General Order


TITLE: Grant Procedures


August 19, 2009




RESCINDS: Special Order: Grant Procedures 05.26.2008 and General Orders Chapter 80 III, T


Sheriff of Monroe County

PURPOSE: The purpose of this directive is to establish operational guidelines for identification, presentation, and preparation when applying for grants on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.

POLICY: This policy shall apply to all Sheriff’s Office personnel.

DISCUSSION: Good management practices recognize that a carefully designed grant process can help the Sheriff's Office obtain funding for equipment, programs or essential personnel to fulfill the agency’s goals and objectives that otherwise may not be available.

Many excellent ideas for funding are often conceptualized at the line level. The Sheriff encourages all members to participate in the grant process.

Any employee of the Sheriff’s Office may initiate a request for a grant consideration or develop a concept document on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.


An employee desiring to pursue grant-funding sources should submit all of their information and supporting documentation including the deadline for the funding source via their chain- of-command to the Grant Administrator. Employees are not authorized to directly submit grants or concept papers on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office unless directed by the Sheriff or his designee.

The grant’s administrator will participate in development meetings and will meet with the appropriate command staff to draft and review proposed concept papers or grant applications.

The grant’s administrator will ensure that the proposal meets the concept and needs of the Sheriff’s Office.

All grant applications or concept papers must have the approval and signature of the Sheriff and/or his designee PRIOR to submission of the proposal.

The grant’s administrator will work with the Sheriff’s Legal Office, Finance Division, the County Attorney’s Office, and Board of County Commissioners to ensure that all agenda items and agreements are presented to the appropriate parties when deemed necessary.

Once a grant has been awarded, the grant’s administrator will ensure that all of the documentation is disseminated among the appropriate parties (i.e., Legal, Finance, County Commission, etc.).

The grant’s administrator will work with the Finance Division and associated parties to ensure that grant modifications and reports, if applicable are completed by the appropriate party in accordance with the timelines established by the funding authority, and will provide additional documentation when needed or act as the liaison for the Sheriff’s Office with the grantor.

When renewing grants the grant’s administrator will work closely with the Sheriff’s designated staff to ensure that the renewal process is available, necessary and obtainable.

The Finance Director shall ensure that all fiscal reporting requirements and expense documentation pertaining to grants involving the Sheriff’s Office are completed in a proper and timely manner.

The Finance Director, or designee, shall review all expenses charged against a grant to ensure that the charge is appropriate and applicable within the grant budget and scope of services.