Newsletter published by the Community Relations Division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, for Monroe County Sheriff's Office employees.

October, 2002 Edition

Table of Contents

Ed Miller, long-time Sheriff’s Office employee and supervisor of the Key West office of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is leaving the area for greener pastures with FDLE’s office in Fort Pierce. We wish him well. Here are pictures from his recent going away party. In the first picture: Don McDougall and Chris Sclichter from the DEA, Ed Miller, Sheriff Roth and Doyle Jourdan with FDLE.

Sheriff’s Report

We’ve had a number of issues come up which I feel need to be discussed briefly.

School Crossing Guards

The issue of School Crossing Guards is a controversial one. The County Commission asked me in September to come up with cuts in a budget which was already extremely tight. For many years now, the Sheriff’s Office budget has included School Crossing Guards for schools in the City of Key West as well as for those outside the city’s limits. We have paid for them out of our budget because we felt the positions were both important and necessary, and we still feel that way.

Recent changes in state law allow for Crossing Guards to be paid out of a surcharge on parking tickets. Because the city of Key West has such a large number of parking tickets issued each year, we felt this was a much better way to fund those positions, instead of paying for them out of Ad Valorum taxes. This is why they were cut from our budget. We did not “do away with School Crossing Guards.” We simply chose to find funding for the positions elsewhere.

To that end, we are continuing our negotiations with the city of Key West, and those negotiations are moving ahead positively. We are working toward a scenario which would allow current School Crossing Guards to maintain their status in the State Retirement System.

Federal Forfeiture Money

We recently received another hefty check from the Federal Government for a Drug Forfeiture Case. Actually, it is the ongoing case being worked by Detective Chuck Visco – the same one which resulted in our first $25 million forfeiture check in 1999. This time we received $6 million. The seizure itself was huge, but there were many more agencies asking for a slice of the pie this time around.

The money is being used to purchase new equipment of various types. Since we just received the check in September, we are really just getting started designating where it will be spent. Remember, though, we cannot pay salaries for current employees nor can we purchase items which would be normally included in our yearly budget. The money must be spent, for the most part, on non-budgeted items (for instance, the last check funded the purchase of the old Mariner’s Hospital building, the new 800 megahertz radio system and half of the Department of Juvenile Justice Building on Stock Island), as well as on crime prevention programs and any other programs which have as their goal the prevention of drug use or juvenile crime.

Bureau of Operations

Sector 7 Report

By Lt. Bill Moran

Great News ! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel………………..and it’s not a train! What I mean by that is we are finally approaching “Full Staffing,” in Sector 7. I realize that’s probably not as exciting to you as it is to us, but I assure you our sergeants are happy campers. It’s pretty tough working at absolute minimum staffing every shift, but our supervisors and deputies have done a great job in dealing with it and maintaining excellent performance levels. Well done to all!

This is a perfect point to begin introducing you to our new Sector 7 team members. I would like to begin with Deputy Brooks Bateman. Brooks joins the S.O. following a career with the U.S. Customs Service, as a pilot. You know……..pile it here, pile it there. Brooks is also an accomplished marksman. He demonstrated his skill by giving the south wall of the P.K. Squad Room, inside I might add, his 9mm signature of approval; at about six o’clock low on the cork bulletin board. It seems Brooks got a bit confused between “Weapon Inspection,” and “Weapon Function.” The confusion first became evident when, following inspection of the weapon by newly promoted Sergeant Jerry Leathers, Brooks dropped the decoking lever and sent the entire slide assembly into the wall. Sergeant Leathers was a bit concerned with this unusual occurrence, as well as with the dent in the wall where it hit. The other deputies at this Roll Call inspection were amused at this minor cliché………..a chuckle here…….a snicker there, but thought little more of it. That’s when Brooks recovered his slide assembly, from the floor, slid it back into position on the weapon frame and POW ! There were no more chuckles or snickers; only silence. Sgt. Leathers still isn’t speaking, is having a slight hearing problem, and vows to review his Weapons Inspection procedures again…..and again……and again. Welcome aboard Jerry. You’re gonna love it. Brooks will be spending some time with Sgt. Rod Erwin, in the new Mobile Firearms Qualification unit……….quite a bit of time actually. Good luck Rod.

We would like to extend a hearty congratulations and welcome to our other new sergeant, Deb Ryan. Deb comes to us from a tour with the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit and prior to that a deputy in Sector 4. Deb is a former sergeant with the Florida Highway Patrol, did a tour in Bosnia, then made a career choice to join the elite M.C.S.O.. Good move Deb and welcome.

Dep. Jose Rodriguez joins us from an extensive law enforcement background with the Rome City P.D., Georgia and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, also in Georgia. Jose recently completed the Field Training Program and is doing a great job right from the beginning. Welcome Jose.

Moving along in welcoming our new members, I’d like to introduce you to Deputy Bryan Cross. Bryan comes to us from Chiefland P.D., Florida, and was previously with the Ocean Reef Public Safety Dept. Bryan just couldn’t stay away from the Keys and has also completed the Field Training Program. Glad you’re here Bryan.

Also joining us from the Florida Dept. of Corrections, South Florida Detention Center is Deputy Will Schlegilmilch. Will has several years of experience in virtually all areas of the Corrections field. He is currently completing the Field Training Program and will be joining the Sector 7 Patrol Unit soon. We will be asking Sheriff Roth to authorize an oversized name tag for Will.

Returning to Sector 7, toward the end of the month, will be Deputy Lyle Agins. You’ve probably seen, or heard, Lyle. When he is near you, he blocks out the sun. If memory serves, he’s about 6’8” tall. Guess I’ll have to put the “DUCK” sign back up over the rear door.

