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You can learn to protect yourself from violent crimes such as robbery, or physical attacks. Here are some tips you should incorporate in your day to day life:

Be Streetwise and Safe

If you get into trouble, know what to do:

If you're being followed don't go directly home. Instead drive to the nearest Sheriff's substation in your area, or to a hospital, or other public place.

Make sure to take a good look at anyone who is acting suspiciously, or who may be following you. Review the suspect identification chart included in this booklet for important points to pay attention to.

If your car breaks down, pull over. Put up the hood, turn on the flashers, and tie a handkerchief to the antenna. Then get in the car, lock the doors, roll up the windows and TURN THE ENGINE OFF. When someone stops, roll your window down just enough to ask them to phone for help.

If you have a cellular phone in your car, use it to call for help.