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12/30 - 9:47 a.m.

Can we please get a little police patrol in the area from ocean side 98 -rock harbor to port largo? Before the admin change we used to at least see a marked car from time to time. Now I can fast forward my video and not see a cop car nite after nite, and never see one who was not called in the daytime. If I have noticed the decline, you know the kids and bad guys have. A little help please?

Answer: In response to your e-mail, I have directed members under my command to increase patrol efforts in the areas indicated.  If you would like to be more specific in naming your neighborhood, it would afford me the opportunity to gather accurate information as to the amount of patrol time spent there,  As always, if there is a concern in which you would like to address, feel free to contact me either by e-mail MHORN@KEYSSO.NET or by telephone (305) 853 - 3211. Thanks in advance.

Lt. Mitch Horn
Station Commander/District 7

12/28 - 6:30 p.m.

I have contacted the sheriffs office twice concerning the kids with gas powered skate boards/scooters in Flagler Village, Stock Island. Police here twice on the 27th. Each time the deputy would leave the one kid (he's the heavy set one always causing hell) would just sneak back out with the thing and start tearing down 5th. He's also pretty good at giving your deputy the "finger" when she pulls out and cusses up a storm in her direction. I was told these things are not legal and must be registered and driven by an adult. The kid is a little monster and constantly disturbs the peace! Can't anything be done?

Answer: I will forward your message to Lt. Donnie Elomina so he is aware. I will also suggest you continue to report this behavior. If the deputies have to repeatedly respond to the same violations by the same people, they will take care of the problem by either writing a citation, or dealing with parents, or both.

12/28 - 4:30 p.m.

I am a tenant of a rental property in the upper key. I have an individual coming to my home on a weekly basis recording me and my children. I have asked this person serveral times to not come to my property, however the issue still continues. Am I able to get a no trespassing/no contact order even though I do not own the property?

Answer: If you are the legal tenant of the property you can issue a trespass warning. When it happens again, call the Sheriff's Office at 305-289-2351 and request that a deputy respond.

12/20 - 11:20 a.m.

Hello, My name is John Kocinski and live at 23020 Bonito lane, Cudjoe Key. I walk my dog along Spanish Main in the AM around 6:15. There seems to be quite a few speeders heading to US 1 and was wondering if radar could be set up there.

Answer: I have referred your question to Lt. Donnie Elomina who should be contacting you shortly.

12/16 - 8:20 a.m.

Could you please stop the children on Stock Island from catching the chickens from my yard. I thought the chickens were protected here in the keys and lately I've noticed teenagers running into my yard and my neighbors yard to catch them.

Answer: The next time this happens, please call us at 305-289-2351. We will send a deputy to talk with the children.

12/4 - 7:51 p.m.

Recently while vacationing in Key West and anchored off of Wysteria island I was "safety checked" by two of your officers. I was told that since my vessel was over 26ft in length that a holding tank permanently installed was required by law. My picture was also taken which I find a tad curious. Upon returning home I did some research and found that not to be accurate. A vessel over 26ft has to have a toilet if it has berthing and my porta potty meets all the requirements of the State of Florida and of the U.S. Coast Guard. While I appreciate the job the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept. does, please, if you are going to board a vessel legally anchored, know the language as well as the application of the law. This will prevent anyone from suspecting that you are just hassling people for the millionaires on Tank Island as is the subject of so many articles in all of the southern sailing magazines and blogs. Charlie.

Answer: I am going to forward this to our Lower Keys patrol district,

Answer from Lower Keys Lt. Donnie Elomina: I will find out what deputies worked and make sure that they are giving out the proper information. All deputies that work the detail have been trained by FWC and have a laws pertaining to their detail with them. There may have been some misunderstanding during the encounter with the deputies.

12/4 - 4:56 p.m.

I am a resident of Port Largo and frequently (at least 3 times a week) shop  at the Walgreens on MM 100.  For the past few weeks there is a homeless man sitting on the floor outside the liquor store, this is the same man who would also sit outside the Hess Station in that same Shopping Center and has on several occasions been arrested for loitering. It is not only disturbing when I walk into the store with my children but many, many tourist frequent that store and I am sure it is not something they would like to see. Does the store manager have to complain in order for this man to leave or can the officers please swing by and ask him to leave? Thanks

Answer: I will forward your comment to the Upper Keys patrol district for a more specific response. I certainly understand your concerns, though. We really can't ask someone to leave a public area such as the one you are talking about unless the property owner requests us to issue the person a trespass warning, or unless there is a specific violation of the law, such as open container or some kind of harrassing behavior.

Here is a more specific response from Lt. Mitch Horn: We would generally require the store manager or their representative to call and initiate a complaint.  If upon contact with the subject we can asked the subject to leave and not return if that is the store management's position. However, at any time you are in a place and someone there makes you or one of your family members uncomfortable, by all means feel free to contact the sheriff's office and we will respond and address the situation accordingly.

Note: Lt. Horn also cced me with an email he sent letting his patrol sergeants know about the situation, and asking them to look into it.

From original complainant: Hi thanks for your prompt response (Port largo resident with issue at Walgreens) I really appreciate your work. Thanks!

11/28 - 10:30 p.m.

Who do I call regarding a noise complaint and is there a noise ordinance? I live in the Big Pine Key deer preserve, and my neighbors across the canal throw loud karaoke parties once or twice a week... They go on for hours and reverberate through our home's wall...

Answer: Call the Sheriff's Office. There is a noise ordinance that takes effect after 11 p.m. Prior to that, we can at least ask them to turn it down and let them know it is annoying the neighbors.

11/26 - 11/14 p.m.

 I have a neighbor with a Puppy , we live on the Highway and have found the Pup on the Highway twice. We told the owners about it and now they put it outside and tie it to a fence several times a day. The dog cries and wails constantly . Who should I contact about this ? I'm just concerned about the poor dog.

Answer: You should call the agency in the upper Keys responsible for Animal Control. Their number is 305-451-0088.

11/7 - 4:54 p.m.

I'm wondering why haven't any thing have been done about all the drugs that's being sold on 41st and 39th street? This is a major drug area. These drug dealers don't care who they sale to and seems to not care about lawenforcement. This is the biggest drug area in marathon and seems to me no one cares.

Answered by Captain Gene Thompson: Road patrol has had three narcotics arrests in this area in the past two weeks. Active patrols both on foot and by vehicle are conducted regularly. Also, bushes were recently cut back to expose where some dealers were hanging out. If you would like to speak to me directly about this issue, please call me at the Marathon Substation, 305-289-2430 or email me directly at

11/13 - 5:19 p.m.

MCSO does a great job here in the keys, But Mcgee needs to focus on more then just window tint or writing tickets for doing 5MPH UNDER the speed limit. He is just ridiculous.

I'm sure this comment will be removed, but at least one person will read it.


Answered: I spoke with Deputy McGee about this issue. He and the rest of the Traffic Enforcement Unit will pull someone over who is going too slowly if they are causing a traffic hazard. If too many vehicles are backed up behind a slow vehicle, then sometimes other drivers will attempt to pass in an unsafe manner - either in a no passing zone or on the right hand side. In these types of cases. the slow driver becomes a danger to others and will receive a ticket for impeding traffic.

10/31 - 11:36 p.m.

The Monroe County Library in Marathon has become a dangerous place. Just the other evening I went to drop of a book and after getting out of my car I realized there were 5+ homeless men between me and the door to the library. I was not only asked for money but also called some very obscene things when I refused to give them money. To top it all off my 6 year old daughter who was with me was scared to death. If that was not bad enough one of them was urinating in the middle of the parking lot as I was walking back to my car. Something needs to be done about this situation before someone is attacked or worse. I do not understand how this can be allowed to go on when the sheriffs office is directly next to the library.

Answer: I passed your comment along to Lt. Bruce Winegarden, in Marathon. He has talked with library staff in the past and has met with some resistance to dealing with the problem. He met with staff at the library again today in response to your comment. The staff apparently feels that many people are using their free WiFi services (which is operational 24/7), and that some people may just be taking a break outside, meaning to return inside to use the services they offer. They are reluctant to give blanket trespass warnings to anyone, which is what we would need to really be able to deal with this situation. I would suggest that you, and anyone else who is having a problem like this one, call the library and make a complaint to them directly.

That being said, they did tell us if someone is not using their services, and is just loitering outside, we can ask them to move along. Our officers will be making more frequent walk throughs of the facility and will be there checking the area after hours more often as well.

None of this precludes us from dealing with disorderly or threatening behavior. If you have future problems like this, please call our dispatch center right away at 305-289-2351 so we can respond and deal with the specific individuals who are causing the trouble. If you would like to speak to Lt. Winegarden about this directly, you can call him at 305-289-2430.

10/27 - 8:34 a.m.

We called last night to report a suspicious vehicle parked in our yard.  The dispatcher was very helpful and courteous, and the officer arrived within 10 minutes.  The vehicle left without incident.  We are very grateful to have our sheriffs!

Answer: If I knew what area this was in, I could pass

10/17 - 8:57 p.m.

I live  in Port Largo in key largo and There is  a homeless man living in the woods right next to the civic center behind the cedar towers office building at mm 100 ....I find it very weird and I walk my children to the bus stop over there and the last thing I need is a drunk staggering out of the woods ...Im a tax payer and a homeowner and I see these people always hanging around the hess gas station and Im suprised nothing is being done about this ..I saw the other day this man dragging a matress into the woods over there and its very uncomfortable for me to think about how many children play and will be goin trick or treating in this neighborhood ....I shouldnt have to feel uncomfortable in my own neighborhood I hope this gets fixed !!!.....thanks again ....very upset parent !!

Answer: I forwarded this comment to Lt. Mitch Horn. He sent the following email out to his road patrol officers:

" Please see to it that this is investigated and the appropriate action taken.
Additionally, if there is camp located, please utilize the available resources to make sure area is clean.

Which ever squad or combination of squads addresses this issues, please keep me informed of the actions taken so we can properly document our efforts and keep the concerned citizen informed.  Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions.  I would appreciate a prompt response on this issue.

Lt. Horn"

More information: Lt. Horn and his officers organized a clean up of the area on November 8th in conjunction with the property owner. The owner also authorized the posting of trespassing signs in the area giving us the ability to trespass warn anyone we find on the property who does not belong there. Just FYI.

10/15 - 12:11 p.m.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in the speed of vehicles in my area.  There was a black, looked like a tricked out mitsibichi racing through the streets.  I have two officers that live on the same street as myself and am wondering why nothing is being done.  There are children and elderly that live in this area.  We did have a self contained speed sign, but it does not seem to have helped.  The area I am speaking of is between Transylvania-and-Bonefish Ave.  The same is with the "crotch rocket" motorcycles.  Look forward to seeing your response.  Thank you, Taxpayer.

Answer: I forwarded your comment to Captain Don Fanelli and Lieutenant Mitch Horn of the Key Largo district, as well as to the sergeant of our traffic enforcement unit, Kevin Mimosa. If you would like to talk to any of them, feel free to call them. The district substation number is 305-853-3211 and Sgt. Mimosa can be reached at 305-289-2410.

Follow up: I was copied on an email to sergeants in that district. They were directed by Lt. Mitch Horn to perform extra patrols in your area with an eye specifically to traffic concerns.

10/10 - 9:49 a.m.

great going on the recent arrests of all those drug dealing scum. I look forward to more drug arrests in the future although I disagree with the petty pot arrests clogging up the system making prosecution of the real scum slower and more expensive.

Answer: Thank you. Keep in mind, there are many law enforcement officers who feel the same way you do however we are charged with enforcing the laws of the state of Florida. We can't pick and choose. This issue has to be dealth with on a state and/or federal level. Until then, possessing, selling or manufacturing marijuana is illegal.

10/8 - 10:44 p.m.

were do I go like the website to go and fill out a video visitation form online

Answer: I am not sure what you are talking about. You can call our Detention Center at 305-293-7300.

10/5 - 9:07 a.m.

Who do I contact to complain about a dog that jumps it's small fence and attacked my dog?  Justin

Answer: Justin: what part of the Keys do you live in? You can call your local Sheriff's Office substation, or you can contact our dispatch center at 305-289-2351.

9/23 - 4:23 p.m.

I need help with a neighbor who's house is very close to mine that puts his parrot in a cage in his back yard for almost all day. This bird is extremely loud and says naughty words. I have grand children that come over frequently and here this. When the bird screams it echos down the canal and all the houses next to us are sick of it. I would prefer to not call 911 but am at the point that it is going to happen. Please advise me on what I can do for this situation. Thank you.

Answer: You do not indicate the area of the Keys you live in. In order to attempt to resolve this matter, I would suggest you contact the Sheriff's substation nearest your location and speak with the lieutenant in charge of the station. He/she should be able to make some suggestions for how to deal with your neighbor. We have subsations on Cudjoe Key, in Marathon, in Islamorada and on Plantation Key. You can fnd their contact information and the names of the various lieutenants on this web page:

9/22 - 6:43 a.m.

wher would I need to go, if someone with arrested for dui?

Answer: Anyone arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is held until they attend a first appearance hearing before a judge. It is mandatory. After the hearing, the person may be bonded out at the facility where they are being held. We have three jail facilities: one on Stock Island, one in Marathon and one on Plantation Key.

9/20 - 10:55 p.m.

Can someone tell me what happend to the girl that got hit on the bycicle today in key largo mm 102? Is she ok?

Answer: I have no recent information, but the information I received directly following the accident was that she was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami and was in stable condition.

9/18 - 12:28 p.m.

I live in the Galway RV Park on 13th Street.  The owner is in the process of installing gates across the entryways to the park.  Those entrances are accessed from US 1 and are going to be located near to the highway.  Many of us in the park have concerns about the potential for increased accidents from this new procedure.  They have said that we will be given a numerical code that we must punch into a receptacle and then the gate will raise.  If you are hauling a trailer and/or boat, you could end up blocking traffic on US 1.  I am just wondering if the owner needed a permit for this gate and did he acquire one.  Also wonder if a traffic study was necessary and was that completed.  Appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Answer: Since you included your name and email address in your question (I withheld it in the published version) I had command staff from the Marathon Substation contact you directly to talk about this issue.

9/15 - 10:12 p.m.

have u ever tryed to use your inmate phone service ? it is very user UNFREINDLY . put 30.00 on a card this morning she still hasnt recieved the phone time and i have not recieved my email conformation but they did remove the money from my bank account.. got hung up on because the girl on there end cant hear or spell... i can understand why because the back ground noise on there end was really bad you can hear all the other operaters talking.. its a service that really needs inprovment..

Answer: I passed your comments along to staff at the Monroe County Detention Center.

9/4 - 3:24 p.m.

I would like to thank MCSO for the great job they did getting folks out of town on Labor day. Throughout the upper keys they directed traffic at the lights and made the trip much less congested. I am local and would like to see this more often. Great job.

Answer: Thank you. I passed your kind comments along to our traffic enforcement and upper Keys deputies.

8/31 - 9:20 a.m.

Highway Interdiction, is this a new and fancy term for illegal stop, search and seizure? It all smells and our country is using excuses like "highway interdiction" to further erode our Constitutional Rights! When are people including our officers who conduct such stops going to wake up?

Answer: This operation was all done legally. Stops were for legitimate violations, searches were based on either consent or dog alert and seizures were made under legal circumstances.

8/30 - 12:39 p.m.


Please pass my sincere thanks to Deputy Sheriff Sever Hustad for the above case.  My house has an attempted break in through a window with a broken lock.  After he finished his response and investigation, he went the extra step and called someone he knew personally to come fix the window latch for me so that I could leave for work with a sound mind. That was a step above what he needed to do and I am so very appreciative!  THANK YOU!!

(name withheld)

Answer: Thank you for writing this note. I made sure Sever and his supervisors saw what you had to say about his actions.

8/28 - 9:12 p.m.

then they need to check all the county city ,court , policemen jails because just read the newspaper then stealing I pod celling cell phone and other goodies and the work for the government supposed to have a good record who can you trust you see it everyday clean all the department and then good people can apply the deliguent are in the position not outside the got the key to steal you see city and county worker making good money a hour four guys and only one working must be nice

8/28 - 9:02 p.m.

I want to make a comment about the person that has a record and cannot be hire is sad because here a lot of people starting with acevedo got a job a sears which is very strick hiring we send people to jail the serve the time but went they come out and want to change their life we punish them they have being judge that has done wrong thing and got away with that and I defend  this because that happen to my son everywhere he went he dint get a job here is who you know is what you get  is sad but true I wish people change their mind because who has not have any of their family done wrong throw the first stone I don't think this will happen is swept under the rug or hide in the closet with all the skeleton , I hope he found a job and be happy that someone sees this and change their mind god bless him because I know how hard this is

8/21 - 8:43 p.m.

people who have been to jail before should have a chance to find a job no matter where u live.if u haven't been to jail in about 9 or 10 years in u move to a new location,people should give u a oppurnity to past is bad but that is a long time ago.i am not like that what u see on the Sheriff's Office web site.lot jobs not giving me a chance to work because of my past and that is not right.I am a 40 year old man and I deserve a chance work.

Answer: I understand your comment. I would only say that, conversely, business owners should also have the opportunity to know who they are hiring, and what their backgrounds are.

8/19 - 4:08 p.m.

Just finished reading "Brother I'm Dying" by Edwidge Danticat; describes what happened to her Uncle Joseph when you detained him, this is shocking and you are liable for his death.  God how shocking....this is what  you do to Haitian pastors and asylum seekers? 

Answer: I did some research because I was unfamiliar with what you are referring to. The book you reference is about a man held in the custody of the Krome Detention Center, which is operated by the federal government. Our agency is the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and we have nothing to do with the Krome Detention Center, nor did we have anything to do with this particular case.

8/16 - 9:17 p.m.


Answer: I referred your comment to the Key West Police Department. They have jurisdiction over that area.

8/16 - 8:36 p.m.

I have read the majority of the information that listed on your website regarding to deposit fund into inmate account.  There was one information that the website had fail to provide is the facility number which inmate family members need to deposit fund to the inmate account via phone.  If the information was listed, then please provide it at a more convenience location such as the listing of the Current Inmate List or a link on the.

Answer: I will take a look and see what I can do to clarify this issue.

8/14 - 7:14 a.m.

Yesterday I witness an American Coach bus pull right out in front of a propane tanker. The tanker had to slam on their brakes and go to the right in order to not hit him. This is something I see about once or twice a day. I know before law enforcement was hard on them but it seems that has change because the bus drivers just don't care. Please pass this on to the proper authorities.

Answer: I passed your comment on to our road patrol districts.

8/5 - 3:45 p.m.

While browsing comments today I saw a post by an anonymous writer on 5/17 who stated that a work release inmate was engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct while on work release at the 5X6's Taxi company.  I am the dock master and security agent for the property and a retired Baltimore City Police Officer.  I am virtually here 24 X 7 and can assure everyone that the female assigned here for work release at the time conducted herself in nothing but a professional manner, giving 100% to her job.  Besides I had never once seen her step foot on the marina portion of the property.  She is now released from custody and therefore no longer employed by 5 X 6's.  Captain Larry Gross /

Answer: Thank you. We looked into this issue as well, at the time.

8/2 - 3:18 p.m.

At Veteran's park by the 7-mile bridge there is an older guy lurking around selling palm weavings, drinking beer and bothering people. He always takes over a picnic table and drives an old red pickup.

Answer: I sent your comment to the District One command staff so they could look into it.

7/29 - 8:40 p.m.

Randy Reid, an employee of the Monroe County FL Fire Dept, made statements on a Facebook page titled "2nd Amendment Preservation" on 7/29/13 under a post about Illinois Sheriffs, stating he would:

-Shoot police officers in their faces
-Don't care what body armor they're wearing he would go for face shots -Make their families realize they chose the wrong career path.

Answer: Thank you for your informaiton. We have taken appropriate action ref. this.

7/29 - 3:52 p.m.

Hazard to Navigation 200 yards off Caribbean club Boat Without Anchor light at night.             FL 3081 AN.   REGERSTRATION   DECAL   6 of. 1991

Answer: This information was referred to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They assured us they checked it out and did not find a vessel fitting the description so perhaps it was moved or the problem was solved.

7/16 - 12:05 p.m.

Dear Sirs,

Please step up enforcement of speed limits through the North bound area of US 1 from South of the Key Largo traffic light through "downtown" Key Largo. The empty dump trucks running for the sewer projects area racing each other in both lanes as they head North and are a serious danger to the traveling public. I have witnessed several very close calls as someone is turning right at the light and trucks have had to slam on the breaks or do a quick lane change. It is only a matter of time before these guys kill someone. For that matter the whole of US 1 needs tougher enforcement of speeding and following to close issues.

Jim Post
(727) 871-0622

Answer: Thank you. I referred your comment to our District Seven Command Staff and to our Traffic Enforcement Unit. We certainly wish we had more traffic enforcement officers who were available to work the highway throughout the Keys.

7/13 - 1:51 p.m.

Dear Sheriff Ramsay:
This is just a short note to congratulate deputy sheriff A. Dixon on the excellent job he did addressing my concerns stemming from a road rage incident that took place on the night of 7/10/2013 at Peachtree Avenue in Grassy Key. Details of the incident are available on the police report I filed with your Marathon office on 7/12/2013.
I don’t know what he did but it definitely worked. Shortly after my meeting with deputy Dixon both my wife and I received separate phone calls from the individual responsible for the incident owning up to the problem he had caused and apologizing for what he had done. We accepted his apology believing it was sincere and heartfelt, and pledged to forget the matter and move on without hard feelings.

In my book this is a highly positive outcome that otherwise might have caused resentment and bitterness towards a family that we know and respect. To me this is conflict resolution at its best executed by a law enforcement officer.

Please make sure that he knows that.

Rigoberto Gonzalez

Answer: Your wonderful comment was passed along to Deputy Dixon's supervisors. We are so happy to hear he was able to help you resolve this issue.

7/11 - 7:08 p.m.

Is it legal for an individual to shoot iguanas with a pellet and/or BB gun on their private property in Monroe County?

Answer: That is not an easy answer. You should read the State of Florida Animal Cruelty statutes prior to taking this kind of action so you understand what is and is not legal when it comes to killing any animal. If the animal suffers as a result of you shooting it, then you could be arrested.

7/11 - 3:56 p.m.

Are their fines associated with home owners illegally claiming the counties land and or road ways as private property?

Also is their an additional fine for a private property and no trespassing signs on the above types of properties that are owned by the county and slated for public use?

thank you

Answer: That question would be better posed to County Code Enforcement.

7/9 - 8:13 p.m.

Hello I was looking into applying with your department as a communications officer, I have over 10 years experience in NC with several departments. I am EMT basic in NC I need to recertify for my CPR but I can do that here. I spent most of my summers in Marathon from a kid up till 02. Just need to know what disqualifications there are. Thank you in advance.

Dean Chrismon

Answer: Call our Human Resources Division at 305-292-7044 for answers to your questions.

7/1 - 7:57 p.m.

I'd like to commend Deputy Dave Campbell for his heroism in bringing the family to safety when the house at 105 Lapaloma Rd had a fire on June 30th.
His quick thinking in regards to the family(trapped on the second floor of the house)is worth every praise a community can be thankful for. We are!

6/22 - 12:03 p.m.

Drivers are speeding on 12th Ave Stock Island, far, FAR above the speed limit. My dog was hit 3 days ago, my neighbor has now had 2 small dogs killed. There are a lot of children who play on the street. Is there any possibility of getting a couple of speed bumps put on the road?

Answer from the moderator: I sent your comment to the District One commander, Captain Gene Thompson. He asked our Traffic Enforcement unit to spend some time on the street patrolling for speeders. If you would like to speak to him, or to Station Commander Lt. Donnie Elomina, they can be reached at 305-745-3184.

Second Answer, from Captain Gene Thompson: We will communicate this to our road and traffic units for concentration in that area for both education and enforcement. I wouldn't guess the county would be incline to install such speed bumps. Unless otherwise posted, the speed in a residential area is 25 mph which can seem  fast when one is standing still observing. When one is in a vehicle it feels slow.

6/22 - 12 p.m.

The mangrove strip of land across the water from 12th Ave on Stock Island has people living on it, they have killed a pelican, they throw their trash in the water, and are very active into the small hours of the morning, with flashlights etc, meeting boats on the Atlantic side. There is a gate barring access at the junction of 12th Ave and 5th.
Their trash collects water and it is very hard for the mosquito control people to deal with it.
Is there anything that can be done to stop people accessing this area?

Answer: I sent your comment to the District One commander, Captain Gene Thompson. If you would like to speak to him, or to Station Commander Lt. Donnie Elomina, they can be reached at 305-745-3184.

6/20 - 10:46 p.m.

I want to purchase a BB gun. I just want to shoot in my yard ( targets, lizards, etc. ) I am and will be responsible but wanted to know the legalities behind it before I waste money on one. I live in stock island. I am a gun owner and will be very careful and respectful to my neighbors. I am asking if it is legal to shoot the BB gun in my yard?


Answer: You can shoot a BB gun in your back yard. If you are under 16, you must be supervised by an adult while you are doing so. You cannot, however, shoot any live animal with the gun. Shooting targets is fine. Be very careful when setting up the target. Make sure the BBs will not be a danger to anyone, and will not cause any damage to anyone else's property.

6/6 - 8:49 a.m.

There is a Clint Austin Hobbs in your custody without any court date no one has told him anything.  And number 2 he needs to be on medication for mental issues and I have givin the jail everything they need as of what he takes his dr name and phone number and address I'm his live in girlfriend and I'm disabled and have cancer I need to find out when his release date is I'm also being evicted from my house due to foreclose I need his help.I beg of you to help me he was arrested for driving without a license not a big offence. Please I need him to help me if you can call me with any information about when he goes to court.
             Thank You
                                   Jennifer Collins  786-405-2470

Answer: I passed your information along to the jail commander, Captain Tim Age. If you would like to talk with him, you can call him at 305-293-7339.

6/1 - 10:38 a.m.

While out walking this morning about 8:30 I passed a minor accident on Baird Rd. An older gent had driven his car up the bank across from Midvale. I waited a few minutes to pass by and was impressed by the kindness, patience and consideration shown by the officer who had responded (cruiser #2663) in asking the necessary questions and assessing the situation.
Andrea Gilman

5/29 - 8:53 a.m.

Dear sir/ma'am. This is not a concern, etc, however I'm hoping you can help me with a different manner, I live in New York, and I'm in the Marine Corps reserve. My wife and I want to move down to Florida, Monroe County. I am interested working with the Sheriff Dept in the future. Can you point me to the right direction? I'm getting a lot of dead ends from Thank you for your time. Best regards.

Answer: You can fill out one of our preliminary applications on line at

5/21 - 2:59 p.m.

How can I request a no thru street sign at 5 Corrine Place, very much traffic turn around at end of street continually digging holes in my driveway gravel.

Is anything able to be done, street signs???

Please advise
305 5220436

Also beggars at CVS and local gas stations are on verge of harrasment, please address.

Answer: For street signs you would need to contact Monroe County Public Works. On county streets, they are in charge of signs.

5/17 - 4:34 p.m.

I live in the marina at the 5 6's taxi company,there is a female on work release from the detention center that washes the taxis,she is currently on my neighbors boat smoking god knows what and having sex.Is this allowed for inmates on work release,i can see right through the window its quite disturbing.I have also heard rumors of her giving oral sex to the taxi drivers for food although i havnt witnessed this personally. thank you for your attention to this matter.

Answer: This information was passed on to our Detention Center for action.

5/17 - 4:19 p.m.

is it possible to keep non-passing vehicles or vehicles holding up traffic from the passing lane?  i can't recall the vast number of times there had been two vehicles pacing eachother, sometimes going under the posted speed limit that have miles of traffic backed up.

Answer: I understand your frustration. There is a law that says a vehicle may not impede traffic and must pull over if there is a line of traffic behind it. Of course a law enforcement officer has to be present to see it.

5/14 - 12:33 p.m.

Thank you very much for the arrest of Kimberly L. Teal last night in Marathon. Many of us had begun to lose faith in our police. Thank you Jean Gonzalez. Thank you all very much!!!!!!

Answer: You are welcome.

5/5 - 4:59 a.m.

Traffic Issues Near Founders Park Islamorada: Something needs to be done when planning events to reduce traffic jams. Every year during the winter when traffic is already an issue events are planned at Founders Park with no thought to the effects on traffic. Hundreds of cars park on the opposite side of the road from the park and people then cross traffic to get to the park creating a dangerous situation for drivers and children crossing the road. I know the sheriff has several units to help people cross but that seems to make more of a mess. Alternative parking should be available in the park or in another area with possibly a shuttle service. Traffic delays can take hours and this effects tourists, truck drivers, and local citizens trying to get to and from work it is truely rediculous.

Answered by Captain Corey Bryan, Islamorada District: Thank you for your comment. We are sympathetic to the dilemma this causes you and all the citizens of the community. The Village of Islamorada is also very aware of some of these issues and is truly committed to making the situation better for all.  The Sheriff's Office and the Village are both striving to make the events safe and practical for those who attend and those that are just passing by.

I assure you that many people are involved and plans are discussed when events happen at Founders Park and the impact that the events have on the community. Shuttle busses are used and pedestrian crossings are monitored to work on making as little impact on traffic as possible yet to keep people safe. Notices are put out well in advance of events and festivals through local newspapers, radio, and electronic message signs announcing the event and to expect traffic delays.

I wish I could provide a simple solution to the issues however as you are well aware we live in a community that thrives on tourism, events, and festivals. Traffic concerns regarding accidents, bridge raisings and general congestion are a part of this community and we try very hard to keep the impact to all at a minimum.

We are very open to suggestions and have actually implemented a few ideas to help alleviate some traffic issues such as having the bus drop off people inside park area. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.

4/28 - 4:47 p.m.

Someone needs to fix the light at Duck Key! Only on for 1 min cycle for north bound today, causing a 3-4 mile back up & 35-40 min delay. That was at 1:00 PM Sunday approx.  US 1 traffic needs more time, much more time to get moving and flow before stopping again. And, to have to stop 3 miles of traffic when no one appears is unsatisfactory! I am sure one one your Deputies had to experience this! So, hopefully something was done already. Thank you.

Answered by Lt. Bruce Winegarden, Marathon District: I will touch base with the contractor, who I believe controls that light and communicating with FDOT. We will monitor it to see if it happens again.

4/23 - 11:07 a.m.

In regards to the traffic situation heading into new town:

I think that the light at the intersection of Flager and First St. needs to be extended heading uptown. The build-up of traffic is substantial and the green light is not long enough to relieve enough of the cars heading uptown.

Thank you for your consideration.

Answer: I passed your comment on to the Florida Department of Transportation and the city of Key West.

4/11 - 9:27 a.m.

PLease have someone remove the gal beside Wendys that has a chair and umbrella set up on the side of the road in Key Largo MM99 from soliciting people in the Wendys parking lot.  It has gotten out of control and is illegal to solicit and set up a booth to sell without a vendors license. Please protect our property values in Key Largo by doing this.  I am trying to sell my house to get out of this neighborhood and everyone that looks at it complains about her doing this in our neighborhood.  I pay taxes to prevent things like this.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REMOVE HER IMMEDIATELY.  MANY OF US HAVE COMPLAINED TO NO AVAIL.

Answer: This concern has been answered, below. If you want to talk with someone about it in more detail, please contact Captain Don Fanelli at 305-853-3211.

3/31 - 3:51 p.m.

Regarding the  Easter day afternoon  supposed "sight seeing fender bender" at Snake Creek which brought traffic to a stand still: As a south bound keys resident I could not comprehend why after the first hour of neither north or south bound traffic moving, North bound traffic was allowed to proceed for at least an additional half an hour while South bound traffic was NOT alternated. In conclusion, I respect. support and hold in high regard the Sheriffs' Dept. but this was a very frustrating situation.

Answer by Captain Corey Bryan, Islamorada District: We are very sorry for any delays that the accident at Snake Creek created. The Sheriff's Office strives to keep the roadways clear and opened as soon as the situations permit. Our ultimate goal is safety for all citizens, officers, and EMT personnel on scene and many times delays with opening the roadways are created when safety factors come into play. Please, again accept our apologies for the back ups.
Captain Corey Bryan
Islamorada District

3/25 - 8:29 p.m.

The trucks speeding through Marathon in the morning and early eve are a major safety concern.

Answer: I have passed your comment on to the Marathon District offices.

3/24 - 3:50 p.m.

Please have someone from the Sheriffs dept investigate how the woman that sits under an umbrella besides Wendys soliciting money and following customers as myself into the parking lot of Wendys to solicit money.  This is first of all illegal to sell anything off the side of the street without a vendors license. 

Answered by Captain Don Fanelli, District 7 Commander: We have spoke to her. She is homeless and sells trinkets on the side of the road. She is not a traffic hazard. We do not enforce vendors licenses so maybe we can forward this to Code Compliance. She is no longer on Wendy's property because of this original complaint. It is not illegal to ask for money. We are doing what we can. (Note: If the commenter would like to talk with Captain Fanelli in more detail about this issue, call him at 305-853-3211).

3/21 - 10 p.m.

Need to be able to view the daily court dockets.

Answer: I'm not sure where those would be available, but perhaps on the Clerk of the Courts web site at

3/21 - 1:22 p.m.


We would like to walk our dog and enjoy the KL community park. Problem is if we go in evening we run into weed smokers. Yesterday we tried about 0900 hrs and ran into a lady with two dogs off lease which attacked our pup. The worst part was there was a marked deputy parked nearby who if he looked out his driver window must have seen/heard the commotion. Today we tried again- guess who is there again running her dogs and allowing them to "go" where ever w/out picking up. he drives a lg white van. Help please.

Answer: I forwarded your request for assistance to Captain Don Fanelli, commander of the Upper Keys District. If you would like to talk to him about it, you can call him at 305-853-3211.

3/18 - 11:44 p.m.

