Thousands of people (many of them children) are killed annually in the United States by firearms being used or stored in an unsafe manner. The bottom line in firearms safety is:

Know how the firearm operates

Always follow safe handling procedures

Secure and store the firearm and ammunition properly.

If everyone went by the following basic safety rules, there would be a great reduction in the number of firearm accidents in this country.

  • Treat every firearm as if it was loaded. Never assume it’s unloaded until you have opened the action and checked it yourself.
  • Always point the firearm in a safe direction so if it is discharged it will not cause injury or damage.
  • Be absolutely certain the firearm is safe to operate and only use the correct ammunition. If there is any question as to the condition of the firearm or ammunition, consult a gunsmith or other qualified person before using.
  • Always secure a firearm and store it and ammunition separately. Never leave a firearm unattended.
  • Never under any circumstances handle or use a firearm while using alcohol or drugs.
  • Continually keep in mind most children regard firearms as toys and will play with them if given the opportunity.
  • Remember transporting a firearm by airplane is subject to federal as well as airline regulations. Contact appropriate airline personnel before you fly to find out exact requirements.
  • It is your responsibility as a firearms owner or user to know and obey all laws concerning firearms. You will be held responsible under the law if a child is hurt because you failed to properly secure your gun. The Sheriff’s Office highly recommends attending a gun safety course offered at a reasonable cost by several gun dealers and gun clubs in Monroe County.

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