The Crime Analysis and Intelligence Unit is charged with providing a variety of daily, monthly, annual and ad-hoc research, analysis and reporting to the Sheriff's Office and to citizens in the community. 

The unit uses the experiences of the past and the technology of the present to confront current law enforcement issues, and to prepare for the future of law enforcement in the Florida Keys. Crime Analysis works closely with patrol deputies, detectives and other Sheriff's Office employees as well as outside agencies both locally, state-wide and federally to conduct research that identifies trends in criminal activity and links among people, events, and property. An Intelligence Officer ensures that confidential law enforcement information is disseminated to those who need to be aware of it within the agency through bulletins and reports, and shares pertinent information with other agencies in the county and with other agencies state and and nation wide.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is the primary local law enforcement agency for all of the Florida Keys,beginning at the Dade/Monroe County line and extending 112 miles to Key West.The unique geography of this County, which is composed entirely of islands and bridges, poses special challenges. The work done in Crime Analysis helps to meet those challenges in the present and for the future.

If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Crime Analysis and Intelligence Unit Lt. Tom Brazil
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
5525 College Road
Key West, FL  33040-4307
Phone 305-289-2410