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  • MARGARET SMITH           

Employees of the Third Quarter, 2006

SWORN: Sergeant Deputy Andrew Marazzo-Ensminger began his career with the MCSO in December 1997.  Recently Sergeant Ensminger was the subject of a recent newspaper article in the Keynoter.  According to the Keynoter this year alone, Ensminger has accumulated 87 DUI arrests. He said he's never heard of anyone getting more than 80 for an entire year.  “In the past I've had about 50 or 60 each year, and I've always stuck out with the most,” he said. “My father always told me, if you are good at something, be great at it and making a living at it.”

Ensminger has more than made a living; he's developed an impressive reputation.  “For an average officer that does one or two DUIs a month, it may take them two hours to do one case,” Captain Scibilia said.   “But Andrew has it down to such a science, he is in and out in a half-hour.”  Ensminger admitted it took him eight hours to book his first DUI offender, but now, he said he can look at a suspected drunk driver and discern exactly what blood-alcohol level he or she will read in a Breathalyzer.  “I'm scared to see how many DUIs I'm going to get this year,” Ensminger said. “I mean, we still have our busiest season yet to go.”  Ensminger has had many other close calls, all while on the force.  It's these experiences, he said, that caused him to devote his career to making Keys streets safer for drivers who choose to obey the law. 

“If you were a victim of something, something that kills thousands of people, and you had the ability to help stop it, would you?” Ensminger asked. “I've felt bad taking in some people because I know it's going to possibly ruin their lives. People say, ‘You have discretion.' But they take away that discretion when they combine drinking and driving

CORRECTIONS: Detention Deputy Denise Martinez began her career with the MCSO in August 2000.  On August 26, 2006 the Plantation Key Jail received a very thorough inspection by the FCAC inspection team.  During an inspection, the staff on the front lines can be the difference between passing and excelling during an inspection.  Detention Deputy Martinez was given the opportunity to shine when she was placed in the dorm during the accreditation inspection and she didn’t let us down.

Detention Deputy Martinez met each inspector at the door and introduced herself.  She then showed the inspectors how our inmates present themselves for inspection.  Each inmate was quietly standing at attention next to a well-made bunk, ready for inspection.  As they departed, one of the inspectors commented that the control we had over our inmates is usually only seen in special program type dorms such as a boot camp. 

In addition to her outstanding performance during the inspection, Detention Deputy Martinez had adjusted her schedule four times during this quarter and alternated between day and night shifts to cover ten open shifts and to provide coverage when needed.  These accommodations have saved the County approximately $5,000 in overtime expenses.

COMMUNICATIONS: Communications Officer Carolina Diesen began her career with the MCSO in July 2003.  On July 7 Carolina attempted life saving protocols on a drowning victim.  She spent more than ten minutes with the caller.  The caller was on a vessel, the EMD protocols were being relayed to a third party and part way through they stated it was not a drowning but now appeared to be a heart attack.  Carolina quickly changed protocols and began working the call as a heart attack.  Throughout the ordeal she maintained a professional demeanor, patient and calm, continued to give instructions until USCG arrived and had patient contact.

Carolina is a conscientious employee, consistently trying to better herself personally and professionally.  She recently obtained a personal goal of becoming an American citizen, and she hopes to further her career in Law Enforcement. 

Carolina Diesen is dedicated to the agency, the division and her community.

EXPLORER: Cadet Thomas Mirabella has been with Post 905 for two years.  Cadet Mirabella is very eager to learn and to lend a helping hand whenever necessary.  Cadet Mirabella always displays a cheerful disposition and friendly personality. He readily assists other post members when needed. 

During a recent summer trip to Orlando, Florida Cadet Mirabella accompanied other members of Post 904 and 906.  While on this trip Cadet Mirabella shared a room with other post members and took responsibility to ensure the room rules were adhered to. 

Cadet Mirabella displays the highest standards for Explorer/Cadet Post members and is an example for others to follow. 

RESERVE: Reserve Deputy Juan Neyra (better known as Johnny) began his career with the MCSO in January of 2006.  Reserve Deputy Juan Neyra is also an Airport Security Technician at the Key West Airport.  Around June 2006 Reserve Neyra spotted a BOLO vehicle with subjects wanted by the US Marshall for prison escape in another state.  Reserve Deputy Neyra made contact with Deputies and relayed vital information as to location and number of occupants that where inside the vehicle.  R/S Neyra continued to follow at a safe distance until Deputies could intervene to ensure that the vehicle wouldn’t get away.  The traffic stop led to an arrest of one of the two wanted persons who later gave up the location of the other subject. 

Reserve Juan Neyra has become very instrumental and a true asset to Sector I and to the agency.

SUPPORT: Detention Records Supervisor Lael Freeman began her career with the MCSO in March 2002.  Lael Freeman is the type of employee that never complains about the workload.  No matter how much work is placed on her or her shift she gets it done making sure the records are accurate and complete.

For the last few months Lael has been the only jail records supervisor.  She has been supervising all three shifts due to the loss of one supervisor and one on FMLA.  Lael also helps cover Records Manager Jamie Denton’s job when Jamie is out.

Lael has never complained about being short handed or working long hours.  Lael never asks for time off and is always there for her co-workers.  She has stepped up to the plate when taking responsibility for training new clerks and supervising all three shifts.  She is very hard working and dedicated.