Needless to say, when we welcome new folks to our Sector, we bid farewell to others. Deputy Joe Moran has moved on to the Sector 6 team, as will Deputy Kristy Jackson very soon; and Kirsten Adams has finally been released to her analyst’s position with HIDTA. I would like to thank them all for a job very well done here in the Big 7, and wish them the very best of luck in their new assignments. We also appreciate their patience, and that of their supervisors, as we held on to all three for a very long time!

I promise next month’s Sector & Rap will be a lot more fun reading as it will be “The Ride to Glory II, The Sequel.” A bunch of us diehard biker types are headed back to Daytona for Biketoberfest 2002. We’re only going for the T-shirts…………………honest!

Be Well and Stay Safe.

Lower Keys Report

By Captain Rick Ramsay

When you drive to headquarters you will see a make over on college road, which was organized by Deputy Matt Dowling. This C.O.P. project was focused on several concerns such as public safety as a lot of women ride, walk and jog along the bike path which has become overgrown. The path was unsafe and became a haven for homeless people as well as for people hanging out in the bush line. It created a sense of fear in the general public as they used the path, to the point that many of them started using the roadway instead. Their fears were our fears: the potential for an attack on a female was certainly real. Matt organized this project with the City's Office of Public Works because the road is owned by the City, but is technically our area of coverage. This project was expected to take a week, but  turned into a month long project using inmate labor as well as other people. The area looks much better as camp sights have been cleared out, trash has been removed and the tree's have been cut way back to the point that you can see the water way now. This is what C.O.P. is all about: identifying a community problem and attacking it head on in order to make the community a better and safer place for all. I would like to thank Matt for all of his hard work and dedication.

Matt has also been working very hard to control our abandoned vehicle problem and has towed 66 vehicles, five trailers, six boats and has had another 15 vehicles removed by their owners all during July and August of this year. This is a never ending battle in the lower key's area and we are doing a great job with the limited resources that we have.

Deputy Dowling is also of  working with the County’s Marine Projects Office to remove derelict vessels and clean up the waters surrounding Stock Island.


I would like to thank Sergeant Hull for his time and efforts with the F.T.O. program as he has had to fill in for Sergeant Sommers while he was out for a month and a half. Daryl had to start and schedule four new recruits and organize the program, which takes a lot of time as most of you know.

We had a recent vehicle crash involving a marked unit, which resulted in a totaled patrol vehicle and two officers receiving injuries. The crash was the fault of the other driver, but it should make you think about safety while on traffic stops. The officers had stopped a violator and pulled to the shoulder and while in their patrol vehicle writing a citation a female driver blacked out and left the roadway crashing into the left rear of the marked patrol unit at approx. forty miles per hour. There was not much that the officers could have done to prevent this type of crash, but vehicle placement is always a top concern as sometimes violators just stop anywhere and we must evaluate the stop location and move it to a safer place if needed. Do not stand behind your vehicle and write the ticket as you might lose your legs. Traffic stops are very dangerous, between the violators and other motorists who might be drinking and/or not paying attention. I am thankful that these officers, Stamets and Duncan, are O.K. and sustained only limited injuries as it could have been a lot worse.

Report from Sectors 4 and 5

By Lieutenant Larry Kelley

Well, summer is over and it has finally slowed down a little and we are getting a breather until Thanksgiving when we will be again confronted with the traffic we all know so well-you know the traffic I’m talking about-the traffic that lines up as if to say “NO WAY YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A LEFT TURN OUT OF THAT SIDE STREET-MAKE A RIGHT AND THEN MAKE A U-TURN”.

First let me wish a farewell to Frank Morey who decided to leave the job before completing his FTO program here. He moved up to the Orlando area and we wish him well in whatever endeavor he chooses. We were able to replace him with David Gilkison who comes to us from Sector 1’s FTO program. We welcome him and wish him well in his training in Marathon. I am sure that if he listens to his trainers and continues to give the effort and show the excitement he has shown so far-he will do well.

Sergeant Sam Cassel has dedicated a block of his time to assisting Sergeant Lou Caputo with the training and certifying of almost 40 officers in the operation of Sheriff’s Office wave runners. Good job, Sam, keep up the effort. I know you are doing all this while at the same time balancing your wife’s illness and your son’s broken arm. I applaud your dedication in adverse times and if you need any help just ask any of us. Our prayers are with your family.

Other illnesses and injuries include Deputy Linda Kohout who is at home recovering from a serious infection. We hope you rest, take it easy and get better before you try to come back to work. I know how you are. You are already dying of boredom and miss work. Deputy Chuck Meier broke his hand trying to extract a suspect from a vehicle while assisting SID in a narcotics investigation. We miss you Chuck, get back soon but get healed first. And Deputy Joel Slough-wait a minute-let me start a new entire paragraph for this one---------

Joel, Joel, Joel-As you pulled the lady and the dog out of the water did you ask her if her dog bites? Then when she said no did you grab the dog out of the water and then when he bit you did she say, “That’s not my dog”? Is that how it happened? For those of you who did not know-Joel has been bitten three times on duty and this is probably not the last. The guy just has no-fear. But, seriously, he saved the dog’s life by grabbing him out of a canal before it was too late. And knowing Joel, I’m sure he was willing to “take one for the team” in order to do the right thing. Excellent job Joel. Keep up the great work.

