November 2023

The Monroe County Shared Asset Forfeiture Fund (SAFF) was established in 1999 funded by Sheriff Richard D. Roth with proceeds of a major drug smuggling and money-laundering investigation, the interest earned from these funds is distributed annually in the form of grants to eligible community groups.

The SAFF Advisory Board consists of seven community members. Five are appointed by the County Commissioners and the Sheriff selects two. Each year, the SAFF Advisory Board solicits and reviews grant applications and makes funding recommendations to the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

$125,000.00 is available for award in 2024. The Advisory Board has determined to focus its efforts and issue award recommendations based on the following criteria:

  1. No individual grant will exceed $10,000.00

  2. Grant program purposes should be limited to:

  3. Grant proposals generating new matching funds will be given extra consideration.

  4. Grant proposals for building improvements, real estate acquisition, or salaries for new positions will not be considered.

The Advisory Board will consider multiple year funding requests on a limited case by case basis if the applicant can demonstrate that a multiple year commitment will leverage significant additional funding or develop continuing financial self sufficiency within the period of the grant.

Applications are available beginning November 15, 2023 and must be received by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Administrative Headquarters, 5525 College Road, Stock Island, Florida 33040 no later than Noon, FRIDAY, February 2, 2024. The SAFF Advisory Board will conduct a public meeting to evaluate proposals and make its recommendations to the County Commission. It is anticipated that recommendations for funding will be made to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration at the May 2024 BOCC meeting.

An application form is attached. Applications should be printed or typed, single- spaced on 8 ½ x 11 white papers, corner stapled. An original and ten copies are required. Limit 9 pages (10 if multiple year funding is requested.) The Applicant Identification and Certification by Applicant will be considered pages one and two of the total ten page requirement. Please do not include any “attachments”, i.e. flyers, CD’s, etc. ONLY THE FIRST 10 PAGES OF THE APPLICATION WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Thank you for you interest in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Shared Asset Forfeiture Fund. For additional information, contact Michelle Quad, Legal Assistant at (305) 292-7020, or email: We welcome your participation and comments at our public meetings.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for the 2024 funding cycle must be delivered no later than Noon, FRIDAY, February 2, 2024. Applications received after this time will not be considered for funding. No extensions will be granted whatsoever. Faxed or e-mail submissions will not be accepted.

First Page of the Application: (Limit one page, except as noted below):

Applicant Identification

Name of Organization:


Authorized Representative: (name & title)

Contact Person: (Matters regarding this application) Telephone:



Type of Organization: (Check One)

State, County or Local Government Department or Agency [ ] Private, non-profit organization, pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 501( c )(3) or (4) [ ]

Title of Project:

Type of request:

Recurring funds (e.g., operational costs)

Non-recurring funds (e.g., capital expenditures, one-time costs)

Amount of request:

If your request is for multiple year funding, please check here describing the future plan.

and attach a separate page

Will you be willing to submit to this Board a full account of what you are doing with these funds? Yes No

From what other groups have you requested funds and what was the result? Supply a separate page here if you like. It will not be counted as part of the total page count.

If your organization has a Board of Directors, please list their names and addresses or you must designate three or more individual residents of Monroe County to be responsible for the uses of the fund. Supply a separate page here if you like.

This application addresses (please check all that apply):

Law Enforcement

Crime Prevention

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Mental and Physical Health of Minors and Adults

Cultural, Artistic, Educational, Recreational and Sports Programs for Monroe County Youth

Signature:                    Date:        

Please note: Because Sunshine Laws of the State of Florida apply to these proceedings; any information in this application may be available to the public.

I hereby certify:

Certification by Applicant

  1. All information included in this application is true.

  2. A separate accounting of all shared funds received will be maintained subject to accounting requirements and practices employed under state and local law for recipients of federal, state, or local funds.

  3. Compliance with Federal Civil Rights laws.

  4. Compliance with all federal laws that apply to the applicant.

  5. No officer, director, trustee, fiduciary of the applicant has been:

    1. convicted of a felony offense under federal or state law; or

    2. convicted of any drug offense

  6. No shared benefits will be used for political or personal purposes.

  7. No shared benefit will be used for any purpose that would constitute an improper or illegal use under the laws, rules, regulations, or orders of the state or local jurisdiction in which the applicant is located or operates.

  8. Your organization is not and has never been found to be in violation of any federal, state or local civil rights laws.

  9. Your organization is not and has never been under investigation by or been notified of the filing of a civil rights complaint with any federal, state or local agency responsible for civil rights matters.

Applicant’s Signature:                   Applicant’s Name          


Third Page of the Application (Limit of one page): Abstract:

A brief summary of the project (who, what, where, why, when, how and how much). Pages 4 through 9 of the Application:


Here you should include:

  1. Introduction. Describe the overall organization, its qualifications relevant to this request, and its capacity to manage the project.

  2. Goals, Objectives and Outcomes (What needs to be done). Supply documentation of the need if it is available.

  3. Background and Significance (Why the project is important to the community).

  4. Target Population (Who will be served specifically? Age? Gender? Special circumstances)

  5. Approach Method. (How will the project be done? Where will it be done? When? What staffing is required?)

  6. Resources and costs. (How much will it cost? Include detailed budget. What other resources are available for the project? Describe the organization’s fiscal capabilities.)

  7. Sustainability (For projects that may be asking for funds for more than one year, how will the project be sustained upon termination of this funding?)

  8. Financial Statement (Income and expense report for the previous year.)

For further information, contact Michelle Quad, Legal Assistant at (305) 292-7020, or e-mail: