General Order

CHAPTER: 054 - A

TITLE: DNA Evidence


August 19, 2009


AMENDED: 06-14-2017


CFA 27.14 FSS 943.326


Special Order: DNA Evidence; 08.08.2007


Sheriff of Monroe County


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is committed to solving crime that occurs within its jurisdiction. DNA evidence is a possible key to solving crime. Due to the fragile nature of DNA evidence, its collection, handling, and preservation must be performed with adequate care and caution.


Biological evidence containing DNA include:

Blood Semen

Tissue / skin cells Bones

Teeth Hair Nails Saliva

Possible locations of DNA Evidence / Source of DNA



Bite Mark or area licked


Fingernail scrapings

Blood or skins cells

Inside or outside surfaces of used condom

Semen or skin cells

Blankets, sheets, pillows or other bed linens

semen, sweat, hair, saliva

Clothing, including undergarments worn during or after the assault

hair, semen, blood, or sweat

Hat, bandanna or mask

sweat, skin cells, hair or saliva

Cigarette butt; toothpick; or rim of bottle, can or glass


Tape or ligature

skin cells, saliva or hair

Contamination of DNA Evidence

Contamination of possible evidence can occur by, but is not limited to:

accomplished through the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. (CFA 27.14)

Transportation and Storage

Blood and biological DNA samples shall be refrigerated. They shall have affixed a warning decal indicating “BIOHAZARDOUS” on the outside of the container.

Hair, fibers, and all other non-biological samples shall be kept clean and dry at room temperature.

Evidence, once sealed in paper bags or envelopes, shall be labeled and packaged with the required accompanying paper work and transported to the appropriate location for submission.

All Biohazardous materials shall have “BIOHAZARDOUS” warning labels affixed.

Stored DNA evidence shall be stored with minimal exposure to sunlight, high temperatures or in any plastic bag or container.

Elimination Samples

DNA samples collected from individuals for elimination purposes shall be collected following the same standards of care to avoid contamination.

Required FDLE Consent Form

An FDLE consent form is required to be completed whenever a DNA sample is collected for the purpose of comparison or elimination.

Comparison and elimination samples should only be collected when there is sufficient evidence to warrant the collection.

An FDLE consent form is not necessary when a sample is collected pursuant to a court order or subpoena.

Procedures for Lab Submission

DNA evidence shall only be submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Lab shall be the primary lab used by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for all DNA testing.

The procedures for lab submission as outlined in Chapter 54 - Evidence & Found/Recovered Property for Sexual Battery Evidence and Lab Submission shall be followed.