In keeping with the subject. Border Patrol K-9 Raban was laid to rest this month when his ashes were gently placed into the current of the Atlantic Ocean off of Sombrero Reef. This took place after a beautiful memorial ceremony complete with the Sheriff’s Pipe and Drum Corps who made a memorable appearance. During the ceremony, Border Patrol Agent Gordon Solis, Raban’s handler, asked Joel to do the honors of helping him in spreading the ashes into the ocean. This brought tears to the eyes on many at the ceremony. He felt it was only right as Joel was as close to Raban as anyone. Deputies Greg Korzen and Louis Rivera also accompanied them out there on board the U.S. Customs pursuit boat.

Deputy Louis Rivera, one of our newer additions who is doing a hands down, excellent job has been dedicating much of his free patrol time to doing bike patrol throughout our two sectors. I am looking into buying a new patrol bike for him and assigning him a more flexible shift to perform that duty. Keep up the good work, Louis.

In Marathon we are conducting a program where we have inspected all of the businesses in town that have parking and have spoken with each owner that has a lot with violations of Local, State or Federal ADA, Disabled Accessibility regulations. We received donations from Home Depot of paint and equipment, DOT has donated signposts and we purchased signs at highly reduced rates. We are supplying the labor through volunteers and jail trustees and we are sprucing up all of the spaces in town. We have received tremendous support and hope this makes an impact on those inconsiderate drivers who use poorly signed and painted disabled spaces to rationalize that they “didn’t know”. Those days are over. We believe that boldly painted and signed disabled spaces show a no nonsense attitude towards public awareness. Reserve Sergeant “Super-Dave” Campbell has taken the lead in this program and I thank him for his consistent excitement and energy in this field.

Speaking of Reserves, the Marathon Reserves, commanded by Reserve Lieutenant Maureen Penley and Reserve Sergeant Dave Campbell gave 291 hours of dedicated service to the Sheriff’s Office and this community in the month of September alone. Great job to all. On a sad note, though, Auxiliary Reserve Milton Bahan passed away this month. Milton was a dedicated officer and was always available for help in any matter. He never missed a meeting and always had a smile for his peers. We will miss him greatly. Services for him were held October 19th and were a tribute to his gift of time to our community.

I would like to commend and thank Deputy Ernie Paton for his dedication and level headed efforts for the past month in serving as A/S for Sergeant Penley’s squad. That in itself is a job to be reckoned with. There is more energy, excitement, dedication and pure fun expended by that one squad in the course of one shift than anywhere else in a 12-hour period that I can think of. Ernie not only handled the responsibility with exceptional ability, but also did his share of the work at the same time. I personally want to thank you for a job well done, Ernie.

Last month Deputy Lin Badman completed a fine example of a zone improvement in Marathon. She targeted the home of Mr. Robert Whitehall and after coordination, and many hours of physical labor, got his home safe for habitation and is currently requiring him to keep up the cleanliness of the residence or she will seek civil administrative action against him. The thing that really sets this extended zone improvement apart from many others is the fact that Lin was also assigned FTO duties during this time. Great job Lin.

A special thank you goes out to SID Secretary Deborah Simpson and Colonel Bill McDonald for their donations to the refreshments of ice and water for truckers stuck on the 7 Mile Bridge on September 6th. Deputies were on the scene of a rollover crash and were in the roadway for numerous hours. Drivers of large truckers that could not get turned around on the bridge were compelled to wait it out. Sally Anne Crawford, Victims Advocate, also donated victims assist money for the venture. She also helped Sergeant Suzanne Morgan deliver the water and ice to the deputies and truckers on the bridge. This is truly a service we try to offer here that is rarely seen outside of the islands.

Finally I want to thank each and every Deputy in Sectors 4 and 5 for their dedication lately to the watch-orders to check all of the high priority areas that have been designated due to the Domestic Security notices we have been alerted to. I know this is time consuming but I see the shifts taking the duty seriously and commend their zeal in this important task.

Let me update you on our enforcement efforts in Marathon:

In August we arrested 15 DUIs, wrote 571 tickets and 592 warnings, made 34 felony arrests, 100 misdemeanor arrests and served 22 warrants. All this in addition to 572 building checks, 594 night-eye contacts, as well as all of our zone improvements, watch orders and directed patrols.

In September we arrested 6 DUIs, wrote 416 tickets and 250 warnings, made 14 felony arrests, 42 misdemeanor arrests and served 18 warrants. All this in addition to 511 building checks, 219 night-eye contacts, as well as all of our zone improvements, watch orders and directed patrols.

That’s all for now. Be safe out there.

AND REMEMBER……..”If everything seems to coming your way----you’re probably in the wrong lane.”


The Sheriff’s Office participated in a Weapons of Mass Destruction Drill in October at Marathon High School. The drill scenario included hostage takers armed with bombs (This is a Drill) who held a large number of kid’s hostage in a classroom of the school. The entire operation was quite an interesting learning experience for everyone involved.

Sector 6 - Islamorada Village of Islands

By Lt. Tom Brazil

This is the time of the year where we look at compiling our end of the fiscal year reports. I am proud to say that Sector 6 met or exceeded virtually all of our stated goals for FY 2001-2002. One of the most notable was the increase in DUI arrests. Our goal for FY 2001-2002 was to increase the number of DUI arrest by 10% from the 21 arrests made in 2000-2001. Well in 2001-2002 we increased the number of DUI arrests to 60, a number much greater than we expected. A hearty well done to all who made our roads safer through proactive DUI enforcement. Our other two goals were getting the marine and canine units on line. While we were not able to assign an officer full-time to the marine function we did get our first patrol boat outfitted and began patrol and enforcement on a part-time basis. However, the Village has budgeted for a full time marine officer starting October 1, 2002 and we are currently in the process of negotiating the purchase of a second patrol boat, as well as obtaining two wave runners from Sea Doo/Bombardier and two specialty 4x4 vehicles to get our marine enforcement program going on a full-time basis.

