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    The purpose of this Directive is to establish guidelines for the Monroe County Permanent Resident Decal Program


    This directive shall apply to all Monroe County Sheriff's Office members.


The Monroe County Sheriff's Office plays a primary role in ensuring the safety of the lives and property of everyone who resides in or visits Monroe County, Florida throughout the year. This task becomes extremely difficult during times immediately before and after natural disasters such as hurricanes. To speed up the return of Monroe County residents, property owners, and businessmen to their homes, real estate, and places of business after an evacuation; the Office has devised a procedure whereas citizens who live in the Upper, Middle, and Lower Keys can identify their vehicles with a decal in such a way that Deputies working traffic check points can immediately spot them and allow them to pass without further investigation.

The Office feels that the decal program will give sworn officers more control over who enters the Keys immediately following a natural or man-made disaster(s), because it will allow sworn officers to focus their attention on those who may be lost or have no business or purpose in the Keys immediately following such a disaster (i.e., sightseers, looters, criminals, and others). Further, the Office feels that the decal program will help alleviate long lines at the checkpoint.

    1. Procedure For Issuing Vehicle Decals

      1. To begin the program, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office will supply the "Hurricane Re-Entry Permits" to all Monroe County residents who make a request.

      2. Monroe County Residents will be instructed to place the decal on their vehicle(s) on the inside of the windshield on the driver's side in the lower left hand corner. The decal will be valid for both commercial and private use and will have no expiration date.

      3. The Office will furnish the decal to residents, business owners, and/or property owners free of charge.

      4. Once the initial mailing is completed, a supply of these decals will be available to anyone who needs one at the local tag office and Sheriff Substations in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Keys throughout the year.

      5. To obtain such a decal, individuals will be asked to show:

        1. That they own a private or commercial vehicle registered in Monroe County, Florida or

        2. Individuals who own and operate private or commercial vehicles registered outside of Monroe County may be eligible for a decal if they:

          1. Maintain a permanent or semi-permanent address in Monroe County, Florida.

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          2. Own property or real estate located in Monroe County, Florida.

          3. Work or conduct routine business in Monroe County, Florida on a regular basis.

            Once the individual has satisfied one of these above mentioned requirements, a decal(s) shall be issued and instructions given about where the decal should be placed inside the vehicle.

      6. Deputies at traffic control points who identify individuals operating vehicles with no decal, which are otherwise eligible for such a decal, are authorized to allow reentry for the vehicle.

      7. On a quarterly basis, each Division Commander will determine the number of decals on hand at both is/her Office and the local tag office and place an order with the Commander of the Bureau of Administration sufficient to meet the needs of the District for the upcoming quarter.

      8. At least annually (March 31st) the Commander of the Bureau of Administration will conduct an audit of the number of decals on hand and make an order sufficient to ensure that decals are available as necessary.

      9. During the month of June, July, and August, the Director of the Community Relations Division will ensure that public service announcements (PSA) detailing the positive aspect of the program and encouraging participation are run in the local newspapers and on local television and radio throughout the Keys.

      10. Remember...the resident may reenter the Keys without a decal, but must show proper identification; such as a driver's license with a Monroe County address on it.

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