General Order




Roll Call


June 6, 2014




November 29, 2022

Sheriff of Monroe County

  1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines for each component and various functions of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) to provide effective information and communication in the form of roll calls.

  2. DISCUSSION: The proper exchange of information is vital to good law enforcement. To maximize communication, coordination and cooperation between the various components of MCSO and the Patrol component the following shall occur:


    1. Roll Call

      1. At the beginning of each shift (including special functions such as, football games, parades, roll call for specialized units, etc.) the commanding officer in charge and/or the sergeant will conduct roll call. The objectives of roll call are:

        1. Briefing members with information regarding daily patrol activity, with particular attention given to unusual situations and changes in the status of wanted persons, stolen vehicles and major investigations.

        2. Notifying members of changes in schedules and assignments

        3. Notifying members of new directives or changes in directives

        4. Evaluating members' readiness to assume patrol/law enforcement duties

        5. Providing members with roll call training

      2. Members shall become aware of activities in their areas of patrol, especially upon returning from vacations, illness, etc. Sources for this information include:

        1. Sergeant's board

        2. Daily bulletins

        3. Crime Analysis Maps and Intelligence Unit

        4. Other member's roll call notebooks

        5. Roll call log

      3. MCSO issues each member a notebook for recording roll call notes and any other law enforcement matters. Roll call notes will be maintained for a minimum of 180 days. Members will bring their notebook to roll call and write down all information relating to law enforcement matters of importance. Notebooks shall be routinely inspected by supervisors.

      4. It is each member's responsibility to be prepared for roll call by:

        1. Being present at the required time

        2. Being ready for inspection

        3. Being properly equipped

        4. Wearing the proper uniform of the day

      5. Each member shall report to his/her sergeant any information regarding law enforcement hazards, updated crime information, etc. that will be of interest to the oncoming shift.

      6. A designated electronic roll call log located on home page is to be used for every roll call regardless of the number of deputies attending. Only in an extreme emergency will an officer be excused for roll call. The roll call log will be filled in by the shift sergeant who is conducting the roll call.

        1. The following entries will be mandatory:

          1. Officers in attendance

          2. Zone assignment for each officer

          3. Absent officers and the reason why they were not present

          4. Pass-on information

          5. Items inspected

          6. Training topics

          7. Subpoenas served

          8. Arrests

          9. Any unusual occurrence

          10. If any pursuit occurred

        2. Issues to be discussed/reviewed will be indicated. Some of the issues to be covered are listed below:

          1. BOLOs/wanted persons

          2. Active burglary areas

          3. Active burglars

          4. Traffic problem areas

          5. Road construction sites

          6. Vacation checks

          7. Compensatory time to be taken

          8. Schedule/shift changes

          9. Upcoming training schedules

          10. New/updated directives

          11. Administrative memorandums

          12. New laws updates

          13. Inspections (personal/vehicle)

          14. Prisoner releases

          15. Special details

          16. Visiting dignitaries or VIPs

          17. Current events and/or anything of particular interest to those present

        3. The station commander and the district commander will electronically receive the roll call log and check it for adherence to this directive.

        4. Staff inspections officer will utilize the roll call log to validate the roll call. The log will be an inspection item.

        5. The roll call log will be maintained and backed up by Information Systems.