To find out if your papers have been served yet, enter either a name or a case number. If you include a first name in your search, type it BEFORE the last name separated with a space. For example: to find John Smith, search using "JOHN SMITH". Case does not matter. For example, you may use "john smith" or "John Smith" or "jOhn sMIth". You may also use any part of the first or last name. For example, you could use "joh smi".


New Policy about returns of service

Effective April 9, 2007 the CIVIL DIVISION of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will no longer mail out returns of service without a self-addressed stamped envelope for your return. Thank you for your cooperation. Any further questions or inquiries may be directed to:

Rachelle Gates
Civil Process Supervisor
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
5525 College Rd
Key West, Fl 33040
Phone: 305-809-3041
FAX: 305-292-7123

The Civil Division of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office is governed primarily by Florida Statutes regarding Civil Process, specifically Title VI, Chapters 45-88. Click here to view Florida Statutes on-line.

Any further questions or inquiries may be directed to: Rachelle Gates, Civil Process Supervisor, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 305-809-3041.  Our hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The office is located at 5525 College Road on Stock Island. It is at the second floor window of the Sheriff's main Administrative Headquarters building. The mailing address is:

Monroe County Sheriff
ATTN: Civil Process
5525 College Road
Key West, FL 33040