Sergeant Tim Hurd has the sector’s K-9 Storm up and running and actively working the street. SID and US Customs have already utilized our K-9 team in enforcement activity and the team has been active in street apprehension and patrol work. In October the K-9 Team will start training with Homestead PD’s K-9 Unit. Tim has done a great job in hitting the ground running with this program.

Speaking of being short handed we would like to welcome two recent academy graduates: Deputies Daniel Marquith and David Minor to Sector 6. Once these officers complete the F.T.O. program Sector 6 will finally be at full staff levels. In addition we would like to welcome Deputy Joe Moran who transferred to Sector 6 in September and Deputy Kristy Jackson whose transfer is pending, bringing the total complement in Sector 6 to 15 contract and two regional positions.

Congratulations to Sergeant Roy Bogue whose wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Maleah Lauren Bogue on Wednesday September 18 at 2:37am. (Why do babies always arrive after midnight?) Both baby and mother are doing just fine. A second kudos goes to Sergeant Bogue for being the recipient of the Florida Buckle-up Safety Award presented at the September 12 Village Council meeting.

Congratulations to Wilson Williams now Sergeant Wilson Williams who was promoted to uniform patrol sergeant in Sector 6 replacing my former position. I know that Gene will do a great job. Listen for him out there - he is 6101.

A final note on perceptions. Everyone seems to think that Islamorada is a quiet little place where nothing goes on but in reviewing our more recent stats for June, July, August officers in Sector 6; wrote 420 citations, 121 written warnings, 102 parking citations, served 24 civil papers, did 533 building checks, made 36 felony arrests, 94 misdemeanor arrests, 8 DUI arrests and served 51 arrest warrants. All of this was accomplished while we were short handed by two positions. Great job guys!!

Victim Advocates

By June Vander Wyden

As a new addition to Crimes Against Persons Unit, the Victim Advocates celebrated the closing of their first year October 1, 2002.  We have been called on to meet the needs of nearly 1,000 victims and survivors from Key West to Key Largo. Of those, approximately 650 were VOCA funded. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sheriff Rick Roth for his foresight in recognizing a need for our services and fulfilling the needs of the community through the Victim Advocate Program. We are a Unit in constant motion (evidenced by the blurred photo), yet, we can always be found by cell, pager, home phone, and quite possibly sitting at our desks. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of this unique team of individuals. Road Patrol needs a special mention, for without them, their knowledge, and compassion, victims would go without necessary services. As our grant was renewed for a second year, we look forward to continued success in meeting the needs of our fine community. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocates (in motion).

Reserve Deputy Report

Reserves: Year End Report

By Reserve Captain Ted Migala

Hours volunteered by Reserves 2001 – 2002 = 12,193

Current Staffing = 100 Members

The goal of the Reserve program is to support the operation of the Monroe County Sheriff Office. We meet the goal by supporting the various divisions in meeting the demands of the Sheriff Office. The Sheriff is directly involved in the operation of the Reserves by overseeing a quarterly Reserve Staff meeting, and is directly available to the R/Capt. and R/1st Lt.. The Sheriff has included the R/Capt. and R/1st Lt. in weekly Sheriff Office staff meetings to improve the utilization of the unit.

·        Reserves are the backbone of the newly formed aviation division. In the 5 months that the reserves have been part of the aviation division they have volunteered 2,844 hours.

·        The Honor Guard is led by the talented Lt. Mitch Snider and supported entirely by Reserve members.

·        Four Reserve members who are available on a callout basis support the Victim Advocate Division.

·        Sworn Reserve Deputies have worked almost a thousand hours covering for shortages on the road.

There are reserves working in traffic, courts, records, schools and CIU/Special OPS supporting the tasks that are performed by the members of the Sheriff Office. We support almost all the special functions that take place throughout the year. The Reserves are committed to be available when and where we are needed. We are funded for 100 members, who support the goals of the Monroe County Sheriff Office.

Auxiliary officer will be missed

By Aux. Sgt. Dave Campbell

We are sorry to announce that Sector 4/5 Auxiliary Milton Bahan has passed away. Services were held on Saturday Oct 19, 2002, at the Methodist Community Church.

Milt was due to come home over the weekend and had all the arrangements set up for health watch in case he had any more medical problems. Milt had been in Marathon Manor since the end of June.

Milt came to us in July of 2001 from Levy County Sheriffs Office where he was very active, held many certificates of training with them, from working closely with the crime scene unit and also as a Reserve Deputy. Milt continued that with us as he became very involved here helping from special ops with Lt. Simpson to working special details with the auxiliaries, Milton loved to work at the Marathon High School Football Games and worked at many of our fingerprint details. Milt was always willing to help out no matter what we were doing, and you never had to worry about Milt being late because he was always early (sometimes even before the event organizers).

Milt will be greatly missed by the Sector 4 Auxiliaries and everyone he touched with his memory, as he was an asset to all he helped and worked with.

Bureau of Corrections

By Captain Penny Phelps

Major Taylor wishes to offer his congratulations to Officer Steven Katz, Officer Todd Silvers and Officer Luis Gonzales on their recent promotions to the rank of Detention Sergeant. In addition to the recent promotions, Major Taylor wishes to announce the transfer of Sgt. Linda Simonet to Inmate Services.

Sgt. Steven Katz, a 6-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office, is a Field Training Officer, a member of the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a contraband control fanatic. Sgt. Katz brings his 6 years of perfect attendance to “A” watch and will be working with Lt. Gary Hill and Sgt. Tim Age in the Key West Facility.

