Press Releases - August 2008

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August 7, 2008

Animal Farm welcomes donation

Farmer Jeanne Selander and Sheriff Rick Roth gave a tour of the farm today to Todd and Lisa Stuart of Key West. The couple brought with them a generous donation from the Todd A. Stuart Foundation of $5,000.00 for the farm, which will be used to upgrade the animal’s habitats.

The Sheriff’s Animal Farm is home to many abandoned and abused animals and is open to the public on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Private visits can also be arranged by contacting Farmer Jeanne at 305-293-7300. Donations are gratefully accepted and all the money donated goes to the Animal Farm and the care of the almost 300 animals housed there.

August 6, 2008

National Night Out fun for everyone

The upper Keys was jumping last night with two successful National Night Out events. In Islamorada, the Sheriff’s Office welcomed about 150 visitors to Founders Park for a night of fun. Sheriff’s Office employees had the opportunity to meet with citizens, neighbors became acquainted with each other and everyone learned about crime prevention.

In Key Largo, the Sector Seven Command Staff and employees welcomed about 300 people to Key Largo Community Park where everyone mixed, mingled, enjoyed good food and listened to music until after 9 p.m.

Sheriff’s Bomb Squad Leader Sgt. Bobby Randolph shows off his
bomb robot as Islamorada Lt. Tom Brazil and members of the
community look on.







Dive team members were on hand in Key Largo to show off their
equipment and talk with community members about what they
do for the Sheriff’s Office. Left to right, Detective Terry Smith,
Auxiliary Reserve Officer Bob Guhl, Miami Herald Reporter
Cammy Clark and Detective Mark Coleman. Smith, Guhl and
Coleman are all dive team members.






Sheriff honors Employees of the Quarter

For details of the awards, click here: Second Quarter 2008 nominations

On Friday, Sheriff Rick Roth honored the Employees of the second Quarter
at a special ceremony held in Marathon. Receiving Employee of the Quarter
awards were, left to right, Detention Deputy Burney Stafford, Explorer John “Bud” Hummelsine,
Deputy Francisco Gaete, Deputy Emil LaVache, and Support Staff member Brenda Winegarden.

New Sergeant promoted

Captain Don Fanelli, Sector 6 Commander for the Sheriff’s Office,
congratulates newly promoted Sergeant Lee Cowart. Cowart was
promoted from his old position as a detective in Sector 7 and looks
forward to being in command of a road patrol shift in the Islamorada Sector

August 4, 2008

Dr. Doug Mader, Farmer Jeanne Selander and Sheriff Rick Roth calm Tina,
an endangered Key Deer, prior to removing the cast from her leg. Tina was hit by
a car and is the newest resident of the Sheriff’s Office Children’s Animal Farm on Stock Island.

Sheriff welcomes exciting new addition to the farm

Monroe County Sheriff Rick Roth welcomed an exciting new addition to the Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm recently. With permission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Animal Farm will now house non-releasable Key Deer. Two weeks ago, “Tina”, who is now a 10 week old fawn, arrived at the farm. The fawn was hit by a car when she was about four weeks old and was taken to the Marathon Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Doug Mader and his staff treated her for injuries including a broken right rear leg. She was slowly nursed back to health at the clinic, while Farmer Jeanne Selander worked with the Fish and Wildlife Service to get permission for the animal to go the farm when she was in good enough condition.

The fawn is considered to be non-releasable because she has imprinted on humans, according to Dr. Mader. The Endangered Key Deer is found only in the Florida Keys and originally ranged from Big Pine Key to Key West. The Endangered Species Act allows for display of these animals for public education purposes. The Animal Farm is currently the only facility permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to house captive Key Deer in Monroe County.

“We are glad to be able to offer such injured, non-releasable deer a place to recover and to live out their lives,” said Sheriff Roth. “Farmer Jeanne Selander is working closely with Dr. Doug Mader to make sure we are doing all the right things to make our farm a pleasant habitat for Tina, and for any others might need our help.”

Today, Dr. Mader stopped by the Animal Farm to remove the deer’s cast from her rear leg. Just a few minutes after having the cast removed, Tina was already beginning to put weight on the leg and should be fully recovered from her injuries in a short time. Dr. Mader serves as the farm’s veterinarian, visiting the facility frequently to check on the animals and enjoy the atmosphere of the farm.
The Sheriff’s Animal Farm is open second and fourth Sundays of every month and people wishing to see Tina in person can visit this Sunday, August 10th from 1 to 3 p.m. Everyone is welcome to visit, free of charge, and see the wide variety of animals at the park, including tropical birds, snakes, ferrets, rabbits, horses, ponies, a llama, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, a 100 pound tortoise, an Emu, an Albino Hedgehog, Patagonian Cavys and more. 

The Children's Animal Farm is located at the Stock Island Detention Center, just off of College Road. It is open to the public on the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Groups may make special arrangements to visit the farm. Call the Sheriff's Office Detention Center at 305-293-7300 to schedule a visit.




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