What is up with all the KWPD officers parking illegally in front of the San Carlos Institute during the daytime hours (i.e. before 6pm, or in front of Margaritaville to enter the establishment of Jack Flat's? I figure they must get some sort of break during their long shift, but must they break the laws they are hired to enforce? Surely if the average citizen did that they would either get a ticket or get their vehicle towed.  And I can't imagine there being so many emergencies in Jack Flat's!! Just a thought...

Answer: I forwarded this comment to the Key West Police Department. As a note, though, there are many reasons why officers sometimes park "illegally". The main reason is, even when at lunch or on break an officer is still required to respond if there is a call about a crime in progress. Police Officers are never really allowed to take a "break" or have a quiet lunch - at least not like the rest of us are. I don't know about you, but I can overlook an officer parking "illegally" if it means they will get to me faster when I need them.

3/18 - 9:09 a.m.

arrest /mug shot link has not been updated for several days

Answer: It must be our browser, because it has been working. Close out your browser and open it again and see if that works.

3/17 - 2:28 p.m.

What is being done about all the illegal drug sales on Stock Island? I saw that someone had posted a comment that certain individuals living in the trailer park next the the pink cab company, of which the male named "Rocky" drives for said cab company are selling crack out of their trailer.  These people are in and out of their trailer morning, noon and night with their crack business and are seemingly getting away with it.  Whst is the world coming to when the drug addicts and drug dealers outsmart law enforcement?

Answer: This comment was forwarded to our Special Investigations Narcotics Unit.

2/27 - 5:48 p.m.

Could someone please explain to me how the woman that sits under the umbrella next to Wendys in Key Largo can sell jewelry from a table and chair on the side road without a vendors license to sell.  She is an eyesore and really brings down our property values in this neighborhood. I have been told that she lives in the woods and uses crack cocaine.  Please have someone remove her out of respect for others that are in business the legal way and out of respect for property owners. 

Answer: I forwarded this message to our Upper Keys Commander. He said we have moved her in the past. He says he will keep tabs on her and move her again.

2/9 - 5:41 p.m.

I just wanted to voice my concern on a KWPD car that passed me on the road the other day. I was going down Flagler ave, about 40mph, and this Patrol Car passes me like im standing still! No lights, no sirens, no indication whatsoever that he's on duty or on way to/from a call. How can we be expected to hold true to posted speed laws when offers themselfs dont appear to be doing so? If anything, shouldnt they be held to higher standards and set the examples for the rest of us?

Answer: I passed this comment on to the Key West Police Department. I can tell you our officers have devices in their cars that record excessive speed. We regularly check excessive speed reports to ensure they are not driving in an improper manner and we discipline those officers who do operate their vehicle improperly.

2/9 - 2:46 p.m.

I have owned my home in the golf course on stock island now for about 5 years now and for about the last year a key west motorcycle officer has been running a speed trap in a posted 15 mph zone. My question is who's jurisdiction is the golf course? With all the construction traffic detours in kw ,why would the city send one of their own way out to stock island to handle what seems to be a rather trivial and not to mention a county responsability? No tickets have been given that I'm aware of but, pulling over homeowners for infractions like 5 over the limit seems to be excessive ? I admit I might be ignorant in this whole situation and would just like some clarification as to who's jurisdiction the golf course on stock island is please? Thank you very much for all your help and keep up the good work!

Answer: Actually, College Road and the property on that side of U.S. One on Stock Island is technically Key West City property. We have an agreement with the city to patrol it, but it is their jurisdiction.

2/6 - 9:16 a.m.

Please help. I live on Cross Street (Stock Island) and my neighbors (2 houses away) are always parked on the street, standing outside their cars smoking pot. I can barely manuver around them to pull into my parking space. They are very mean looking and i'm affraid to say anything myself. I have called the MCSO and have made numerous calls about them but the chaos continues. I am very concerned for the folks that live right next to them as they have two very small children and I have seen the "bad guys" walking in their yard doing who knows what. Please do something.

I prefer not to give any specific information which could tip them off and have them retaliate against me but an increase SO patrol in that area would be nice. I'm sure it would be nice for all the other Avenues as well.

Answer: I have passed your information along to our Lower Keys patrol district, and to our Narcotics Unit as well.

2/5 - 11:25 p.m.

Kids are using Instagram just to post pictures of drugs. Even posting pictures to sell their dope! It's definitely an easy way to catch them and put them on the right path. When I was in CSHS they had a Facebook that had all the kids added and little did they know it was a cop behind the page. This should be done.

2/5 - 6:53 p.m.

Every time I go to the Purple Porpoise Pub in Big Coppitt Key. The bar tender is constantly doing cocaine, almost to the point of not being able to open a beer, and I am offered drugs of all sorts by multiple patrons. Also the house next door it has been explained to me, is where I can go to consume said drugs if I want.

Answer: I have passed your information along to our Lower Keys patrol district, and to our Narcotics Unit as well.

2/3 - 4:04 p.m.


Answer: This information was passed on to our Upper Keys Patrol District and detectives.

1/19 - 3:18 p.m.

You need to proofread data entry in the information spaces beside the booking photos. You have some people who can't spell "cat" if you spotted them the C and the A.

1/8/2013 - 1:12 p.m.

I cant be the only person whos noticed all the drug action in & around the CRAZY SHIRTS SHOPS  on duval st  for at least the past 6 yrs & the fact that for some $trange rea$on the KWPD  isnt  stopping it. Just a thought.

Answer: I passed your comment along to Key West Police.

12/30 - 1:04 a.m.

I was recently pulled over. I am 16 years old. When the officer pulled me over, he rolled his window down and screamed "pull this piece of shit over", i believe profanity should not be used in front of minors.

Answer: If you object to an officers actions, you are welcome to make a complaint to his supervisor. If you tell me who the officer was, or at least where it happened and when, I will try to narrow it down for you.

12/29 - 2:54 p.m.

Is there a special reason why the Smallest Bar at 124 Duval St  &  801 Bar Duval St  are  allowed  to serve  alcohol to  minors (especially to our local kids & homeless runaways) when all of the other bars are required to request proper  ID ?  Not to mention all of the drug activity going on pretty much continually at both establishments. Just  asking.  :-$ 

Answer: I referred your comment to the Key West Police Department, since it is in their jurisdiction. Thanks.

12/14 - 6:15 p.m.

The guy running Grassy Key Painting, now renamed Grassy Painting, on Marathon is likely running a "Try em, work 'em and burn 'em" worker scam, using weekly Craigslist's ads for the last three years. Sure it might take some time to get a good reliable crew together, but it's been three years since I have been watching him. High turnover like that usually means a problematic contractor that's not paying workers and/or intentionally causing instability.

Answer: I wish I could help you, but this is not a criminal law issue. Perhaps report him to the Better Business Bureau or the County (they issue business permits).

12/13 - 8:46 p.m.

The light at US1 and Crane Blvd: When the light is changed to flashing (non school hours) the approach lights also flash, and there is a sign on them that says prepare to stop when flashing. I am afraid this will cause someone to start stopping and possible cause a accident. The approach lights should be shut off when the main light is changed to a constant flash.

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not control the light. It is controlled by the Florida Deaprtment of Transportation. Perhaps you could contact that agency about the issue.

12/7 - 5:51 p.m.

Is it legal to burn yard waste in your yard on Big Pine Key?  My neighbor has been doing this for two days and my house smells of smoke.  It's killing my allergies.

Answer: I'm not certain about the exact rules regarding open burning, but the next time it happens, call our dispatchers at 289-2351 and have them send either a deputy or the fire department out to check and make sure they are burning safely and legally.

12/2 - 2:51 p.m.


Answer: The light is governed by the Florida Department of Transportation. We do not have any control over it. You might try contacting that agency about it.

11/22 - 10:50 a.m.

Why doesn't your background check show the outcome of people listed on it. I was arrested about 2 1/2 years ago. Both charges were dropped  When I look up my name it shows I was arrested but it does not show that all charges were dropped. It appears that I was guilty of charges.

Answer: We have a link to the Clerk of the Courts office, where people can look up the disposition of charges. Our page only shows arrest records, which are computer generated. We do not have the ability to show dispositions of cases because we do not have those records in our computer system.

11/18 - 9:43 p.m.

If I call the sheriff on someone anonymously can I get a report on the situation? Or do I need to expose my identity and get a report from the officer himself or from the sheriff dept at a later time?

Answer: The state of Florida public records law says you can get public information from us (or from any government agency) without disclosing your identity or the reasons why you want the information. If you report a situation anonymously, then want information about it the following day but don't want to tell us who you are, that is fine as long as the information you are asking for is public information.

11/16 - 4:17 p.m.

I recently saw Donald Palmer Burde 3/22/1971, (the year you have is wrong) was arrested for a DUI in Monroe co. By the FWC.
This is his third dui and brags how without taking a breathalyzer test he will once again get away with it. Please get this habitual drunk driver off our roads, he will kill somebody! This person drives drunk from the coral springs ale house in coral springs Florida weekly he has a dk blue dodge ram 2 door pickup. He needs to go to jail! Thank you for all you do to keep the keys safe.
Sincerely, A worried and sick of losers Florida resident :-)

Answer: We do our best, but are also sometimes frustrated by the limitations set by the criminal justice system. We can arrest people, but do not have much control over how the law is written, or how it is applied once someone is arrested. Thanks for your concern.

11/13 - 9:52 p.m.

This is a huge concern.  Why are there not any lights along US 1 from the Tradwinds plaza south.  That area is so dark and very dangerous it's a wonder why more people have not been killed there.  Also, parts of that area are in a known drug zone.  This makes no sense to not have lights along this portion of the highway.

Answer: I did pass your comment along to our Upper Keys District, but you might think about contacting the Florida Department of Transportation, the agency responsible for the highway and the lighting of it.

11/6 - 11:51 a.m.

Your website has a policy of publishing mugshot images for individuals who have not been found guilty & there are other scam websites (such as & that are taking the images from your webpage & publishing them on their own websites. In order for the individual to have the mugshot removed, they have to pay a fee or risk future defamation based on ill informed internet searches. Why does the Monroe County police department publish mugshots of individuals who have not been found guilty? Does Monroe County simply not care that this is irresponsible & can damage individuals who have not been charged or are not guilty?? This is sad & sickening & Monroe County should take responsibility for causing individuals damage based on publishing these images of individuals who are not necessarily guilty.

Answer: We publish the information in order to keep the public informed about what is happening in their community. There are quite a large number of people who appreciate the information being available to them.

11/3 - 6:31 p.m.

I greatly Appreciate your service,  I live in Marathon I am so surprised on the amt of drugs found in our small Island What can we do to get You guys more help to decrease the big Problem ? Do we Need K9 drug dogs ?

regards Concerned Marathon Resident

Answer: Thanks for your concern. I have passed this along to our Middle Keys District command staff.

10/31 - 11:51 p.m.

Is anyone aware of the drug traffic that occurs behind Walgreens in the Aviation area.  First, Second Third Ave.  Big open drug traffic going on.  Perhaps you would like to put some of your good Monroe County Funding through tax payers earnings and clean up the streets.

Answer: This information was passed along to our District 4/5 Command staff. Thanks.

10/25 - 1:02 p.m.

Why did they put those blinking lights before the traffic light in Key Largo by the Tradwinds plaza? They serve NO purpose whatsoever because they are always blinking.  At least the ones in Tavernier only blink to warn you that the light will be turning red.

Answer: I have no idea. That would have been an FDOT issue. I will forward your comment to them, however, and try to get an answer.

10/24 - 10:53 p.m.

Law Enforcement Officers need to abide by rules and regulations as much as every law abiding citizen.  Trespassing on private property includes a Law Enforcement Officer  and their vehicle when told they are on private property and asked to leave.  Extenuating circumstances perhaps understood however if the property owner asks for the vehicle to be relocated Law Enforcement should comply rather than get in a shouting match with a property owner. 

Answer: Laws do apply to law enforcement officers, but there are LOTS of extenuating circumstances when you are talking about officers who are responding to a call for assistance. It is difficult for me to comment on your particular issue because you have not given me enough details, but there are many, many occasions when an officer "trespassing" would be acceptable and even required.

10/20 - 10:04 p.m.

I am a resident of Philadelphia.  My son was arrested in Key West last evening.  Not sure of all the details. On your website it says he is being charged with a dui.  I called your detention center this afternoon.  One of your staff members walked us through the process of posting bail online. We sent $500, which was the amount she told us was needed.  After doing so, we were told he would be released.  Hours later, we called backed down to your facility, and we are now being told we needed to send $5000, that the staff member we spoke to this afternoon "did not know what she was doing" I would sure appreciate some help, from someone who does know what they are doing. Where is the money we sent, and what do we do next.

Thank You

Sue Baker

Answer: Ms.Baker, this is the only way I have of contacting you. You didn't give me your phone number or email address in your message above. I'm sorry for the confusion about your son. Call our facility this morning at 305-293-7300 and ask to speak with the Lieutenant on duty. He/she will be able to answer all of your questions. If you are still not satisfied, on Monday morning, you can call Captain Tim Age and I'm sure he will be able to give you the correct information.

10/11 - 1:41 p.m.

all motorist should follow motor vehicle laws   even the sheriff dept   for example   the marked or unmarked sheriff vehicle can not park illegally to enforce minor motor vehicle violations   they should not park in or on the median of a hyway where the signs clearly say keep off median    they can't face the wrong way on a street  they have to drive and park in a safe legal manor   unless there is an emergancy or exigent circumstance and  even though speeding and other motor vehicle violations can cause injury and even death on our hyways and we know it is very important to patrol the hyway    the patrol units should at least on every shift drive down some of the streets to enforce quality of life issues  and if quality of life issues exist that are not in their jurisdiction then they should report the issues to the proper authority    issues that a plaguing our nieghborhoods in the Key Largo area

Answer: For the most part, our agency agrees with you. I think, however, I will stress the portion where you mentioned emergenc or exigent circumstances. I would also disagree about parking to enforcing minor violations - we do have some leeway there, particularly when working speeding or other traffic related enforcement actions.

10/3 - 6:47 p.m.

   What is police doing to protect us from over growing prostitution in Marathon? How can Escort service like Summer Passions have a contact address in UPS store? Can police give more attention to this "nasty" business?

Answer: I passed your comment on to our command staff in Marathon.

9/26 - 7:51 p.m.

My issue with MCS department is that I cant leave a message for my family membered who is detained their to call me back which is really ridiculous. Especially when I can call an ICE detainee facility and they will take messages for inmates. I feel something needs to be done about that!

9/23 - 2:06 p.m.

you have a known drug dealer michelle long and her boyfriend rocky who works for pink sixes. why do you keep letting them continue selling crack? how many more people are you going to see falter,because of these idiots. they live in the trailor park next door to pink should really step up and stop them. thanx

9/8 - 8:23 a.m.

please i will like to let  dectective valdez to know about this incident since he live in big coppitt ,my friend was telling me about a man that just got out jail for predartor ,hes named thomas randall george staying in 28 riviera drive big coppitt, this man try to get a little girl to get in hes car ,hes not even supposed to be near a child the people said they have call the police and nothing have being done please have this man check ,before he hurt another child ,we dont need a sick men bothering the children my grandkids live in big coppitt and iam very scare, we have not had any horrible thing happen to a child here in key west we dont let it be the first one thank please keep a eye on this man thanks

9/8 - 5:58 a.m.

There is an officer pulling people over in the school zone at mm83 about 8 am lately.  Please ask him to pull his car further off the road for his safety.  Pulling off far away from traffic should be routine and taught to all deputies. I had a friend killed by a motorist not paying attention to his truck on the shoulder.

9/7 - 9 a.m.

Please clean up 15th street in Marathon. Some of us our trying to run a business and attract visitors however the mess and lack of law enforcement continues. Drug dealers selling in broad daylight homeless people standing in the middle of the road drunk blocking traffic or in groups of 10+ sitting under the trees on the right of way or on private property. I see officers just drive by and ignore everything that is happening in front of them. There is trash all over old furniture cars parked on the city right of way the list goes on and on and on....Tourist season is rapidly approaching lets get on the ball and take care of this problem before the property owners in the area are really effected by this growing problem. When you have customers that live in Overtown, Hialeah, and Miami were there is one or more murders every day tell you they were reluctant to drive down the street to come to your business because they feared for there safety. Hello I think we have a problem here!

Thank You

Hope you got the message!

Answer: This message was passed along to our command staff in Marathon.

9/3 - 10:26 p.m.

why are homeless alowed to live behind Liqour store in Key Largo.They hang out and drink in the properties sorrounding the store and even offer to buy liqour to minors for small tips.The store owner does not care and all you have to do is look in the woods behind liquor store to see campground.This is a sanitary issue and nothing is done to prevent this.

8/15 - 1:58 a.m.

stop arresting people that are not breaking crimes especially if they talk to there selves every second

8/14 - 11:30 a.m.

I would like to know why you do not list all hispanics as hispanics? I have noticed that almost all of them are listed as white and they are not white. What is up with this?

Answer: If you are talking about people who are arrested, in our booking records we have two seperate fields to enter information like that. One field is for "race" and the two choices are "B" - black and "W" - white. That is the field which appears on our web site. There is a second field, "ethnicity" which allows for choices such as "Hispanic". We do use that field in our booking process, but it does not appear on our web site. Make sense?

7/25 - 6:53 p.m.

For the last few weeks, there's been a somewhat late model Toyota car, black in color, windows tinted solid black, no way to see who's in the car, factory black wheels with no hubcaps, bearing Florida License Plate 408-ICF (registered to a latina male with a Miami adress) hanging around the area of 6631 Maloney Ave (Five 6's Taxi & Marina) on Stock Island.

Everytime someone calls the Sheriffs Dept, the car suddenly disappears and the officers can not find it. As if they have a police scanner.
If you walk towards the car, or get close to it, it takes off. I have personally been in 2 high speed chases with this car, but for some reason the Sheriffs Office or KWPD can never get them. Each time they head for Key West, running redlights, and stop signs eluding me. If someone can help catch this person(s), find out what their issue is, it will make a lot of people happy.

Answer: Just keep calling. DO NOT engage in any kind of chase yourself. If you do, you may face arrest for reckless driving.

7/18 - 9:19 p.m.

what are the laws on gun sales in monroe county? the gun store next to the laundry place is always selling guns out the back door? is this legal?

7/8 - 1:33 p.m.

      Suggestion. Extend the Gwen light time at Publix center in Key Largo on Sundays to eliminate many miles of congestion

6/26 - 2:20 p.m.

Is there any way to address the jets and received hornets flying low overhead, low rumbling and deafening noise from them.  The F-5s are one thing, but the hornets being in town, idk if the F-5 pilots are telling the hornets to fly wherever, but the noise is horrendous, shakes the entire foundation and I'm in a condo.  What's worse is I get noise sickness from this, instantly nauseated, feels like I will lose my balance, etc. 

I know the military probably gets out of these issues by paying off the county or whatever, but is there any way to keep them in their own fly zone and over the water and not over the homes in Big Coppitt Key? I was told by a contractor that they aren't supposed to be flying over the homes in Big Coppitt, but I even have photos of this happening. 

I know military officers are above reproach, but I could probably go nuts.  I'm not in a crash zone and they fly over the house to the point that it wakes me up and scares me.  I have PTSD from my own military service and this noise is severely interrupting my sleep.  I don't sleep normal hours, but it shouldn't wake me up leading me to have panic attacks upon waking.  Please try to find some sort of remedy for this.  On a scale of 1 to 10, motorcycle noise is a 4, and this noise is a 10.

Answer: Our agency would have no way of controlling the noise caused by military aircraft. I'm sorry.

6/22 - 10:53 a.m.

This person you arrested:
Arrest Date: 06/04/2012 CAD #: Arrest #: MCSO12ARR003073 Offense #: Brian Madia Is a dangerous person. He assaults women, here is the latest from New York: I am certain he has a record in several states and should remain incarcerated, please. He is also wanted by the Florida Department of Revenue for non-payment of child support for his first child. He has a history of extreme violence against women and children and is a threat to public safety.

Answer: I will make sure this information is passed along to the appropriate people.

6/15 - 11:14 p.m.

I posted the comment of the Officers who are "sworn to serve and protect" a couple of weeks back and I would like to state that although i  still do not believe it was not handled as I understood the restraing order to protect me as a victim my complaint was not agaisnt any of the deputies at the scene its the system in general I believe needs improvement

6/11 - 8:20 p.m.

I will like to comment to about the old bakery that used to be the dichosa on white st the goldwell realty is right in front they drink beer the have children under aged there at late at night ,please haVE OFFICER CHECK THIS THIS BEING HAPPENING FOR A LONG TIME IAM SUPRISE THAT PLACE HAS NOT BE CLOSE WITH THE CHILDREN THERE THANKS PLEASE LOOK AT THIS THANKS

Answer: You need to contact the Key West Police Department about this issue. 305-809-1111. The location you are referring to is in their jurisdiction.

6/10 - 2:22 p.m.

about a week ago I e-mail val marinello concering a possible stolen boat in big pine key, purchase of boat was thru cragslist & paypall  using money gram for payment which was illegal, informed the IC3. gov for theif, and it is possible they stole or  stripped the sail boat located at 29663 richard road big pine key fl 33043 in the canal behind a house, need a theif report if boat is gone. can you help   thanks

Answer: Call the Cudjoe Substation to make a report, 305-745-3184 or call Sheriff's Office dispatch at 305-289-2351.

6/7 - 10:50 p.m.

When is Calhoon going back to Stock Rock? The island is going to hell again. He cleaned it up BIG TIME. I heard he is a sargeant somewhere else now. Why is he not here being a sargeant?

Answer: Sgt. Calhoun is currently working at the Key West Airport as a shift supervisor.

6/7 - 4:57 p.m.

I'd like to reply to the person that made the comment about leaving the homeless alone at sunset and buttonwood. You are obviously watching what's happening on the police site. Are you seeing the what's happening in your neighborhood and mine? It's a lovely thought, but not all people are honest. Beside's your leftover dinner from last night, you may have thrown out one of those pre-approved credit card applications or something else that might have personal information on it in the "trash".  It's important for the police to know what's happening in OUR NEIGHBORHOODS so "THEY" can do their jobs! Be smart, as well as being kind. Thank You.

6/1 - 4:01 p.m.

Appartantly the Officers that are "Sworn to Serve and PROTECT us" need to be educated about the danger to the victims of domestic violence. It's no wonder the statics are so high!

Answer: If you have a specific problem with a specific officer and are not happy with our response, please contact his/her supervisor and make a formal complaint. We can't fix a problem if we do not know it exists.

5/28 - 4:36 p.m.

Just got back from vacationing down at Key Colony in the Keys and I'm wondering why your officers think it's okay to not obey the law and wear their seat belts. Your officer pulls me over and says I wasn't wearing my seat belt, which is not true at all. We were going 25 MPH with his car turned in the opposite direction that we were driving. Long story short, on our way back from the gas station after being pulled over, I stop and notice the same officer who pulled us over wasn't wearing his seatbelt while operating his motor vehicle. We pay millions in tax dollars for these laws, yet your officers are unable to simply obey them. Nice way of setting example for the young kids we had with us. My son specifically asked why it was okay for the officers to not wear their seat belts.

I figure you will be too yellow belly to write back, but either way, I have photographic evidence and I'm purchasing a domain name right now to place the pictures up and post around on social media outlets. I'm sure the rest of the community in Monroe County is going to wonder why it's okay for the officers to issue violations, yet not obey the laws for which they are citing people for.

Answer: We can't write back, since we don't have your contact information. If you would like to discuss this issue, feel free to contact the supervisor in that District, Lt. Bruce Winegarden, at or 305-289-2430.

5/19 - 11:06 p.m.

Can something be done about the small restaurant in the old bakery on the 1200 block of White street (Catherine and White), key west?
There is constantly a  group of men gathered around it drinking. They take up the whole sidewalk leaning on our vehicles and leaving there empty beer bottles all over the street and adjoining parking lot. They use the parking lot as a place to urinate and dump there trash.
Isn't there an open container law and what about obvious littering and illegal dumping?
I must say it is a bit of an eysore right on one of the main streets of Key West.
Everytime I see the conch tour train drive by it I wonder what those visitors are thinking.
It sure isnt something I am proud to be living next to, plus I am  sick of cleaning up after them.

Answer: I suggest you call the Key West Police Department and ask them if they can help. 305-809-1111.

5/10 - 8:07 a.m.

What should I do if my neighbors child throws rocks at the side of my house?
I would say something but they obviously don't care because they sit right there and drink while their kids do what they want, and if I say something the words "please" and "thank you" will not be coming from my mouth.

Answer: When it happens, call us. We can send a deputy out to talk to them.

5/9 - 4:14 p.m.

To the mean lady that complain about the homeless on sunset and bottonwood, LISTEN leave the homeless alone!!!! what do you care if they pick through your garbage, and dont make a mess, is TRASH RIGHT??? now the poor dog is in jail... BACK OFF, HATER.....

4/15 - 3:43 p.m.

This website has not helped me at all. I am trying to see a mugshot of my older brother who has been placed in monroe county jail and this website doesnt allow me to. Please take in mind that i am a concerned little sister and i would like to see my brothers face regardless if e is in jail or not so please update your system so i can see him ! I want to see his face so i know he is ok . Thanks for you time Sincerly An inmates little sister

4/15 - 1:41 p.m.     

I would like to respond to the gentleman that thought 2 sworn deputies drinking coffee at a local store in PK speaking spainsh was disrespectful. 

REALLY????  Are you kidding me right now.  That comment you decided to post really made you sound like a fool, not to mention a racist!!  Do I have to remind you that you live in the Florida Keys which by the way is 90 miles away from Cuba. Sir you need to either suck it up or move out of the Keys.  Oh and tell me where you decide to move what city, or state do you think you will NOT come in contact with Spanish speaking deputies or for that matter doctors, lawyers, store clerks, firefighters, EMT's, mill workers ect.  You also must be reminded that you live in the United States and we are free to move anywhere, speak the language we want to speak, heck we can even vote now.  Amazing isn't it. 

Here is another thing, you complained about the emergency service workers conducting their business saving a women's life that was just hit by a moving car.  Of course they will park where they need to because they are there for one thing.  To save her life, not to please you with parking correctly on the road so you can get back home.  They were doing their job, you should be thanking them. If it was you hit by that car would you want them to find a parking space before helping you or just park the unit, get out, and properly give you the medical attention you deserve?  Answer that for me.   Get a hobby, or a part-time job.  Or better yet stay home!! There are better things to be concerned about in the Keys.

4/15 - 1:50 a.m.

I love key west and have lived here for many years. It's a beautiful place until... You spot the many needy and homeless people. Some are great people that fell on hard times and sometimes never get back up.and some are sick.mentally.there is an older black woman that's often outside of sears. She talks to herself and seems a little off. My suggestion is to mamake a shelter.we shouldn't just lend a hand when a hurricane is on the way.something needs to be done to clean up a little bit. And I know budgets may be tight but while families that have been in key west for generations stay comfortable the needy can't seem to find a good helping hand. Instead the have to travel with money they don't have and its not fair.and by no means am I referring to the drunks who cause problems.I consider some to be unhelpable because they don't want change-b

4/13 - 4:08 p.m.

There is a red late model ford With FL License plate #194 XQT that was driving like a maniac eastbound out of Key West on Friday April 13. He passed a motorcycle on the right(going onto the shoulder and almost forcing the motorcycle into the opposing lane) and was tailgating, speeding, and making passing attempts that everyone knew wouldn't work. One time he tried it in a no passing zone and had to swerve back into the lane, making two cars jam on their brakes to avoid a collision.

4/8 - 7:21 p.m.

I am curious about how many times a person can be arrested for DUI before a judge sees that a person who is not only a danger to himself but to everyone else in the Keys, receives some sort of punishment.  I just saw an arrest again of someone I know and this time there is an additional charge of a hit and run which is listed as a misdemeanor.   Seriously?
I just don't get this system.  I guess he has money for lawyers so that gets him off with a slap on the wrist again and they don't even take away his license?  I'm confused.  Why is he out on the street again tonight in another vehicle?

Answer: This is a better question for the courts, however I can tell you that each case is different; and remember, just because you see a person out driving doesn't mean they have license. We arrest many, many people for driving without a license and/or driving with a suspended license.

4/4 - 6:42 p.m.

there are problems with some very serious verbal abuse with the officers at the detention center. one of the inmates died because of neglect  people are left in lockdown cells without running water. this seems like a very serious issue to me. i believe that some of the officers should be checked out. i will name the officers who have been severely abusive.officer rice. officer meirs. officer tabone. these officers have treated inmates very badly. they seem to fail to realize that an inmate is still a human being.

Answer: I have passed this comment along to the Captain in charge of Operations at the Main Detention Center.

4/1 - 8:37 p.m.

We live on Plantation Key in Islamorada. Our next door neighbor recently got a very large dog that is rarely kept on a leash. My wife saw the dog urinating in our yard and before she could talk to its owner, she heard the owner laughing with a friend about what the dog just done. I subsequently saw a friend of the dog's owner allow the dog to defecate in our complex's parking lot and then laugh about it. Talking to the dog owner has not helped. Requesting assistance from our Homeowner's Association has not helped. I would prefer not to have to resort to calling MCSO on a regular basis over this problem, but I see no other realistic solution as the dog's owner just does not care. I would appreciate a call from MCSO regarding this matter. Thank you.

Answer: I passed this comment along to Lientenant Mitch Horn, Station Commander at the Islamorada Substation.

3/28 - 10:06 p.m.

I have lived in Islamorada for 41 years or so and in the last two days was witness to two situations that have me writing a letter to you.

First, on Mar. 27th I was working in the area of Marker 88 and saw the commotion that resulted from a vehicle striking a local lady.  It amazed me to see 3 patrol units had responded along with the usual cadre of 2 fire trucks and a fire rescue unit.  Islamorada's fire units were parked on the shoulder, with their tires very close to the white line and one of the deputies had parked in the turn lane (the other two were off the shoulder in the gravel), making northbound traffic slow to a crawl.  A FHP unit arrived at some point and parked in the turn lane and the two officers in the vehicle joined the MCSO's in chit-chat at roadside.  None of these officers seemed to notice or care that the northbound traffic had to squeeze between the parked first responders vehicles, nor did any of them attempt, in any way to direct or slow traffic to a safe speed. Except, of course, when an officer had to cross to a patrol unit in the turn lane.  How are these folks being trained to secure an accident scene and keep traffic moving safely?  Why were they not in their vests and directing traffic?

Second, On Mar. 28, I was in the Tom Thumb store on Plantation Key and observed two deputies leaning against the counter and drinking coffee.  While awaiting the clerk, I heard the deputies conversing in Spanish, with occassional phrases like "you know" thrown in in English.  While I understand the need to have Spanish speaking officers, given our large Hispanic population (20.6% US Census 2010), this is still a majority non-hispanic area (80.4%). I was offended that two Sworn Officers of the state were being so disrespectful to the uniform, State and Country that they represent.  If nothing else, it gives the appearance that they are hiding something from the non-Spanish speaking folks in their presence.  If they are discussing a case, aren't there places to have the discussions outside of the public view.  If they were having a discussion of a personal nature, let them have them at home in whatever language they want and on their own time and dime.

Thank you for your time.

3/24 - 10:52 p.m.

James Jackson is a bookie and does books openly in every bar from mm 106 to mm88. If I not not mistakken, this is against the law. You can find him collecting $ at the Big Chill, Sharkies, Snappers and  a lot of other bars on a reguar basis. All of law inforcement kwows about it , but they don,t care. He has a record. But the bars and bar tebders are all invoved. Isn't that nice?

3/20 - 4:02 p.m.

I was just assessed a road tax on the back streets of Stock Island. The seat belt campaign you are inflicting on the back streets is nothing but a sneaky tax. I am in a 5500 pound Suburban with more airbags than I can count. The road agent that served me this tax bill told me it was for my own safety. The kid that drove his scooter by in flip flops with no helmet was deemed safe and not taxed. Just raise your taxes and quit wasting the respect of your officers on revenue measures.

3/7 - 1:26 p.m.



Answer: This comment was sent to Lt. Derek Paul who said he would have officers there checking on it as soon as possible.

2/12 - 6:35 p.m.

Could you please have officers watch f-20 cross street in stock island it seems all the crack dealing going on there goes unnoticed. I live right across the road and sit on my porch clearly seeing the deals going on but never do I see a sheriff even looking in that direction. Kids get dropped off there after school and I'm sure you don't want those innocent kids having a run in with those types of people.

1/28 - 8:49 p.m.

I am concerned that the individual listed on January 12th continues to contact your office to spread lies about the Key Largo VFW.  This person has been causing troubles for several years ever since he was banned from the club for his bizarre, insane behavior.  The Key Largo VFW strives to provide a safe environment and to support the Wounded Warriors and other veterans organizations.  Can anyone speak to this person, evaluate his mental stability and possibly get him some much needed help.

Answer: We have investigated his allegations thouroughly and have found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of illegal gambling at the Key Largo VFW. We are satisfied that there is no illegal gambling activity going on and that this allegation is completely goundless.

1/28 - 4:23 p.m.

Stay Away! Siesta Motel, Contact: Frank We had a reservation for 1/25/12. Had to cancel 1/23/12 because of getting the flu. When I cancelled Frank did not say we would be charged yet we were. Called to tell him that we still did not have our money back and he said no refunds, had a 2 week cancellation policy. Yet when I made the reservation he did not mention that.  He did not tell me that when I cancelled either because he knew we could stop the payment. What a shame, Frank could not be honest and above board! Our 50th Anniversary and what treatment! The reservation was made less than 2 weeks, he did not cite the cancellation policy when it was made, poor customer service.
Outright thievery!  Email me at: or call at 440-225-3428.

1/24 - 5:34 p.m.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Christopher Steven Hambrook. I had my hyosung scooter stolen from in front of my residense 12/21/2011.I am writting this email to recognize and thank the efforts of Officer Chris Ducan for his persistance and follow thru with the retrieval of my stolen property. I am truely astonished that someone cared enough to not give up on a very common and usually not soleved crime on such a heavily scooter populated island.Thank you again so very much. Yours gratefuly and respectfully, Christopher Steven Hambrook

1/12 - 4:43 p.m.

I know that you must use selective enforcement in traffic control because of the shear volume. How about illegal gambling? The Key Largo VFW has a gambling hall attached to it.Card games, drug sales, hookers,etc, open to the public.Maybe you don't agree with the law but you should do your duty and earn your pay.Non-VFW members are prohibited by Florida law from useing the pull tab machines and the dice throw at the bar.But they are open to the public and the money doesn't go top charity.I hope you are not in with the county employee running this freak show and sareing in his illegal skim money. You couldn't look at yourselves in the mirror if something like that was going on, right?

Answer: We have investigated this allegation thouroughly and have found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of illegal gambling at the Key Largo VFW. We are satisfied that there is no illegal gambling activity going on and that this allegation is completely goundless.

1/12 - 11:34 a.m.

Your link listing arrests and showing photos does not work.

1/12 - 11:11 a.m.

make complaints when law enforcement do not care to investigate their own?

1/2 - 3:05 p.m.

Can anything be done about the excessive signs in front of Daffy Dougs in Marathon? People stop in the middle of the road because they dont know where to turn in to park. It is going to cause a bad accident one day. Thank You.

12/28 - 4:22 p.m.

The stop light in Big Pine has been a slow spot for traffic for years. I have lived and worked on opposite sides of the highway for 12 years. When the light was replaced it seemed to work very well, for a while. At some point after that the times were changed. It occationally will give a green arrow only for the lanes that are straight and turn lanes. The cycles are for the most part decent. The issue is when the light is run by hand. Like I have already said I have gone through that intersection for 12 years every day. Today I watched as two officers talked with each other and on their phones for over 10 minutes, and i was not at the front of the line. The trafic back up on Key Deer blvd and on the other side of the hwy was ridiculous. Maybe one of the officers running the light could watch the traffic back up instead of chit chatting.

12/23 - 8:43 a.m.

Please clean up 8th Avenue in Stock Island... :)

12/18 - 6:39 a.m.

Please clean up the streets. There is a big issue with litter caused by groups of homeless people drinking on 15th Street in Marathon. They are breaking the law. Please do something the tax paying buisness owners and citizens should not have to clean up the mess. I know that this has been an ongoing issue but something needs to change.

12/17 - 7:37 a.m.

thanks to the sherrif departmentfor  cleaning marathon , that is good is time to clean stock island again take out all those drug dealear that are still bringing drug to key west every week they need to be put to jail you got some cleaning to do in stock island i hope dectective valdez get them all hes the best doing that,great job sheriff department.

11/8 - 11:03 a.m.

I called the Sheriffs office about 2 months ago about one person in our neighborhood who repeatedly wakes people up 2 times a day before 7:00am & 11:30pm with a car stereo that sounds like someone pile driving a steel girder in the ground in your bedroom, living room etc. No one seems to care that he is doing this. This morning 6:30am.
Any officer can be sitting along side the yellow bait house at 102.7mm and catch this guy and ticket him for extremely loud noise. He has been doing this for at least 2 months since I called about him. He makes this neighborhood sound like a barrio for gangs. He is the only miserable loud person in the neighborhood that is usually very quiet. How come he can't be stopped? I even gave you guys his tag number when I called a couple of months ago. This type of element is what ruins a good neighborhood.
Please stop him.

Answer: I have referred this to our Key Largo office. Why don't you give them a call and talk to them directly about it? Lt. Derek Paul can be reached at 305-853-3211.

11/3 - 5:42 p.m.

how do i find out an officers name by his patrol vehicle identification number?

Answer: Contact the nearest patrol office and ask.

11/3 - 7:25 a.m.

....still no answer on my issue concerning 9/4----i see how this site works...guess it is time to move up the ladder...state....maybe contact a Federal  Marshal and find out who runs this site...thanks for nothing...

Answer: First of all, if you don't give us your contact information it makes it difficult to talk to you about what we might be doing about your issue. Secondly, just because nothing has happened doesn't mean we aren't looking into the issue. Sometimes issues are more complex than you might think and they take some time to sort out. You can do whatever you want to do as far as "moving up the ladder". If you want to know "who runs this site" it is the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

11/2 - 12:16 p.m.

i have ask please had a officer patrol by gerald adams school there are two guys that are from the shelter looking  weird  i drive my granddaughter to school everyday there are a couple of girl waiting for the bus sitting in the side walk coming from the hospital side these guys were looking at the girls sitting in the sidewalk waiting for the bus please check on this we dont know who there are iam very scare  we need to proctect our kids we never had no bad news here thanks

Answer: Lieutenant Donnie Elomina forwarded the information to the deputies that work that area, asking them to take extra time to patrol near the school.

10/31 - 9:46 a.m.

i want to thank sherrif dept, and the key west police  for working together to arrest alfredo cardenas  you took a child molester from the street thanks from all the children

10/29 - 7:19 p.m.

Dear Sheriff Peryam, 

I read in the Free Press the letter you wrote regarding improvements you've made to officer training, particularly the steps taken to prevent traffic-related crash injuries and deaths of officers or the public they serve. One of the improvements you listed was a systems monitor/recorder that is activated by "excessive speed".  My question is "What constitutes excessive speed?" 
     I ask this question because I see, almost daily, Sheriff's Patrol cars travelling at what I would consider excessive speed.  Just this afternoon, Saturday, October 29, 2011, while southbound on US-1 between MM 104-100, I was passed by a Sheriff's Patrol car travelling between 60 and 65 mph without any of its emergency equipment activated.  The driver of that Patrol car was not only speeding, but tailgated other cars until those other vehicles changed lanes. Because the patrol car stopped and waited at the MM 101 traffic light, and slowed for the light at MM 100, it did not appear to me, or others that the Deputy's speed was required by bona fide law enforcement activity.
     I am a retired, career law enforcement officer who remains committed to the mission of law enforcement and public safety, and believes the Sheriff's Office is and should be the county's premier law enforcement agency.  Simulators are wonderful training aids, but they cannot instill in the user the self-discipline required for model behavior once the user leaves the virtual world for the real.  Likewise, everyone drives their best when another person is sitting beside them "for a grade". It's in the real world, and when it's entirely up to the individual Deputy to maintain a reasonable and safe speed, and distance, use turn signals, and drive in the same lawful manner everyone else is expected to drive - or be ticketed - where training is proven a success, or failure. 
     My agency's training academy fitness instructor kept telling us "They're always watching."  I thought he meant my other instructors, and school administrators, but he wasn't.  He was talking about the public we would serve.  Whether we did our jobs well, or poorly the public would see, and if we lost the public's confidence it would be difficult, at best, to regain.  The first and most frequent place most residents of, and visitors to Monroe County will see a MCSO Deputy is in their Sheriff's Patrol car.  Right or wrong, how a Deputy operates his or her vehicle will constitute the basis for how most of us "see" the Sheriff's Office.  I, for one, want the MCSO to be seen as the law enforcement agency others wish they had!

Finally, I don't think there's such a condition as "enough traffic enforcement" on Keys roadways.  The SO, FHP, FDLE, SOS are trying, but for every law enforcement officer working traffic enforcement there are at least 500 drivers who are betting they won't be the one who gets caught.

Thanks for your efforts, and openness to public comment, and inquiry.
William Billings
Key Largo, Fl

10/21 - 7:29 a.m.

hi my name is alex my email is last year in december my home and 5 other homes that I know of were burglerise juwerly and computers were stolen this morning I watch the news in miami cops did a operation to arrest pawn shop and gold dealers that bought stolen gold my lost is worth around 17,000.00 us dollars and nothing is being done bout it. thank u very much.

10/9 - 3:43 p.m.

James F Niemir 339 Sound Dr, Key Largo 33037, 305-451-7056, 954-474-1092 I have a complaint about my neighbor across the street from me! Paul Tipton, 342 Sound Drive. I filed a complaint about Paul running a auto repair business from his driveway with Monroe County a year ago. He has since been much better. However, I believe a certain amount of anomisty  exists because of my actions. Last night we had a severe storm pass thorough our community. I was out-of town on business and my wife had to deal with the situation, on her own. We had some water intrusion upstairs and lots of tree damage, limbs, branches etc. Based on the information we had, my wife piled the debris within the ROW across the street in front of a vacant lot! Paul has been clearing this lot, on his own and using it for parking his truck and for people visiting him! Yesterday, Paul made a comment to my wife that she was placing it 'to close to his truck!'
Again, I was not there and I plan to confront Paul with this cheap-shot in my absence! I just want to be on record that I do not appreciate him confronting my wife on a petty matter, and that he should have waited my return and discussed it we me.
Thank you in advance.....Jim

10/3 - 5:19 a.m.

5300 MacDonald Ave. Last night around 8pm or so we saw one of the neighbors kids (little boy probably about 7-9yrs. old) driving his parents car. The property manager here is a witch and is good friends with the kids parent so we were afraid to call because of retribution. Knew it was a kid driving cause he was sitting all the way to the front of the drivers seat and was trying to pull himself up on the steering wheel to see over the dash. The car is a Maroon color and they live all the way to the end on the left when you first pull in. I think it's Unit 12. We did see the police come here and were not sure if it was for that place for a report of a kid driving or what.

9/28 - 9:40 a.m.

Hi, I own a parcel of land in Big Pine that is vacant.  Was wondering if there are any laws forbidding camping short term ( less than 2 weeks) on it?

Answered by Captain Gene Thompson: You are allowed to camp on your own property. Remember, though, you still have to follow sanitation rules, and rules regarding open burning (ie. campfires and open burning not allowed).You cannot lease or rent it to anyone, however.

9/27 - 9:11 p.m.

Issues of Concern with Sheriff's Office OPS in my area:
- Not really happy with 1 or 2 of deputies who patrol the area. There are always one or two that need fixing...   

To Whom can fix:

(Before I start this, it is from a third parties perspective and ment to be constructive criticism)

A call was made approx. 9/27/2011 at 5:30pm to D-7 10th Ave Stock Island. The call was made due to a drunk driver running into a fence and destroying the pillar as well as mail box and turning around and returning to his home.

The old couple that reside at the home tried to due the right thing and call the Sheriff for help in the civil as well as criminal matter. The drunk driving part is not know for sure it was probably drugs but again we are all innocent until porven guilty.

The Officers showed up to the residence 30 to 40 minutes later which is expected when they have more important calls to deal with. Where it gets touchy is when one of the Officers starts ingecting his own opions and attitude into the situation. He is called on to help protect and serve or maybe the motto been changed and maybe I missed it and need to readup.  I also lost the part when Law Enforcement Officers becoma an offical estimator on anything, there specialty is the law and enforcement of it. I thought that again I could be wrong, if this has changed I will call the MCSO to get some stuff quoted and maybe even done around the house. I hear the estimates are low for this area.

Back on track the old couple felt like they did something wrong when the Officer got done filling out the report. As they were even told "good luck getting their fence fixed" from the Officer. Not sure why that was needed but again I will go with it. Maybe the Officer was having a bad night or more, but I thought I read some where that Law Enforcement Officers pride them selfs on seperating their off duty emotions from the duty as they are sworn to due. Could be way off here too...

Now back to the drunk driving thing, a reasonable man of sound mind and body can smell the alchol on another person's body that is why I believe we are able to determinie if a breathalizer is needed or not. Again not sure on that one just speculating or estimating as the Officer. Not to mention the crashing into the fence part. 

What it appears the Officer did accomplish is tormenting and upsetting  the little old couple (aka the residence) because they feel that getting there fence fixed is and will be hopeless. As for the drunk driving part I smelt the man prior to his exiting his Jeep and can tell you with sound mind and body that boy was drunk and walked away smelling clean on this call. I guess what it really takes is for him to hurt or kill someone before any action is due.

And on a final note and I promise to stop chattering, this has happen to me in the past and the drunk driver also walked away but it was a State Trooper that let her walk. I can't keep quite on this when I am seeing a trend... Sorry guy's

Step up you game MCSO we expect the best from you.

Jason R. Stubblefield

9/23 - 8:24 p.m.

MM83 were the trailer park is located seems to have an increase in crime,i know some will not report it,but it seems the guy that moved in from miami,next thing auto breakins, yard stuff, bikes, lawnmowers and next i heard apt. break ins....?  how can i deal with this ?

Answered by Islamorada Lt. Mitch Horn: If there is any specific information regarding suspect(s), we would be glad to have that information.  It can be provided through Crime Stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous (1-800-346-TIPS or  Please encourage anyone who is a victim of a crime to report it so that it can be fully investigated.  Any member of the Sheriff's Office will gladly take any information provided and forward it to the appropriate division for investigation and follow up.

9/22 - 12:21 p.m.

Is it true that you are not obligated to stop at a stop sign that does not have one of those little stickers on the back? I found on the internet that the stop signs with the stickers (small sticker on the bottom of the back)are installed by "government" agencies, and the signs without the stickers are installed by developers in the area.

Answer: I would advise that you stop at all stop signs. They are there for a reason.

Second Answer: Okay. You wrote back and wanted a little more of an answer. Here is the best I can do. I have no knowlege of a "sticker" on the back of stop signs. I will tell you this: When entering a roadway from a private road, driveway, parking lot, etc. You must always stop regardless of if there is a sign or not, or who put the sign there. If it is a stop sign on private property - like a inside parking lot or something - then you should stop; if you don't, then penalties would be based on officer discretion. If he/she feels you are not driving safely for whatever reason, he/she could potentially issue you a warning or a ticket.

9/22 - 5:25 p.m.

What ever happened to the case with the officer rear ending an electric car in the lower keys and killing the driver?

Answer: He was cited for careless driving by the Florida Highway Patrol. We are currently performing a supervisory reveiw to determine if there will be in-house discipline. Sheriff's Office policy has been revised and now prohibits officers from being on their lap top computers while they are driving.

9/4 - 10:27 p.m.

please tell how it is legal for the for the VFW in key largo to have a pull tab gambling machine when they are open to the public, they take in thousands of dollars, there is no sign saying the profits go to charity -they are a charter club but still are open to the public--who oversees this,also how can the director of veteran affairs and works for the county in the nelson building also be on the board at the VFW-isn't this a conflict of interest?

Answer: I forwarded this comment to our upper Keys commanders for an answer. Stand by.

8/29 - 4:51 p.m.

i will like to see if a officer can keep a eye on a man whose park by gerald adams school he drives a white van with letters written of god and sticker went i drove my grandaughter to school he was looking at a young girl waiting for the school bus in bad way he is very weir please someone check this man for the sake of all the children thanks

Answer: This information has been passed along to road patrol officers in that area for follow up. Thank you!

8/28 - 1:39 p.m.

Hi, I had an officer accompany my ex-boyfriend James Warner Mitchell to collect his belongings from our apartment after an incident of abuse occured, I reported it, and James went to jail.
         He insinuated that I was making it up, and was very friendly with his father and him but made disparaging comments and was rude to me. I honestly don't recall his name but you could probably look it up.
         At the time I was too traumatized, worried, and emotional to deal with it. But now that I've collected myself, I wanted to let you know that. Thanks, Caitlin Gilbert

Answer: I forwarded your comments to the supervisor who works in that area.

8/17 - 5:32 p.m.

Why do you people not enforce driving golf carts on public roadways? It was very nice to see the article in the Free Press explaining that it is unlawful, but I still see them (some with Kids) driving around. Over the weekend I saw a Deputy yield to one on a street in Port Largo !! What is the deal ? Vicarious liability, anyone??

8/10 - 12:17 a.m.

my brother was arrest yesterday, i went today to pick up,everything ok ,but when i tried to pick up the car the GUY TOWING  ASK ME FOR 435.00 FOR 1 DAY.IS THIS LEGAL TO MUCH MONEY FOR 1 DAY.IS A RATED OR THE TOWING CAN ASK FOR ANY AMOUNT THAT THE WHANT

8/7 - 8:32 p.m.

Quick question about your marine patrol. Glad to see them on the water, but we notice that the USCG and Fish and Wildlife folks always wear their life vests on their boats. Since we are all trying to make it safer (esp. for the kids) why don't your officers wear theirs ?? Might save a life.

Answer: I have referred your suggestion to Law Enforcement Bureau Chief Lou Caputo to see if he would like to make a change in our policies regarding this issue.

8/6 - 1:04 a.m.

Is it illegal to drive with a open container of NON-ALCOHOLIC beer?

Answer: No. It is not illegal.

8/5 - 5:38 p.m.

can someone answer this question please how is it that the get a car full of drugs and the dont take the car confiscated because they said that the officer knows them i dont understand iam going to ask further about this officer thanks

Answer: If you think the officer did something wrong, report it to either his/her supervisor, or to the Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Division. Click on the link for details about how to make a complaint about an employee.

7/26 - 12:06 a.m.

I am very angry about your service because my vehicle was stolen and nothing was done to try and find it. My vehicle was very important to my  daily life and when it was stolen the person was caught on tape and left fingerprints all over the place. When offices came they did not take any fingerprints or even examine the crime scene. I was completely ignored and now i am in finanncial trouble. What am i paying taxes for? Because honestly it looks like all you do is buy new boats every year.Fingerprints were left on my golfcart, on a fence, and the man was caught 5 ft away from a camera. Nothing disrupted the fingerprints for four days until it rained. In those four days i contacted your department and they did nothing. And I know that all your officers are not busy because three monroe county officers live in my community and they are almost never busy. I hope you either find my vehicle or I will complain to a judge about your department.

Answer: You did not include a location of the offense, or any contact information or I would refer your complaint to someone who might be able to help.

7/2 - 3:03 p.m.

What can I do about my neighbors parking in front of my gate?
They are not blocking my driveway, but they are blocking my gate door (the entrance to my yard) the space they park in is where my car is parked and now my car is blocking my driveway (which means if my fiance wants to leave we have to move both cars first). I do have a No Parking sign.

What can I do? I have tried asking in a polite manner.

Answer: Without knowing exactly where you are talking about, I can only answer generally. If the parking you are talking about is on a public street, then there is nothing you can do except ask politely. Public parking is just that: public. You also cannot put up your own "No parking" sign and expect it to be enforced. The only legal parking signs are those put up by either the Department of Transportation or Monroe County Public Works. And, remember, if it was truly a "No Parking" area, that would mean you couldn't park there either!

If the parking spot is on your private property, and not on a public street, then call the Sherifff's Office and have a deputy respond to mediate the issue. We'd rather take care of it now than have this turn into a more serious issue later.

6/30 - 10:38 a.m.

i have a problem , i live in a appartment complex and there is a crocodile and i belive it had laid some eggs, i called my main office building and they say the animal is no danger unless it attacks, i feel unsafe because there are alot of children near by , can you please give me information on who can i call to report this? thank you soo much have a great day.

Answer: Call Sheriff's Office dispatchers at 305-289-2351.

6/16 - 11:34 a.m.

There is a black & gold heli-copter that continues to fly dangerously low. So incredibly close to homes & powerlines that he grazes our trees, vibrates the entire house, & circles irratically. This is extremely scary as he could lose control and crash into homes. My question is who do we call, and who regulates the airways for heli-copters? This guy is out of control.

Answer from Aviation Director Brooks Bateman: I have seen two helicopters operating in Monroe County that fits that description.  First one is the UH-60 Blackhawk, it is painted black with a gold strip that runs down the long axes of the helicopter. This helicopter belongs to CBP and they can contact CBP in Miami if the have a complaint.
The second is a Robinson R-44 that is also painted black has a gold trip also.  I don't know who owns this one, but from the email it sounds like this is a continues event.  If it were CBP, they have specific hard deck altitude and can only go as low as the person has stated if they are in a law enforcement endeavor.  The Robinson R-44 that fits this description is a FAR 135 operator and I seriously doubt that he would go below published 135 altitudes for helicopters.

If the person can obtain the N number registration, he should contact the Federal Aviation Administration at their hot line number 800-255-1111 or and fill out an online report.

Hope this helps,


6/5 - 6:52 a.m.

Can someone please explain why you all do not enforce golf carts on our streets? It is at a point where your lack of action in the key Largo area is going to get someone hurt or worse. I really hate to see the small kids driving them around, but since the idiot parents have been allowed  to do it for years, they now put the kids out there. You folks do know that it is unlawful don't you??

5/30 - 9:37 a.m.

my preocupacion es como pueden tener al oficial Cristian Duncan trabajando para el pueblo siendi una persona super peligrosa ayer 5/30/2011 un menor de edad venia caminando del tom tom con otra persona tranquilos venias y lo paro al menor el no iso ninguna resistencia solo le pregungo way? le disparo com la pistola de radio laser sin razon algunas lo logico salieron familiares y vesinos puesto que el menor es un muchacho tranqyuilo y callado le saco arma a mujeres ninos hombres estaba como una persona drogada rocio pimiemta alas personas que simple preguntaban porque yo pregunto eso es profecional? ese oficial ya tiene recor de dichos actos a otras personas eso es un cuerpo de policias o es un govierno castrista ?se puede respetar a un oficial cuando uno ve avuso de poder? ok my nombre es Edith please respond me thans

Respuesta:  Si usted tiene algun problema con el Oficial Duncan y sus acciones, por favor no dude en reporter el incidente al la oficina del Sheriff.  Usted puede ponesre en contacto con el Teniente, Donnie Elomina al 305-745-3184 o llame a la oficina de Asuntos Internos del Sheriff para hacer una queja al 305- 292-7042.

5/31 - 10:49 a.m.

I just moved into a new home & I was in my back yard yesterday, I could hear my neighbor talking about cocaine (making drug deals on the phone). I have two kids & don't want them to hear that kind of stuff...Is there anything I can do?

Answer: Yes. Call the information in to our Crime Stoppers hot line number. Include as much information as you can: location, names if possible, details of what you overheard. The Crime Stoppers hot line number is 1-800-346-TIPS. You can also submit a tip on line at

5/26 - 1:06 p.m.

I am happy that you are getting many of the homeless off the streets for the holidays,most of all those in old town. But sometimes it seems like you forget to check the islands where the out of monroe county tourist go to break in to our houses etc.and you dont spend a lot of time geting speeders on us1,but you can follow the homeless around till they break the law,but not the tourist?

5/13 - 11:52 a.m.

Does the Sherrif's Office really patrol the traffic on US 1 from MM 90 and into Key Largo? I've seen too many close calls with impatient drivers in both directions. I'm worried with the MS Bike Ride down there this weekend that there will be more impatient drivers on the road. Also, is Card Sound Road going to be closed at all due to this Bike Ride?

Thanks. I appreciate all you do that I don't notice.

Answer: Yes, we do patrol that area. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of officers and they can only really patrol the highway when they are not on a criminal incident call. We do our best.

5/11 - 6:38 p.m.

What can i do within my right's to make people obey they speed limit on my street, as there is a children's park at the end. I can't stay outside yelling slow down to every car"

Answer: If you have a consistent problem with speeding on your street, call your local substation. Speak to the Lieutenant and ask for extra patrols in your area. If the problem is with one particular car and/or person, get a description and a tag number if possible. Call the information in to Sheriff's Office dispatchers and ask for a deputy to respond.

5/11 - 1:11 p.m.

If I have a Concealed Weapons Permit & get pulled over for a routine traffic stop am I required to let the officer know I am armed if he does not ask?

Answer: For your own comfort, you should let the officer know, and then follow his instructions carefully. If the officer perceives you as a threat, or feels you are not being honest - or sees the gun - the situation could get tense and you don't want that.

5/8 - 1:36 p.m.

Our Sheriff will not return calls when making complaints to him.  You are an elective official, you have to answer to the people.  I will be calling, hope you return the call, Mr. Sheriff.

5/5 - 9:18 a.m.

i will like to know f is possible for a officer to check on a strange man that comes by the school bus  in the athernoon by cross and 5th avenue I  told my friend to report  this man  this man acting funny i told her she had to reported but i dont think she did we have to proctect the children if you are not a parent waiting for a child on the bus you dont have no bussiness there,please check on this some people dont remember that we still got sick people hurting our kids ,thanks

Answer: This comment has been forwarded to our District One Patrol Divisoin and they will be following up. Thanks for caring!

Update: We have officers in that area during the time kids are waiting for the bus. If you have any more information about this, please call it in to Sheriff's dispatchers at 305-289-2351 or call the Cudjoe Key Substation at 305-745-3184.

4/20 - 9:38 a.m.

I have a concern about the ryan kid that has beem charged in all these crimes. I would like to knowif you all are investigating iother people that may be involved. I just find it hard to believe that this kid did all this hiself. It's just a concern.

Answer: We are looking at all aspects of this case, including the possibility others may have been involve.

4/12 - 2:07 p.m.

I have had my record expunged and I am still on I have contacted your office repeatedly to ask who I contact to get my mugshot removed. No one seems to be able to help me. I cannot understand why?? It seems to me that if you are allowing keywest mugshots to obtain information from a police website then surely someone, somewhere should have a contact number for them. I need my mugshot off the internet. The only thing I did was to slap my husbands face for having women in my home and my bed. No I am looking like a common criminal. I cannot get a job until this is removed.

Answer: I am sorry, but the Sheriff's Office is not affiliated with They take information from our web site and re-publish it on their site. We have no control over their web site content.

4/11 - 9:50 p.m.

Why do you (MCSO) feel like you need to post negative statements from everyone that writes in? There is no law that says you must entertain these people.... You are just hurting the department and law enforcement officers here and all over the country... It's a gross display....  

Answer: We post both positive and negative comments on this page. It is a good way to point out the great things we do, and if a member of the public has a concern about our agency, it is a good way for them to express those concerns without fear of reprisal.

4/11 - 9:14 p.m.

I am concerned about deputies driving their Sherrif car home. I live on Sugarloaf and 2 of your sherrif cars went flying past me on APril 11 at apx 9:00PM. They were going much faster  than the posted 25MPH speed limit - down Crane Blvd. Less than 10 min later they are flying back up Crane Blvd bright lights on and speeding. I was walking and was almost taken out by the Sherriff SUV wiht his bright head lights but there were no flashing lights or sirens on! I am fed up and furious with this behavior from these deputies. I see it all over the county. Next time I will call 911 and expect some action taken!

4/10 - 11:47 p.m.

All out of town workers should be required to register obtain ID to wear during time they are working.VEHICLES SHOULD BE IDENTIFIED

4/9 - 2:53 a.m.

Ur not suppose to mix business with ur personal life... It is very unprofessional. But they do n that is y there r no consequences for the officers that do wrong. So basically u all sux at ur job n r very cruel n i guess need 2 feel like ur a big somebody

4/9 - 2:44 a.m.

The police in this town do what they want and get away with. They harass people because they have nothing better to do "obviously". The police do not have consiquences when they are wrong. That is because theyre all on eachothers side n really u r not sup

4/7 - 3:17 p.m.

I am vacationing on Marathon and today spent the afternoon snorkeling with my family at Sombero Light House. There was a commercial snorkel boat there  named the Tortuga. I could not locate any identification markers on the boat. I am not sure who to file this complaint with, but I was concerned enough that I needed to let someone know about an incident that occurred with the Tortuga. Twice I had to throw out my life jackets to clients of the Tortuga because they were struggling to reach their boat and then had to grab their life line and throw it to other people and then yell to the Tortuga that they had people in trouble. My family and I felt like we came close to witnessing two people that would easily have drowned. I have dove in the Keys before and am familiar with the currents and safety that needs to be taken on the water. I feel that the two people on the boat of the Tortuga were not following safe precautions and should not be allowed to operate a business that is risking people's lives.
Thank you,
Debbie MacDonald

4/6 - 11:55 p.m.

Would love to see deputy's on foot or bike patrol around upper keys neighborhoods.mm100-98 would be an excellent place to pilot a deputy on foot program.Home burglaries,auto theft,drug sales and use.Alcohol and tobacco products sold to minors at few stores. With the high costs of fuel this should save the department money and increase contact with residents at a more personal approach to increase citizens participation with Crime prevention.

4/1 - 11:27 p.m.

do not want my email or my named to be publish i made a comment on the key west mug shot and someone put my email and my named i wrote back and ask to have that removed and the printed that too so please give me the person that i can make a complain about this,thanks

Answer: We are not responsible for the web site They use our information, but are not affiliated with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

4/1 - 8:56 a.m.

Just a quick note to give thanks my thanks to officer to mr. Paskavich for his self-less service to the citizens of marathon. He is a professional & compassionate credit to the monroe sherriffs dept ....wish there were more to spread around !

3/27 - 12:27 p.m.

I walk my dog every nite in the Port Largo area. Every nite I see speeders, bikes without lights, traffic violations at intersections etc, etc. Given that we had a local man who everyone saw riding his bike around the neighborhood drinking beer all the time killed in traffic why couldn't officers sit in the neighborhoods at intersections and actually enforce laws rather then having BS sessions in various parking lots when not responding to calls. Community policing?

3/24 - 10:05 p.m.

Who is responsible for monitoring the illegal dumping of sewage in the Cow Key Channel?  The Fish and Wildlife authorities seem uninterested in this.  Also, a number of new boats are permanently moored in the Cow Key Channel.  Is this legal?  How about the seawall where Houseboat Row used to be.  A number of dinghies are left there daily tied to the seawall.  My email:

3/16 - 2:32 p.m.

Thanks to all Deputies/ Police Officers for putting on the uniform each and evry day! no matter what you think, most of us (citizens) respect what you do. You are all HERO's.... God Speed......

3/9 - 11:23 p.m.


3/9 - 7:12 a.m.

Why is it that whenever an officer has a traffic stop there are always two or even three patrol cars involved in the stop. This is a waste of resources.

Answer: Actually, traffic stops are some of the most dangerous calls for police officers. A large number of those officers killed in the line of duty are killed during traffic stops. When an officer stops a car for a traffic infraction, he / she has no idea who the driver is. The driver might be a wanted felon; might be a criminal who just committed a serious crime, or might be a normal citizen. Having another officer (or sometimes two) on the scene reduces the danger considerably. Obviously, if there is a higher priority call going on, officers will respond to those first, but if an officer is available to provide backup to another officer, he/she will lend a hand.

3/3 - 8:54 a.m.

I am staying in Key Largo in a campground with my husband and two children. I am from Texas and my husband is here working. I have not been able to enroll my children into school because they want an electric or water bill in my name before they will let my children attend. The electric and water is included in the rent and is in the campgrounds name. what can I do. The school will not let them in. Don't we fall in the no child left behind law?

2/18 - 7:35 a.m.

i want to thank dectective lazaro valdezfor cleaning stock island he the best doing hes work

2/16 - 12:05 p.m.

Traffic in marathon is ridiculous! Road work is being done amd there is no sign of law enforcement present anywhere. One road in one out and when traffic is backed up for 3 miles it gets to be a problem especialy with all the snow birds in town. Get out there.

1/20 - 4:34 p.m.

I have a question related to the previous post concerning BB guns. May I discharge a pellet/BB gun on private property in Monroe County? Also, If shooting an iguana (which is an invasive species here in Florida) and killing it on your own property is considered cruelty to animals, what do you call hunting/fishing?

Answer: You can shoot a pellet gun on private property. Be careful, though. If you cause injury to someone, or damage to some else's property that would be a problem. If you are under 16, you must be accompanied by an adult. As for whether or not you can shoot an iguana, I've already answered that question. Our agency doesn't make the law, we just enforce it.

1/11 - 1:23 p.m.

Hello my name is estefania i had a question i wanted to know who to contact i wanted to expunge or seal my minor record. im 20 years old and when that happened i was 16 years old i really need some help on who to contact or where to go please help me with that information my email adress is  i really need that infromation thank you.

Answer: State law dictates the terms for getting a record expunged. We have a link on our website to the information:

1/8 - 2:46 p.m.


Answer: Each specific case is looked at on an individual basis, and decisions are made about future employement and/or other discipline based on the circumstances. In the past, we certainly have sent people to anger management classes, for substance abuse treatment, or to other applicable trainings or treatments depending on the case.

1/3/11 - 3:15 p.m.

Can you tell me if shooting iquanas with a BB/pellet gun is OK in my own yard?

Answer: No. That would be considered cruelty to animals.

12/29 - 7:29 p.m.

I was pulled over in Marathon for driving with my brights on, however I explained to the officer my brights were NOT on. He said "thats fine" and asked for my paperwork. I did not have my insurance card on me so he wrote me a ticket for $118 I believe. Is it usuall to get a ticket and not a warning?

Answer: It all depends on officer discretion, there is no hard and fast rule about whether to write a ticket or issue a warning. If you have a complaint about the officer, you can call the Marathon Substation and speak with Lt. Bruce Winegarden. The number is 1-305-289-2430.

12/29 - 6:56 p.m.


12/28 - 5:30 p.m.

first id like to thank all the officers for their continued service, they are doing an excellent job, i do however have an arising issue of concern. over the past several weeks i have noticed patrol cars swerving in their lanes and one car had gotten a little to close for comfort while i was entering my vehicle.I was unnoticed as I pressed up against my car. The officers were all looking at the on board computers and reaching over to I guess send and receive updates and info. I know the importance of these computers for not only the  safty of the offices but also for the on the spot information they provide. How can we keep this from becomeing a texting or cell phone use issue while driving? It was not just a Sheriffs Deputy car it was also a KWPD patrol car. Thank you for your time.

Answer: In order for us to do something about this issue, we would need you to get the number off of the car, and call to report it. Make sure you have the location and time as well as the car's number.

12/28 - 1:36 p.m.

Yesterday it took me 1 hour to go from bahia honda to the light in big pine key. there was an office standing at the light but not operating it. why was he there if he wasnt operating th lite?

Answer: Actually, the officer is operating the light, but he/she has to balance the traffic on U.S. One with the traffic on the side streets. No matter how well the officer does with the light, the back up on Big Pine Key this time of year is always bad. We are just trying to make it a little less bad if we can. If the roadway can't handle the load, then there isn't much that can be done, ultimately.

12/26 - 11:06 a.m.

How come you only post Pictures from the lower keys and hardly ever from the upper keys?

Answer: I post photos from all areas of the Keys, if I get them. Most of the photos posted on our pohto gallery pages are sent to me by employees. Anyone with photos of Sherifff's Office activities, or cases, can send them in to me for posting. As long as their subject matter is appropriate, will use them.

12/3 - 12:15 p.m.

Just a note to commend the S.O and the men and women working the streets day in and day out. You do a job many of us could never imagine doing. Just thinking of putting that uniform on every day and the fact that you might not come home is a hard thing to swallow. You guys and gals are the true heros out there, not the football and baseball players, not the rappers, rock stars.... Keep your head up, be proud of what you do, because I can tell you a lot of people are proud of you all..... Please be safe out there, thanks for your service...

11/29 - 3:41 a.m.

How come there is a $75,000 bond for child molestation but if you posess drugs there is no bond?

Answer: Bonds are set by the court system...we do not have any influence over bond amounts.

11/24 - 12:57 p.m.

I am concerned about all the teenagers running around on ramrod key when school is supposed to be in session.  I have heard them laughing about breaking into vacant houses.  I also witnessed one breaking bottles on Coral Ave.  I chased him away, however, the parents don't seem to be controlling them..

Answer: When you see them breaking bottles, or hanging out where they don't belong, call us. We will send a deputy out. The deputy can take down their names and notify their parents of what is happening.

11/24 - 11:43 a.m.

The answer to a question about deputies taking Monroe Co. cars home in Dade was answered by stating that "a number" do live in Dade but can only go as far as Snapper Creek. You also state that "most" work in the upper keys. How many do not work in the upper keys and is it cheaper to live in the lower keys ?? 

11/24 - 10:02 a.m.

By talking to neighbors and reading the papers, I see that the Port Largo area is (again) getting slamed by thefts and break-ins. The wife and I walk the dog every evening like clock work in the area and are forever seeing bikes w/out lights, golfcarts on the road, excessive speeding, littering, but no deputies. What gives ?

Answer: I have referred your comment to Lt. Nancy Alvarez, the Station Commander for that area. When she sends me an answer, I will post it.

11/23 - 11:32 a.m.


Answer: Please feel free to contact our Internal Affairs Division if you have a complaint. That is what they do. Their number is 305-292-7042.

11/17 - 9:18 a.m.

I would like to know if I can simply be pulled over because an officer was behind me at a stop sign and decided to run my license plate? After my complete stop I proceedeed to turn left, this officer then ran right after me almost causing an accident and proceeded to stop me, I pulled over he walked up to my car and since the driver side window is broken I rolled down the passenger window and advised him that my window could not be rolled down and before I knew it he simply opened my door! her asked me who drives this car I answered I do, I was getting my license, registration and insurance card out for him and he said he didn't need it beacuse the reason for the traffic stop was because he ran my license plate and it came back belonging to someone with a suspended driver's license! He said I was free to go.

I would like to know:
I did I break any laws by simply driving this car? now I feel as if its just a matter of time that this officer will pull me over again just to see who is driving this car!

Thank you!

Answer: If the officer ran the license tag, and it returned as belonging to someone with a suspended license, then yes he can pull you over. My suggestion would be that you no longer drive that car, or get the car re-registered in your name. You did not break any laws by driving the car, but it is certainly possible that you will be pulled over again for the same reason. Most likely not by the same officer, though; he will probably remember what you look like and remember the first stop.

11/15 - 5:27 p.m.

I am a resident in Key Largo and do not have a land line so in the event that I would need to call 911 it would be from my cell phone and I am concerned it would not automatically go to the correct dispatch center is that correct? My cellphone has a Miami number (need to dial a 1 to reach it from a Keys landline even though it is 305) so not sure if that will make a difference? If my call won't be automatically routed to the nearest dispatcher would it be faster to call them directly? I saw this number on your home page: (305)853-3211 for the upper keys but not clear if that emergencies or not? I also use VoIP to make calls when my cell is not connecting, I know it is not possible to call 911 using this but if there was a regular number that would connect me to the emergency dispatcher then it would help to know it for that reason.

Answer: If your cell phone is in the Key Largo area, it will automatically be directed to our 911 service, even if it has a Miami phone number. The phone determines where to call based on which tower it is using to make calls. You can also program in our dispatch non-emergency number if you wish, just in case: 305-289-2351.

11/15 - 12:16 p.m.

Twice in one day Ive have seen Monroe County public works pick-up trucks driving recklessly in marathon. First at 8a.m on aviation rd i had a truck pass me exceeding 40mph on a road limited at 30. To make it worse this was during a time where young children are you waiting for the school bus. Then at 9a.m i witnessed another truck going at least 30 on a sidewalk. He had no regard for any person that might have been walking down that street, or any car that might have pulled out of a parking lot, or person deciding to cross the street. This is unbelievable. I know if i had at any time done either of those things, i would be pulled over in a heartbeat. But yet if you work for the county you are above the law.

Answer: I sent your comment to Monroe County Public Works (they are not affiliated with our office, by the way). They said they would be looking in to which trucks and/or employees were in the area at that time. Next time you see these types of violations, try to get an ID number from the truck so they will know who it is. Unfortunately, deputies can't be everywhere at once. Many violations take place and we are simply not there to see it. Our officers have, in the past, pulled over county vehicles and would not hesitate to do so if they observed a violation.

11/13 - 4:01 p.m.

There are a lot of Monore Sheriff cars going back and forth to Dade County every day. Just how many MCSO employees live outside Monroe county ? Also how much does their "commute" cost us ?

Answer: We do have a number of deputies who live in the Miami-Dade area. Most of them work in the upper Keys districts. We have restricted the distance they can drive their assigned vehicles. If they live north of the Snapper Creek exit on the turnpike they must park their cars at the Florida Highway Patrol station there and drive the rest of the way home in a personal car. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, it is expensive to live here in the Keys and our salaries are not competitive with other south Florida law enforcement agencies. it would be extremely difficult to fill positions if we required everyone to live in the county.

11/9 - 6:33 p.m.

Hey what is with you thugs!  Your heavy handling of enforcement with EVERYONE traveling through your county is apparent.  Speed traps, tickets without any warnings.  Obviously a money machine for the county!  Whatever happened to a public friendly police force?  I for one will avoid your county forever on and go to other places more friendly( Key West, Bahamas.)  you are on the road to killing your tourism business!

11/4 - 8:19 a.m.

i want to thanks and congraduted the sheriff department for the busts they did is good that you are cleaning the town we dont need this here in key west ,keep cleaning you have alot of people doing wrong things we dont need that for our children and grandkids sometime people dont get involve  because they found out who you are ,it believe me information leaks out, and they found out who you are but great work great job to all the policemen and dectective ,keep up with the good work i personally has suffer a lot because of all this.

10/26 - 8:25 a.m.

i will like for someone to please keep it eye on this man on saturday my kids neighbord were playing outside which  is ok there kids but me and my husband saw a man in front standing looking at them playing we recognise him at a predator he lives in 11th avenue  on stock island i know hes named but i dont because everyone read this but please keep on eye on him i dont know but i dint like him watching the kids i have grandskids and i worry sick everyday please check on this person we dont need this sick person hurting our children thanks

Answer: I referred your comment to Lower Keys Lieutenant Gene Thompson. I would also suggest that, when you observe this behavior, call the Sheriff's Office right away so we can respond and check this person out. The non-emergency number is 305-745-3184.

10/17 - 9:28 p.m.

I'm very concerned about the volume of people who ride around without bicycle lights, & the danger it creates for especially other bike riders. I ahve almost been hit head on by bicyclists either flying thru an intersection with a stop sign ot a red light, WITHOUT stopping; or without bike lights. The ones without lights are often riding on the wrong side of the road, so I have nearly been run into head on a few times. I can speak from experience, that this can cause the law abiding bike rider to end up in the hospital with stiched rto the herad. (It  happened to me in college, in Davis, CA; the #1 bike town in the USA. They were much stricter there & it wa mich safer.) My pointis, all it takes is one idiot flying thru an intersection & not stopping at a stop sign! I see this A LOT in Key West. I know, & thank,  the police for trying to crack down; but many people still do NOT take bike laws seriously. MOre people will be seriously hurt, if people are not ticketed. I saw a scooter go thru a red light, afte only pausing a few days ago on Duval St; so dangerous!  He's a restaurant food delivery scooter driver! What a horrible example he sets for tourists & young people when they see him do this.  The volume of J-walkers on Duval St. is dangerous. It makes renting scooters & bikes to tourists all the more dangerous. It is as if Duval St. is Disneyland. I rsnet tht as a local. The traffic & pedestrain laws need to be obeyed on Duval St. also by BOTH locals & by the tourists, for us ALL to feel safe. Outside Shanna Key, far too many bicyclists depart with NO lights at night, & people leaving & driving drunk. 

10/16 - 9:47 a.m.

I live in the Key Largo area and was wondering if the Monroe Co. Sheriff's Dept does  physical testing or has weight restriction ? There are some bigggg folks out there crammed into those patrol cars. Just curious.

Answer: We do have a physical fitness test for new hires; we do not have any yearly testing for current employees. We have, on a few occasions, suspended people who are no longer able to perform their duties due to their weight. This does require considerable documentation, however. We encourage our employees to stay in shape; we have employee gymnasiums in all three areas of the keys, and we have a weight loss program offered to our employees through our Human Resources Division.

10/11 - 8:31 p.m.

Concerning your blog on the deputy saving woman from fire. Actually it was my husband, Tim Thiemans quick thinking that brought Vera to safety.  We couldnt find a ladder long enough to get to her, so he jumped in his truck and went to a friends the next block over that he knew kept an extension ladder under his house.  When he arrived back, we raced to the burning house with the ladder where another neighbor, John Spaulding, and myself held it while Tim climbed up to Vera.  He helped her over the rail and onto the ladder where one of the deputies had climbed up to help her down. I'm proud of Tim's quick actions and we are all so very thankful that Vera is okay.

Rachel Thieman

10/5 - 7:19 p.m.

In my eyes Sgt. Tom Kiffney is a hero. What Mitchell did to Bubba is despicable. I hope his charge of animal cruelty results in the maximum sentence allowed by law. After serving the maximum sentence, Mitchell should be forced to contribute to a non-profit organization that rescues abused animals, reimburse the Veterinarian Hospital for all expenses,and start or contribute to a fund for Monroe County Officers who step-up and take the necessary action to allow an abused animal every opportunity to survive as Sgt. Tom Kiffney did. 

In addition, Mitchell should NEVER be allowed to own a pet or have contact with a pet of any kind.  Everyone loves a puppy until they misbehave or become too expensive to squeeze into their budget. Im a firm believer that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad dog owners.  Monroe County is very fortunate to have Sgt. Kiffney on their staff.

Lorraine Woolsey

Answer: I have submitted your comment for Sgt. Kiffney's commendation file. Thanks for the kind words!

10/5 - 5:02 p.m.

To Whom It May Concern:

My three sons and I were parked in front of a Chinese restaurant in Key Largo center while my son was running into grab our food.  A bicycle police officer came to my window.  He gave me no greeting.  The officer simply asked me for my drivers license and said, youre not allowed to park here.  He proceeded to the back of my car. 

Another police office, who was illegally parked, came over, said nothing to me and went to the back of my car.  They were writing my warning for parking.

I waited awhile then got out of car went to the back and asked why they couldnt just have asked me to move the car.  I have never parked there before and I would never have done it again.  They were both defensive and began speaking to me as though I were a horrible criminal.  I even said to them why are  you treating me as though Im a criminal.  Seriously, I was so upset I couldnt even speak and left in tears.   The second officer said, If it were me, I would have written you a ticket immediately.  I asked, why would you treat someone like this?   They told me if I had a problem with them to call the office and tell them about it.

Im so heartbroken regarding this Key Largo police officer encounter I felt I should tell someone how I was treated.  Why couldnt he have asked me to move the car?  Why did the other officer treat me so poorly?   Why couldnt they have greeted me and spoken to me respectfully?  The disrespectful action toward me was horrible.  They acted as though I was a terrible criminal.  I have to say Im upset about how they treated me.  I dont know what action to take. 

Our Key Largo officers should never be treating its citizens this disrespectfully.  It truly broke my heart.  Ive always been a huge police officer advocate.  After today, Im disgusted.  I sincerely understand we shouldnt have parked there.  I get it.  If asked, I would have felt terrible and moved immediately.  Why the poor treatment and attitude?  Why make me feel like a horrible person and criminal.  Is this the standard of Key Largo Officers?


Teresa R. Tucci, DVM
Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists / apparent criminal

Answer: I have sent your comments to Lt. Nancy Alvarez at the Plantation Key Substation. If you would care to talk with her about this, or make a formal complaint, please call her at 305-853-3211.

9/30 - 10:42 p.m.

i will like to see if is possible that if a patrol car can drive around gerald adams school went the kids get out i have seen two weird guys that look like homeless around the school ground looking funny thanks.

Answer: I have forwarded the request to Lt. Gene Thompson at the Freeman Substation and asked that deputies spend more time patrolling near the school.

9/26 - 10:30 a.m.

Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to legalize an off-road vehicle (atv) for road use. I would only use the atv during day-light hours, and no farther than 5 miles from my home on Big Pine Key. I use this atv to tow a small boat for recreational fishing.

Answered by Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Kevin Mimosa: You will need to go to the DHSMV office and explain what you want to do. Some vehicles can be equipped for use on the roadway and some cannot.

9/21 - 5:44 p.m.

Today, 09/21/10, a young girl was going door to door selling magazines in the neighborhood of Sunset Waterways Bayside MM 101. She told one neighbor she was from Oklahoma staying in Ft Lauderdale and whoever she worked for would not feed her if she did not make her sales. She told another neighbor she was trying to sell enough magazines to go on a trip. Said her name was Ashley. This sounds suspicious to me. Could be a scam or child abuse.

Answer: If we get a call while someone like this is going door to door, then we can check to see if they are legitimate.

9/8 - 8:13 a.m.

Traffic enforcement: write a ticket, damage the windshield wiper on that vehicle, your investigation, asked Officer if she did it, she states no, end of investigation..  If that is what you call an investigation; then I feel sorry for the city of Key West..

Answer: This web site is a Monroe County Sheriff's Office web site and has no affiliation with the Key West Police Department.

9/7 - 2:08 p.m.

I am vey concerned. My wife came home totally drunk, Could not take care of her self. Your Officer's were called, they responded, They allowed my wife to leave with my children in the total state of drunkedness. When your officers showed up it was total state of convusion. It took almost 4 officer's to deal with this situation. I am very, very disappointed and feel that I cannot depend on your Officers because they do not know what to do in a situation.  They were here for almost 2 hours with my kids running around and crying. They were totally lost in this situation.  Very disappointed.

Answer: I just reviewed the report this person is referring to. In this case, the husband (I can only assume it is him writing this comment) agreed to allow his wife to take the children. Officers on scene made sure the was accompanied by someone responsible, who had not been drinking and that the children would be safe and secure. All officers who were on scene wrote accounts of this, and all were in agreement that this arrangement was satisfactory to everyone concerned at the time.

9/5 - 5:51 p.m.

 I've been seeing alot of sick Squirrels in my area , was wondering if there was anyone to contact about them to find out what it is they might be suffering from ? Thanks.

Note: This person was referred to either Monroe County Animal Control or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for assistance.

9/3 - 11:16 p.m.

i would like to know if is ilegal to leave your car on if you get down in a store because i have SEEN   a lot of people including police leave their car on while the talk to ANOTHER OFFICER, BESIDES A POLICE CAN SEE BEING ALMOST A BLOCK WENT SOME CARS YOU GET  OUT AND THE LIGHTS STAY ON FOR A LITTLE BIT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER TO THIS COMMENT THANKS

Answer: It is not illegal to leave your car running to go into a store. It isn't very smart, but it isn't illegal. Law Enforcement vehicles are specially equipped, however with what is called a "Police Package" which allows officers to leave thier cars running with emergency lights on for law enforcement purposes without causing engine problems.

8/19 - 10:05 p.m.

What is the noise ordinance for Islamorada,  ie. How late can your neighbor blast their music and what can be done about stopping it. We have had other incidences with this neighbor and do not wish to handle this ourselves.

Answered by Lt. Mitch Horn: The village ordinance specifies times as Sun - Thur 7a - 10 p and Fri - Sat 7a - 11 p.  The complete ordinance can be reviewed on the Village web site.  If you have further questions, or would like to make a complaint, please contact the Islamorada Sheriff's Substation at 664-6480 and ask for Lt. Mitch Horn.

8/11 - 9:23 a.m.

 this probably isnt any thing,im staying at KOTS-Theres a new guy there that drives a new red pickup truck-ford 4-door model,that brings a large suit case in with him every nite-why would any body carry that,unless it was loaded with contra band$ maybe-and he is always reading the bible-too weird,might not be any thing-but you never know-if theres a reward,thanks

8/10 - 10:58 p.m.

I know I see a lot of high speed traffic along US1 in Marathon, from Walgreens to KMart and beyond,,yet I never see an officer pulling anyone over. I live in this area and it is horrific at times.
There are plenty of speed limit signs, but they may as well say go 75, it's ok. I asked highway patrol,,they said it is county jurisdiction.

Answer: I passed your comments along to Lt. Bruce Winegarden, at the Marathon Substation.

8/3 - 6:54 p.m.

 Is this against the law for the police department to question manor children without a parent being present in the room? Even thou they ask if its ok to question the manor children and when the parent agree that they can question the child, mine you their are two children involed ages 7 and 15 and the parent agrees to the questioning of the 15yr old and the policeman woudnt let the parent sit in on the questioning of the manor children the policeman wouldnt let the parent in either room to sit with either child.

Answer: No, it isn't against the law for law enforcement officers to question minor children without a parent present. Our policies vary, however, regarding questioning children depending on the circumstances. In general, if we can, we notify parents beforehand and speak with them about our reasons for questioning a child. There are circumstances, however, which might preclude us from doing this, for instance if the child is a victim of child abuse, or sexual abuse, with the parent as a suspect.

8/2 - 2:40 p.m.

There has been a dodge charger parked on the southbound side of overseas hwy just north of camp sawyer since 7/31/10, and has not moved.

Answer from Lt. Gene Thompson: That's correct and it has a five day notice already affixed to it.  After five days it can be removed. 

7/29 - 2:19 p.m.

Can you please help me. We have a home on the water way by Jules Undersea Resort in Key LArgo. We live in Miami so you help is mush appreciated. There are live on boats there and they are not all using the pump out systems. There is human waste floating in the water. Is this not against the law? And  if you have any phone numbers or names we can call that would be wonderful. We have renters in the home now and can't afford to have them move out. Thank you for your time.

Answer: Lt. Nancy Alvarez referred this comment to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, since the Sheriff's Office does not maintain a permanent boat patrol in the upper Keys. FWC responded to her with the following: "This is definitely an issue we need to deal with.  I'm off till Thursday and have some priority issues I need to deal with when I first get back but I will make this a priority once I've dealt with those issues. I'll email this complainant and see if he/she can provide any information as to which vessels may be dumping. Thanks for passing on the information.  I'll let you know what comes of it."

7/27 - 7:06 p.m.

Got a Big Concern about the safety of the Children of 124th Street Gulf side. There are some Drivers speeding up to 55 MPH on this short street as they come in or get out. even when this happen most of the time at night time, But to many times during the day. there is Not a reason for this drivers to speed that much, we guess they just don't care.  they drive  a White pick up truck and reside about half way into the street.  Please do something before something bad or fatal accident take place.

7/16 - 2:05 p.m.

I would like to know is anyone ever going to get all the bums out of the woods across from the Laundromat in marathon. Just taking a hour to wash some cloths Ive seen half a dozen bums in and out of the woods. On top of that their always outside of Kmart or Winn Dixie trying to sell their food stamps for pennies on the dollar so they can buy drugs or beer. Isnt it time this ends?

7/16 - 10 a.m.

I would like to report parking violations on Lauderdale Dr MM 101 bay side. I have reported this to code enforcement but because of the intermittent nature of the violation it may need a sheriff to enforce. There is a golf cart business on the corner of US 1 and Lauderdale DR that parks their vehicles on the street, uses the street as an extension of their business causing traffic to stop or go around,and drives a car with trailer attached through vacant lots in the adjacent neighborhood. Please have a deputy patrol this area and keep this traffic nuisance under control. Also there is a Price Cutter truck parking on this corner at night and on weekends which is not allowed under county code.

7/16 - 8:43 a.m.

Scheduled Sheriff's Sales link on your website is broken.  Where can I view a list of upcoming sheriff's home sales.

Answer: Our Sheriff's Sales are at

7/8 - 2:08 p.m.

How is it that the construction crews working on the streets are allowed to control the flow of traffic that is dangerous to the community!  Specifically on 35th street Gulf side.!!  They do not understand that this is a very busy street and it needs to be CLEANED UP and passable throughout the business day!  The crew has no right of way to endager vehicles, or direct traffic through areas they have no jurisdiction over.  The construction is frustrating enough, but dangerous, PLEASE SOMEONE!  How many tires, axels, and illegal detours can one tollerate! CB

7/4 - 7:07 a.m.

Why do your officers not enforce people (some kids) unlawfully driving golfcarts on our streets ? I see your cops waving at violations all the time. Are they misimformed or lazy ? I'm in KL but it happens elsewhere.

6/30 - 8:37 a.m.

I will like to see if possible to have patrol by the community pool summer is here there is a lot of weird people hanging by the pool and there is a lot of children taking swimming lesson help proctect the children i have not see a security or police pass by there. Thanks.

Answer: I need to know which community pool you are talking about.

6/29 - 6:19 p.m.


Answer: I would need more specific information in order to deal with this issue. Arrestee name, address, something.

Answer: You replied to me that the pool is at 300 Catherine Street in the city of Key West. That would be in the jurisdiction of the Key West Police Department. You can send your request for more service at that location to Alyson Crean at or to Chief Donie Lee at I live in the city myself, and have always found them to be very responsive.

6/7 - 9:57 a.m.

this morning i was approahed by a guy, i do know only from the monroe/senior center-(name withheld)-im aware he is a drunk-every day he is drunk by 8am/my concern this morning he pulled a knife on me, of corse-he ditch it before the police arrived/i found them/put them in a dumpster/across the street/from the center-on the other note, he has sold valium out of here, plus he has said he owns a gun- live in the rear of (address withheld) a shield, im concerned he may approah me again- with a gun,might want to go search that area-,thanks, its a doctors office he lives in the rear.

Answer: I have passed this informaiton along to our Special Operations Division and to Lower Keys road patrol.

6/4 - 5:27 p.m.

In march I, as my girl friends legal health care surrogate,and at my friends fully able request, I pulled her out of a nuring home where she was neglected, abused, raped and robbed. I took her home to die in comfort,and peace, which she was not afforded at the nuring home.Police, armed police, banged on my landlords door at 5 am, the morning after we left the home. The center had both our phone numbers, and gave my specific adress to the cop they sent. I guess in a attempt to get us evicted.The sherrifs deputy who pounded on then what was my and my girl friends domocile door, shined lights thru the glass pane and entered my room under arms. I couldn't refuse as he was armed and I was in fear of (name withheld) life. He was assigned to Islamorada and was a regular at said corrupt nursing home. Therefor he was just there to terrorise my dying, very sick, girl friend, who did indeed die a couple of weeks later.I was not terrorized but instead was thinking of how the Florida castle law could protect me, as oviously he was not in his assigned area of duty and oviously performing a favor for the nursing home. Was he compensated from the nursing home for this? My most important question is,therefor, that if a officer is oviously not in the legal performance of his duty, could I have used deadly force to keep him away from my Room? And was he in bed with, taking money from the nursing home.It's ovious the fire marshall was.The adult protective services guy probably was. Or were they just grossly incompetent and under trained? You might find this ironicaly funny. My girlfriend's first husband was (name withheld). Yes, He and (name withheld) both had too go before a federal grand jury about his drug dealer ties when he was a detective here in the keys.I'm sorry but people take money from drug dealers and now mojado smugglers, regulary and have been for decades.

Answer: I forwarded your comment to the commander of the Islamorada Substation. In the mean time, you are welcome to call and make a complaint to our Internal Affairs Division. The information about making a complaint against an officer can be found at

6/2 - 11:11 a.m.

Many thanks to all the Officers at the Monroe County Sheriff's Department who have helped me over the past 4 months and to anyone else I spoke to!!!  I will have to admit the adrenaline was pumping every time I called you guys and I can't tell you how much I appreciated your professional, courteous and caring attitude, not to mention some great suggestions. I'm new here and would like to make the Keys my permanent home and was a bit dismayed and not feeling very safe at the time....because of the # of MVA's and neighbor issues I had.  I'm so relieved to see the dedication and professionalism I have see so far and am looking forward to living in Paradise. 

6/1 - 11:32 p.m.


Answer: If you could be more specific about the address of the barking dogs, we will attempt to speak to the dog's owners about the problem. If you'd like to speak to someone about this issue, call Lt. Gene Thompson at the Cudjoe Substation, 305-745-3184.

5/20 - 7:20 a.m.

I would like to find out if  there is a law of violence against a thing for example choping down of a tree in anger, tearing of a dollar in anger etc etc tearing of a manifesos in anger etc etc etc etc.

Answer: Some of those acts could be acts of criminal mischief. The best thing to do is to call when something like that happens and we will check it out.

5/11 - 9:25 a.m.

How can the Arrests/Mug shots be so messed up all the time, men have womens names and women have mens names, or two different men have the same name, who's not doing their job?

Answer: I think you will find, the next time you see scrambled information on the Arrest/Mug shot pages, that the information will straighten itself out if you hit the "refresh" button on your browser program. Each of these pages has so many individual pieces of information that it loads to make up the page that occasionally a computer will not load the information correctly. Refreshing the page gives the computer a second chance to put the puzzle together correctly.

These pages are actually computer generated from our official arrest records - they are not created by a particular person here at the Sheriff's Office.

5/9 - 3:35 p.m.

I heard that your motto is to do the right thing. I heard a deputy was written up because he swam in the water to try to save a person and there bullet vest was not taken off.Is the Sheriff Department that petty? Doing the right thing would be saving a life at any cost instead of putting an employee in fear of doing there job.You have lost my vote along with many...

Answer: Obviously someone has given you some misinformation here. Let me try to straighten it out for you. Our policy is to do a "Supervisory Review" report any time there is damage to equipment for whatever reason. This documents the damage for insurance purposes, as well as documenting the circumstances of the damage in case anyone asks what happened. During the review, the circumstances of the damage are looked at and, on occasion, an officer will be found at fault for the damage.

In this case, however, the officer was not found at fault - he was, in fact, exonerated of any responsibility for the damaged equipment. The definition of "Exonerated" in our policy is that the "incident occurred, but the employee’s actions were lawful, proper and consistent with rules, regulations, policy or state laws." I hope that explains the situation to you. If you have further questions, feel free to email me at

4/27 - 8:58 a.m.

I would just like to commend Sgt Cowart and his guys. They are always so friendly and helpful to me and my family. The deputies in the upper keys are the best!!!!

4/10 - 5:56 p.m.

I will like to see if the can get more patroling in bernstein, park in stock island it is a shame that the kids are not save with the ilegal activity I ask I know two or three policemen live there in the park I think if the open the shutter they can see all the drug dealing that is going on with the window clear ,is a shame that the mothers are keeping the kids from playing inthe park,let them view in the afternoon and they will see who is doing what please look in to this thanks..

4/6 - 10:37 a.m.

WEll, LT. Here I am agsin! This time with a compliment....the car wash last Saturday was a blast to watch!!!!! Especially when all Ranks get out there and do it from the heart. "Cops For Cure" is for cancer victims for all the folks out "there" who don't know and I want to thank all the Officers and the woman who owns the sign company that made the signs for this event for free. Donations were taken for the cause and a better one I can't think of .......except....maybe a pay raise for Sheriffs' Officers, Police Officers, E.M.T.'s, ya get the picture? Love you guys (most of the time, anyway) Kudos to all..TMB

4/2 - 8:09 p.m.

 Is there anyone to contact about Animal Cruelty ? Someone I know has witnessed a Dog being  physically abused by it's Owner. Punched in the head and kept in a cage all day long. Any info would be great , Thanks.

Answer: Contact Monroe County Animal Control in your area; if you witness the abuse and have access to a phone, call 911 while it is taking place and we will dispatch a Deputy to the location.

3/30 - 8:15 a.m.

When did it become against the law to drive your car through Marathon key. My two young adults kids were pulled over late Sunday or early Monday by a deputy for turning around in Marathon while out for a drive. This drive was to help my son re leave stress as he is battling anxiety disorder. His sister was driving him and counseling him.upon being stopped the officer was rude and profane,probably to impress the female officer riding with just soured to of the best citizen in the keys whom have never been in trouble and both were honor students through high school and one through collage.Keep up the good work. Sincerely Richard Vaughn

3/24 - 1:08 p.m.

To the person who responded to the Dog barking question, number 1 who ever said I wanted or suggested to put down a dog.  I simply wanted to know a simple question on what to do when a dog barks and does not stop.  MCSO already answered this question, but since you wanted to put your two cents in.... Yes the dog is in a fenced yard, and I am not sure if the dog has water and food I am not there, and yes there is a law about this because you stated there was a law.  This law is broken everyday. No one should have to live in a neighborhood where there is a constant barking dog. I also am aware dogs bark however, I have a dog and he very seldom barks, when he does I make sure he stops.  I am a true believer in training your dog to do the same.  Next time read the question, and answer the question properly.  Thank you!!

3/20 - 5:48 p. m.

Thank You Key West Police Department for getting this guy of the street.I have contacted the Sheriff Police about this guy and his friends selling drugs around the Stock Island Avenues and for months & nothing was done. Now get his ****edited for names******* off the street to.They should extend your jurisdiction to Stock Island and maybe I could sell my house enstead of every time I show it to a buyer I have drug dealers outside.

Arrest Date: 03/19/2010 Time: 23:14 CAD #: Offense #: KWPD10OFF001544
Name: HERNANDEZ, RYAN DoB:12/19/1990 Age:19 Sex:M Race:W

3/17 - 1:17 p.m.

En referencia a Vladimir Cruz-Gallardo que estuvo el 28 de noviembre del 2009 con el numero de alien #  074133636 cuando estuvo en Krome estuvo con dos (2) cadenas, (2) anillos y (1) brasalete o manilla se hablo con el Sr. Arthur y nos dijo que aparentemente deverian estar en el sistema pero habia que hablar con el Sr. More. Se llama el dia de aller (martes) pero ya se habia terminado su jornada de trabajo habia otra persona estaba cubriendo el turno pero no tenia acceso al (SAFE) nos dijo que si que las prendas estaban en Krome que teniamos que llamar el Miercoles dentro de las 6:00am - 2:00pm pero llamamos durante el dia de hoy y no se encontraba en su estacion porfavor alguien tiene que responder a el se le entrego un recibo por las maletas solamente porque Mr. Arthur le dijo que las prendas no iban juntas con las maletas. En ningun momento que fue tranladado a Baker el no entrego ningun recibo ya que el tenia las joyas en un paquete aparte fueras de las maletas porfavor hagan una investigacion en su facilidad ya que es de suma inportancia su imagen y no deseamos llegar a mayores.
                             Vladimir Cruz-Gallardo

Answer: Senor/Senora, Nuestra agencia no es afiliado con el Centro de Detencion de Krome.  Por favor pongase en contacto con ellos para mas informacion.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

3/11 - 9:20 a.m.

Please arrest the person who recently complained about the Arrests and Mugshots section of this website. Maintenance of the Arrests and Mugshots page is without a doubt the single best use of county money I've ever seen. Making disparaging comments about it should be a criminal offence. Whoever enters the data that makes the Arrests and Mugshots page possible should be given a fat raise and some kind of medal. I'd name my children after those heroes if only I knew their names.

3/5 - 8:14 a.m.

Please fire the person who posts and maintains the Arrests and Mug Shot section of your web site.  The spellings are often pathetic and many times the names don't match the mug shots.  This lack of professionalism reflects poorly upon the MCSO, but could easily be corrected with a little extra effort.  Thank you.

Answer: The Arrest / Mug shot section of our web site is actually automatically "built" from our arrest database. Because many people enter information in this database, it is difficult to regulate the spelling, grammar and punctuation on the site. We apologize for this, but we do the best we can do. I agree it isn't always perfect. As far as names not matching pictures. there are so many individual pieces of information on this page that sometimes a person's computer scrambles them up while loading. Most of the time, this scrambling can be fixed by using the "Refresh" button on your browser.

3/4 - 6:17 a.m.

To the Upper Keys person complaining about the dog barking...dogs bark, does the dog have food and water, is it chained up or free running in a fenced yard?  It's not against the law to bark.  There are laws about nuisance barking the "non stop" barking.  If you want that dog PUT DOWN then go ahead and call the police or the pound.  That's the only law on the books that I have heard of.  We feel bad and have a bark collar for our dog but it happens sometimes.  Instead of talking to us our neighbor threw fire crackers at our dog and now he just barks more.  Did anyone do anything about the guy setting off explosive devices in my yard?  NO. 

3/3 - 11:30 a.m.

i see you censor comments that make you look bad.even if they arent a personal attacks or inappropriate.i commented on the photo of the 49 year old woman you posted.i see you have removed the photo but my comment never posted.

Answer: Sometimes it takes me a few days to post comments due to other pressing duties. In his initial comments, Mr. Smalley took issue with a mug shot showing a woman crying on the web site. Many times we take an initial mug shot as an inmate is booked, then retake it after they are either calmed down (as in this case) or cleaned up. The reason for this is not to ensure people look "good" in their mug shots, but to make sure we have a photo that is adequate to use if we need it later for identification purposes. In this case, we retook the picture shortly after the first picture.

3/1 - 3:49 a.m.

I live in the upper Keys and I would like to know how to file a complaint on a dog who barks all the time, and the owner who is aware of this disregards the neighbors complaints.  I don't want to waste the Sheriff's Office time so is there any other way to handle this situation.  This is a daily problem that begins around noon and does not stop for about an hour.  If you can help, please we need the neighborhood to be a quiet place to live again.

Answer: Contact the substation closest to you. Speak to the Lieutenant; in Islamorada it is Mitch Horn and from Tavernier to Key Largo it is Nancy Alvarez. They will help you navigate the steps you have to take to tackle this problem.

2/28 - 11:32 a.m.

Excellent website.  Historical photos are very interesting to see.

2/22 - 10:45 a.m.

To whom it may concern: Good morning, I am very curious, why on the arrest/mug shot page the weight and height of a  suspect is not listed?  Especially on the 'most wanted' weight and height should be listed.

Answer: The reason we don't list height and weight is because we include the photo. With the photo of their face available, the height and weight are secondary descriptors.

2/16 - 5:24 p.m.

HELP US HOMEOWNERS PLEASE!!! I am speaking in behalf of many neighbors and friends.  With regards to our sewer lines we must get put in.....there is a man (name withheld) who is trying to do business in a shady way.  He is not to be trusted from what my gut told me and then confirmed when I investigated him myself. I have called the county and they told me to call you.  This man is bad news. He returned to my property a couple times and bad mouthing other business people and everything he said about them i found out was not true. But he sure has a list of charges against him.  Felony 3rd degree and many many others. Just recent another DUI DRUG charge and no drivers license.  Well he sure was driving because he drove to my house and he even smelled of alcohol and this was the first red flag i had with him. I am smart enough to stay clear of this no good dirt bag but i hope others are aware of his scam.  someone needs to stop this. i don't want to see our community hurt especially when we are forced to have to do our sewer. i ask the county why someone like him is allowed to work but i get no where. just call the police if i have a problem.  well i don't want this scum bag knowing i am complaining. he might come back to me. you people need to look for him. he goes door to door and driving without a license and is no good. look for your self on and also   he drove to my house in a black cadillac looking car. someone told me he was staying on janet street because they followed him because he made them so upset.

Answered by Lt. Nancy Alvarez: We are aware of this man and are trying to find him. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call us. Thank you.

2/15 - 5:34 p.m.

I would like to know if the police is going to do anything about the thugs on John Street in Summerland Key. Seriously this has been happening for years now and you don't do shit. Please do your darn jobs, these assholes are selling drugs in broad daylight to where my kids can see. When I get back from Tampa, I better see something done or I will report this to my county commissioner and suggest everyone in the department is fired for being incompetent. One question before I go, are you guys in on this? Are you being paid off and that is why Mitchell and his goons can do this for years and nothing have happened to them? You better not be on the take.

Answered by Lt. Gene Thompson: We are not "in" on anything relating to drug dealing or on the take for the same. This district will try to be more visible patrolling this area and will take action where applicable and appropriate. I have forward this concern to the supervisor of the Special Investigations Unit for any action he may need to take.

2/14 - 9:43 p.m.

I am writing because I am appalled with the arrogance by one of your officers on Thursday, February 11th. We were on a bus tour going to Key West when our bus driver was pulled over at approximately 1:30 around mileage marker 39. The officer approached the bus and our driver (Martin) got out to talk to the officer and the officer was very hostile toward him.  Our driver was told that he was speeding and going 74 MPH and following to close the other vehicles. At one point the driver went to reach into his pocket and was told to keep his hands in the open and it appeared that the officer placed his hand on his gun. I am sure that with a busload of people the driver was not going to do anything rash.

Not only did your officer hold us up for about 20 minutes but if the driver was speeding and following too closely, then why werent the other vehicles picked up as well for speeding. The bus driver was just keeping up with the flow of traffic. Our driver drives this route weekly transporting people to Key West, as well as other tours, and he surely would be very familiar with the road and apparent speed regulations.

I definitely found the officer very unfriendly, almost as if he had something bothering him that day, and uncaring for the people that were on the bus being lost out of their tour time which we all paid for. I would definitely hope that if he (the officer) were ever to be pulled over in another area of the country that there wouldnt be any professional courtesy extended to him and he would be libel for any infractions that he incurred.

I am sorry to say, but he put a bad image in my mind of how some police officers are presenting themselves, how uncaring, arrogant, unfriendly and thinking they are above all others. I know there are many, many good police but its a shame to think that there are other police out there supposedly protecting us with attitudes like this one has.

Gary Spong, Buffalo, NY

Answered by Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Kevin Mimosa: I am familiar with this incident, but it didn't take place at the 39 mm. It was in the upper Keys and I must say, the Deputy did an excellent job from start to finish on this stop. Our Dodge Charger was passed by this bus, which was traveling at high speed with 32 passengers on board. When it was stopped it was also tailgating the car in front of it. The driver was cited for speeding, tailgating and agressive driving. All of the details of the stop and citations were explained to the driver.

This was a truly dangerous situation. If the car in front of the bus had to stop quickly, the resulting accident would have been severe. Our main concern is, of course, the protection and preservation of life and the safety of those traveling on the highway. The lost tour time is unfortunate, but the person commenting should be upset with the bus driver, not the police.

2/4 - 7 a.m.

I would like to know who is responsible for monitoring high speed traffic between Walgreens in Marathon and the 7 mile bridge...I hardly ever see anyone,,either FHP or Monroe Co traffic division here.
Yesterday a high speed vehicle went right past a sheriff's car in Marathon..nothing happened, so I can assume he was not traffic division.

Answer: I know this is an area of concern for the officers in Marathon. Without knowing more about the incident you are referring to, I cannot answer as to why our officer would not have dealt with the speeder in question. There are too many variables.

1/21 - 2:16 p.m.

I reside in Venture Out.  It borders the Florida Speedway better know as Spanish Main Drive. There are signs depicting "stricktly enforced"  What is your dfinition of "Stricktly"?  Drivers grossly exceed the 25mph limit on this road successfully daily. There is money to be made on this road, service vehicles, school busses, private vehicles.  I understand, school money is tight but common sinse seems to be as well.  Those drivers disregard the limit on this road daily.  I have been told there is no noise regualtion in Monroe County, the motocylcles are free game as far as noise is concrned and can regruarly disregard speed limits as well. 

Answer: This concern has been referred to Lt. Gene Thompson at the Cudjoe Substation.

1/20 - 10:51 a.m.

I currently reside on 41st Street in Marathon, and would like to know if anything can be done about the high profile vehicle traffic that travels up and down our street going above the speed limit from sunrise to sunset (everyday). Grace Jones Day Care Center is located in the middle of the block and the drivers seems to not take that into consideration. Also, where can I go to  express my concerns for the construction crew to stop all construction work at a descent time?

Answer: This issue has been referred to the Marathon substation for action.

1/7 - 1 a.m.

In the recent article relating a pot grower who tried to get his confiscated pot plants back... col. ramsey states the man named his plants (like a dog), but that's not true.  the names tnt and diesel are types of marijuana.  like granny smith apples and red delicious or macintosh.  There are various types of marijuana.  Some make you up, some make you down.  Some don't make you hungry and some do...  There are probably over 15-20 or more various types of marijuana.  thought the col. should know this fact..  :)  i learned it raising a teenager. 

1/6 - 9:20 a.m.

I live on Saphire Drive in Big Coppitt. One of the house near us has a white ford that is parked so that its back end is in the street. It has been that way for as long as i remember. Many times i find that people have trouble passing because this vehicle is in the way. If you go to 20 or 21 Saphire Dr you will see it. Is this illegal? If so can the police please have them move it. Thanks.

Answer: This issue has been assigned to Deputy Matt Dowling, who will be checking on it.

1/2 at 2:46 p.m.

Between MM 47 and the 7 Mile Bridge the posted speed limit is 35mph. Is there a way for this to be enforced? Having a buisness on US 1 our customers have to back out into trafic that is going at least 50mph. Some customers will not shop at our location because of this.

Answered by Lt. Bruce Winegarden: Even before this post I have recognized the problem and am putting a project together to address this concern for the middle to end of January.

12/22 - 9:58 p.m.

I drive between the top of Key Largo through Islamorada daily. I notice that cops are constantly driving well above the speed limit with no lights, sirens, or care for public safety. When they aren't speeding to breakfast at the Paradise Pub or Doc's Diner, they sit in turning lanes at night with no lights, parking or otherwise. I think the police who are enforcing road laws should lead by example. I know I never listened to the do as I say not as I do argument.

Answered by Lt. Nancy Alvarez: If the complainant could provide us unit numbers or description of the driver(s) who are speeding it would assist greatly.  We have officers county-wide who live north of Key Largo, and without some idea of who is driving it is nearly impossible to address the problem 

As far as units traveling above the speed limit, this does legitimately happen from time to time: officers may be responding as back up but not neccessarily turn their lights and sirens on. As far as Officers "sitting in turning lanes at night with no lights, parking or otherwise", if this is happening, the person who sees it needs to call in to dispatch and report it; if they can obtain a unit number, the person can call or email me directly (853-3211 or and I will complete some remedial training and documentation.

The officer could possibly have just cleared a traffic stop and be finishing paperwork, but truthfully I cannot imagine any officer sitting in a turning lane with no lights on. Maybe you mean the median? If that is the case, the officers do sit in the medians with no lights on at times to slow traffic and to apprehend traffic violators.

I would like to reccommend anyone who has questions about how we operate, set up a ride-a-long with an officer to obtain a better understanding of why we do the things we do. We certainly aren't perfect, but many times an officer's activity is misunderstood by someone who doesn't know about our operations. Call me, or the Lieutenant at your closest Sheriff's subdivision to set it up.

As far as meal breaks, officers are, of course, allotted a meal break. They all know they must monitor their radios at all times, and often they have to interrupt their lunch to respond to a call. For instance, this morning four officers were at DOC's diner, but the road still had two officers available for calls and all the officers were available to respond if the call warranted it.

I hope that helps.

11/12 - 9:26 p.m.

I live in Roys Trailer Park/Stock Island and just witnessed 2 drug deals. It's pretty much a nightly thing on my street in the park. If I call you (at the MCSD, the people will be long gone by the time you get here. They come in on foot and by car from 8pm on. What do you suggest?

Answer: I have passed your commend along to Lt. Gene Thompson, Station Commander for the lower Keys and the Detective Sgt. in charge of our Narcotics Investigations Unit.

11/11 - 3:04 p.m.

I'm concerned regarding the salaries of the Sheriff's deputies.  I realize this has been a problem for many years, but it seems nothing has been done about it.  I can't understand why areas around the state which are much more affordable to live in pay their deputies/officers more than Monroe County.  Does the County not care about its law enforcement?  I understand I am one voice, but I think I speak for a large majority of Monroe County.

Answer: We all share your concern. It would be helpful if community members who feel this way call their County Commisisoners and express their concerns, since they have the final say over the Sheriff's budget and have, in the past, cut raises from the Sheriff's proposed budget.

11/11 - 7:06 a.m.

I would like to comment on the Animal Farm. This past Sunday, 11/08/2009, I took my 2 year old granddaughter to see the animals for the first time. SHE LOVED IT!!! She had never seen any animals other than dogs and cats, and her reaction to the farm animals was something I'll never forget. I myself was surprised at the amount of animals and the care given to them. I never realized that Monroe County had such a wonderful thing for children and adults.We talked to Farmer/Officer Jeanne, and she was both helpful and extremely knowledgeable, with a professionalism rarely seen in the Keys.We saw animals I have never seen, and the animals all seemed tame and comfortable with all the children at the farm that day. What a wonderful thing MCSO has done for the children and the community, and I am spreading the word of this marvelous farm to all of our friends and local newspapers, for it is a place that families can go and enjoy a day similar to the zoo or the park,and too often here in the Keys, the themes are more to the adult liking than for children. I saw other families feeling the same way, laughing and enjoying the experience like ourselves. In closing, I would like to thank the MCSO, Farmer/Officer Jeanne, and the animals themselves! Let us hope that this magical farm will stay around for a long time, and perhaps my granddaughter can take her daughter some day and have a wonderful day as we had, for it is truly a magical place in the Keys. Thank you so much for making memories of a day we will always remember!
Charles and Becky Shifflett a.k.a.Grandpa and Grandma (and little Sierra too!) Thank you so much again. 

11/5 - 7:18 p.m.

There is a new neighbor at the corner of Judy Place & Michele Dr.(Yellow Bait House) that plays the drums constantly all afternoon into the night while everyone else is watching TV. There are several neighbors that are upset by constant beating of drums. This is a rental trailer. There are little kids and people who work and need some peace and quiet. Can you help us please? His windows are open while he is playing also. You can hear it thru houses and closed windows.

Answer: This comment was referred to the upper Keys Lieutenant Nancy Alvarez. She, in turn, notifed her road patrol officers who are driving by this location regularly. They will be asking the nieghbor to keep it down if they hear the drums while doing their patrols.

11/2 - 10:23 p.m.

key west police department does not need tazors. they are too eager to hurt people. take the tazors away before they kill innocent people.

Answer: I forwarded this comment to the Key West Police Department.

11/2 - 12:39 p.m.

Many drivers drive much too quickly on Bertha St. from the ninety degree turn on S. Roosevelt Blvd. and down Bertha St.  There have been several cars that have slammed into the wall at the ninety degree turn. There needs to be flashing yellow lights on each end of this dangerous turn, before cars enter this turn.
Also, on Bertha St., near the East entrance of 1800 Atlantic Blvd., people dive too fast; especially taxi drivers.  It is difficult to cross the street there, due to the fast traffic.

Answer: I forwarded this comment to the Key West Police Department, since this is in their jurisdiction.

11/1 - 7:35 p.m.

HI , I haven't been able to get on your Website for 2 days , just wondering if it's me, my Computer ? I'm sure you've been kept busy the last few days !!

11/1 - 4:57 p.m.

Web cad has been down for 2 days now...just wondering if it is going to be fixed soon?  

11/1 - 3:51 p.m.

The link to view arrests for last 7 days has been down 3 days now. Please fix the link

Answer to the three comments above: Yes, parts of our web site were down from early Saturday, October 31 until Monday, November 2nd at around noon. We apologize for the problems. We installed new firewall software and it interfered with some of our site and our network email.

10/22 - 11:58 p.m.

If I get my record expunged, will you take my mugshot off this website?? Also, I can no longer view information from my arrest in 1995, but my 2007 arrest is visible, is there a time period of which your records are kept/discarded?

Answer: When the State of Florida expunges a record, they send an order of expungement to the Sheriff's Office. When we receive the order, the record is expunged from our arrest system, which is were the web site pulls it's information from. This removes the record from the web site as well. I'm not sure why your 1995 arrest is no longer visible. We do not discard arrest records from our system. If I knew your name, I might be able to research it and find out.

10/5 - 9:14 a.m.

About the website: All too common I will notice obvious errors in the "mugshot" pages, such as a photo of a male suspect and the name is Maria, of some female name, or a picture of a female with a male's name. Why the mix up?!? I hope it's not a reflection of the booking officers' record keeping skills. Just curious.

Answer: Sometimes, your browser may scramble some of the information from the mug shot pages as it loads and you will see anomalies like womens names beside men's pictures. If this happens, refresh your browser and the information should straighten out. This kind of browser loading problem is not uncommon - these pages contain a large number of individual files and the large number of files can become easily "confused".

10/1 - 3:20 p.m.

As HDTA vice chairman,I am sure Sheriff Peryam is aware of the obvious drug dealings on County Rd. in Big Pine Key. It's been going on for years and I've only heard of a few arrests. They send a text or make a call to the friendly dealer who then rides his bike to the woods by Coca Cola or Sunshine Rd, waits a minute then sure enough a car pulls up, the deal is made, the bike goes away, the car speeds off, and there you have it.C'mon guys this is'nt rocket science.

9/23 - 1 p.m.

I live on Stock Island. One of the problems that I have been encountering is the vagrants and derelicts that hang around the Tom Thumb store near second street these individuals are clearly up to no good and have a habit of aggressive appearing and standing near newspaper machines every time I exit my home It is obvious that they are up to acts that are no good. The drinking and loitering outside the business has detered many from going to that store which is a crime for individuals without vehicles who have to walk to dions just to avoid smelling alcohol being solicited or subjected to the any other vulgar or rude acts. It also seems that their is now a recruitment from the cots establishment of many more to further aggravate the situation by other people within cots. I am concerned I am homeless also however I do not infringe on others nor do I attemp to solicit other people I do not know for profit . These individuals have become a constant nuisance not due to their homelessness but their actions to procur funds to support their alcohol and drug habits. It has become a haven for unsolicited acts that quite frankly are disgraceful and annoying . A officer removed them the other day from property and I found as sonn as they were made aware the following day I was leaving my home they showed up again this time with a few females and very unsavory characters. Will the department do something about this  and talk to store owner who can utilize his power to have them stop loitering and detering prospective sales. The store is losing sales and it does not reflect well on the area. It also may be of interest to the key west police that the library has lost many frequent visitors and Parents and children because many crowd outside and inside with terrible smells of alcohol and some seem to be their for no other purpose but to solicit. I am concerned about the homeless I am not concerned with derelicts with no other mission in life but to drink and drug. and quite frankly ‑ it is awful for children to be subjected to viewing a drunk individual rather derelict or otherwise at a library where you go to read or research or spend time with family.

9/22 - 5:27 p.m.

Key west police has to stop drug dealing in 1415 staples av,we  have  kids around this is no safe place and is to near highschool i can't believe this is still going on? Please officer do something about,this getting ridiculous.

Answer: This is the Monroe County Sheriff's Office web site. The area in question is within the jurisdiction of Key West Police. I sent this comment to Key West Police for follow up. You can reach their office at 305-809-1111.

9/21 - 3:16 p.m.

I would like to thank Deputy Garcia and especially Sargeant Roberts for helping to get a chronically wandering dog off the streets in Sugarloaf.
These 2 officers were professional, courteous and kind.
An extra special thanks to Sgt. Roberts, he went out of his way to find the dog and keep me informed. He is a true professional and public servant!

9/16 - 9:53 p.m.

I am a Keys resident and motorcycle rider. I was just pulled over by a very polite Key West police officer regarding my veritical mounted license plate. I tried to explain to the officer that effective 16 June 2009 that Fl Statute 316.2085 requirement that motorcycle license plates be affixed horizontally is deleted. He did not cite me, but we agreed to disagree on our opinions. I just looked it up and confirmed that the horizontal requirement is deleted.
With the Poker Run coming up this weekend is there any way the MSO can get word out to other Monroe County Law Enforcement agencies of the change before a lot of unnecessary citations are written.

Thank you,
Michael Werner

Answered by Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Kevin Mimosa: While there have been a few changes to statutes regarding motorcycles, this was not one of them. Motorcycles must still have their license plates affixed horizontally and not vertically.

8/30 - 6:24 p.m.

Hi, I'm the guy who was answered like a first grader when you replied to my Trauma Star question. I think the key word was "almost" when stating my question was placed a week ago. I always thought the Sheriff's Office was operational 24/7/365. I'm sorry, I was not aware that questions were only answered Monday thru Friday. My next question is why have all the programs for seniors and the crossing guards been cut if MCSO is "on track" with their jail bed program. Isn't all that money going to fund Trauma Star? I remember being sold that line by then Sheriff Roth and the Mayor to float Trauma Star another six months. Also, I check the CAD everytime LifeNet takes off from the hospital and I wonder why your dispatchers usually put anything but "medical transport" in the disposition slot and it's never a priority "1." When Trauma Star flies, it's always a priority "1" and a "medical transport." Why do your dispatchers feel the need to do this? Do they think a critically ill medical patient is not as important as a trauma patient? LifeNet flies all the trauma out of Key West and just covered the entire County for two weeks while Trauma Star was down for repairs. Just curious why the difference. I'll check back in five business days, thanks. 

Answer: Well, I'm happy for the opportunity to correct a number of misapprehensions in this writer's comments. I'm not sure what "seniors" programs you are referring to, but as far as crossing guards go, Monroe County still has the same number it has had for years. The city of Key West contracts with the Sheriff's Office for it's crossing guards and the city of Key West did recently cut a number of their positions.

Money that comes in for the rental of jail bed space goes directly to the County general fund. How County Commissioners earmark it is up to them.

LifeNet primarily flys hospital to hospital transfers, also known in CAD notes as "medical transports". They check in with Sheriff's Office dispatchers to let them know when they are going out or coming in to the county. They do not give our dispatchers information about the nature of the transport. A trauma patient is usually related to a law enforcement, paramedic or fire response, as in the case of an auto accident, fire or other type of call. They are completely different types of calls and are, as such, logged differently. Trauma Star flies many hospital to hospital transfers when LifeNet is not available, and those calls are logged the same way that they are when LifeNet is flying them. The two helicopters and their crews work very well together, each covering for the other when necessary. We are happy to say that operationally we have a good working relationship woth LifeNet and we appreciate it when they are available to assist us when needed.

As for the swiftness of our responses, in tight budget times, everyone is performing double and triple duties. We all do our best to respond as quickly as possible to citizen inquiries. I don't think, however, that taxpayers would care to fund every Sheriff's Office position 24/7/365. That would, indeed, be prohibitively expensive. We restrict our 24/7/365 to corrections officers, dispatchers, road patrol and detectives; the rest of us have fairly normal office hours.

8/18 - 4:28 p.m.

Sherriff Peryam,
I live on Ave B in Big Coppitt and recently had a large sum of money taken from my husbands vehicle. His truck was parked in front of our house and there is a street light directly in front of our house making the area we park our cars well lit. I got home from work that night at about 11 p.m. and noticed his wallet on the ground, so the theft took place sometime between 9 and 11 p.m. which is pretty early considering many people are awake until 10:30 or 11 p.m. After speaking with my neighbors I've come to find out that alot of the residents of Big Coppitt have also had things stolen from cars or underneath their houses within the last 3 months or so. I am going to try to start a neighborhood crime watch but I would also like to know if there's any possibility of having an officer patrolling the area at night. It's probably teenagers in the area that haven't been caught and they might think twice about stealing from people's property if they know there's a sherriff patroling the area. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to voice my concerns.

Answer: Anyone who wishes to start a Crime Watch is welcome to call Crime Watch Coordinator Deputy Emil LaVache at 305-292-7116. As far as car burglaries go, 98% of them involve unlocked cars. Most car burglars are looking for an easy target. They will simply walk or drive down a street, trying car doors as they go. They leave the ones that are locked alone, and burgle those that are unlocked. The Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone to lock their car doors AT ALL TIMES, even if it is parked in your driveway. Don't make it easy for thieves.

8/12 - 10:52 p.m.

We have a major drug dealing problem in Big Coppitt. The deals are made in the open across from The Harvey Park. Some neighbors asked the local law officers who live in the neighborhood and they all say they know that they are drug dealers. So if they can take their police cars home shouldn't they be own duty? if they know there are drug dealers in their neighborhood. There was a drug house across the street from (name withheld) home and the dealers did not even care was this because (name withheld) did not care? If you walk the neighborhood you will see the drug dealings...
A concern citizen who is applying for a gun permit.  

8/11 - 10:22 p.m.

Still wondering where the updated patient collection rates on Trauma Star are. I asked almost a week ago and my comment/question still has not been answered. I also asked how the "Beds for Rent Program" at the jail was going to help pay for Trauma Star. I believe that's how Trauma Star was sold to us for another six months. One last question, how much money has Monroe County collected from the State/Federal Government to date for your empty cells?

Answer: As you can see from the date and time of the email below, it has only been one business day since you asked your first question, not a week as you imply in your second question. As for answers, you are correct that the information we had posted on our web site was not up to date. I have removed it from the site because of that.

When it comes to patient collection rates, you will have to a direct that question to the County, since they are the ones who administer that portion of the operation. When it comes to Trauma Star, the Sheriff's Office houses and maintains the helicopter and provides the pilots for it. The rest of the operation is run by the County, not the Sheriff's Office.

As for renting our bed space, my figures are up to date as of the end of 2008. Since 1994, when we began renting bed space, we have collected $27.9 million dollars for the rental of jail beds. If you would like to see a year by year amount collected since 2001, click here. As for this year, we are on track to return $1.6 million dollars from bed rentals to the county by the end of this fiscal year.

8/7 - 9:58 p.m.

Why don't you keep Trauma Star's revenue collection rates up to date? How much money are you making with the jail cell's for rent program?  

8/4 - 7:32 p.m.

I called your office the other night to report some young boys shooting bb rifles from their backyard.  I was told by the dispatcher that it was not illegal.  I told her they are shooting into other people's yards & possibly at animals because I have found several of these pellets in my own yard & my cats are skittish now when they didn't used to be & a neighbor's yard who has noticed we have a lot less birds around than we used to.  She said she would inform an officer.   There have been problems with these kids in the past.  They ride skateboards up & down the street with the bb rifles in hand.  I have not seen them shoot them from the road but I can only guess that they're taking them somewhere to shoot them.  I have heard them shoot them from their yard towards our house through a wooded lot.  Is it the sherrif's policy not to address this type of situation even if it isn't technically "illegal"?   

8/2 - 7:23 p.m.

I have to say something about the illiteracy of whomever inputs the data for the arrest log.  I mean, come on,  "tree surgen".  This happens quit often and is not excusable.  You have spell check for crying out loud.  Misspellings and syntax errors are so common.  How is it possible to get a job in law enforcement when one cannot even spell simple and common words?  It is a tarnish on Monroe County Law Enforcement when the public interface is ignorant.

7/30 - 12:05 p.m.

 Can you do something about the boat traffic through jewfish creek channel, specifically speeders behind the gilbert's area? When the old bridge was there ,there were no wake signs throughout the area. Now with the new elevated bridge ,there are only manatee signs. No "no wake" signs and more importantly, no enforcement by mcso,fwc or uscg. Can you please help, especially in this high traffic area. thank you.

Answered by Captain Lou Caputo: Try contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They should be the ones to post it. If there is a problem, then contact the Marine Unit of the Sheriff's Office at 853-3211 and they may be able to help.

7/18 - 5:49 a.m.

For some reason I can not recieve you on my scanner any more. I took my scanner back to radio shack and had it checked and they said all the codes were in but I'm not getting any thing since the digital switch. I have a digital trunking scanner. Have you changed codes, and do I need to reset my scanner? thanks , l. fahey [

Answered by Laura White, Director of Emergency Communications: Our agency has rebanded our frequencies and they are no longer the what we had before. They are now located in what has been the cellular band. Currently I do not believe there is a scanner that is capable of scanning that range.

7/16 - 12:02 p.m.

I am satisfied with the Sheriffs Department with a couple of exceptions. One being the location of these officers during peak drug trafficing hours in the Avenues and County Road. I read in the arrest report where one or two of these multiple offenders has been arrested only to see them 24 hours later doing the same thimg. The drug traffic begins next door to my home at 1:00am and continues untill 3:30 or 4:00am. One suspect was arrested Tuesday the 14th of July for his 4th Felony and was seen at 3:00am this morning stopping at the same house 3 times within 15 minutes leaving the motor running. This is not an uncommon occurence. There are still many hard working homeowners in the Avenues and County Rd. that deserve a better quality of life and the Sheriffs Dept. can make a difference as long as the States Attorney and lawyers do thier job as well. I for one am growing weary of the crime in our nieghborhood. Please have the Deputies do some old fashioned police work and get these people off our streets.

7/11 - 11:12 a.m.

Do you guys and gals know anything about the Florida Fraternal Order of Police Foundation with area code 561? They called me for a donation but I can't find any financial disclosure informatioin on them. Thanks.

Answer: I don't know about the FOP with area code 561, however if you want to make a donation, consider making it to your local FOP chapter - Lodge #28. That way, you know it is legitimate and it goes to help local law enforcement officers. If you wish to donate, contact Lodge President Sgt. Lee Cowart at 305-853-7021.

7/11 - 3:44 p.m.

Last night there was a dangerous fight on the 200 block of Duval. I called 911, but could not speak because it would have endangered me to let any of these guys know I was calling 911. I kept the phone on and said the name of the bar in the phone, it was all I could do. NOBODY responded. I saw NO police officers even patrolling Duval last night besides the guy outside Lazy Gecko. And a local bartender was air lifted out of Key West last night because he was jumped and severely injured. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?

Answer: We are the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and we do not patrol the city of Key West. We patrol the area from Stock Island to the county line in Key Largo, including the cities of Marathon, Layton and Islamorada. The city of Key West is patrolled by the Key West Police Department. We do assist the KWPD when they request it. You can contact that agency at 305-809-1111 or visit them on the internet at

7/7 - 6:36 p.m.

I Cycle from MM83 to 84 twice a day for work and my issue is with the Bike Path outside The Shell Shack at MM 83. I don't blame the Store Owner , it's just that people just seem to park IN the Bike Path all the time which forces me to cycle on US1 (dangerous). There is a small path that leads onto the Old Highway and people seem to think it is a Parking Space , on the H/Way and the Old H/Way. Is it against the Law to block a Bike Path ? I don't think they realise that it is a B/Path . Could there possibly be a Sign put up on both sides of the small path , maybe ? Thanks , maybe you could look into it.

Answered by Lt. Tom Brazil: I will pass your concerns reference signs to Village Public Works and I am directing officers to check the area for parking violations.

6/11 - 9:47 p.m.

I only wish fhp was more in line with MCSO. FHP has a stacking problem (with tickets) that only hurts where as MCSO is more involved with education and corrective actions that do not put such a fiancial burden on the public (many who are hurting due to the economy) Thank You MCSO.

5/31 - 5:02 p.m.

When you are booking your arresties.why do you allow them to look down or otherwise change their appearence?This makes identifing them harder for everyone.You know THE one in custody does this on purpose.The guards need to pay more attention when taking the picture.Its like they are thinking- this is a joke. They can get away with it.NO ONE CARES.

Answered by Lt. John Crane: We do our absolute best to take pictures when the inmate has their eyes open and in an upright position. As you know some of the new arrestees are under the influence of a drug or alcohol. This makes it more difficult and we get the best picture we possibly can. At a later time we often take another picture of the inmate and a new identification is printed. These updates do not always make the public website.

5/31 - 1:40 p.m.

Becky, My wife and I rented a trailer for U-haul at mm103.5 at the Key Largo flea market. I returned the trailer at night and overlooked a box because it was black and we didn't see it because it was night time and poorly lit. The next day we called the U-haul office and a young hispanic male said he "threw the box away" and we should "feel lucky" that he didn't charge us a $25 cleanup fee. Outraged!, we showed up the next day to speak to his supervisor, which just happened to be his father. We again explained the ordeal to the duo and other family memebers in the office whom immeadiately became defensive and asked us to leave the property or they would call the police. The items in the box were extremely valuable and irreplaceable family treasures, making it difficult for me to believe ANYONE would throw them away. I believe due to the hostility of the family and the value of the items in the box that, in fact a crime has been commited. We live a 2 miles away, they could have easily called us, and we would have gladly picked it up. They had our phone number on the rental agreement. So, my question is, is this a civil matter or should I make a police report?


5/24 - 11:27 a.m.

In March, I complimented Sector 7 on their presence, morning & afternoon, at the school zone @ MM 105. Just about everyday one or two deputies were there to enforce the 20 mph speed limit.  Just the sight of their cars parked in the median made most motorists obey the speed limit.  When they aren't there it is a free for all and many motorists, including 18 wheelers, speed through there.  That being said, there has been a noticeable decline in the presence of MCSO deputies, morning & afternoon, in the last few months. There is a merge lane, southbound, just before the school crossing light.  Instead of using it, motorists will sit in the median, waiting to get into traffic. This causes a domino effect, since motorists leaving the school parking lot, trying to go southbound, have to sit and wait for the first guy to get into traffic before crossing the road. Thus, traffic backs up in the school parking lot.  Also, cars/trucks park next to the highway, under the No Parking sign, and block the view of northbound traffic to motorists who are trying to safely cross the highway to go southbound.  This happens everyday.  This has happened when deputies are parked 50 ft. away in the median.  Traffic has backed up, because of one person not using the merge lane and deputies have sat there talking while this occurs. I have gone so far, to call the school and ask the SRO to come out and direct traffic because of gridlock problems. Which he did, quickly. It would be more effective if the deputies that are present recognized the problem and took 2 minutes of their time, got out of their car and told the driver sitting in the median to use the merge lane and also enforce the no parking on the side of the road. It is quite obvious this is an easy fix.  Thank you for this forum to voice our concerns.

Answered by School Resource Officer Will Schlegelmilch and Lt. Corey Bryan: We have spoken with the school Principle Annete Martinson in regards to the merge lane and the traffic flow exiting the school in the morning and the afternoon. It is a complicated issue and there is no easy fix - anything we would do to help may cause other types of traffic problems. We will be looking into the issue further, and will be talking with DOT about possible solutions, including no parking signs along the side of the road and the possibility of making the school exit right turn only to help keep traffic moving more smoothly.

5/24 - 10:48 a.m.

To: Lt. Corey Bryan:

I am the person that posted my concerns regarding ATV,scooter,and mini bike traffic in Largo Sound Park on 3/24/09.  I wanted to commend you and the deputies who have dealt with this situation.  We have seen the extra neighborhood patrols at different hours of the day and night.  It has made a difference.  The dangerous and noisy riding has stopped.  Whatever you did worked.  The neighborhood appreciates it immensely.
Thank you for listening and responding to the situation.

5/20 - 3:02 a.m.

I am a Correction Officer in NY State and have been to your Paradise on one occasion and wish that I lived down there but have too much time Vested in my current Job. So who knows what I will do when I Retire..  I think your county is great...      Mike

5/19 - 2:08 p.m.

I would like to know why Key West is compelled to extradite persons from another FL county who have been arrested on VOP charges in relation to driving without a license.  The Florida Statutes 910.035 specifically state that these types of crimes can be transferred to a local county court when an accused requests in writing to waive his trial in Monroe County.  I find that this is a tremendous waste of tax payer monies especially since you still get 2/3 of the fine and probation money regardless of the location of the trial!

It has been said that there are just as many criminals running the courts there than that who are going there as accused!  It seems to me that it is just a power play of the authorities and another notch on your alls belt!

