EFFECTIVE: November 8th, 2004

NOTE: Chapter 71



POLICY: The Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing a learning program for students interested in a law enforcement career through an Explorer Post. This program is designed to develop self-esteem, discipline, good citizenship, and leadership. Explorer Post members are not to be assigned duties requiring sworn deputy status.


Explorer Program Manual

Each Explorer Post will operate in accordance with the Explorer Program Manual and all the requirements of the Boy Scouts of America Law Enforcement Explorer Program.

The Explorer Program Manual is to be consistent with the Sheriff’s Office Operations Manual and is to be used for the day-to-day operation of the individual Explorer Post.


The School Resource Officer in the Post Sector will be assigned as the Post Senior Advisor.

The Post Senior Advisor has the authority to veto, without exception, any plan, function, act, or any other matter that arises which may conflict with Office policy.

Sheriff’s Office members or other local law enforcement agency personnel may be appointed as Assistant Advisors to the Explorer Post as necessary.

All Advisors will follow their regular Chain-of-Command when dealing with Explorer business.


Membership will be composed of three (3) units;

After completing one year in good standing with the Explorer Program, he or she may apply for and receive sponsorship to an Auxiliary, Reserve, Basic Law Enforcement or Basic Corrections Academy based on the endorsement of the Post Senior Advisor and at the Sheriff’s discretion.

Explorer Pistol Team

The MCSO Explorer Pistol Team will consist of Senior Explorers aged 14-21 from all three posts for the sole purpose of competing in quarterly statewide FSEA Explorer pistol competitions.

All Explorer Firearms Instructors shall be FDLE CJST Certified or NRA certified Firearms Instructors.

Firearms shall be controlled, maintained and issued to the Explorer Firearms Instructor. Explorers shall only be in possession of firearms during training sessions

or competitions and under strict supervision of the Explorer Firearms Instructor or other approved certified firearms instructors at all times. Explorers shall never under any circumstances take a firearm home or any place outside the direct supervision of the Explorer Firearms Instructor or approved certified firearms instructor.

Each Pistol Team member shall complete permission and waiver forms.

Each Explorer shall complete a 40-hour initial firearms training course followed by bi-monthly training.

Membership on the team shall be considered a privilege. The Explorer Firearms Instructor shall have sole discretion in dismissal and appointment decisions

regarding individual explorer’s participation on the team

Training shall be conducted primarily at NAS Boca Chica Range in Key West, the Range in Key Largo, the Sheriff’s Office mobile range or any commercially operated and licensed range in Monroe County.

All MCSO Explorer Pistol Team members and instructors shall comply with all policies regarding the Explorer Pistol Team and the handling of firearms as set forth in the Explorer Program Manual, BSA, FSEA and MCSO General Orders.

Post Officers

Post Senior Advisors may appoint Post Officers at their discretion.

Appointments will be based on written and/or oral exam.


The Explorer Post will be financed independent of the Sheriff’s Office

Monthly dues may be determined by a majority vote of the Post members and collected monthly.

Special fund-raising events may be held to help cover Post activity expenses.

Donations may be received for services performed by the Post for traffic and crowd control at private or community functions and will be deposited into the Post’s bank account.

An Explorer Post may request funds from the Sheriff’s Office for specific needs.


Prospective Explorers must be between the ages of ten

  1. and twenty-one (21).

    Prospective Explorers must attend three (3) consecutive Post meetings, complete an application and pass an oral board prior to being accepted as a Post member.

    Prospective Explorers must be law abiding and free from any school disciplinary action.

    Prospective Explorers must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.

    Prospective Explorers must be willing to work a minimum of 20 hours per month for the Explorer Post in assigned duties, meetings, activities and details.


    Explorers are not law enforcement officers, accordingly they;

    Shall not in any way act or present themselves in the capacity of law enforcement officers

    Shall not in any way interfere with the duties of any law enforcement officer.

    Shall not carry any weapon, lethal or non-lethal with the following exceptions.


Explorers will comply with the Operations Manual, Chapter 9

The Explorer uniform shirt will differ from that of a Deputy to eliminate them being confused with Deputies.


Explorers will comply with the MCSO Operations Manual and the Explorer Program Manual concerning discipline


Law Enforcement Explorers may participate in the following activities as opportunities present themselves: