Press Pass Application

Notice to Applicants

You are applying for a Monroe County Sheriff's Office Press Pass. By filling out this form, you attest that you are a legitimate news reporter or news photographer for the news agency listed below. You also understand that the Monroe County Sheriff's Office will be performing a wants or warrants check, as well as an arrest history and reserves the right to refuse to issue the press pass depending on the results. Anyone found to be wanted will be arrested. You must be aware that this press pass cannot be used as legal identification for the purpose of cashing checks, or any other purpose other than identifying him/her as a news media representative. The passes are to be used at criminal incident scenes or press conferences to identify the reporters and photographers as legitimate news representatives. When responding to an incident scene, the bearer of a press pass should wear it in plain view. Our deputies will make an effort to work with reporters and photographers to get them what they need, as long as the integrity of the investigation and safety issues at the scene are not compromised.

Please submit the completed form below and then send a photograph of yourself suitable for use on an ID by mail to:

Director Becky Herrin
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Community Relations Division
5525 College Road Key West, FL 33040

Or you may email Director Becky Herrin a digital photograph at

We will send you the completed pass as soon as possible.

Revised 5/18/15 mg