CLASS TITLE:  Aviation Maintenance Technician

Pay Range:       13
Exempt:            No
Shift:                 8 hr w/Holidays

This class involves complex technical expertise and mechanical aptitude in the operation and maintenance of advanced multi/single engine aircraft and helicopters in support of MCSO law enforcement, rescue and trauma transport operations. Duty responsibilities include:  preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, and non-scheduled maintenance of a fleet of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  Performs scheduled, periodic and special inspections as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Maintains aviation support equipment and all assigned vehicles.  As an aviation crewmember assists in the transportation of state prisoners, supervision of prisoner trustees, assist in the movement of law enforcement agents and government officials, aerial law enforcement operations command and control operations, off-shore rescue operations, air ambulance/trauma operations, traffic enforcement, aerial fire fighting, natural disaster support and environmental surveys.

 As a FAA Maintenance Technical Inspector (inspection authorized), responsible for inspecting and verifying aircraft records, safety and airworthiness throughout all phases of aviation maintenance. Additionally, maintains crewmember currency and qualifications in accordance with F AA and MCSO standards. Coordinates daily maintenance and administrative aviation activities. Is subject to immediate duty recall based on MCSO mission requirements. This position is subordinate to the Director of Aviation and the Chief Pilot.


 Current FAA Airframe and Powerplant License.  Minimum of ten years experience on U.S. military fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft.  Minimum of ten years experience on turbine powerplants.  Minimum often years airframe experience. Experience often years or equivalence in the commercial aviation industry as an Aviation Maintenance Technician required.  Oxygen systems and fuel systems servicing certification required. FAA, lnspector Authorized experience preferred.  Aviation crewmember experience preferred.  Law enforcement background preferred.  Current FAA Class II medical. Current US passport required. 


 Position requires sound decision making while rapidly digesting input from numerous sources simultaneously. Must be able to maintain and schedule aircraft under a fixed budget. Is accountable for servicing aircraft in a hazardous environment under less than desirable conditions.  Must be able to respond to mission/maintenance requirements and work under extreme time constraints for extended periods of time.  The quality of maintenance must be of such a high standard as to being able to withstand intense public, commercial, and government scrutiny.

 Additionally, the Aviation Maintenance Technician as a crew member, may be required to assist in the transport of prisoners and fly missions requiring extended stays at locations other than that of the home base.  The Aviation Maintenance Technician may be required to support Trauma/rescue operations involving crititical ill trauma patients.  Aviation Maintenance Technician may be exposed airborne pathogens and hazardous materials.  Duty cycles may consist of shift schedules.


 This position enhances the overall law enforcement mission of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.


 Responsible for use of aviation and other MCSO equipment.


 Position requires problem solving techniques and independent decision-making.  Work is to be performed under the guidance of the Chief Pilot or Director of Aviation.


 Position may require the mechanic to interact with VIP's, members of state government, other law enforcement agency's, Public Safety (EMS), the media, convicted felons and the general public. 


 Position requires a keen sense of attention to detail and commitment to the MCSO safety program.


 The position requires the individual to be able to operate heavy equipment, assist patients, prisoners and passenger's loading/unloading on aircraft.  The Aviation Maintenance Technician must also be able to physically climb atop the aircraft for inspections.   


 The hazards are of the type associated with commercial aviation operations.  Additionally, the possibility of contact with airborne will be present. 


 This position may require extended operations in a high stress environment.  Conditions may include long hours in hot tropical climatic conditions.  Travel outside of the State of Florida or the United States.


 No supervisory authority over Sheriff's Office personnel.





The Monroe County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the employment or provision of services.

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