeant Bogue who apparently was on the receiving end of much of the spray from the other officers on his squad during this incident.

Islamorada Fire Rescue responded and treated both the suspect and Sgt. Bogue. Having concern for the officers the paramedics dropped off to the Islamorada Station a training aid to assist officers on Sgt. Bogue's squad in better distinguishing friend and foe when utilizing pepper spray.


Report from Marathon and Sector 5

By Lt. Larry Kelley

Hello again from Metro-Marathon and Sector 5.  It’s been a busy few months here with many special operations and events.  The Poker Run was very successful and we were fortunate to have had a crash free event here.  The traffic has been very heavy as the season gets started and we have added numerous operations for enhanced traffic enforcement to address the situation.  The week of October 20th to 24th was National School Bus Safety Week and we gave special attention to that violation and wrote many tickets during that time along with numerous warnings.  In November we will be increasing our seat belt and DUI vigilance to assist with the statewide Combined Safety Belt and DUI Enforcement Mobilization from November 21st to January 4th.  Look for TRAP funded extra positions during that period. 

Congratulations to Sally Ann Crawford and Carol Johnson for being nominated for awards for their dedication to victims rights and advocacy.  They were both cited for their work at a recent awards banquet and awards ceremony held at the Marathon Yacht Club and hosted by the Domestic Abuse Shelter.  Keep up the great work, ladies.

Sally Ann and Carol receiving recognition for jobs well done at a recent awards banquet by the Domestic Abuse Shelter.

We have been working hard to cover our road duties for the officers that we have been sending to training recently.  Deputies Chuck Kellenberger, Harry Boyden and Ernie Paton recently attended Line Supervisor training in Key West.  This training will serve them all well in their future careers.  Deputies Sonya Morgan, Iscandel Perez, Dan Marquith and Derrick Paul all attended Radar training to give them an extra tool in addressing one of the most widely lodged complaints here, that of dangerous drivers.  Additionally, Deputy Harry Boyden has attended Radar and Laser Instructor School to assist in locally training Deputies in those areas.  Deputies Sonya Morgan, Dan Marquith and Louis Rivera attended Intoxilyzer School and Deputy Iscandel Perez has gone to laser training.  Training is important to us and we make every effort to afford a wide variety of training to all of our members.  The way we see it--if the cost is reasonable and the shift can be covered the requested training is “doable”. 

Sergeant Dennis Cain is suffering from an injured back and has been experiencing a lot of pain due to that injury.  We hope he has a speedy recovery and we are extending whatever help he or Carol may need during this important time.  Get well soon, Dennis, we miss you. 

The Aviation division has just had an open house at the hanger and displayed the beautiful facility that has been constructed for all of our benefit.  Lieutenant Mike Pandol is to be highly commended for the many hours of dedication he has committed to this project.  He certainly has shown that he knows what is needed and knows how to get it done.  I do not think the facility could have been better planned or constructed.  Fine job, Mike. 

We have tested a few boat types and have put in a request for the new boat that will soon be on patrol here in Marathon.  The position will be funded beginning the first of January, 2004 and Deputy Harry Boyden will be skippering the new vessel.  We look forward to having a “feet wet” Deputy here and he will always be available when called for any service necessary.  Right now we are looking for a good Marine Law Enforcement training school for him to attend before he takes on his new duties.  The equipping and training will soon be done and then we will be off and running. 

Well I guess that is all for now, ya'll work hard and stay safe. 

AND REMEMBER…..Maybe that driver did not make an illegal U-turn under that “No U-Turn” sign—maybe he made two LEFT turns.

Awards and Commendations

Letters of Commendation

  • Steve Gonya of Key West wrote to the Sheriff commending Sgt. Joe Passarelli  for his help when Gonya's truck broke down on U.S. One. He said, "He was good natured, patient, professional, diligent and determined in his efforts to help me that night. In fact, he was everything a good policeman should be."

  • Amy Slate of Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Resort wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend Deputy Ray Jodlowski for his help with a harassment case. She said, "It was this officer's persistence, caring, and interpersonal skills, which made the difference, and he should be commended for this."