Sgt. Todd Silvers, a 7-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office, is a Field Training Officer, a member of the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a technology wizard. His promotion brings him and his 7 years of perfect attendance to the daylight work hours for the first time in his career. He will be working on “C” watch with Lt. Tammy Clark and Sgt. Frank Mara in the Key West Facility.

Sgt. Luis Gonzalez began his career with the Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher. He has worked in corrections for the last four years. Sgt. Luis Gonzalez will be working in the Plantation Key Facility under the guidance of Lt. Joe Saly.

Sgt. Linda Simonet, a 14-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, was selected to serve as the Inmate Services sergeant. She will be responsible for selecting and assigning trustees to various work details. She also oversees the disciplinary report process.


Three new Sgt.s were promoted: Sgt. Todd Silvers, Sgt. Steven Katz and Sgt. Luis Gonzalez. Congratulations!

Commendations and Awards

Employees of the Quarter, Third Quarter 2002

Sworn Law Enforcement Employee: Deputy Donald MacAllaster Bureau of Operations, Special Operation-Traffic.

Deputy MacAllaster is a highly motivated individual, who is continually seeking ways to improve himself and the Sheriff’s Office. During the last several months Deputy MacAllaster completed rigorous training to become a Drug Recognition Expert, while maintaining his role as the top producer for the Traffic Unit. During the last quarter Deputy MacAllaster was responsible for 21% of the productivity for our eight man unit.

Frequently Deputy MacAllaster will recognize problems or inefficiencies with standard procedures, and can be counted on to follow policy while correcting these deficiencies. Most recently he spent many hours re-vamping the DUI worksheet used by our county recognizing out-dated procedures. Deputy MacAllaster sought input from all concerned parties and came up with a more efficient and user-friendly DUI worksheet. The changes have shortened the time necessary to process a DUI arrest, there-by returning the arresting deputy to the street sooner, increasing coverage for Monroe County. The change to the worksheet will no doubt improve the quality of documentation made by an arresting deputy, and increase the conviction rate for DUI arrests throughout the county.

This type of selfless dedication to his duties has made Deputy MacAllaster a tremendous asset to this unit and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. His ability to maintain a high level of productivity within the unit, while continuing to improve himself and the procedures of this agency set him apart from most deputies.

Support Employee: Records Assistant Peggy Carey, Bureau of Administration, Central Records.

Peggy has been in the Records Division the entire time of her employment with the agency and is the assistant supervisor in the absence of the supervisor. During the absence of the Records Supervisor Peggy has always run the office efficiently and effectively.

Peggy handles all of the validations in the Records Division. Every two years FDLE audits the division and Peggy has always received great marks for her validations. Peggy also fills in for the secretaries upstairs in Administration when they are out. She has done a good job and they request her when one of the secretaries are going to be out of the office.

I feel that Peggy is a team player and has always taken the initiative to get her job done and then help others with theirs.

Sworn Detention Employee: Corrections Officer Mark Haynes, Bureau of Corrections, Security Division Plantation Key Facility.

The majority of the last three months, D/D Haynes has been the Officer in charge of “C” Watch. Everyday that he has been the O.I.C., he has operated the squad at the bare minimum level of staffing. He is the sole FTO on the shift and has trained several probationary officers while at the same time fulfilling his O.I.C. duties. During the last few months he has dealt with a number of problems and emergencies and has demonstrated good decision making and problem solving skills. He can be counted on to take a positive approach to the changes that are always occurring within the agency and the community; he looks beyond the effects on him and considers the big picture. Without any special invitation, he has been attending and actively participating in the monthly sergeants meetings. Officer Haynes has been very flexible with his time and schedule, he has never refused to trade shifts, work overtime or attend training. His willingness to be flexible and assist has allowed operations at this facility to run smoothly. He is punctual and has a perfect attendance record for the year. The example and standard he provides in the facility and the agency is exceptional and commendable.

Reserve Employee: Reserve Sergeant John Housman, Bureau of Operations, Sector IV, Reserve Section.

John has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office since August 7, 2000. On August 17, 2002 the MCSO Trauma Star helicopter responded to a trauma request for air transportation of victims involving a head-on boat collision. The two boats collided at high speed, ejecting victims into the water and forcing one boat into the mangroves. As Islamorada Rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they were forced to traverse thigh deep mud for over 100 yards. Because of the nature of suspected spinal injuries and the inability to safely move the victims through the mangroves and mud, the decision was made to vertically extract the victims by helicopter rescue hoist.

Trauma Star Pilot, Dep. Leland Cranmer and Reserve Sgt. John Housman were serving that day as the Trauma Star crew. Upon arrival at the scene, the helicopter was rigged for hoist/vertical extraction operations. Sgt. Housman and Islamorada Fire/Rescue Paramedic Henry Farfan set up for over water hoist operations and then rigged Farfan to be lowered to the victims. With exacting precision, disregarding an extreme crosswind, Pilot Dep. Cranmer brought the helicopter to a hover over the boat crash. Paramedic Farfan began the rescue process.

Once the first victim was packaged for lift, Sgt. Housman then raised the Stokes Litter, along with Paramedic Farfan up to the helicopter. Opting to transport the victim externally, Paramedic Farfan hung from the hoist, cradling the victim and the litter with his legs. While perched hundreds of feet in the air, the crew flew the victim to the shoreline into the hands of waiting ground rescue personnel. The helicopter and crew then returned to the crash scene and again repeated the vertical rescue of the second victim. Given the totality and critical circumstances of the mission, the actions of this crew are commendable. Their ability to perform under tremendous pressure, within a time constraint, and under extremely hazardous conditions as a first time crew, is without equal. Their selfless acts of courage and concern for the needs of the victims, goes beyond the normal call-of-duty. Their dedication to duty, professionalism, ability to perform with expert precision and concern for the lives of others reflects greatly upon themselves, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the Islamorada Fire Department and the Citizens of Monroe County.

