Effective November 1st, video visitation will be implemented. Visitors will be allowed to visit inmates at each facility or from home.

Starting November 7th, All onsite visits at each facility will be conducted through the video visitation system and advance scheduling is required.

Visitors will be REQUIRED to schedule ALL visits at least 8 hours in advance but no more than 2 weeks prior. Please visit for

registration and scheduling and click “Video Visitation.”

All visits will last 30 minutes. Onsite and site-to-site visits will be provided at no cost, and visits from home will cost $9.95 per visit.

As a reminder, friends and family can contact ICSolutions via phone at 888- 506-8407 or via the web at to create and/or fund a pre- paid collect account. Pre-paid collect accounts are used for both phone calls and visits from home.