Answer: This is a question better addressed to the Clerk of the Courts office and the State Attorney's Office. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office does not make these types of decisions. We just follow the instructions as directed on the warrant itself.

5/16 - 10:18 p.m.

This is more of a Question than a Comment. I thought maybe you could help me out with it. I have been recieving phone calls for 3 days, 4 TIMES A DAY  from several numbers  I don't recognise, I finally answered it last night and it was a recorded message from Key West Detention Facility from an Inmate. "If you accept , press 7 if not hang up". I hung up but I don't know anyone in Jail in K/West! I redialed the number and it was constanly busy. I've told friends about it and they have heard of some scam that might be going on with Prisoners , getting your phone number and using it and I end up with the big Phone Bill ? I'm just curious . Is there a way I can find out who is making the calls ? Thanks , hope to hear from you. Getting fed up with this now !!! 

Answered by Community Relations Director Becky Herrin: I will forward your comment to the Jail Commander so he can look into it. In the meantime, you are right to hang up and not take the call. Nation wide there are issues with inmates working scams by telephone. If you read this, please send me another email with your contact information on it so I can have someone at the Detention Center contact you directly about this issue.

5/4 at 7:02 p.m.

Can some one please tell me why there is a stop sign where a stop is not needed. There is no cross traffic and no reason top stop at Planter and 1st in Tavernier on the way to Harry Harris Park and if some one could just tell me why there is even a stop sign that would be great and also tell me why patrol cars hide there in that 25 mph roadway trying to trap residents of harry harris Park. Does the county just need the revenue or is this just plain old harrasment of the taxpayers. The cops are never there on weekends when the Miami trash comes in tossing beer bottles never thinking of stopping at that stop sign because they know what we know, aND THAT IS THERE IS NO REASON TO STOP. tHOSE PEOPLE NEVER GET STOPPED, BUT THE RESIDENTS DO.


4/21 - 10:30 a.m.

This is about the 2 law enforcement officers who were arrested Friday. Why weren't thier photos put on the website so they can be humilliated just like the rest of us? They were not in undercover positions, so whats the problem? It doesn't seem fair, people are publicly humilliated before they are actually found guilty by a jury of any crime. I'm writing to my state legislators and Charlie Christ about this. I thought justice was blind.

See link:

Thank you,
Citizen concerned about fairness.

Answered by Director Becky Herrin: It is too bad you didn't include your name and email address - I would have answered you directly. The officers in question were arrested on Federal charges and were arraigned on teh charges and booked in Miami-Dade County. They were not charged here in Monroe County, nor were they booked into the Monroe County jail. The arrests and mug shots which appear on our web site are only those arrests that are booked into one of our three jail facilities.

4/17/09 - 2:19 p.m.

My concern is the Key Largo School zone. I take my kids to school and I always see at least a couple of cars speeding through the school zone. Plus I pick my kids up from school and there are cars speeding then to. I also see after taken my kids or picking them up from school there are no sheriffs there but when I go by the cut there are sheriffs sitting in the median there. I just do not understand why they will sit there instead of the school zone. Please put patrol at the school zone. Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt or a accident happens.

3/28 - 1:18 p.m.

I have a loved one in Monroe County Detention Center in Key West. I know the inmates are there for allegedly committing a crime, but does that mean that they should be treated like animals? I think something needs to be done about the living conditions in which they have no choice but to live in and about the way they are treated while they're incarcerated. No one should have to live in such unsanitary conditions. After all whatever they are in there for they are still humans and the animals there are treated better than the inmates. At any given time it could easily be your loved one or yourself in thar situation, and I know no one wouldn't be happy about their child, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, or wife to be treated the way that those people are treated in that jail.

3/24 - 8:42 a.m.

Good Morning:
I just wanted Sector 7 to know that their morning and afternoon deputies that park in the school zone at Key Largo School MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  When the deputies or FHP aren't there, many folks pay no attention to the 20 mph speed limit.  This was especially true this morning. Cars were flying through the zone and changing lanes to get around the folks doing the 20 mph limit. I'm there every morning and afternoon and want to thank Sector 7 for being there when they can. I know it's not always possible.  KLS has early release on Friday, March 27 @ 12:15. Any chance you might be there?
Thanks again for trying to keep our kids safe.

3/24 - 8:34 a.m.

I live in Largo Sound Park, Oceanside, MM 103.5, Key Largo.  For weeks we have been dealing with mini bikes, motorized scooters(not street legal),and 4-wheel ATV's racing around the neighborhood.  None of these vehicles have a tag, nor are they street legal. They are loud and the drivers have no courtesy or care as to the time of day or night they zoom around Bonefish, Jewfish, Snapper or Marlin Ave.  I have called the Sheriff's Dept. several times and so have other neighbors. Deputies have been dispatched, yet the activity continues. We're tired of it.  This reckless driving is going to get someone killed.  They see an animal in the road and they speed up!  They take a corner at 30 mph and encounter a vehicle coming down the road and almost have a head-on collision.
"Drive by" verbal warnings aren't working.  Please do something about this activity before someone is seriously hurt.  Thank you.

Answered by Lt. Corey Bryan: We are increasing patrols in this area and I am notifying our traffic unit about the info here also. We have been addressing a similiar problem in Largo Sound village in the same way and I think it will help.

3/21 - 11:16 p.m.

I personally think that the Sheriff's dept is doing a great job, I hold the men and women on the force as high as I do the men and women who serve in the military. The Police,Fire, and Rescue risk their lives just the same as those fight our wars overseas, the only difference is these people are here to protect you directly. I would like to thank you all for your service from a former U.S.A.F. member I will always be looking to see if you need help as I drive by while you are on a call.

There seems to be a lot more theft in the lower keys, I have recently been hit for around $1000.00 worth of equipment. I and a large number of other people that I know are keeping our eyes open for odd things going on, If there was some way to get the info out on the who, what ,when, and where things seem to be going on we could be an extra set of eyes and ears. Most people out there wont tell police what they might tell the average joe off the street. I myself don't mind to do some asking about or talking to some shady people, they don't scare or intemidate me. I also don't mind wondering around in the dark if something is suspected to be going on in a certian area. In other words I am willing to do what ever is needed to get these people off the streets.

3/17 - 12:34 p.m.

We are staying on Sombrero Blvd. in the Harbour House condos.  Road work is being done on the street for the sewers.  Many fully loaded dump trucks pass our place most days.  Some of them are not covered and leave a trail of dust in their wake that coats cars and other things on the street side of our condo.  I presume that their loads are supposed to be covered since all the trucks appear to have covers that can be put over the load andmany do use them.  Could somebody give the contractors the word to use those covers?

Answered by Lt. Mitch Snider: I spoke with this person yesterday. I advised that we would complete extra patrols for speeding and failure to secure load violations. There will be dirt stirred up by the construction going on there on on the road but state law only requries a cover to be used to secure a load from objects that could come out of the trucks. This information was then passed on to the patrol sergeants at our meeting yesterday.

3/11 - 2:57 p.m.

I was passed by a convoy of speeding Miami based dump trucks at about 12:30pm today I was doing the speed limit north bound at mm 98 the lead truck roas on my rear bumper,I was in the right hand lane when they passed me and then three went thru the yellow light at mm 100 the last two went thru the red. I could not get a licence # because the plates were placed behind the mud flaps or dirty and placed up high to obscure. My Question is this all these trucks had to go thru the weigh staion why is the D.O.T not enforcing this seeminly intentional attempt to prevent identification???

Answered by Becky Herrin: Our upper Keys sectors will be contacting the weigh station and asking them about it and will also be on the lookout for them in the future. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

2/26 - 5:09 a.m.

Yesterday, February 25th, I had a most unpleasant encounter at the Key West Airport with one of your officers.  When we arrived here at the beginning of  February, the new Airport was not open.  I needed to drop off my son and pregnant daughter-in-law who were returning home to Boston.  I wanted to park for a brief time and see them off.  I drove into the rental car area and parked in a Budget space where I had picked up my rental car.  I was approached and told rudely that I could not park there even for a few minutes and must exit immediately with no directions as to where the public parking was located.  This officer is the one who patrols the lower area next to the rental car return counters.  Perhaps he could receive more training in how to deal with the public or be replaced with a more polite and helpful officer. Thanks in advance for your help, Ron Holsinger,

Answered by Captain Don Hiller:

Mr. Holsinger,

    My name is Capt. Don Hiller and I am in charge of security at the Key West Airport. Dep herrin forwarded your email of your unpleasant experience at the airport the other day. Judging by the fact that you were not allowed to park in the rental car only parking lot leads me to believe that this was the opening day of the new terminal. New rules were enacted that day and one of them was no public parking in the rental return parking lot. While I can attest that opening day was hectic and chaotic at times, that is by no means an excuse for any of my people to be rude to you. You were not singled out as dozens thought they could also park were you tried to park. They too were asked to leave and directed to the new short term parking lot that had opened that same day. I am sorry for your experience and can assure you that rudeness will not condoned at this airport. If you feel the need to discuss this matter more, please feel free to contact me directly at my office at 305-292-4625

Dear Ms. Herrin and Captain Hiller,

Thanks for your response,  I can understand that your officers were unusually busy on the day that new airport building opened.  They were also probably tired of telling people where they couldn't park.   New year when we come we will know the rules.

We enjoyed our month in Key West.  Now we are in the middle of a big snow storm.  Wish we were there.

Yours, Ron Holsinger

2/20 - 4:08 p.m.

Animals at large that have attacked other animals and or persons on Big Pine Key. It has been brought to my attention by a neighbor today 2-20-09 that a woman was attacked at the intersection of Father Tony and Ave H on monday 2-16-09. The dog she was walking on a leash was killed and she was hospitalized because she tried to stop the attack.  Our cat was attacked last year by a pitbull and it eventually died from the attack. The sheriffs office responded at the time of the attack and the dog was put into the squad car. The owner paid the initial vet bill no questions asked. I am wondering if this is the same animal. If it is the same animal can something be done to rid our community of a viscious canine that has been known to roam at large by breaking its chain and not be controlled by person or persons with a leash? My neighbor has expressed her concern and fear of walking her dogs.  Who do I need to contact to follow up on whether this is the same animal? (contact information given for follow up - withheld to protect the person's privacy).

2/19 - 9:21 p.m.

There seems to be a lot of breakins in the big pine area. there hasnt been anything in the news on the radio or personal contact, personal and business. Why is that?

Answer: Actually, this is an ongoing issue and we have talked about it on the radio, and it has been in various newspapers. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of burglaries happening, and they are most likely being committed by different people, so there is no easy fix. We are investigating and committing a large amount of resources to this problem, but we truly need the public’s help with information about who might be committing all of these crimes.

2/11 - 1:59 p.m.

I have an issue with Cocoa Plum Beach.  Is this beach patrolled at all?  I hear from friends about sexual goings on around there and am astounded that things like this go on in public places?  I know it is a nude beach, but please keep your sexual prowesses at home or behind closed doors!!  I am sure there are families that go to that beach and do not know what is down the other way.  Is this not a crime?  I am just a concerned citizen of the U.S.  I am not prudish by any means, but think that some of the things going on around there should not be on public display!

2/8 - 00:53 a.m.

My daughter's father (name withheld) is behind in child support payments since June 2008. He was supposed to be in court NOVEMBER 19th to answer to my filing for Contempt of Court for nonpayment of child support.  He was found guilty  - he did not even show up to court - and was sentenced to 180 days in jail with a $1500 purge bond. To this day he is STILL not in custody and I have yet to see the first dime of my child support.  I am not thrilled with law enforcement there in Monroe County.  Had he been here in Duval County, JSO would have been on him like "white on rice"! PLEASE have a deputy sheriff officer go to pick him up ASAP! The address is (address withheld) Stock Island. I am a full time college student and my daughter NEEDS her child support money!!!

Answer: We made contact with Duval County SO in reference to (name withheld). The warrant division advised there was no active warrants for him. I also spoke with Duval's civil division, they stated that the last time they had any paperwork of him was on 5/12/08. Duval had sent out a request for his income, this was sent out to child services. I also searched through FCIC/NCIC which advised he had no active warrants.

2/6 - 8:36 p.m.

I think this website should not post peoples pictures of there house and all of the extra information that the nosey public DOESNT NEED TO KNOW... for instance the arrest that was made on feb.5 at 561 palm drive all of those pictures shouldnt be there.And those neibors are dumb idiots who probably smoke weed themselves... its funny because you guys should search your own children.

 2/4 - 10 a.m.

I live in Marathon and I wanted to know if there is a "Pitbull" leash law in effect for Monroe county, Fl. ?

Answer: Monroe County has a leash law for all dogs.

1/30 - 12:54 p.m.

Hi - I left an e-mail posting about 1 hour ago and just realized that I neglected to include my e-mail address... just in case someone (within agency), is inclined to respond. 

I also didn't mention how much I enjoy living in a small-town atmosphere where, a few times in my 10 years here, I was able to meet law enforcement personnel and actually have a conversation that didn't include the words: "License & Registration, please m'amm..."   I do wish that there was as much of a presence of patroling officers WITHIN the neighborhoods, instead of the seemingly inordinate amount of manpower issueing traffic tickets on U.S. 1.  I am MUCH more in fear of a crime at my home than I am afraid of a speeder. 

The sheriff's dept. staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting were true professionals in my opinion.  I just wish that the positions paid better so that more of our law enforcement personnel could live here in town instead of commuting to and from Homestead.

Thanks again for the opportunity to vent :-) 

1/30 - 11:15 p.m.

Hi - I'll be attempting to contact Emil LaVache today in regards to a serious concern I have:  I would like to know the following:

What kind of background check does (name of company withheld) Construction perform on prospective employees?  They employ the crews that are in our neighborhoods working on the 'Wastewater' piping job.

I am NOT satisfied that the public is safe OR well-informed about recent burglaries, (some VERY serious), that 'just happened' to co-oincide with the timeframe that (name withheld) was in local neighborhoods.  Specifically the Stillwright Point neighborhood seems to have been heavily hit by thieves.

I intend to bring my concerns to the highest level of Public Safety Officials, the media, (name withheld) Construction, FKAA and anyone else I can think of.

IF the rumors I have heard are indeed true... that the Stillwright neighborhood had NUMEROUS burglaries while (name withheld) was on-site . . .I will be infuriated that my neighborhood, (Riviera Village mm 105), WAS NOT WARNED IN ADVANCE.  We are currently under siege by this shoddy construction crew... I have seen them washing their own personal vehicles right in front of my house... they have disconnected a neighbors water hose FROM THEIR HOUSE and USED THEIR WATER for their construction job.

I appreciate that this forum is available, but am not optimistic that I'll hear from anyone about my concerns.  I will be very proactive in my search for reassurances and committments from the local law enforcement communities and from the FKAA.  We have a Homeowners Meeting this Sunday, the 1st of Feb., at 1:00 p.m. in our Homeowners Park.  I know there's not much time for a formal invite, but I intend to extend invitations to all pertinent parties. 

Answer: Lt. Corey Bryan has already checked into these rumors and has found them to be untrue. He made contact with the complainant and explained it to her satisfaction.

1/18 - 9:44 a.m.

My name is Jason Pepper I live at 560 Ave C Big Coppitt my Phone # is 294-5974. 2 days ago my dog was hit by a car and left on the side of the road for over 2 hours. He has a shatterd pelvis, broken hip, and a broken spine. I know that the law says that it's my fault and I understand that but, there are at least 4 Sheriff officers that live in my area and 1st street seems to be a 45mph or faster zone, and illegal driving area (kids that can't see over the dash and no plates on their car, 4wheelers with no plates, and motor bikes with flat tires). There are many children that live in this neighborhood and soon it will be a child on the side if the street if we don't get some sort of assistance. Could you please help?

Answer from Lt. Gene Thompson: I spoke to the complaintant today to follow up. She states that the traffic has seem to subside. I informed her that the traffic enforcement unit was out there for three days and, although they did not write any tickets, their presence seemed to slow people down. The patrol squads wrote 3 citations and two warnings in the last two weeks on this street. I said if it starts up again to give me a call. On a side note the dog is recovering and will have to have one leg amputated. But will make a good recovery.

Answer from Chief Ken Dugger: I personally met and spoke with Mr. Pepper. He seemed very appreciative MCSO responded to his complaint so quickly. The dog is a small Pomerainian as is facing a long painful recovery. It is his 12 year old son's dog, but he was very appreciative of our efforts in light of all our other policing efforts.

1/8 - 3:52 p.m.

My concern is for these little tiny kids being in the road without parental supervision. This home is located at 35 Judy Place. The other concern is the noise. There are illegal vibrating music that wakes you out of bed at all ours of the night from Janet Place North end of street. Toucan. It is almost impossible to sleep. These loud cars are illegal, they can't possibly hear a siren. The vibration goes right thur you. I met an officer named Sgt Mike who said he was back and would take care of it. But, nothing has happened so far. Another issue is the traffic ic is moving @55 moh to 60. You can't get out and when you turn off they barely give you time to turn. We need that extra lane to get out of their way before they hit you. I saw 3 almost accidents wed because of tail gating.

12/17 - 3:02 p.m.

I would just like to say that Becky Herrin is doing a great job with the press and responds quickly and accurately to press inquiries.
It's a joy to have her around to help us get our jobs done.
All my best,
John Guerra
Key West Citizen

12/4 - 6:02 p.m.

Rest in Peace Deputy Nick Pham.  You were one of the best.

10/6/08 - 8:04 p.m.

I live in Big Coppitt and travel every day to Gerald Adams. Recently there have been a few accidents accross from Murray's Marina. I am wondering if this  should be a place where it would be only a left turn if coming north bound accross US 1 during  "off hours"  . Drivers from Stock Island turning left there do not seem to realize the driver turning right has the right, of way as well as that is a sharp turn and you almost have to stop before you  turn . Often drivers think you are stopping for them to cross US 1 and then they go which can result into an accident.  I do not feel totally safe at that intersection. Just a thought.....

6/9 - 8:22 p.m.

I would like to start by thanking all of you for helping make Key Largo the safe place it is today. With the rising prices of everything and everyone I grew up with here, moving away! You helped my wife and I make the decision to raise our children here an easy one. I would also like to thank Officer Perez for removing the Bible Thumpers from handing out lit. in front of Key Largo School. (I don't believe they should change the pledge of allegiance, but my children will have the opportunity to chose thier own religion) I know that you ALL deal with the worst of society everyday! and people only call on you when all else has failed and then get upset at you for doing your duty. But some of us that have lived here for over 30 years, can definatly see the differance you make! I have called dispatch more than once for speeders behind the yellow bait house, and everytime, within minutes they have someone pulled over right in front of my house. I stand outside and laugh! When I was little my Dad taught me to have RESPECT for my neighborhood, but everyone they pull over lives right here! maybe the DMV should institute an I.Q. Test! What would be the possibility of having speed bumps installed on the Michelle Dr.? Can you please forward my inquiry to the correct agency regarding this. Anyway THANK YOU! From myself, my wife, and both of my children! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

J. Horvath
Key Largo, Florida

5/14 - 11:19 a.m.

I was wondering if maybe you could answer or help me to find out information on the alcohol breath test.
I was informed that each time a person blows into the machine that they must reset the machine, other wise you could get a  false read. They also said that you must not put anything in your mouth, explain: drink water, or caffine, or smoke a cig. Could you please help me to understand this as there seems to be some confusion on this  test.

Answer:   I am Deputy Luis Blasco with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit.  Becky Herrin had asked me to contact you in reference to your email. I will be more than happy to do the best I can to answer your questions.

First of all, in the State of Florida uses the CMI Intoxilyzer 8000 which is the instrument currently being used for evidentiary breath samples. The intoxilyzer is an instrument not a machine, because its primary function is analysis.

Q: I was informed that each time a person blows into the machine that they must reset the machine, other wise you could get a false read.

A: What happens is once the instrument is turned on a series of self diagnostics is performed prior to its use, commonly called the start up sequence.  If the instrument passes all the self checks then it is ready to be used. The first step is to enter the subject’s information along with the purpose of the test and operator’s information along with the arresting officer’s information.  At this time the start test sequence is activated and another self-diagnostic test is done. After the self-diagnostic test, then a control test with a known gas standard of .08 is introduced into the instrument (which is another form of self testing) is performed. The reading for the control .08 test must be +- .005, must read .075-.085 to proceed further, otherwise an alert that the control test was out of tolerance will emit from the instrument.  The chamber in the instrument is then cleared via what we call an air blank and at this time the chamber reading is taken and has to read .000.  The instrument will indicate that it is ready for a sample and then we ask the subject to blow into a tube attached to the instrument where it will analyze the sample and provide a readout of the value. The instrument will then conduct an air blank to clear the sample chamber and again a .000 reading is obtained to verify the chamber is clear, the instrument will then wait a couple of minutes and again conduct an air blank where a .000 reading is obtained to verify again that the sample chamber is clear.  The subject is again requested to provide a second breath sample and the process is repeated. After the sample is obtained an air blank is conducted to clear the sample chamber and a control test is conducted using a .080 dry gas standard that is attached to the instrument, (it is a small canister that is attached to the instrument and changed out whenever the dry gas standard runs low) the reading again must be +- .005 again must read .075-.085 to be within control tolerance.  Then an air blank is conducted and the chamber is cleared to .000. The test is complete at this point and per FDLE (Florida Dept of Law Enforcement) guidelines, your 2 breath samples are conducted.
This is the entire procedure for getting a breath sample. There is no resetting unless the instrument indicates that the diagnostics did not pass, if it did not pass you would not be able to get a sample until the instrument passes all self check diagnostics.  The diagnostics print out as part of the test so you can see that is has a lot of internal checks and balances.

Q: They also said that you must not put anything in your mouth, explain: drink water, or caffine, or smoke a

A: Per FDLE requirements, the subject is asked, prior to a 20 minute observation period, if they have any jewelry in their mouth such as tongue rings. As well, they are also asked if they have any gum, tobacco products, dentures, partials…etc. If so, they are required to clear their mouths. The subject cannot have anything to drink, such as water or anything else during the observation period. This is to make sure their mouth is free and clear of anything, and also to make sure they don’t have any mouth alcohol products. Mouth alcohol, like cough syrup, Listerine products, will usually dissipate within a few minutes. But, per FDLE standards, we conduct a 20 minute observation period to ensure nothing is in their mouth.

I hope this clears up any questions, please feel free to email Becky back. If you would like to see the actual breath tests results conducted. It is public record on the FDLE website at There you will find the instruments in Monroe County. Our number are 867,868, 869,870 and 1254. This covers the evidentiary instruments, not the Portable Breath Test devices, which the Sheriff’s Office Deputies use on drivers under 21 suspected of having consumed alcoholic beverages. There are administrative sanctions not criminal penalties for drivers under 21 years of age with a breath alcohol content of .020 or above. This is the primary purpose of the Portable Breath Test devices.


Deputy Luis Blasco
DRE/DUI Instructor
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Traffic Unit

5/10 at 9:54 a.m.

My family resides on Coconut Drive (off Cypress Avenue).  A few days ago while walking my own dogs, I witnessed a truck (driving from the back, residential area of Cypress Avenue) run over my neighbors young Australian Shepherd dog and killed it.  It was absolutely a horrible sight.  The driver of the truck was going faster than he should have.  Unfortunately, this is happening more and more in our neighborhood.  My own dog was hit this past October and suffered a broken pelvis along with two other neighbors dogs (one was injured and the other was also killed in the same area on Cypress)!  I am speaking primarily for my area but the speeding also happens on the main road (Key Haven Road). 

Most of these drivers that are speeding are driving too fast in their own neighborhoods. "Speeders" aren't bad guys from somewhere else -- most are our neighbors and friends, responsible people like ourselves who are committed to safe, peaceful neighborhoods.  One resident (towards the end of Cypress Avenue) is a daycare worker and you would be amazed at how many "mothers" drop their infants/toddlers off and speed down Cypress so they are not late for work in the early morning! 
Speeding is a bad habit, and we need to help each other break it. WHAT IF THIS HAPPENED TO A CHILD???  There are many residents with young children that live directly on Cypress Avenue!  We have a responsibility to the residents -- particularly the children and pets -- living here on Key Haven. 

I have spoken to our neighbors and we wanted to see what the guidelines were to have speed bumps installed on this street.  I know of a few streets in the front section of Key Haven that have them but I am not sure if they were installed publicly or privately by the residents.

Answer: I’ll pass this along to our Traffic Enforcement Division and to our Sector One Road Patrol.

For speed bumps, you need to talk to Monroe County. They are the ones that would need to grant approval, I believe. Speed bumps can certainly be effective. If you don’t have them, you could request some “Children Playing” signs be placed strategically.

I should also comment, however, that people with dogs do need to make sure they are not running loose. Dogs should be in a fenced yard, or on  a leash. A dog running loose is not only dangerous for the dog, but for the drivers of cars they might dart out in front of. Many accidents are caused by dogs running out into the roadway.

Thank you for sharing your concerns.
Becky Herrin
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

May 11, 2008 - 12:59 p.m.

With the skyrocketing cost of fuel I wonder why the Sheriff's fleet of cars is not starting to downsize. I understand cruisers need to carry extra weight and have terrific power, but surely the cars driven by administrators and none patrol staff can be more fuel efficient, maybe even electric or hybrid.

Answer: Sheriff's Office vehicles begin their life as road patrol cars. Deputies drive them for a number of years and, when they are no longer sufficient for that purpose, they are assigned to detectives, the stripes and lights are removed and they are left plain white in color. Once they are used by detectives for a number of years, they are reassigned to some administrators whose jobs qualify them for an assigned car. Generally, these are people who are called upon to travel frequently for their duties. The administrators drive them until they die, or until they are judged to be costing more to maintain than they are worth. At that point, they are auctioned off.I should note that even the Sheriff drives a car that is first cycled through road patrol and detectives.

Most Sheriff's Office cars are driven for at least 125,000 miles and often more than that. We generally only purchase an average of 20 replacement cars per year, sometimes less depending on the need. Purchasing a fleet of new "hybrid" or "electric" vehicles just for administrators would prove to be too costly to taxpayers. We have begun offering supplemental pay in lieu of a vehicle and some administrators are taking that option.

April 24, 1:22 p.m.

Re: Key Largo School Students &
Bicycle Helmets

I drive to Key Largo School everyday.  In the last year I have noticed that many students who ride their bicycles on the bike path to school ARE NOT WEARING HELMETS.  There have been several "near misses" when cars pulling off U.S.1 encountered the bicycle riders and this could have resulted in terrible injury to the rider's heads, had they been hit by the car.  Thank goodness this didn't happen. 

Florida Statutes say that "A bicycle rider or passenger who is under 16 years of age must wear a bicycle helmet that is properly fitted and is fastened securely upon the passenger's head by a strap, and that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z 90.4 Bicycle Helmet Standards)..." 
It also goes on to say "Law enforcement officers and school crossing guards may issue a bicycle safety brochure and a verbal warning to a bicycle rider or passenger who violates this subsection. A bicycle rider or passenger who violates this subsection may be issued a citation by a law enforcement officer and assessed a fine for a pedestrian violation, as provided in ' 318.18. The court shall dismiss the charge against a bicycle rider or passenger for a first violation of paragraph (d) upon proof of purchase of a bicycle helmet that complies with this subsection."

Please note: These students ride by the crossing guard everyday and ride on school grounds in front of teachers, without their helmets.  I'm not advocating issuing a citation, but a warning from an authority figure (Sheriff) might make a big difference in life or death.  Perhaps you can work something out with the school principal.

I'm writing as a concerned and caring parent, not to stir up trouble. I'd hate to see something happen to one of these children.  Thank you.

April 24, 1 p.m.

To: Sheriff Roth & Key Largo Deputies
From: A Key Largo Mom

I would like to thank the Sheriff Deputies who routinely park on U.S. 1 (VISIBLY) in front of Key Largo School in the morning and afternoon.  Having you there makes most people obey the 20 mph speed.  On the few occasions when you are not present, most drivers DO NOT obey the 20 mph limit, so your presence does make a difference.   Thank you from all of us concerned parents.

April 11, 2008 - 1:25 p.m.

Speed kills.
That was a slogan years ago [like "arrive alive"] put out by the FHP among others.
Stat's show that driving over the speedlimit is a common thread linking fatal and or all serious traffic accidents, as is alcohol.
So I don't at all feel sorry for someone going 65 in a 45 mph zone as there are no 65 mph posted areas in the entire Keys.
We are stuck with a main road [us1] mostly without real turn lanes.
Where it is posted 45 mph you should drive 45 or less and let the people trying to turn left or right off useless 1 do so safely.
Thank's to the MCSO Dep who gave the citation to them.
I think we should invest more in training and Radar/speed clocking devices for our Deputies and sell off some of our coparitively useless equipment like planes, grandios rolling "Command Centers", etc.
That stuff didn't stop a armed Cuban Patrol boat from docking at the KW port did they????
Radar, etc., and the training that goes with the tech. would save lives AND generate revenue.
They do it up North in Dade [especialy Medly] and turn a good buck with it.

March 4, 2008 - 5:25 p.m.

On the evening of feb. 25 we were stopped on HWY 1 for speeding.   we were  tourists visiting from The Toledo Ohio area returning from a day in Key West to our room in Islmadora.  The stars were out so brightly that we found a road to pull off on so we could gaze.  Pulling back on I observed headlights coming toward us heading in the same direction as we were about to resume.  I accelerated with a sense of urgency to make sure I didn't slow down the oncoming traffic.  Poor timing, I did so in front of a sherrif.  65 in a 45 he had me and I didn't argue.  I had some idea of the speed limits, I'd been observing them all day because I knew the community has a low tolerance.  I hadn't been traveling at 65 before nor would I have continued.  It's just not a highway that feels safe at that speed under any circumstance let alone at night.   we were first time visitors not familiar with the road.  Out of respect for the obvious I did not challenge the officer, I admitted my violatiion.  Did I get a ticket?  Yes.  A warning would have been nice, maybe a little more opportunity to discuss the situation.  But how am I to feel about $213.00??  Not so friendly to the people coming down to spend their discretionary money with all the choices available for vacation destinations.

February 12, 2008 - 2:50 p.m.

Could you please respond to the question that was asked on Jan 26th about the concern of Mrs. Downs using the web page as her personal site running for sheriff. Is this a violation of law or copy right violation.  Just wondering?


The Sheriff's attorneys have advised us that this use of the MCSO website graphics may well be in violation of copyright law. However, the Sheriff is not inclined to pursue the matter where there is clearly no danger that the public will be misled or confused.

February 9, 2008 - 8:19 p.m.

I have a question in regards to parking on private property.  I live in stadium trailors and I have a no parking/tow away zone sign permenately installed.  What rights do I have to have cars towed when they ignore the sign and park during baseball/football and other events at the ball fields across the street?  It has gotten so bad that I either get blocked in and cant' get out or when I get home I can't park at my residence.

I live in Lot M that is right on 14th St. now Glynn Archer Jr. Drive.

Mr. Timothy Radun

Answer from the KWPD:

Mr. Radun

Stadium Trailer is private property and is governed by the property managers/owners. The City only has jurisdiction over Handicapped parking; nothing else. If you have any questions relating to parking you should direct them to the property managers/owners

Sincerely,  Sgt. Frank Blasberg, KWPD Traffic

January 26, 2008 - 2:25 p.m.

I have a concern...It may not be about law enforcement in particular; however, I find it very disrespectful to the hard working deputies on the road and in the jail, that we have a Sheriff candidate using the MCSO webpage background on her personal website for her campaign. I believe our deputies are greatly under paid for their hard work. I believe Sandra Downs is commiting a act against the law for using the web page when she has yet (which I dought she will) received the title of Sheriff and receive permission for the use of the page that MSCO employees have worked so hard to put together.

September 16, 2007 - 2:16 p.m.

Key Largo, Most importantly, I would like to see a wrecked car displayed to raise public awareness about DUI, just like you used to do in the 1990's (I was hit twice in late 2006)Thank you Sgt. Tom Kiffney for saving my life in Jan
2007. I'd like to see you sitting in Roth's chair someday.(for many reasons)

And thank you Islamorada unit for recovering my stolen property back in Dec. 2003. I detest thieves from the mainland.

There appears to be PLENTY of traffic enforcement from MM106-MM82. I am afraid to speed, even slighlty. Considering all the drunks,speeders, red light runners 45MPH is plenty fast. Miami people come down here and
drive like maniacs because thats how they drive up there. It makes me angry when they cut me off just to squeeze into a lane thats going 1/2 mile faster. HELLO, I LEFT DISTANCE BETWEEN CARS FOR A REASON AND THAT REASON IS NOT SO YOU CAN SQUEEZE IN.

Overall the keys is the safest place i've lived.

8/2/2007 - 12:07 p.m.

Is this true? <>

If it is, count me out of any more trips to the Keys... I'll recommend that my out-of-state friends use the party boats in Ft. 
Lauderdale instead...

I would really like to see an apology for this incident, both from the department and from deputy Perez.

Would the department act the same if the literature being passed out was in support of homosexuality? Pedophilia?

I'm beginning to get used to people not liking me because I love Jesus, but there are a lot of us and we still have money, and it won't get spent in the Keys if this kind of treatment goes unchecked...

W Howard

6/20/2007 - 10 p.m.

I am not sure how long ago this program was recorded but I have a few concerns of 2 officers that were featured in Party police. First let me say I cannot and will not tolerate a drunk. A drunk to me is someone who is a danger to hisor herself. However I did notice that a Lt. Tom Brazil was awfully bossy. He seemed to me to want people to mouth off to him for whatever reason and then their is Officer Nelson Sanchez who to me abused his authority because the cameras were rolling. It seemed to me that Officer Sanchez abused his authority by using the term obstruction of justice and public intoxification way to much and as an excuse to handcuff people who were doing nothing. There was one arrest that stood out to me and everyone in my family that Officer Sanchez was out of line. He was questioning someone on how he came to be in the area and the person stated he walked from Miami. This person was not part of any investigation and never did he act in a threatening manner. Officer Sanchez attacked this person without provication and I am hoping that this individual retained an attorney to press charges against Officer Sanchez. I feel the Monroe Sheriffs office did their jobs mostly in a respectable manner. But no officer in any county should be able to treat people with disrespect because someone mouthed off to them. Disrespecting an officer is not illegal and officer Sanchez abused his authority by taking offense to a mouthy person. He took it personally and as far as I am concerned he is a black mark on the whole department. Other then his behavior I was very impressed over the way your office handled that out of control party. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Joe E
Pasco County, Florida

6/13/2007 - 2:30 a.m.


I was watching “Party Police” on Court TV and was ashamed of the way Deputy Nelson Sanchez represented police officers to the viewing audience. In my opinion he was unprofessional in the way that he became too personally involved with the arrests he made. I thought it was ridiculous how he was threatening to shut down the whole sandbar if there was one more fight. I know he does not have the power to make that call, so why is he embellishing his authority? It seems to me like he is a power monger who lacks the people skills required for the position he fills.

I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, and you may disagree; but that’s how I feel, so take it or leave it. Feel free to forward this to Deputy Sanchez, or respond with your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks, Matt

4/20 - 8:20 a.m.

I Know that I am not an American resident and you probably don't care what my opinion is, but I am going to tell you anyway. I can not believe that you would arrest someone for handing out bibles on the street. The America that I know and that so many other people in the world know as a free and democratic society is now becoming a joke as is your department for made up charges aginst Mr.Mirto and Mr.Simpson. You should be ashamed as a police officer and as an American. There are murderers, rapist and pedophiles out on the street but yet you feel that your resources are better spent on harrassing people for passing out bibles. But yet when I turn on the television I see you the American people scholding other countries for the way that they treat there people. I also find it difficult to believe that no one else has written to you about this subject as I have not seen any other complaints about this on your web site or is this another thing that you are trying to sensitize. All I can say is shame on you you public servant .


4/20 - 2:10 a.m.

Two members of Gideons International who were arrested in Florida for handing out Bibles on a public sidewalk are battling a second round of charges, after the initial trespassing charges against them were dismissed, but authorities filed a new set. Anthony Mirto and Ernest Simpson of Monroe County were arrested, charged with trespassing, and booked into jail after the school principal called police while the two men were distributing copies of the Bible on a public sidewalk earlier this year.

There was no call for Officer John Perez's angry demeanor, his inappropriate handling of the situation, his abusive treatment of the Gideons, his stopping and arresting them while they were in the process of leaving, his unnecessary towing of the car (parked where many other cars were parked), his handcuffing the men behind their backs, his leaving them cramped in a hot car for nearly an hour (which should never be done to animals, never mind to human beings), nor his mocking the Gideons' religious beliefs stating 'now you can pray to Jesus all the way to jail,'"

If this story is true (which has reached national attention), Officer Perez and the Monroe County sheriff's office has made a serious error, and could face legal ramifications.

Concerned Citizen

January 25, 2007 - 7:11 a.m.

My concern is the school zone in Marathon for Stanley Switlik. More cones are needed in the east and west (or north and south) bound lanes. When motorists stop at the traffic light and if they are traveling west (or south)it almost appears that the traffic light is the end of the school zone and since I travel this highway sometimes 4 times a day and only travel through in the a.m. when the kids are going to school I really think additional cones are needed. You used to have cones in both lanes and now only one appears in either the east (north) or west (south) bound lanes....Please for the sake of our Marathon children, please add more cones....even one more in each lane would be helpful...

January 22, 2007 - 10:15 p.m.

I think that it should be up to the person arrested if he/she wants their mugshot put on a public website for the entire keys to view if it is not a sexual predator or a burglary crime etc.. I think it is invasion of privacy and it should be up to the person being arrested if they want to be on this website or not. Dade county does not post up pictures of arrests for the not having a driving liscense and I am very upset that every time I tried calling the phone numbers on your website, they give me the run around and they all say they can not help me. Also I was told by the sheriff's office "that if he did the crime to do the time and that they will absolutely not for no reason even think about taking somebodys mug shot off the website." That is a lack of respect to another human being and I feel like the troopers in the keys pull you over for the most silliest reasons. I have friends that will not come down to the keys just because they know that they will leave the keys with a ticket from a trooper. For window tints, for going 10 miles over the speed limit, etc. Aren't they suppose to be fighting crime?? Why are they parking on the side of the road or in intersections just waiting for people to come by?? Don't they have anything better to do than park their cop cars between bushes and hide till we ride by?? what's going on!!! There was a case that I read in the paper down here that a 26 year old key largo resident starved her 1 year old to death! How can something like that pass an entire community by, but we have our law enforcement officers hiding in bushes to issue a ticket for window tints or to harass hispanics to find out if they are illegal!!

February 11, 2006 - 4:32 p.m.

Everyone on Shrimp Rd. from Andy Griffiths,Coral Lagoons(green building and docks),to Ketek and the people who live there are excited about the big cleanup along the road this week. Its all everyones talking about. At work today it was very quiet,not a crack head in sight. Thanks to all the hard working deputies and road crew with clam bucket.Thanks also to the narcotics squad. We were able to see them in action Friday right out front. We all appreciate your efforts and will support you 100% in the future. Thanks again.

February 2, 2006 - 8:12 p.m.

I work on Stock Island in construction.The sheriffs department is doing an excellent job patroling the area around Lacurva and Shrimp Rd. I've seen great improvement in the area over the past year. I still see drug deals and crack whores almost every day, mostly on Shrimp Rd.,but not the same ones all the time. They seem to dissappear for periods of time and I thank-you. Keep up the good work.

10/14/2005 - 10:14 p.m.

Hi, speeding again? The last exit to the Bank of America on the old highway, coming southbound on useless 1,then stoping short at the four way stopsign on the old highway, who ever blew the horn, shouted en epagnole', was going 80 coming north on useless 1,expleted,deleted to you too. All those stop signs, coming from useless 1 along that stretch of Islamorada old highway are a death trap as the nothbound traffic on useless 1 is going 50-70 and more mph. It's like trying to cut across the oposite lanes on a expressway and come to a stop in 30 feet. More speedguns are%

9/05/2005 at 11:25 p.m.

Tourism crimes are crimes of opportunity. there are people who travel following the tourism seasons. The most important tool is education of tourism workers and leaders on how to reduce and prevent the chances of opportunity. A little common sense goes a long way.

Traffic enforcement is a balance of safety and professional judgement. There are areas in the keys that a traffic stop could be simply suicidal due to enviromental dangers. I personally like to see a system approved by the state of florida to allow a photograph of a vehicle tag with a time/speed stamp to issue a traffic citation to the mailing address of the car owner.

6/22 at 9:41 p.m.

I would like to see just alittle more traffic patrol Mondays through fridays on us1 from mm95 to mm 106 during rush hours. 6:30 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I go to work every day at 6:45 and drive north at @ 45-50 mph. I have at least 10 and often more cars fly by me every morning. I am afraid to get into the left lane for fear of being run over, even though I am doing or slightly exceeding the speed limit.I have had people flashing their lights or even honking at me to get out of the way even at 50 mph. If the sherriffs department can spend the time to enforce the 15 mph limit on gasparilla ave, I would expect them to at least try to enforce the limit on us 1. Thank you for this format and your time reading this.

Keith A Stone
Key Largo

6/17 at 1:39 p.m.

From: unknown sender

While driving North on Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at approximately 4:00 PM, a Sheriff's vehicle heading the same direction with other cars in front made no attempt to issue citations to the first car making a left hand turn on Big Coppitt Key without the use of a turn signal. Cars were all over the road to miss one another. the same thing happened on Big Pine Key, with the same patrol car.

6/9 8:44 a.m.

From: Carmel C. Whiteland

I wish someone in law enforcement would actually enforce the noise ordinances in residential neighborhoods. I have a kid living next door to me at ****** in Baypoint mm15 who has been deliberately torturing myself and my husband for over a year now using ear splitting, house shaking music from his car! He drives a black caddilac and we can hear him coming in all the way from the highway to the front of our homes and then he sits there listening to it for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and believe me one minute of that is enough when it is so loud that your house is shaking! He will typically do this several times a day. I actually followed him once because I wondered why he was in and out of the neighborhood every twenty minutes sometimes. I followed him to a VERY seedy area on Big Coppitt Key. He does this deliberatly because my husband went over to his house on four seperate occassions when these people first moved in over a year ago and asked them nicely to turn their music down. The situation only got worse and we really never wanted to involve the police but finally called in early March of 2005. Of course the kid played the music (if you want to call it that) for ten minutes and then took off so we cancelled the call.The incident number was MCSO05CAD024467. Then on March 10 he was out there washing the cadillac and blaring the stereo. My husband was still in town working and I called him and told him what was going on and that I really didn't think I could take much more. My husband went to the Sheriff's office and spoke with officer Morgan. She came out and talked to the kid (his name is ******) and basically informed us that she was powerless to do anything about it. We were also told by officer Morgan that the kid knows the law (wonder why!) and , get this, that he had lost "respect" for my husband and I! This (the losing of his respect)was because the very day before, my husband and I had both walked over there and yelled at him to turn it off! The incident number on the March 10 call was MCSO05CAD024695 and incidentally, we have and had at the time a copy of the noise ordinance but officer Morgan was not interested in that, only that our neighbors had no respect for us! Well gee! I think we had already covered that one! And really, are people allowed to torture other people simply because they don't respect them? Is she for real? (Officer Morgan)As far as the parents of this kid? She works twelve hours a day and is only home in the evenings and the stepfather behaves in a lewd manner with me. It really is distgusting.
If there had EVER been any respect for my husband and I since these people moved in we wouldn't be at this point now. My husband and I own our property and these people are renters. I have spoken to the owner, their land lord who's name is ****** (sorry I don't know his last name but his number is ***********) and I have spoken to him several times. He lives in Philly. He is helpless to help me he says. These people have pretty much destroyed his property and at my request he has allready been down here to clean up the yard as they have, over the last year, had every square inch of his yard covered in old engines boats and junk. We have been trying to sell our house (they are definitely one of our reasons)so having a view of all the junk in their back yard from our backyard was no condusive to us selling our home. Is there ANYTHING that can be done here? The owner said they were leaving in April so we laid off him but the fact is, they are still here and so is this noise problem. They also own a pit bull who occassionally has ended up in our yard. The dog is VERY destructive and strong and we know that the only insurance company that will insure mobile homes down here will NOT allow you to keep a pit bull among other breeds. Could this be looked into? My husband and I have a mortgage (just like the owner of *********) and WE are not allowed to own this breed of animal.Thank you for ANY consideration on this from two law abiding, tax paying citizens.

Sincerely, Carmel C. Whiteland

3/18 at 12:09 a.m.

From: Sandi Downs []

I am a firm believer that teens are entitled to the same rights and respect as adults are. By the way, we send them off to war at 18, to do the most dangerous and offensive job in the world. Yet here in the Keys, we treat them as if they were unworthy of any attention, any entertainment, any consideration. There is very little for them to do unless they have access to a boat. The beaches are always polluted, the rest of the streets and shops are filled with the tourists, whose business is more sought after than a teen's..because they are presumed to have more money. The transportation to school and back takes 2 hours a day from lots of kids. There is so much stress on them and their families due to the cost of living here. The jobs teens can get to help pay expenses for themselves have difficult hours to coordinate with school, so most employers would rather hire an adult. The Sheriff's Office seems to make a great deal of Juvenille arrests and really create a history for our youth with arrests. The Sheriff's Office doesn't understand what an accusation does to a child, and the road it could set them on. There seems to be little in the way of help programs down here for teens in trouble, and a lot of leniency given to the kids with parents with names, money, or positions. Unfairness is the least thing kids tolerate, and you set a terrible example when one person gets let off the same offense and another person doesn't because "who daddy is." The greatest of your Officers never get promotions, the bullies get them. So it is easy to see what kind of demeanor you are encouraging. I'll never vote for Sheriff Roth again, and I will fight the unfairness and bias in the Keys as long and as hard as I can. Somebody has got to stick up for our next generation.

12/21/2004, 3:01 a.m.

Excellent website with a lot of good information for Florida Keys residents and visitors! As an annual visitor to Monroe County, it is good to see that MCSO is doing good work. I have come across several of your deputies in the five years I have visited the Keys, and all present a sense of professionalism and good social interaction. Keep it up!

I have noticed that many residents are concerned about speeding and other traffic violations on US 1. Sure, I've seen them too, as I've traveled the route. But it seems that most motorists are abiding by the laws, residents and visitors alike. You're right, folks, most of the "violators" are out of state tourists... but, as a 911 dispatcher for an upstate New York sheriff's department, many residents don't realize that other calls for service from your friends and neighbors have to take precedence. Your sheriff and his deputies are working hard to answer calls for service, as well as take an aggressive stance against traffic violators.

Congratulations on a great looking website and a professional law enforcement organization. I hope to meet many more of your deputies in future visits to the Keys!

Chris Tiffany, Canandaigua, NY

December 14, 2004, 11:41 p.m.

I travel the USA for work, and can honestly report that it's very hard to get a highway speeding ticket in this country unless you're doing better than 15-over the posted limit (i.e. 80+ in a 65)...or unless you're in the Keys.  As a very frequent Keys visitor (and local homeowner), it's so hard to acclimate to the agonizingly low limit(for a highway) of 45 that I won't take a rental car without cruise control.  For the first day or two in town, using the cruise control is the easiest way to roll at the slow pace without inadvertently creeping up to 'normal' highway speeds (15-over).  I'm not the only visitor who is law abiding (and ticket free) but clearly a potential speeder once in town.


Here's what you can do to help reduce the volume of 'accidentally speeding' visitors:  1) Post a southbound sign in Key Largo that the speed limits are STRICTLY enforced, 2) a few miles later, post the same message under one of those automatic speed signs (showing our speed).  With the reminders, perhaps many will voluntarily throttle it back from 15-over to the limit. The benefit will be faster adoption of locally acceptable speeds and less weaving from cars trying to get past those of us who are finally travelling at 45.  It's not easy going slow, but it's a good idea, and you can make it easier with a reminder or two that will be seen by thousands of cars daily, and certainly heeded by hundreds like me. It's a start and probably affordable.  Keep up the good work. 

April 2, 2004, 3:57 p.m.


It's a shame more people don't send in comment to this page.
We are lucky to have the opportunity.
They sure complain verbaly to one another quite a bit.
Other than speeders,speed does kill incidently, you have matters well in hand, crime wise.
We couldn't live in a safer community unless we declared ourselves a bonified policestate.Which of course we are very very close to now.
It's still a 2 1/2 lane nightmare on "useless one" what with everyone blasting way over the speed limit in big dangerous SUV's.
To me speeding in a SUV, which is a overweight truck that takes almost twice the distance to stop as a regular sedan is like firing a 30/06 at clay pigions on a skeet range with a residentual neiborhood behind it, in the line of fire.Your going to kill or maim someone eventually due to your irresponseability doing either of the aformentioned.
Something bothers me about the mug shots. None of them are speeders. Why do you put people in jail for having a problem with their drivers license,registration, etc. when speeders never go to jail untill they kill or maim someone. And in many instances they never even see the jail then?
Let's face it if they are rich enough to drive a SUV then they can afford a real lawyer,who always win in monroe county. The 16th jud system State attn. only wins against those who have to rely on the public defenders[sick] office,which is in the ST attn's pocket, who never win, I do mean never, win and gain a aquital.A real lawyer scares the crap out of those sorry so and so's.Is that why these people who are basicly doing the same thing as firing a high powered rifle into a houseing project aren't jailed?
Hell' boy you could get all your relitives jobs at the KW jail if you start throwing in the real dangerous law breakers, not just the poor people that don't have the proper paper work[just like a police state???] Am I being to logical for a Government Forum or is there indeed a reason for this total injustice?

December 19, 2003, 2:19 p.m.

I just want to take a minute to thank Deputy Linda Hartley for everything she does to help out in her community. Alot of people think that there is some alterior motive behind the things she does, but she really,truly enjoys helping other people in any way that she can. Sheriff Roth and Col. McDonald, you should be very honored to have her on your staff. Happy Holidays! PS- Happy Retirement Col. McDonald, We're sad to see you go!

December 10, 2003, 8:19 p.m.

Your website has helped me keep track of my granddaughters father for the past 2 years. Some people may argue that this information should not be posted, however it has been a very useful tool for me. Without this site and help from your probation officers I'd be living in constant fear. Keep up the good work and may all of you in Monroe County have a blessed Holiday Season! Stay safe....

New Jersey

November 28, 2003, 7:57 p.m.

I do not like seeing mugshots of arrests in your web-site. It humiliates people in this small community, makes other people in the community think these people are guilty before their trial or if the person is acquitted.

Also, I hear alot about burglaries in the neighborhoods and the dept. does not have enough deputies to stop the problem. But you have plenty of deputies to conduct weekly traffic enforcement assignments (posted in paper). You should use those deputies to target crime areas as opposed to having them run up and down the highway to write tickets.

October 30, 2003, 7:00 a.m.


I have a question regarding the paving of Ocean Bay drive in Key Largo. Can you tell me when the bike path lines will be replaced? It is terribly dangerous for the children walking to their bus stops, and also for we adults utilizing it for exercise. I was almost run down twice this past week by vehicles driving too closely to the roadside. Besides the fact that speeds in this neighborhood are out of control on both Ocean Bay and the side streets, this has made the situation even more dangerous; and I have not seen an officer in weeks patrolling the area.

October 28, 2003, 3:10 p.m.

I'd like to see aggressive and consistant enforcement of the drunk driver laws. Locals, tourists, rich and poor should all be held accountable for their actions based on specific criteria described in your policy and procedure manual and State Statutes. Too many times I've seen drunk drivers released, driven home or put into taxis. This type of selective enforcement destroys both public perception of police integrity and makes a joke of a very serious problem.

October 21, 2003

THANK you for providing mug shots of the arrested. I check it out everyday. As a business owner it quite helpful when it comes to hiring employees. Thank you also for arresting (name deleted) as he is a known leader of a commercial fishing theft ring. The marine patrol is well aware of this issue but it continues yearly. Commercial stone crabbers and lobstermen lose thousands and thousands of dollars every season due to theft by these people. If you are not in the business you can't imagine the expense involved. You can not obtain insurance for traps or contents. Please help us stop these people. If they were robbing a store or mugging people they would be put away. Thank you. I would sign my name but due to a $6000.00 loss a couple weeks ago it wouldn't be in my interest to do so.

From:, Wednesday June 25, 2003, 01:31 PM

Awhile back one of your captains, I think it was Joe Lietier{sp} wrote in a local paper that speeding causes many more deaths and injuries than armed robbery. He was right. All the traffic fatalities and the pedestrians that were run down like animals by uncaring drivers this year had the crime of speeding as a common bond. My question is: Why do you consider golf carts on roads[other than the PC's at cheeca lodge,probably another example of payola?] and illegal parking prorities when there is most definitly potential speeding fines out there on the white line nightmare called US1 to finance 40- or 50 new cop cars with all the bells and whistles? Afraid to arrest someone for a serious crime for fear of stepping on tourist toes? Or is the deaths of these people acceptable to you?I also wonder if you realize that ordering your boys to lay off speeders is a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the inpuals who die and are injured on useless 1. USCode around #1985.

Answered by Captain Joe Leiter, Sector 6, Islamorada:

Mr. Kahl,

Your Citizen Comment has been forwarded to my by our Public Information Officer since you live in Islamorada. I am the Islamorada Sheriff's District Commander.

I'm not sure what your complaint is. If it's about Golf Carts being operated on the street or Illegal Parking I will be more than happy to talk to you about this. You also seem to intimate that Sheriff's Deputies are being told not to write speeding citations to least that's the way I understand what you wrote. I assure you, Sheriff's Deputies write hundreds of citations for speeding, improper passing, careless driving and other violations every month. Here in Islamorada, my deputes write about 200 citations a month to both tourists and Keys residents; we make no distinction between where the traffic violator lives. If you would like to talk to me about your concerns please feel free to call me at my office at 853-7021 or I can call you if you wish.

Captain Leiter
Islamorada District Commander

From:,  Wednesday June 18, 2003, 01:17 PM

Why aren't the zoning laws,florida statutes concerning exotic animals,health laws,requirements of insurance for commercial vehicals and commercial exotic animal and related products sales, etc., etc., etc. enforced in The Ocean breeze trailer park almost across the street,OC-Ol'HWY, from Islamora city hall? One person on the notheastern most corner has a illegal unisured unlicensed lizzard farm,pet products sales, and a transportation business. She washes the droppings of 30 or more iguana, full sise, into the soil, not a septic system of any sort, when she feels like cleaning the filthy cages. She doesn't do it dayly as per FS. Are you recieving money to look the other way from smuggling activities of her transportation business of which she was convicted in FED. court some years ago? Or is the village on the take and not the whole of the law enforcement systems of the Florida Keys[not including mainland monroe, of course].

Answered by Captain Joe Leiter, Sector 6, Islamorada:

Mr. Kahl,

Your email to the Sheriff's Office about enforcement of laws relating to exotic animals was forwarded to me by the Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer. I am the Sheriff's Office Commander for the Islamorada District.

Your complaint refers to "Ocean breeze trailer park almost across the street from city hall." I think you are talking about Sea Breeze Trailer Park located on the old road just north of Founder's Park. I have forwarded your complaint to the Islamorada Code Compliance and Building Official, Mr. Don Horton. His office is located at Village Hall inside Founder's Park, phone 664-2345. The alleged violations you referred to in your email I think would the jurisdiction of Village Code Compliance or the State Health Department or both. However, if you would like a Sheriff's Office Report on your complaint, I can send a deputy to meet with you, just let me know.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at my office here at the entrance to Founder's Park, 853-7021.

Captain Joe Leiter
Islamorada District Commander

Friday June 13, 2003,  09:38 PM

I am so happy and grateful that you post arrests along with mugshots online. I was a single mom for years (no longer single) and dated a man that sweet talked me and swept me off of my feet. After I fell in love & trusted him he started to beat me. And nearly stole my life. If I knew about the website then I would have never gotten involved, never have been beaten have never lost my self restpect. I would never have been nearly homeless with my kids. I have found your sight and guess what? He is now in custody for trying to murder his girlfriend & yes he has a past of beating women. Could have been me and my kids. If this sight can save 1 life it is so worth it and worth any criticism.

What rights should they have? You do the crime you should have no rights what about us and our kids rights I feel a little more at ease now that the kids are young adults...Thank you forever grateful..... PS I am now married to a wonderful gentleman

that does NOT have a record.

EX Victim

From:, Friday June 06, 2003, 11:01 PM

Aviation and US 1 is a very dangerous intersection. Every morning I have (and many others) have to make a left turn and sit in the small median until trafic clears to continue northbound. This is so dangerous. I don't understand why we do not have a red light here? Is there any way to see about this getting done? I know it took a lot of fatalities at Coco Plum before they got a light, do we really have to lose lives at this intersection before we get one? Thank you.

From, Tuesday May 27, 2003, 09:48 AM

Suggestion for your web site:

It is very difficult to read most of the type because of the background. The Badge creates a color problem and contrast problem, and tens to make the viewer cross-eyed. Suggest using a plain nutrail gray background and placint the Badges in corners where there isn't any wording. Also, the "desolve' effects take too much time to d/l, and are not needed on a professional web page.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Friday May 23, 2003,  01:10 PM


Answer: Not if the crime was a felony, unless the person has had their rights restored somehow.

Wednesday May 21, 2003,09:47 PM

Dear Sheriff Roth, Your Deputy has done a fine job on this web site. I especially enjoy checking out the arrests section. Very entertaining to see some of the mugs on these inpiduals! On a completely different note, I was considering applying for a position with your department, but I do not think I could live in the Keys on the salary paid by most of the positions. You may want to try to get the county to raise the pay levels to compensate for Monroe county being the most expensive county (now) in the state. This sure would help to attract and retain the talent you need. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sunday May 04, 2003, 08:36 PM

The corner of Julep and U.S. 1 (Tavernier Ocean Shores) is hazardous. Parents are constantly blocking the intersection and causing a dangerous situation when dropping off their kids. I would suggest a one way street in front of the dance studio and the Montessory School. The exit already exists just south of Julep. I have witnessed automobiles crossing over the sidewalk to enter the highway. I personally have had to come to a complete stop on US1 to turn into the development. Please help. Thank you.

Answered by Captain Jenny Bell-Thomson: We are aware of this problem and are working toward a resolution of it.

From:, Monday May 05, 2003, 06:04 PM

We watch young children ride 'gopeds' up and down our street. They break every law that applies to other vehicles. No helmets, no stopping at stop signs, reckless driving, driving on sidewalks and bike paths, no hand signals, racing, speeds beyond posted limits. Yet somehow they seem immune to prosecution. Who made these things legal. What can we do to stop the madness and carnage?


Les & Mary Jackson

Answered by Captain Rick Ramsay: You ask a very good question, and one which we have wrestled with ourselves. This is what Florida law says about these types of vehicles:"Ch. Law 2002-20 HB 261 – Traffic Effective 7/1/2002

316.003(21) A motor vehicle is any self-propelled vehicle not operated upon rails or guideway, but not including any bicycle, motorized scooter, electric personal assistive mobility device, or moped.

316.003(82) A motorized scooter is a vehicle not having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, designed to travel on not more than three wheels, and not capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed greater than 30 mile per hour on level ground."

In essence, this says that a motorized scooter is not considered to be a "motor vehicle" under state law, and, thus is legal to ride on the roadways for any age person, as long as it has no more than three wheels and as long as it does not have a seat on it.

This is, in essence, a loop hole in the law in regards to these Go Peds. Because they are not considered a motor vehicle by Florida law, they are exempt from some laws, for instance they are legal to ride on bike paths and sidewalks. When they are on a roadway, they are still required to follow the rules of the road and can be cited for violations if those violations are witnessed by a law enforcement officer. We have had the same complaints from around the county and are also concerned about this matter but find our hands tied. The only way to tackle the issue is for an officer to witness violations, then ticket the offender, and we are doing our best in this regard. The only way to change this is to do it legislatively, or by passing a local ordinance.

Monday May 05, 2003, 11:53 PM



From:, Thursday March 20, 2003, 11:00 AM

Dear Sheriff Roth:

I am appalled at the inefficiency of our law enforcement system relative to its ability to manage traffic in and around the scene of a traffic accident. If there are LAWS that prevent your officers from detouring/directing traffic around the scene of an accident, then perhaps I should be complaining to my congressman. If not, perhaps you could explain why I routinely see DOZENS of emergency and law enforcement personnell standing idly about every accident scene, while traffic is held at a complete standstill. I could understand stopping traffic for 15 or 20 minutes until debris can be removed, and until a detour plan is developed. However, almost invariably the delay is an HOUR or longer. This is extremely frustrating to the driving public, and it is an economic penalty to the public. Please do something to get traffic flowing more quickly. With the technology at your avail, and with the resources that are already on the scene, it is unthinkable that your operation could be so inefficient. Is driving on the shoulder, slowly, and under direction of a traffic officer ILLEGAL? In my home state (Vermont) we are able to get by an accident scene, and those roads are mere footpaths in the mountains relative to the terrain here. Sincerely Charles W. Spehrley

Answered by Sheriff Rick Roth:

Mr. Spehrley

I certainly understand your frustration. In some cases we expect a scene to clear in just a matter of minutes so we'll hold traffic temporarily so we can keep traffic on the highway. In some cases we cannot bypass an accident scene such as the one recently on the 7 mile bridge - there just isn't room. If you could give me some specifics I could check that particular accident and give you a better answer. Sheriff Rick Roth

Answered by Captain Jennifer Bell-Thomson, Sector 7:

Thanks for your input on the issue of traffic tie-ups on US1 when traffic crashes occur.  This is a frequent complaint from residents and visitors to our islands.  Please understand, however, that the Florida Highway Patrol, not the Sheriff’s Office, handles traffic crashes on US1. It is they who make decisions about closing and opening the highway. 

While I realize it is frustrating to see police officers standing near a crash apparently not engaged in any activity, please know that deputies and supervisors of the Sheriff’s Office on those scenes are diligent about efforts to assist the FHP so that the road can be opened.  We frequently ask troopers if emergency equipment can be moved from the roadway so that it can be opened.  If the road or any portion of the road is passable, it is our goal to see that traffic moves.

I am aware that this is becoming a priority with the FHP as well, and hopefully we will see fewer incidents where traffic is tied up for hours when there is some safe way to keep it moving that does not hinder the crash investigation.

I would, though, suggest you express your concerns with the Florida Highway Patrol so that they continue to be aware of the inconvenience this causes those who travel in our Keys.

Saturday March 01, 2003, 10:42 PM

Dear Ms. Herrin,

I'm having the hardest time navigating this site. Is there any way to make it a little easier for us novices? Any tips would be appreciated. I was trying to find the news on an accident in Marathon that killed a local man, but didn't know where to look. Plus, I can't seem to get to the pages of some "arrestees" whom I know have rap sheets for DUI's, my neighbor being one of them with 10, supposedly! And he's still driving...

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Answered by Becky Herrin: I'm sorry you are having difficulty. Florida Highway Patrol handles accidents such as the one you are refering won't find info on accidents on our site.


As far as searching arrests, our search engine could certainly be better, I agree. Unfortunately, the design we currently have is the only one we've been able to come up with that will work with our database. I've brought the issue up with our information systems pision several times, but they say it is the best they can do right now.


Usually, if you try searching for the name by typing in the first name followed by the last name with no commas or anything, it will get results. We only have the last five years available on line right now, however.


If you want to send me the names you are looking for, I can look them up for you and tell you whatever you need to know. Thanks for visiting our site

Monday February 17, 2003,  06:49 PM:

I would like to see more patrols and enforcement of the vagrants sleeping on the playground behind the Isla library. There are often men without children loitering in the park, and I have seen some sleeping in the grass in the middle of the play area. Also the camper trailer and other hints of men living at the park and in the parking lot. Thank you

From:, Friday February 14, 2003, 10:21 AM

I think the publication of arrest records along with information and mug shots is an excellent idea for several reasons. One, we can recognize a potential threat; two, we discern areas of increased danger; three, it may act as a deterrent. Please keep in mind that I am a roaring, knee-jerk liberal, but one who believes John and Jane Q. Citizen deserve the benefit of the law, too.

Thanks for your good work. No reply is necessary, but I didn't want to be anonymous.

Jean Luedtke, Key Largo

From:,  Monday February 03, 2003,  03:17 PM

I split my time between Miami and Key Largo spending 6 months in each. Now I daily commute to Miami to attend Florida International University. I personally feel the M.C.S.O. does a great job in what they do. I just personally have one concern. I notice a greater amount of speeders but only on the stretch. Is MCSO only accountable for the Traffic Enforcement on the Monroe side of the stretch or is there a Mutual Aid Agreement between M.C.S.O and the Miami-Dade Police Department. I would like to see the number of speeders attempted to be reduced in order to save lives. Fortunetly this year only 2 fatalities have happened there.

Answered by Captain Jennifer Bell-Thomson, Sector 7:

Thank you for your confidence in the Sheriff’s Office.  Regarding the issue of traffic violations on the Dade County side of the 18-mile stretch of US1, we share your concern.  While we do have a mutual aid agreement with Miami-Dade Police Department, this issue is one of resource allocation for the Sheriff’s Office.    

Our primary obligation is to answer calls for service within Monroe County.  When deputies are not on those calls, they have a host of other tasks they must accomplish.  Traffic enforcement is one of those tasks and they are diligent – last year deputies in Sector 7 (Tavernier to the county line) made over 5,000 traffic stops. Since the number one complaint voiced to the Sheriff’s Office by our citizenry is traffic violations in neighborhoods, we have an obligation to address that problem first, before spending time on traffic issues outside our county. 

However, traffic law enforcement is the primary function of the Florida Highway Patrol, which has jurisdiction on all Florida highways.  Deputies do patrol the Monroe County side of the 18 mile stretch and Monroe County deputies who live in Dade County frequently make traffic stops on the Dade County side while going to and from work. The complication with writing traffic tickets in another county is that the deputy may have to appear in court in that county, taking up a lot of man-hours to do so. Due to this complication, most traffic stops in Miami-Dade by our deputies result in warnings rather than citations. Given our limited resources we prefer to encourage Miami-Dade Police and the Florida Highway Patrol to address this problem. 

Friday January 10, 2003, 06:22 AM

why is every black male in the bahama village area wether walking or standing, always consider as a drug dealer. I have watch this type of harrassment continued. as a white male i truly think such treatment is discreminitive. these same inpiduals father's are repsponsible for fighting for this country , but this is the treatment they recieve. Thank you very much KWPD.

Tuesday December 31, 2002, 12:59 PM

I believe by posting mug shots on the web site, you are punishing the accused before they have had their oppurtunity to due process. It will be a matter of time before this practice will be considered a violation of one's civil rights.


Thursday December 26, 2002, 10:36 PM

I like to see traffic units - the speeds on US1 can get quite high --- I think tourisum crime mainly is related to partying ( alcohol, drugs and traffic ) - I don't think tourisum causes much major crime, if any --- I am generally happy with the law enforcement service in the Big Pine area, how ever I would like to meet the deputies that work this area - a " meet your deputies " get together or something ????


Thursday November 14, 2002, 02:12 PM

Traffic speeds are increasing at an alarming rate across the country. Its down right epidemic in Dade County and the length of I95. Here in Monroe County we are lucky to have only the 113 +/- miles of US One to focus on. The MCSD need to put a priority on controlling speeding. Most people who commit any crime are almost always going to speed in leaving the scene or the county. Also Tourists will still come even if you do enforce laws. (Dade and Broward drivers are some of the worst offenders.) PLEASE DO MORE TO SLOW DOWN THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO CONCERN FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS. The biggest danger facing anyone in Monroe County is being a victim of traffic crime. Speeding, DUI, Reckless Driving and Passing account for almost all traffic deaths. Keys residents experience a very low crime rate and are very safe eveywhere EXCEPT ON US ONE. Work with the FHP and use the "wolfpack" approach. Do not announce in the newspapers what areas are being patroled and find some new hiding places.

Answer by Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Glen Test:

Thank you for your input. We at the Sheriff's Office are aware of the growing traffic problems in our County. With the increase in motorists on our highway each year, we will invariably have an increase in traffic problems. Sheriff Roth places strong emphasis in preventing traffic violations through high visibility and enforcement activity. Sheriff Roth recently requested the County Commission allow us to essentially double our nine man Traffic Unit, but unfortunately our request was denied.

With regard to advertising enforcement areas; there are guidelines we must adhere to, most of which are the result of previous court cases. For example, any "checkpoints" we use must be advertised prior to the event, as well as on roadside immediately prior to the actual location of the checkpoint. If you are referring to the "Traffic Target Areas" we post twice a month, we feel that advertising those areas of concern helps raise awareness among the citizens. The list is compiled based on a combination of citizen complaints, high hazard areas, and crash data. The list of areas is passed on to all Officers, not just those in the Traffic Unit, so they can help get control of areas of concern. I can attest to the fact that the Traffic Target Area program has worked, particularly in the neighborhoods. Frequently I receive letters or calls from citizens thanking us for targeting their neighborhood, as it has made a noticeable difference in their neighborhood. Obviously with the transient motorist population on US1 it is much more difficult to make an impact on traffic violations. Many of the motorists on US1 have never been here before, hence previous enforcement efforts do little to curb any violations they may consider committing. We hope that through strict enforcement and high visibility we may deter violations by new motorists, but it is a never ending battle.

Lastly, with regard to finding new hiding places, unfortunately we really don't need to hide. I wish I could say that it was difficult to find violators without hiding, but it really isn't. When we are able to dedicate time to a certain area we usually get as many as we can handle without hiding. Please be aware that the Sheriff's Office is trying to do as much as possible with our resources. It would be nice if we could afford to flood the streets with Traffic Deputies. The fact is that with the usual shortages due to sickness, vacations, vacant positions, etc., our nine man unit is stretched very thin over 113 miles of highway. Naturally the Sheriff has to balance the need for Patrol Deputies, Detectives, and various other specialized units, along with Traffic Enforcement. We try to handle the traffic problems as efficiently as possible with our limited resources, and in general I think Monroe County is one of the safer places to drive in South Florida. If you have specific areas of concern, particularly in your subpision, please let us know and we will try to help. Thanks again for the input.

Tuesday October 15, 2002, 11:35 PM

This evening, pulling into my driveway from work, I was pulled over for a faulty light on my vehicle. Deputy Mixon was on the job, And I must say I am thankful that here in Monroe Co. we have professional, intelligent Officers who take the time to determine the truth...Especially with a tough situation like identity theft, which I am a victim of. On his advice, I will seek your office's help with resolving this matter. Again, I would like to commend Deputy Mixon for his friendly, professional manner.

Sincerely, Seamus B. Smith

Email Address:

 Tuesday October 15, 2002, 12:50 PM

I'm a Police Officer in Groton, Connecticut, and vacation in Marathon for one month every year. After 6 years of employment, I've decided to relocate to your area. Everything I have read or witnessed I'm very impressed with. Your agency is well organized. I have requested an application and look forward to possibly serving down there.

Great job.

Al Smythe

Wednesday October 09, 2002, 05:00 PM

Yes, I used to know the officers until they were taken off of Higgs Beach. I have worked at the restaurant there for four years and they did a great job cleaning up the beach. Tuesday, October 1, the first day without security, people were drinking, parking wherever, sleeping on benches, & fighting.

Public drunkeness should not be tolerated around one of the area's only children's park. It won't take long for the area to go back to what it was four years ago. A community embarrassment! If $121,000 is what it takes to patrol the park and make it safe, clean & enjoyable, then that is what it takes.

Perhaps parking meters for the RV's & campers would make this more affordable.

Monday October 07, 2002, 10:19 PM

don't trust anyone but the law enforcement!

Saturday September 28, 2002, 12:25 PM

Arrests and mug shots on web sie are great. There is more than enough Traffic enforcement! Tourism impacts little crime to all of the keys except key west! Key west tourist crime rate is too high!

Sunday September 22, 2002, 08:43 PM

Good Evening: After viewing your website this evening, I was curious if you have considered using 'Westlaw Online' instead of the inmates visiting your Law Library in person? I work in a law library at a detention center that uses Westlaw Online and it's a great improvement from the inmates visiting the law library as in the past. (I am a civilian paralegal) Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Answered by our Information Systems pision: We do use Westlaw in the library. It's all CD-Rom based. The inmates cannot access it from their units. They have to go to the law library where the terminals are. (There's also a typewriter for them to type motions, etc.) We do not use Westlaw online as that would require them to have access to the Internet.

Wednesday September 18, 2002, 02:28 AM

I think your web site is great but on your juvenile programs there is nothing there for children in Key West that need some kind of disiplen program that are not drug users but that need to reconise what real life is all about.I trully belive that a child that is not yet in to drugs or stealing but has a bad additude and thinks that they know it all really could benifit from some kind of disiplinery program. It's a shame because the children of today is tomorrows future and in Key West there is nothing for children to do so I think we should at least have some kind of program for are children.

Monday September 16, 2002, 08:03 PM

I have made many complaints about running the red lights on 107&109 th streets but norhing has been done about it. does someone have to die before people & trucks are stopped from running these lights?

Answered by Traffic Sgt. Glen Test: I have received a few complaints on this area during the past year. It has been listed several times on our "target areas", and has been targeted by our unit. The three or four times I personally have targeted these intersections it was not very productive. I believe two of us sat there for an hour or so each time, and observed one blatant violation.

Unfortunately the motorcycle deputy for the Marathon area is not motorcycle certified as of yet, and targeting these two lights in a car is somewhat difficult due to the road design, curbs, etc. The Traffic Unit will continue to target this area, and appreciate any help the sector can provide.

Friday September 13, 2002, 06:22 PM

I appreciate the info shown by your site and don't think it should be dropped. Yes I think tourists attract criminals...they usually are easy prey I'm told, because they're relaxed and on vacation. Also think the Sheriffs and Troopers are very generous when it comes to some traffic violations. That's appreciated too. In fact every day, when they hit the hiway and don't know what they'll find...I silently thank them. Think they need their pay raised and if it could be taken from the bed tax, which is helping to bring in so many more should be done!

Monday September 09, 2002, 11:16 AM

I use the arrest portion of the website on a daily basis in my job. I check to see if there are any arrests on property or of any of our residents. It is an invaluable tool and enables me to do a better job for all my residents and their families. I also use the link to the Clerk's office to follow up the cases. (no reply is necessary)

Sunday September 08, 2002, 11:33 PM

i like seeing the mug shots. you have a real good one of my ex-husband robert this time he looks real kool in it.

Wednesday September 04, 2002, 01:22 AM

Ref: your tourist info webpage.

Key Colony Beach has its own police department in addition to Key West.

From the web author: Shame on me! Thanks....I've corrected the oversight!

Friday August 30, 2002,: 03:57 PM

I think this web site is a very informative for citizens and I applaud your efforts! keep up the good work!!


Friday August 23, 2002,  09:33 PM

I very much like the mug shot section -- it lets me know what is going on and who's doing it -- the public needs to know who the problems's are -- traffic enforcement is always needed especially now that the kids are in school -- MCSO does a good job in my opinion -- wider disemination of crime statistics would be helpfull in my opinion -- we need to know what's going on

Monday August 19, 2002, 09:02 AM

Trailers parking on N bound US 1 at Shell World in Key Largo, obstruct N bound traffic from cross st. You need to ban that trailer parking before a serious accident occurs.

Answered by Captain Jenny Bell-Thomson, Sector 7 Commander: I have asked Sergeants Fanelli and Test to take a look at this problem.  If they determine it is, in fact, a hazardous area, they'll be contacting DOT for no parking signs.

Update, October 3, 2002: The Sheriff's Office Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Glen Test has sent a written request, including photos depicting the problem. to the Department of Transportation to put a "No Parking" sign in this location. They generally comply with such requests fairly rapidly, so this problem should be taken care of soon.

Monday August 19, 2002, 09:00 AM

I would like to be able to see the predator's list viewable by zip code.

How could I know the name of someone haunting a school?

Answered by Web Site Author: You can view a list of sexual predators/offenders on teh Florida Department of Law Enforcement's web site. Their database is searchable by county, zip code or name. Go to for more information.


Sunday August 18, 2002, 10:49 PM

i like the site, and the mug shots lets me know when my ex is in jail and when he aint. i just wish they would send him back to indianapolis because they have a warrant for him here.

Thursday August 15, 2002,10:42 PM

Mug shots and arrests are great, it helps concerned citizens keep up with developing problems in their neighborhoods so they can help keep a more watchful eye if problems are happening, especially with children's issues, drugs and burgleries


Thursday August 15, 2002, 06:47 AM

you need to do more during the rains, it is a law that headlights have to be on in the rain.... I have noticed that even the county cars aren't using them during the wet weather. running without lights does present a hazard to driving on rt 1. I few tickets during the rain will get these drivers the message quickly , and maybe save some lives.

Note from the Web Author: This writer is correct: Florida law says a driver must use headlights on his/her vehicle during "any rain, smoke or fog".

Tuesday August 13, 2002, 08:42 AM

The problem with showing arrest information on the WEB is that the inpiduals should be assumed innocent until proven guilty. There are several instances where people have been arrested, lost their employment and later found innocent or had charges dropped or reduced. The site shows arrests for five years and does not remove inpiduals who have been rehabilitated or more importantly found innocent. Unfortunatly the WEB Site has become similiar to the "CITIZEN CRIME REPORT" and used for entertainment. People log on to see who got arrested the day before and has become a topic of conversation throughout work places and the community. I understand these are Public Records, however the management and use of this information by others is regretable. I feel the rights of those involved are being abused by those not understanding our Legal System.

I work with inpiduals to help them with substance abuse and an important aspect of change is self esteem and job capability. Inpiduals losing their job after starting a new life because a coworker reported seeing an arrest five years ago on your site, does nothing to maintain that inpiduals self respect. Sadly this can lead to further substance abuse.

I hope you will consider the significant ramnifications the site has on inpiduals and the community. At the minimum we feel that the site should not show those adjucated as innocent and don't feel that going back five years is necessary. There is a proper way for prospective employers to do background checks and it is not through your site.

Sunday August 11, 2002,  03:49 PM

I enjoy this site immensely.The mug shots are great.As far as traffic enfocement goes you're doing a great job. Too bad you can't ticket people for holding up traffic and general stupidity.

Thursday August 08, 2002, 10:39 PM

Your web site has been the best I seen in Florida when it comes to Sheriffs and Police Dept. I is very informative and keeps the Public Advise of the Actions of the MCSO. When my driving steenage kids go out at nightI check it several times at night to see how the traffic is (Accidents) and situations (Service Calls in my Area) , It's truely helpfuf.


Wednesday August 07, 2002, 02:46 PM

Great job with your site. Thoroughly useful and great assistance with my position is your daily arrests tab.

Keep up the fine work.

Les Boatwright
Pretrial Services
16th Judicial Circuit

Friday August 02, 2002, 11:18 AM

I think the mug shots are great.

Thursday August 01, 2002, 10:30 AM

Living in an unincorporated area of Monroe County, I feel I see patrol units in my area too infrequently. By no means do we have a crime problem in my neighborhood, but it would be nice to see the Deputy's traveling through the neighborhoods instead of always being out on the main roads all the time. Sometimes it makes me feel like traffic tickets take priority over the residents.


Monday July 29, 2002, 12:51:53 PM


i think seeing the arrest on the web helps to know who you think your friends are and what they are up to.


Saturday July 27, 2002, 10:06:41 PM


I am a deputy in NV and enjoy looking at other departments web sites. The Monroe CO site is by far the best I have seen yet. I am amazed at how much detail and information you give. I am also very impressed at how well your site serves your local community and gives the community an opportunity to get involved. It is obvious that you have a truly progressive and community oriented department. Hopefully other departments around the country will take a cue from Monroe Co. A well deserved pat on the back for your department.


Wednesday July 24, 2002,  01:13:32 PM


I am proud of the dedication of the Monroe County Sheriff's office and the people of Monroe County who got the trauma helicopter program established and who work hard to save lives by responding to traffic and other accidents with the trauma helicopter. It's too far to rely on Miami for help; the distance can mean the difference between life and death, and it enforces Monroe County as a proud and competant county.  

Wednesday June 05, 2002, 01:33 PM

Where I live there's a large amount of crime. I'm impressed with them because it's a massive job to keep the criminals under control. When we look at the low crime rate in the Keys we want to move there right away. As far as tourism impacting crime, I would say too much partying would be a big part of it. Getting out of control, etc.

Thank you for the website! Put more new pictures, love the pe team - more please!


Sunday May 26, 2002, 10:30 AM

Thanks for this forum. Your entire site suggests an intelligent, caring, proactive law enforcement effort.

As to the relationship between tourism and crime: Not all tourists break the law. Those who do are criminals, and society deserves to be protected from them through the enforcement of the law. Many of us came here first as tourists, now we are as committed to the Keys as we could possibly be.

During the summer, I live on a barrier island off the New Jersey Coast. We, too, have a sand bar where people go to party when the tide's right. A few years ago, the partying got out of hand, and the police and the Coast Guard cooperated in cleaning up the act.

This nonsense of pass-the-buck has got to be settled. How can you guys bear to be hamstrung in your efforts to do your job? How can we citizens help get you some teeth? Thanks for your work. Every deputy I've come in contact with (admittedly, not very many, but the ones I did were very impressive) was professional and courteous, and got the job done.


Wednesday May 22, 2002, 01:39 PM

I do not live in the Keys, but I always look at this website.  It helps provide me with the vision of one day living there.  I'm very impressed the Sherriff's Department.  It appears to me there is a low crime rate in the Keys, pretty impressive.

Just wanted to say thanks for this website!

Answer: You're Welcome!
Thursday May 16, 2002    05:43 PM

I was very happy to read that Sergant Caputo was helping Upper Keys teens find a center especially for the them to get together. With his guidance & working with a committee of teens, I'm sure that an appropriate meeting place will be situated.
Thank you Sergant Caputo!

Wednesday May 01, 2002 02:16 PM

 I was scrolling through your web site and some of the issues questionned by your residents.  I am curious to find out what happened to your rescue helicopter that I had seen while covering the story of the car explosion on US 1 in the Marathon area awhile back.  I recall flying past your copter while it was enroute to JMH with the victim of the car explosion and then seeing it later on circling the scene. I have not seen it since that time. Is the copter still used for rescue purposes?
Monday April 22, 2002 11:12 AM

 My comment is one that I hope will get the attention of Monroe County law enforcement.  I live on Avenue F on Big Coppitt Key, directly across the street from the new childrens park.  While I realize that law enforcement can not continuously station themselves on this particular stretch of road, the speeding has been, and continues to be out of control.  The count of small children in just 4 of the homes sitting side by side on this street is 7. This street is traveled and used as a "short-cut" to reach a local convenient store, and people are totally ignorant to the fact that there are ALWAYS children coming in and out of the driveways, as well as coming in and out of this childrens park.  It is also used as a DRAG STRIP for the local teen drivers here in this area, late in the evenings and in the early morning hours.  It concerns me that while my neighbors and I have complained constantly, that there is nothing that can be done about this problem. Why would anyone construct a park for children, and NOT lower the speed limit, or install speed breakers, so that these children could play safely?  My child and his friends have almost been hit several times, and when we complain, we're told that theres nothing we can do. When we try to speak to the offenders, they threaten our lives, and make numerous other threats.  We, as citizens, should not be the ones confronting these offenders.  I have seen the Sheriffs department sitting along the park, however, the speeders can see them long before they typically begin to accelerate. Therefore, their presence is  only affording us a few moments of peace of mind.  Trust me when I say, that the violations begin only minutes after the Sheriffs cars are gone.  PLEASE help us to do something about this problem, before a child is horribly injured, or God forbid, even killed.  The problem has gotten so bad, that at this point it is only a matter of time before tragedy occurs.  I know that this problem is well known, because we have made several complaints..Im begging for help. Thank You.  A.Jones

Friday April 19, 2002   07:21 PM

 I am very surprized ..that (name withheld) is allowed to ride around on her bycycle drunk. she is drunk 24hours a day on korbel wine. She drinks in public,in front of the post office and marathon liquors. She also pulls out in front of moving cars and will cause an accident. She carries an open container on her bycycle which she should be picked up for dui. How much longer is going to get away with this?

Note: This web page is not meant to be used as a method of criticizing inpiduals in a public forum. I withheld the name used in the above note for this reason. Deputy Becky Herrin, Web Author.
Wednesday April 17, 2002   06:58 AM

 Question:  what are the rules for driving a scooter or moped?  I know they are driven in the street in K.W.  Do the same rules apply in the upper keys?  Is it OK to drive a moped on the walking path?

Please advise.

Answer: It is against the law to ride a moped, or any other motorized vehicle, on a bicycle path or walking path.
Wednesday April 17, 2002
06:49 AM

 I think many accidents are caused by people's carelessness and just not paying attention.  However, I think that some accidents could be prevented by having turn lanes on US 1.  There are too many streets that have no turn lanes, and when traffic is going 55+, well, sometimes I feel like I take my life in my hands making that turn. 

Look at the stretch between mm 93 & mm 97.  There must be a turn lane through the median (most without a turn lane) about every 50 yards - why?  Try making a turn to get into Silver Shores, Gate 4 going south.  Wouldn't it make more sense to go a little further to use a left turn & distroy the turns without a turn lane, or add a turn lane to them?  If they're there, people will use them & risk causing more accidents, which I feel, could be avoided.

Tuesday April 16, 2002   04:16 PM

 I have a question requarding the physical fitness requirements of the Sheriff's office. I am a retired Chicago Police Officer of 23 years experience. In Chicago we were required to take a physical fitness test every year, if we did not complete the test to satisfaction we would have a certain amount of time to "get in shape" or we would be disiplined and put on desk duty.  It is my understanding that after being hired the officers in Monroe County do not have to complete a fitness test annually? I believe that a cop should be in good shape, his job description demands it. I have seen a vast majority of officers in Monroe County who are poor shape.

Some officers take pride in there job and appearence. I live in Islamorada and I see two Islamorada officers running and biking almost daily on the Old Hwy in Plantation Key. Just last night at 400am I saw one of the officers running on the old road which I think is wonderful and makes me feel even safer knowing they are out there during the early morning hours. I wish all of your officers would take this kind of pride in their appearence and there job. I think it would be benifical for the sheriff to offier incentives to officers to stay fit. For the two Islamorada officers keep up the good work its nice to see you take pride in yourselfs and your community.
Monday April 15, 2002   10:27 PM

traffic --  last week I saw a very close call on Big Pine Key at the ball park on Key Deer Blvd  --  vehicles park in front of the ball park and the tail end of the vehicles stick out into the street  --  they park at a very steep angle to the curb  --  a north bound delivery truck had to cross the center line to clear these vehicles, at the same time a van came onto Key Deer from the dirt road on the north side of the ball field, the truck pulled to the right to avoid a collision and almost struck two children loading items into a car parked at a steep angle in front of the ball field with it's tail sticking out into the roadway  -- the children were forced into the roadway to load thier stuff into the trunk  --  this is a very dangerous situation and I think it requires a change in parking in front of the ball field  --  two children could have been killed  --  the truck driver never saw them.  Bob Wallace

Monday April 15, 2002    05:05 PM

 Why are they spending millions to build bum tubes in Big Pine?
Friday April 12, 2002    05:57 PM

 I have a question:

What is the law on operating a moped.  Can it be ridden on the walking path? 

Answered: Motorized vehicles are not permitted on a bicycle path or on a walking path.

Thursday April 11, 2002   03:26 PM

Congratulations. Certified trama service for the Middle and Lower Keys is long overdue. I feel more comfortable driving southward from Long Key now.

My question is the Upper Keys have been paying collectively and providing/receiving on-the-spot Air Rescue trama service since 1988; therefore, will the Upper Keys now have to pay for two services? The boundaries are defined by Monroe County ordiances. These services have been provided regardles of citizenship, domicile or financial/insurance status - as trama conditions should be.

Jerry Wilkinson

Answered by Sheriff Rick Roth: No you will not have pay any more then you did before. You pay regional taxes to law enforcement and that goes to fund the Sheriff's Office trauma transport. That transport is available you the people in the upper keys as well as the lower. You have money in your trauma taxing district and that would go to pay for a Miami transport service, they charge, we do not. The plan is that the quickest method of transport is chosen. Jerry give me a call if you want to talk further.

Monday April 08, 2002 12:55 PM

In reading about your Sheriff's Forfiture Fund, & the list of members on the committee to decide on the distribution of the funds, I noticed that we have only one representative from the upper keys and six from the middle and lower keys.  Is there some reason why the upper keys has only one rep? I would think that peoples' decisions would rely heavily on serving their own community.  I live in the upper keys and know that our community desparately needs programs, expecially childrens services.

Monday April 08, 2002 11:20 AM

 There used to be a list of sexual preditors listed in the newspaper, giving their address.  I haven't seen it lately & wonder if it is available somewhere.  I didn't find it on your website, but maybe I didn't look in the right place.

Please advise.

Monday April 08, 2002 10:57 AM

great website!

From my observations, I think the Sheriff's Dept. Officers are doing a fine job. They are highly respected.

Question:  Do you encourage officers to volunteer one (paid)hour a week in the community, per Gov. Bush's initiative for state employees?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to Mike Lannon regarding parents and other people in the community volunteering one hour per week, or even one hour per month to assist in the classroom or after school activities.  The influence of strong and caring adults can have a tremendous impact on a child's life, and can even help prevent bullying and violence in the school.

The presence of a Police Officer could dramaticly influence in a childs life. Thank you for reading my e-mail.  I would very much appreciate a response.

Sharon Plezia

Sunday April 07, 2002  03:13 PM

 I am a resident on Indies road on Ramrod Key. Indies road is a straight road about a mile long with many hidden driveways. The speed limit of 25 mph is posted twice on our road. Our family is one of the few full time residences with children. The speed limit on Indies road is obviously ignored by a large percentage of the traffic on it, in particular the construction vehicles, waste management and vacation renters. We have complained to waste management and the jobsite superintendant with little results.

 I realize enforcement on Indies road is not very likely because of the small amount of traffic but I feel that this is a tragedy waiting to happen,especially when vehicles are traveling in excess of 50 mph.  

                                 thanks for listening

Saturday April 06, 2002  11:50 AM

 I would like to comment about something that was said in this web site about a police review board. I writer said basic not to have uninformed citizen do the review board.

My comment is that maybe that citizen should go back to the Constitution. The fore fathers of this country did not write the Constitution to make it complicated for common people to understand. The review do not need to made up of local or non-local law enforcement. It should be made up of people with the understanding of right and wrong just like a jury. The peolpe that are in questioned are being charged like any other person. I have a question for the people. Have you every been to a hospital, court, etc... and listen to their to them talk to you and when it's over you ask yourself what just happened. Everything that was said they used million dollar words so they can chrge you a million dollar bill. The is that you were the dumb one because you should have ask them to use plain terms that is understandable to common folks. The review boards should use plain standard and words that common folks know.

Saturday April 06, 2002 11:27 AM

 Why is the process for questionable police officer behavior is not the same between the Key West Police Deparment and the Sherriff Department?  

The Key West Police is viewed as a bunch of under cover thugs. I find this to be true in some cases but not all. I have worked around some police officers who do their jobs in a professional manner and also always giving that secure smile of TRUST. The other problem is that the community is made up of many people not just locals. I am a military personnel and I find that their is a need for an outside review board because to give the image that the police are not professional in manner and do lie means that the system is not trustworthy to its tax paying people. To satisfy the people's right to have protection against the unjust people for the sake of higher civilization to exist. Who ever said that their isn't corrupt police officers these people are no different than anyone else. The police Officers are humans and they grow tired of the same routine of arresting people and dealing with constant negative surrounding. I believe that police officer should have mental evalution yearly and compare their complaint record with their history of problems. The big thing is to change Police Chief's, his name carries a bad code of standards because of his past wrong doing's.

The Sherriff Department- Good job. I always see high standards from your men and women in Key West. I never felt threaten on the roads when the sheffiff cars are on patrol. I always felt safe with them on the road. Every time I see the green and white vechiclesI smile because the sherriff department symbol has honor. I read alot of your in house clean up (Ex: Firing sub-standard officers for illegal doings).The team is only as good as its Leader. I support the sherriff department. To maintain standards people must separate work and personal wrong doings. Each officer is his or her own person. To lie, cheat, steal, etc... means that you will become no different than the criminals but you become a criminal that have not been caught yet. 

Teach your follow law enforcement agency about image. Good luck Key West in resolving your problems because they do exist.

 Friday April 05, 2002 12:42 PM

 I am in favor of a Civilian Review Board, as long as it is not used as a tool for personal gains and vendettas. If this board is to do our citizens any good, the members of the board need to be chosen wisely. I believe the trauma helicoptor is an absolute necessity for this county. We citizens of Monroe County have some disadvantages when dealing with trauma and emergencies, and it is comforting to have the necessary equiptment needed to assist us when it is required. I believe that Monroe County Sheriff's Office should have a Water Patrol pision which would cover the "gray" areas of law enforcement in Monroe County. We citizens of Monroe County are surrounded by water. It seems to be common sense to have a water patrol. Law breakers are not confined to the land, as we saw this year with our bank robbery getaway. In my neighborhood, we have far more boat traffic in our canals than on our roads. We need patrol units to protect the property owners and to assist in areas that are not covered by the FWC and the Coast Guard. The need is growing every day, as our fair islands are becoming ever-popular. Please give this consideration! We need to get up to par with other areas of the country that find themselves in unique situations because of terrain differences. 

Friday April 05, 2002 10:43 AM

I think that the police down here harass kids to much. I guess they get so bored on the weekends that they just start to mess with us. Sometimes we are in the wrong and there is a need for them, but sometimes we are just trying to have fun. They need to realize that down here there really isn't much to do for young adults.I guess any place where we could hang out at would be great. If the county doesn't want to build us nothing then just let us hang out and have our little parties. I mean isn't there enough traffic crime, or bar brawls going on that need your attention. This is my opinion and maybe you dont feel this way, but just think about this. Go back and think about you childhood maybe back then you had the same problems, so help our generation be better.

Friday April 05, 2002 10:12 AM

Firstly, I am very pleased at the Sheriff's Office coverage of Islamorada, where I live. In an effort to provide constructive commentary, I would say the following: TRAFFIC AND DEATHS - Many violations of good driving pracctices are seen each day by the average resident. I guess that there is no alternative to "stopping cars and writing tickets" to cause behavioral change. It would appear that there are many more cars which need to be stopped and ticketed in order to help reduce the death rate from accidents. TRAFFIC CONTROL - We live in Venetian Shores (MM 86)and are finding that we literally cannot get out onto US 1 due to the never-ending traffic. We are obliged to use the yellow-painted strip to cross the Southbound lane of traffic and then wait for a gap in the Northbound lane to enter the Northbound stream of traffic. Very dangerous; bit there is no real alternative. No doubt it will become worse when we combine the effects of the Snake Creek Bridge and the Truck Weigh Station and, perhaps, the truck traffic from the waste debris site. Would a traffic light solve the problem? I would hat eto think that nothing will/can be done until someone is seriously injured or killed. The Sheriff's Deputies who patrol our are are top flight, take a real interest in their duties and are helpful at all times. We are proud to have them in Islamorada and taking care of us. This website is a great way for residents to provide you with their thoughts - keep it up! Cheers.

Bernie and John Cooper

Thursday April 04, 2002 06:03 PM

I enjoy driving the Keys most of the time and enjoy the scenery. However,the posted speed limits, especially the 45 MPH from Big Pine to Sugarloaf is the most violated. Evidently 45 means 55-65 to many people, local and out of state. I put my cruise control on 45 and usually am passed often by SUVs, PUVs and cars going toward Key West around sunset. I have even been passed in front of the Sugarloaf Post office and Lodge by out of state cars using the safety and turn lanes and leaving a cloud of dust in their wake! Nights from Key West, times after ten PM are even worse. Fast cars leapfrog past cars obeying the speed limit, sometimes on bridges and often over solid yellow lines and double yellow lines. This happens in the 55 MPH zone from Big Coppitt to Sugarloaf too. I think 45 or 55 should mean just that and be enforced. I know it is a tough job to skillfully catch these lawbreakers, but I'm sure even a presence on the road would be a deterrent to speeding. I'm also in favor of unmarked police cars to catch these speeders. Thank You. Paul Kallmeyer, Venture Out Florida resident.

 Thursday April 04, 2002 02:21 PM

The parking in front of the ballfield on Big Pine Key is dangerous. Many times in my 20 years I have seen children comming between the mini-vans and trucks parked perpendicular to the road. Please only allow parallel parking there.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 08:11 PM

 1. In my experience and observations We have an excellent law eforcement agency within the Keys with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, its officers and administrators. Although I have had to place only one call for assistance within the last couple of years. This call was answered very promptly, the situation was resovled satisfactorily and there was excellent follow through to keep me informed by your office. The deputy ansering the call was courteous, friendly and professional. We are fortunate to have such a fine LE organization serving us.

2.As long as police misconduct issues are resolved fairly satisfactorily and publically within the department I see no need for a civilian review board. From my observations such complaints have been resolved promptly and fairily in this manner. As the father of a 13 year veteran with the Miami PD I am more than fully aware that civilians have no knowledge of the demands that are routinely placed upon police officers and how easily an unfair accusation can be lodged against against a Cop in the performances of his duties. Keep LE issues within the hands of the professionals.

3. We need without question trauma helicopter transport for the Keys. The emergency facilities at Mariners Hospital are quite limited. And a matter of minutes in reaching the Miami hospital facilities can mean a difference between life and death in all too many cases. This service is a MUST. Donald R. Richards 281 Bougainvillea St. Tavernier FL 33070

Wednesday April 03, 2002 06:31 PM

The so-called homeless are becoming nothing more than thugs. I visit key west for a month every year. Lately, I have been blocked on the sidewalk by panhandlers demanding money, accosted verbally every time I venture out on Duval and actually threatened with physical violence by these "poor souls". I am a police officer in Md and I know the problems in dealing with these folks. I have found strict enforcement of loitering laws to be a big help. Keep 'em moving keeps them out of trouble sometimes. The corner of Duval and Virginia Sts is a particular problem that I have noticed. I know there are never enough personnel to do the job but I think this corner merits some extra attention. Thanks Steve

Wednesday April 03, 2002 06:23 PM

 Please address the issue of the traffic backup on Big Pine Key. It appears the light timing is insufficient to keep traffic flowing. It is not necessarily the Flea market, but rather an ill timed light that causes miles of traffic to back up. Additionally, with the new "dear tunnel" project I expect the DOT will create additional backups that your officers could really assist with their appropriate traffic management skills. Please help the business people of the keys with this frustrating situation.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 02:16 PM Is the Trauma Helicopter transport free or is there a fee? If it is free how is it being paided for? If there is a fee how much does it cost?

Answer: The Sheriff's Office and Monroe County do not charge for trauma transport using Trauma Star. In fact, Trauma Star is operated under the FAA's Public Use Category which does not allow us to charge for transport under federal law. The trauma helicopter is funded using ad valorum taxes.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 01:05 PM

I would like to comment on what a wonderful job Sheriff Rick Roth has done for our community as a whole through the years. He runs a top notch department and from what I understand, is thought of highly by all those who work for the Sheriff's Office. Keep up the great job.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 12:03 PM

 Law Enforcement and Incorporated areas in the Keys The county Sheriffs office has so much experience and such a depth of resources I think any community should invite and welcome there help and involvement in the enforcement of the laws that govern all of us. · Civilian Review Boards to investigate police misconduct As a State employee myself I am of the opinion that all organizations and agencies serving the public, and being paid with tax dollars, should be accountable for their actions to the people that are paying them. When it comes to Law enforcement the group that evaluates their actions certainly has to have an understanding of the laws that they are enforcing and the operating instructions they have been given. Without that very important information it would be inappropriate for any body of average uninformed citizens to try and second-guess a law enforcement agency. Generally the average citizen does not have a good understanding of the laws that govern them and certainly have no way of knowing what the stated operational instructions have been. Although not a bad idea, I believe that extreme caution needs to be exercised when considering the appointment of a civilian review board to investigate police matters. · Trauma Helicopter transport for the Florida Keys The trauma helicopter is long over due and will be a welcome addition to the services that the county provides. I’m confident that many lives will be saved with this fine addition to the County. Thank you! David Meinke, Marathon, Fl.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 12:02 PM

i have been complaining for years about people speeding and running the red lites at 107 and 109th st. it is very dangerous and i am very surprised that some has not been killed thier. traffic goes through thier 60 or better and always run the lights.

Wednesday April 03, 2002 06:57 AM

 Islamorada's dedicated law enforcement with even more focus on community policing has been a great success. The key was hiring community minded, willing to exercise and display good judgement officers and everyday they are getting better. Being a bit more friendly by some of the officers is needed but progress is being made everyday. Joe Lieter is always open to coaching and does a nice job balancing the needs of the community and his officers. I hope every officer in Islamorada knows they are respected by all but a very few and are part of the fabric of our community. Delighted to see Islamorada role model near shore water protection and regulation enforcement and thanks to Rick Roth for help funding the boat.

Monday April 01, 2002

How many lives have been saved already by trauma star? It is a wonderful service and a great thing to have in Monroe County. Thanks Sheriff Roth.

Monday April 01, 2002

 The Trauma helicopter service was long overdue. Having lived in areas that had emergency helo service, I was shocked to learn that it wasn't available in the Keys. For the Sheriff to provide this service is commendable. I support the program 100% and hope that I never need to use it but, like Fire Departments, I don't mind paying taxes to have it available if I do. I hope the Co. Commissioners are smart enough to support this program and not risk the safety of the residents and tourists.