  • Judge David C. Miller, of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida wrote to Sheriff Roth commending Deputy Pete Chong-Yen for helping him with a recent case during which a contract was placed on the Judge's life. He said, in part, "Within hours of the death threat, Deputy Chong-Yen came to our home to familiarize [the judge's wife] with a handgun. He also helped her with the paperwork necessary to apply for a concealed weapons permit. The following Saturday, Deputy Chong-Yen met us at a local gun range for live firearm training....Pete's dedication to our security needs was greatly appreciated. Your department is lucky to have such a devoted and conscientious deputy."

  • Keely C. Ball, a new Sheriff's Office employee, wrote to Sheriff Roth to tell him "of the very positive experience I had with the staff of your personnel department during the process leading up to my employment." She particularly complimented Background investigators Phyllis Smith and Joey Finch, saying they were, "....careful and professional in demeanor....but also went the extra mile to put me at ease personally..."

  • J. Joseph Schneeberger wrote to Sheriff Roth to commend Deputy Jose Rodriguez and the dispatcher who helped him with a check on his elderly father who lives in Key Largo. He said, in part, "I want very much to thank Deputy Rodriguez and the department for their concern and for taking the time to go to the trouble of checking on my father's welfare. I was able to put my mind at ease. Although I live quite a distance away, it's reassuring to know that help is so close and responsive."

Support Services

Law Enforcement and Detention Deputy Promotional Examinations 

November 15, 2003 at the Training Center in Marathon (at Airport Hanger) at 9:00am – Sergeants exam, 1:00pm – Lieutenants exam.

Eligibility Requirements: In order to be eligible to go through the promotional process, candidates must have 18 months of experience as a certified Officer with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as of November 15, 2003. 

Selection Criteria: The selection process will be governed by the following:

  • Successful completion of a Written Examination will account for 100% of the overall score for the eligibility list.  Only those candidates who pass the Written Examination with the established minimum score of 70% will be eligible to put in for vacant positions when they are posted.

  • An eligibility list will be comprised of those members who successfully pass the Written Examination.  This list will be in effect for three years.

  • The Sheriff and his staff will review the score, demonstrated performance and recommendations of Supervisors.

  • Final selection for appointment lies solely within the purview of the Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Office complies with all EEOC/Affirmative Action guidelines. 

If you sign-up for the Promotional Examination and do not take the test you will be charged $10.00.  November 15, 2003, will be the only day the Promotional test is administered.

Supplemental Plan Survey

By Kristie Hernandez

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office currently provides a wide variety of supplemental coverage to you (i.e. – term life, cancer policy, whole life, 457 retirement, etc..) to better meet your needs.  We would like to know if the current policies offered meet your needs or if you would like to see any new types of plans in the future.  Please contact Kristie Hernandez in Human Resources at (305) 292-7044 or e-mail to

What’s Happening

Cook Book for Sale

From Detective Larry O'Neill:

The Island Christian School Senior Cheerleaders, including my daughter Jessica, are now selling a great local cookbook that they have put together to fund their senior trip to Hawaii!!!. The book was the idea of cheerleader Adrian LaFountain. It contains great recipes and was the product of the contributions of many local women. I have attached a scan of the front of the book, if you would like to purchase one, contact Larry O'Neill at the Plantation Key Substation. The price is $15.00.


Here is Deputy Dan Marquith, Sector 4, pictured with his new baby daughter,
Kimberly. Mother is Kira (Jensen) Marquith and proud Grandmother is Tammy Jenson,
the Sheriff's Office SRO at Stanley Switlik school.


Bad month for Bambi

Submitted by Lt. Sharon Delossantos

Jim Sheagren (who is also the photographer) and our "Boney Knee'd Bowana", retired Jail Lt. Joe Saly went hunting for Bambi recently....Doesn't retirement look good on him?.....Life is good!!!!!!!!..]

More Bambi photos:

Detective Henry Hamilton, Deputy Chris Duncan and Detective Donnie Catala also took a toll on the Georgia deer population recently:

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