Explorer/Cadet: Explorer/Cadet Lt. Yessenia Crespo, Bureau of Operations, Explorer/Cadet Section Explorer/Cadet.

Yessenia has been a member of this program since November 2000. Yessenia is an asset to Post 906 and any time a job needs doing, she is the first to volunteer. Whether phone calls need to be made, the supply closet organized or a last minute work detail comes up, Explorer Lt. Crespo is always willing to help out. She is that steady, dependable rock we all like to rely on, but frequently overlook for recognition awards because there is no one particular event that makes us take notice.

Explorer Lt. Crespo is a team player and frequently helps other members. She takes the younger ones under her wing and guides them in the right direction. That in itself is an important task.

The county-wide Explorer Drill Team performed at Sombrero Beach at the July 4th celebration. Explorer Crespo was instrumental as the squad leader when their routine had to be changed at the last minute. She worked hard making sure the Explorers came together as a team, when it could have been very chaotic.

The following people will be receiving their longevity awards at a ceremony November 8th at the Marathon Government Center at 2 p.m.

5 Year Member Plaques

Julio Alvarez, June 16, 1997 To June 16, 2002

Mark Long, September 8, 1997 To September 8, 2002

Gustavo Alfonso, October 13, 1997 To October 13, 2002

Catherine Hisko, November 6, 1997 To November 6, 2002

Maretta McNichol, November 12, 1997 To November 12, 2002

Vashon Watson, November 24, 1997 To November 24, 2002

Andrew Marazzo-Ensminger, December 1, 1997 To December 1, 2002

Rita Hinerman, December 8, 1997 To December 8, 2002

Curt Knichel, December 15, 1997 To December 15, 2002

Patrick Major, December 15, 1997 To December 15, 2002

Rene Bazarte, December 16, 1997 To December 16, 2002

Eduard Drielsma, December 26, 1997 To December 26, 2002

10 Year Member Plaques

Connie Long, December 21, 1992 To December 21, 2002

15 Year Member Plaques

Richard Ramsay, November 9, 1987 To November 9, 2002

Matthew Koval, November 30, 1987 To November 30, 2002

Steve Kalogeras, December 7 , 1987 To December 7, 2002

20 Year Member Plaques

Jerry Powell, October 1, 1982 To October 1, 2002

William McDonald, December 27, 1982 To December 27, 2002

Letters of Commendation

Jon Hall, Asst. Dockmaster of the City of Marathon Marina commended Deputies Kohout, Boyden, , Cortner, Paton and Sgt. Morgan for having “significantly improved the quality of life for our marina patrons.” He also said of Deputy Allen: “…his professional and courteous conduct is worthy of honorable mention.”

Forrest Young, of Dynasty Marine Associates, Inc, congratulated Sheriff Roth on the “professionalism of your department.” He singled out Officers Derek Paul and Luis Rivera, as well as Sgt. Sam Cassel, for defusing a particularly difficult domestic situation with “professionalism and restraint”.

Hector M. Pesquera, Special Agent in Charge and Jorge Miyar, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI wrote to Sheriff Roth recognizing several deputies for assisting them in the arrest of a “top cargo thief” in August. His agency was assisted by Deputies Kristy Jackson, Joe Moran and Brian Cross. The letter says, in part, “All of the deputies performed their duties in a professional manner and reflect the highest standards of your department.”

John Clark of Ramrod Key said Deputy John O’Malley impressed him with his “local knowledge, experience, and instincts to find and deal with the perpetrators” of a burglary at his home.

William Trantham commended Deputy Matthew Dowling for his “courteous and timely response to a neighborhood problem in and around the public boat ramp at Big Coppitt Key…Deputy Dowling’s public service is a credit to the Sheriff’s department. In short, it represents the type of positive public relations between police and citizens that newspaper articles and paid advertisements can’t even come close to.”

Investigator Cynthia Robinson, with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, commended Detective David Carey for “the exceptional acts of co-operation” and “willingness to help me during an investigation I was conducting.” She added, “I well understand the case load we all carry as investigators and know that it is sometimes hard to keep up with our own cases, let alone to donate time to someone else’s case. The effort Detective Carey made to aid me in my investigation was instrumental in the positive culmination of this case.” Her case was a fraud investigation totaling the theft of over $378,000.00 from three victims and resulted in the arrest of a suspect for Organized Scheme to Defraud, three counts of Grand Theft over $100,000 and three counts of Securities Fraud.

Robin Frost wrote to commend Deputy Mark Long for his help with a family problem. She says, “He was wonderful…I was beyond impressed with his entire handling of this situation.”

Captain Joe Mendez, SFHIDTA’s Program Manager commended Deputies Linda Hartley, Eric Mixon and Lin Badman for their participation in the Crime and Drug Demand Reduction Program’s Summer Camp for At Risk Youth. He said, “They were all structured and firm but they also showed the compassion and understanding needed to deal with this type of clientele.”

Peter Horton, Monroe County Airport Manager, wrote a letter commending Sgt. Jerome Fain, Director of Security and Operations, for his part in a safety inspection of the Key West Airport by the FAA. The airport passed with no discrepancies noted. Only 25% of the 80 certified airports in the FAA Southern Region have done so. He says, “We were only able to accomplish this because of your dedication to this goal and your outstanding efforts towards obtaining it.”

