Cadet Explorer Post 904 Newsletter............Issue #1...........April 2001


Greetings F.S.E.A. members. Our post recently developed a communications committee. It is our hope, with this committee, to strengthen our relations with other posts across the state. To do this, we decided to do as many posts do, and develop a regular newsletter. In this letter, we will include updates on our post, and the monthly activities we’ve participated in. Thanks and any recommendations you have will be appreciated.

Children’s Day Carnival

By Jr. Cadet Orlando Martin

Cadets Orlando  and  Manny  Martin show off their new hair color.  

On March 10,2001 Explorer Post  904  patrolled the beach at Camp Sawyer, the Boy Scout Camp, located on West Summerland Key. Our job was to keep small children off the beach, who were unsupervised.  We worked in hourly shifts keeping small children out of the water, off the beach, and in the designated Carnival area.  

The post started at ten o’clock  in the morning, and lasted to five o’clock in the afternoon.  The detail proved easy enough, but the continual standing was hard on the feet.  


Boot Camp

Sr. Explorer Captain Erik Kosec  

February of 2001 offered Post 904 another opportunity to attend boot camp, at the  Elks Youth Camp, located in central Florida.   


The Marines and Army battle it out...the Marines won.  

Monroe explorers starting from the left, Tim Nixon, Christian Rodriguez, Crystal Thomas, and Erik Kosec.

Two members of  Monroe 904 were able to attend.  They were also joined by two other explorers from Monroe 905, and 906.  This was a first time experience for half of them.  

The camp provided an excellent chance to meet other explorers and receive training that could not be acquired elsewhere. All members who attended enjoyed themselves, and have only one regret...
I should have shot the guy with the grenade.

For more information about the Cadet/Exlorer Program in Monroe County, contact the
Sheriff's Office Community Relations Division at (305)292-7116 or
e-mail the supervisor of the program, School Resource Officer Sgt. John Barber at