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Sheriff Bobby Brown with reserve officers.

Left to right, Jim Adams, Rocky Portier, Harry Sawyer Sr., Larry Meggs, Brenda Mounts, Richard Conrady and Sheriff William Freeman

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #28 receives it's charter. In the picture is, on the far left Harry Sawyer, Sr. and, third from the left, KWPD Officer Vincent Catala.

FKCC Law Enforcement Academy, 1969. According to someone in the class, it was taught by a travel team of FBI Agents. This first basic law enforcement class consisting of 260 hours of training time.

Info on this photo came from Roger Lundin (, who now works for the Department of Justice in Seattle, WA and Miranda Gates, who works for the Sheriff's Office. Back row, left to right, Bill Brost (KWPD), John Trainer, Charley Browning, Rodney Mitchell, unk., unk., Roger Lundin, Dennis Edney, Russ Papy, Sgt. Scott, unk., Sgt. Curry, unk., Charley Mahoney, Sweetwater. Front row, left to right: Ralph White, unk., Rocky Portier, Sgt. Spears, Sgt. Santana. More names from Clayton Lopez: Standing is Nilo Albury, instructor, 4th from left is Carlton Lopez, 5th from left David Flemming, 9th from left, Roderick Jackson, 10th from left, Marci?, 13th from left, Paul Richardson. Kneeling: 3rd from left, James Bogoeff. From class member Michael Woodson, now with the Connecticut State Police: Woodson is in uniform; first row standing, third from the right, Bob Brack is second from the right.

Joe Perez, Buddy Mora, Henry Haskins, Franklin Hernandez, unknown, Jake Key, Ernest Salas, Mario Santana, unknown. (ID contributed by Retired Sgt. Jackne Drudge)

Sheriff Freeman handing out certificates

Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Freeman, Undersheriff Larry Meggs and Marathon reserve deputies.

Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Freeman

Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Spottswood, 1954

Left to right: Dario Garcia, Bobby Gwynn, Bill Limbert, Joe Pinder, Henry Loundris, Jim Wilder, Paul Stoffer, Sidney Curry, Eloy Acevedo, Rene Raolli, Everett Rivas Sr. In front, Sheriff John Spottswood.

Sheriff's Office, 1958.

Left to right: Sidney Curry, Rene Raolli, Joe Pinder, Bill Carter, Ronnie Rondeau, Dick Kelke, Richard Conrady, Franklin Hernandez, Dick Davidson, Norman Parker, Reace Thompson

Sheriff's Office, under Sheriff Brown, 1970

Left to right, Everett Rivas Sr., Franklin Hernandez, Robert Brack, James Kugler, Rick Roth, Robert Rackley, Joe Valdez, Curt Mathas, Eddie Garcia, Michael A. Woodson, Dennis Blankey, Charles VanLindsey, Rocky Portier. In front, Sheriff Bobby Brown.


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