General Order







Civilian Ride Along Program





August 19, 2009











Special Order: Civilian Ride A long Program;





Sheriff of Monroe County


I.PURPOSE: The purpose of this order is to establish policy governing civilian riders with patrol deputies during a shift.

II.POLICY: It is the Sheriff's policy that civilians who are interested in employment with the Sheriff's Office or its operations should have the opportunity to ride with a patrol deputy to experience what is involved in delivering law enforcement services to the Keys community with limitations. This is a privilege that the Sheriff extends to the citizens of the community.


A.Civilians who desire to ride during a shift with a patrol deputy may do so with the following provisions:

1.Complete the approved Request to Ride Waiver form.

2.Consent to a Criminal History/Warrant Check.

3.If the civilian has a felony or crime of violence misdemeanor history they will be denied the privilege of riding. If they have an active warrant, the warrant will be served and they will be denied the privilege of riding.


1.The Request to Ride Waiver form must be submitted to the shift supervisor at least 24 hours prior to the proposed ride along.

2.The shift supervisor shall review the waiver and run the criminal history/warrant check.

3.Once the Request is approved the supervisor will assign the rider to a patrol deputy.

C.CIVILIAN ATTIRE: The rider must wear appropriate attire. If not, the supervisor may deny them the privilege of riding.

1.Appropriate attire is defined as:

a.Long pants, secured at the waist

b.Polo or button up shirt/blouse

c.Closed-toed shoes

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2.Attire not allowed:

a.T-shirts with graphics of any kind

b.Revealing or see through shirts/blouses




1.Civilian riders are limited to ride along 3 times in a 6-month period, for a total of 6 times per calendar year.

2.Family members, spouses and significant others of a deputy are prohibited from riding with that deputy.

3.The rider is to take no law enforcement action unless directed by the deputy they are riding with.

4.Riders are not authorized users of the in-car computer or allowed access to sensitive information displayed on it.

5.Riders are not authorized to carry any weapons or firearms or utilize any weapons carried in the patrol vehicle.

E.TERMINATION OF RIDE: The deputy may terminate the rider’s privilege to ride at any time.

1.The deputy will terminate the ride if any of the following occur:

a.The rider takes undirected law enforcement action or action that places the deputy and/or civilian in danger.

b.The rider becomes disruptive or interferes with the deputy's performance of duties.

c.The rider refuses direction or fails to follow the deputy’s instructions.

2.In terminating a rider’s privilege the deputy shall contact the on-duty supervisor and advise him/her of the situation. If the supervisor agrees to terminate the ride along, the rider shall be returned to their vehicle. The rider will be prohibited from any future riding privileges with the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

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