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Chapter 1: Organization

Chapter 2: Office Direction

Chapter 2A: High Liability Notification

Chapter 3: Written Directive System

Chapter 4: Agency Jurisdiction, Mutual Aid and Regional Services

Chapter 5: Liaison and Interagency Coordination/Planning

Chapter 6: Recruitment and Selection

Chapter 7: Allocation and Distribution of Personnel

Chapter 8: Job Analysis, Classification, and Assignment

Chapter 8A: Specialized Assignments

Chapter 9: Benefits and Conditions of Work

Chapter 9A: Personal Web Pages

Chapter 9B: Vehicle Allowance Program

Chapter 9C: Public Emergency Policy

Chapter 9D: Nicotine and Tobacco Product Use

Chapter 10: Performance Evaluations

Chapter 11: Transfers and Promotions

Chapter 11A: Promotion - Civilian Employees

Chapter 12: Commendations and Awards

Chapter 13: Code of Conduct

Chapter 14: Grievance Procedures

Chapter 15: Workplace Environment Policy

Chapter 16: Contractual Law Enforcement Services

Chapter 17: Bias Based Profiling

Chapter 18: Time Sensitive Reports

Chapter 19: Issued Equipment/Uniforms/Grooming

Chapter 19A: Cellular Phones

Chapter 19B: Issued Equipment/Uniforms/Grooming - Body Ornamentation

Chapter 20: Complaint Investigations

Chapter 20A: Complaint Investigations - Attachments

Bill of rights subject employee interview template

Complaint investigations manual


Internal Investigation Form

Non bill of rights subject employee interview template

Notice of Investigation Civilian non bill of rights

Notice of investigation LEO / CO bill of rights

Witness interview template

Chapter 21: Inspection Services

Chapter 22: Early Identification System

Chapter 23: Extra Duty Details

Chapter 24: Career Service Provisions

Chapter 25: Global Positioning Systems

Chapter 26: Off Duty Law Enforcement Action

Chapter 27: Emergency Opioid Antagonist Program

Chapter 028 - Elvis Tracking System

Chapter 30: Law Enforcement Role and Authority

Chapter 31: Weapons

Chapter 31A: Use of Force

Chapter 31B: Tasers

Chapter 32: Patrol

Chapter 32A: Pursuits and Forcible Stops

Chapter 32B: DUI Rooms

Chapter 32C: Mental Illness Encounters

Chapter 32D: Trailers - Message / Radar / Storage

Chapter 32E: Foreign Nationals / Diplomats

Chapter 32F: Civilian Ride Along Program

Chapter 32G: In Car Video Audio Recordings

Chapter 32H: License Plate Reader

Chapter 32I: Roll Call

Chapter 32J: Radio Communications

Chapter 32K: Field Interview Reports

Chapter 32L: Vehicle Operations and Equipment

Chapter 32N: Mobile Computer Data

Chapter 32O: Emergency Notifications

Chapter 32P: Body Worn Cameras

Chapter 32Q: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder Interviews

Chapter 33: Communications

Chapter 34: Criminal Investigations

Chapter 34A: Interview and Interrogation Rooms

Chapter 34B: Special Operations Unit

Chapter 34C: Computer Search and Seizure

Chapter 34D: Identification Theft Investigation Procedures

Chapter 34E: Show-up / Photo line-up / Physical line-up

Chapter 34-F: Vice, Drugs and Organized Crime

Chapter 34-G: Deconfliction

Chapter 34-H: Ficticious Identification

Chapter 35: Crime Scene Reporting

Chapter 36: Special Response Units

Chapter 37: Line-of-Duty Death

Chapter 38: Volunteer Program

Chapter 39: All Hazard Plan

Chapter 40: Traffic

Chapter 41: Intelligence

Chapter 43: Juvenile Operations

Chapter 44: Major Crimes Team

Chapter 45: School Crossing Guards

Chapter 46: Seizure and Forfeiture

Chapter 47 - 1: Missing Adults

Chapter 47 - 2: Missing Juveniles

Chapter 50: Planning and Research

Chapter 52: Information Management/Records

Chapter 52A: Social Security Numbers

Chapter 52B: Duplication and Research Service Fees

Chapter 52C: Domestic Violence Reports – Distribution to Domestic Abuse Shelter

Chapter 52D: DAVID System

Chapter 52E: CJIS Security

Chapter 53: Victim/Witness Assistance

Chapter 54: Evidence and Found/Recovered Property

Chapter 54A: DNA Evidence

Chapter 54 B: Prescription Drug Drop Off Program

Chapter 54 C: Disposition of Property Evidence

Chapter 55: Training

Chapter 55A: Retiree Firearms Qualifications

Chapter 56: Career Development

Chapter 57: Legal Process-Civil and Criminal

Chapter 57A: Injunction Procedures

Chapter 58: Substance Abuse Treatment Plan

Chapter 60: Prisoner Restraining and Transportation

Chapter 61: Court Security

Chapter 61A: Court Holding

Chapter 70: Community Involvement / Crime Prevention

Chapter 70A: School Resource Unit

Chapter 70B: Media Relations

Chapter 70C: Juvenile Programs Unit

Chapter 71: Explorer Post

Chapter 80: Finance and Inventory Management

Chapter 80A: Grant Procedures

Chapter 90: Report Writing and Forms

Chapter 90A: Agency Form Control

Chapter 100: Infectious Disease Control Policy

Exposure Control Plan

Chapter 101: Honor Guard

Chapter 102: Monroe County Permanent Resident Decal