General Order






Computerized Mobile Data




June 6, 2014


September 4, 2019







Sheriff of Monroe County






I.PURPOSE: The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines for safe and efficient use of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Mobile Data computers.

II.DISCUSSION: This directive will apply to all personnel. MCSO has used and will continue to use mobile computer terminals (MCT) in some or all of its vehicles to increase the productivity and effectiveness of its officers. As with MCSO computers used at the substations and offices, precautions must be taken to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the information that may be stored.

III.POLICY AND PROCEDURE: Mobile computer users will observe the following guidelines:

A.Use passwords and other security measures when logging onto the MCSO systems. All users who access criminal justice information must use advanced authentication as specified in GO Chapter 052-E CJIS Security.

B.Users will be responsible for the physical security of the MCT and wireless connection equipment in their vehicles.

C.Users will be responsible for the proper usage of MCT and the accountability of all associated accessories assigned to them.

D.Normal NCIC/FCIC inquiries will be conducted by the member using the MCT unless officer safety is an issue.

E.All NCIC/FCIC inquiries that indicate a positive hit, such as wanted person, stolen article, domestic violence or missing person, should be confirmed to assure that the proper interpretation of the hit is valid and confirmed through NCIC/FCIC procedures. A member will not take action solely on the information obtained through MCT until it is confirmed by the NCIC/FCIC operator on duty.

F.Members will not operate the MCT while driving and will keep the cover down while the vehicle is in drive.

G.MCT provides mobile forms which include, but are not limited to, citations and field contacts. These will be conducted by the member using the MCT, unless officer safety is an issue.

H.Information contained and accessed through an MCT will only be done in the official capacity and authority of the member’s specific job duties.

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