County Judge Ruth Becker wrote to commend Corrections Officer Andy Paskeiwicz for his assistance with a “difficult situation with the felony trial of an inmate.” ‘She says he was “polite, professional, friendly and calm in the face of a rather frustrated judge!”

Key West Police Lt. Jim Benkoczy wrote a letter of commendation to Deputy Manny Cuervo and his dog, Sadie. The K-9 Team helped with a search for armed juvenile suspects in a Grand Theft case in September. He says, “Nationwide, we have seen emotionally disturbed youths, armed with dangerous weapons, shoot innocent victims. You did not hesitate to respond to our call for assistance or to put yourself and your partner in harms way. I highly commend you and Sadie for your actions.”

Captain Jennifer Bell-Thomson wrote to Sheriff Roth commending Director Jim Painter, and the staff of Information Systems for their work. She says, “Jim has been diligently working on improvements in our SMARTCOP software, while he and his staff also continue to provide top-notch service to us, whether it is fixing computer problems, installing new systems or updating our current systems….Jim is an incredible asset to our agency; his knowledge about computers is unmatched by anyone I know, and his willingness – his enthusiasm – about sharing that information helps us continue to improve our service to the community.”

Support Services

Professional Standards: “It’s that time again”

By Executive Director Michael J. Scott

For those of us in Professional Standards it’s hard to believe it’s that time again! During the first week of December we will be hosting a mock inspection in preparation for the final reaccredidation assessment by the Commission on Florida Accreditation (CFA). In keeping with that we will be doing a number of staff inspections and spot checks to determine whether practice is consistent with policy. Some of the staff inspections will be unannounced so be prepared and keep your policy handy! The actual dates for the onsite are not yet confirmed, however we will provide you with lots of notice as the assessors tend to be very “curious” and may show up at your substation, your office, or the window of your patrol car asking for a ride.

Secondly, it won’t be long before the online evaluation process becomes available as Inspector Lynn McNeil works diligently to accomplish this daunting task. There are approximately 169 positions within the office and each needs a completed Job Task Analysis (JTA). At present we have about 130 finalized and only 39 to go. If you are one of those “39” you’ll be hearing from Inspector McNeill, Olga, or myself. So, before you know it, the online evaluation system will in fact be “online” and there should never again be an excuse for a late evaluation, or an e-mail from my friend Deshawn in Human Resources!

If you have any questions concerning the process, policy, or the attendant staff inspections please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 292-7032. In the meantime we will keep you posted on the progress of our reaccredidation and our online evaluations.

Finance Updates:

Attendance Award Policy

Submitted by Finance Director Tom Ravenel

This policy is intended to reward MCSO employees for superior attendance. This award is being offered as an incentive to increase the effectiveness of the Agency and reduce the costs associated with absenteeism. Different monetary amounts are offered to employees based on their assignments and the budgetary effect of their use of sick leave.

This is effective for the period beginning September 23, 2002 and ending September 21, 2003.


In order to be eligible for this reward, the employee must have been employed for the entire period mentioned above. For employees who transfer from one eligible job position to another eligible position during the year, they will receive the award amount that is listed below for the position held on the last day of the period. Employees on workers compensation, on family medical leave, in the academy or on administrative leave without pay do not qualify for the award. In order to receive the award, the employee must still be employed at the time the award is paid. Contributions to the Sick Leave Pool are not considered use of sick leave under this policy.


1. For employees who fill a post and are permanently assigned to one of the following positions:

·        Road Patrol Deputy/Sergeant

·        Detention Deputy/Sergeant

·        Communications Officer and Call Taker

·        Aviation Pilot and Mechanic

·        Airport Deputy/Sergeant

·        Airport Security Technician

These employees who do not use any sick leave during the period will be awarded $1,000 for their perfect attendance. Employees who use one day of sick leave during the period will be awarded $500 for their attendance. Employees who take more than one day of sick leave are not eligible for an award.

2.      For employees who are permanently assigned to one of the following positions:

·        Law enforcement and corrections sworn non-exempt members not mentioned above. This class includes school resource officers, detectives, internal affairs investigators, civil deputies, court security personnel, community relations deputies, transportation officers, detention deputies or law enforcement officers not filling a post, etc.

These employees who do not use any sick leave during the period will be awarded $300 for their perfect attendance.

3.      All administrative personnel and all FSLA exempt members will receive $100 for their perfect attendance.

4.   School Crossing Guards will receive $50 for their perfect attendance.

Award Presentation:

The awards will be paid, at the latest, in December following the end of the fiscal year.

Cellular Phone Contracts

By Brenda Winegarden

Attention members with department issued Nextel phones.

For those of you that were issued a Nextel in August 2002 your current plan is “Nextel National Shared 500”:

·        500 minutes per phone

·        Unlimited direct connect (radio)

·        Nationwide long distance included

·        No additional nights or weekend minutes

For the members who had Nextel prior to August 2002 your current plan is “Nextel Local Connect 500 UPC”:

·        1,000 minutes per phone

·        Unlimited direct connect (radio)

·        Unlimited nights and weekends

·        Long distance is 15 cents per minute

County Garage

By Fleet Manager Johnnie Yongue

Two issues have recently been brought to my attention from the County Garage....

First, the County Garage has asked that when an officer is having his or her vehicle serviced, PLEASE stay out of the roped/chained off areas. These areas are restricted due to safety considerations. Unauthorized people entering these areas has become an insurance liability issue for the County.

Secondly, the County Garage has noticed that officers are placing pictures, decals, etc. over the instrument panels on the dashboard, which then blocks the view of the gauges and warning lights. Please ask your officers to remove all such items from this area. If you have any questions regarding these issues, please feel free to contact me.

Human Resources Update

By Donna Moore, Assistant Director

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new employees to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

New Hires

William Schlegelmilch            Deputy Sheriff                    08/02/02

Brooks Bateman                       Deputy Sheriff                    08/21/02

Jamie Lakner                            Records Assistant                             08/30/02

Aida Sellers                                             Records Assistant                             09/09/02

Bobby Paul                                PT - Detention Deputy       09/12/02

Kira Jensen                               Communications Officer  09/17/02

Thomas Galloway                     Detention Deputy                              09/25/02

Alicia Bluestone                       Airport Technician             10/01/02

Alan Debroff                             Detention Deputy                              10/02/02

Michael Claudy                        DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Camille Dubroff                       DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Alesha Ensminger                    DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Amy Godfrey                            DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

LaKesha Grant                          DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

James Keith                                             DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Michael Thibodeaux                 DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Amy Heavilin                            DD Auxiliary                      10/03/02

Miscellaneous Notes from HRD

Congratulations! to Daniel Marqueith for successfully recruiting Communications Officer Kira Jensen, Daniel received the $500.00 recruitment reward.

Congratulations to Sharon Brady for successfully recruiting Certified Detention Deputy Alan Dubroff, Sharon received the $500.00 recruitment reward. (Sharon the check is in the mail)

Congratulations to the following employees who passed the state examination.

Daniel Marqueith                     Law Enforcement

Deselies Mompoint                 Detention Deputy

Lee Molina                               Detention Deputy

What’s Happening

Pre Paid Legal Services deserve a second look

Note: The Sheriff received the following letter from a representative of the Florida Sheriffs Associations Pre-Paid Legal Program

Dear Sheriff Roth:

In light of recent events that have happened in two of our neighboring Florida Sheriff Offices, I want to remind you of an important part of the Florida Sheriffs Associations Pre-Paid Legal Program.

There was a deputy killed in an auto fatality on September 28th. He had been a member of the FSA's Legal Program since 1998 but had not sent in his will questionnaire until September 9th, 2002. His attorney had sent back a draft of his will on September 20, 2002, but the will was never executed.

You have many employees who are enrolled in the FSA's Pre-Paid Legal Program and many of them are just like this deputy. They have never gotten around to getting their will prepared. This is a free part of the legal service. Please put out notices and talk about this among your people. Whether they go through the FSA's program or not it is a very important issue all of us needs to face.

Also there was a situation last month in another county where a deputy going to a call hit a car in the pursuit. The civilians in the car were killed. In these cases if the employee is a member of the FSA' Legal Program the plan will pick up all the attorneys fees. There is no cap or limitation on what the program will pay in defense of vehicular homicide or manslaughter even on the job. Remember to ask the employee if they have the FSA's Legal Plan and look there first.

Thanks again for your continued support of this program and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Sincerely, Rebecca Smith, Account Representative - Florida Sheriffs Associations Pre-Paid Legal Program. For more information, call 1- 800-729-7998 or email her at .

Training Courses - 2003

The following courses are being offered in 2003 at the Metropolitan Police Institute, Miami-Dade Police Department. For more information and exact dates, visit their web site at

·        Crime Scene Investigations, January

·        Motor Vehicle Identification and Auto Theft Symposium, January

·        Public Information Officer, February

·        Advanced Police Diver Search and Recovery, February

·        Terrorism Symposium, February

·        Use of Deadly Force Investigations, February

·        Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop, March

·        Arson Investigation for the 21st Century, March

·        Female Officer Survival Techniques, March

·        Women in Policing: Meeting the Challenges of Supervision, March

·        Fraud Investigations, March

·        Property and Evidence Seminar, April

·        Tactical Narcotics Training, April

·        Homicide Investigations, May

·        Personal Watercraft Training for Law Enforcement, May

·        Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop, May

·        Internal Affairs Investigations, June

·        Digital Photography for Law Enforcement, June

·        Advanced Fraud Investigations, July

·        Advanced Homicide Investigation Techniques, July

·        Crime Scene Investigations II, July

·        Building a Safe School Environment, July

·        Crime Scene Photography, August

·        Fingerprint Evidence Processing and Recovery, September

·        Underwater Police Science and Technology, September

·        Airport Investigators Course, October

·        Physical Evidence, October

·        Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation, November

·        Crime Scene Reconstruction, November

·        Digital Imaging Enhancement Workshop, November

·        Officer Survival Instructor’s Course, November

·        Sexual Crimes Investigations, December

·        Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop, December

Key West Uniform Alterations

As of September 30, 2002 Ms. Cavanzon (on White Street in Key West) has retired from doing our alterations. Effective October 1, 2002 the following people will be available for alterations in Key West:

Patria Galvan, 1109 17th Terrace, Key West. Her phone number is 294-7816. She speaks Spanish. Hours: please call prior to coming: 8:30am to 8:30 pm

JoAnn Mingo Webster, 3215 Pearl Ave, Key West. Her  phone number is 294-1246. Hours: please call prior to coming – weekdays 5:30pm to 9pm; weekends 10am to 6pm.

Please contact Brenda Mounts in Finance with any questions or concerns at 292-7019.

For Rent

2 bed 1 bath apartment on water at Bay Point $1,100.00 monthly. Call Henry 293-0581


A Policeman pulled a man over for speeding and asked him to get out of the car. After looking the man over, he said, “Sir, I couldn’t help but notice your eyes are glazed. Have you been drinking?”

The man became indignant and replied, “Officer, I couldn’t help but notice your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?”