1. I am INTERVIEWER of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. State rank and /or position.

  2. I am the investigator in charge of (Internal Affairs, Administrative Inquiry, Lawsuit Review) investigation NUMBER.

  3. This interview is being conducted at PLACE OF INTERVIEW. The time is TIME, on DATE.

  4. For identification purposes, please state your full name and spell it.

  5. Please state your address and phone number. (Sheriff's Office members should give their business address).

  6. What is your date of birth? (Non-members only)

  7. MEMBERS ONLY - What is your present rank and duty assignment? Who is your immediate Supervisor?

  8. This interview is being recorded. Is it being recorded with your full knowledge?

  9. Also present at this time is NAME OF PERSON(S) PRESENT. (Use only if there is someone other than the interviewee present in the room).

  10. If the witness is an employee and wishes to be advised of Garrity, use Administrative Rights Form at this point.

  11. PLACE UNDER OATH. (Would you raise your right hand please? Do you swear that the statement you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?)

  12. Ask questions relevant to the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged complaint: WHO / WHAT / WHEN / WHERE / WHY / HOW

  13. At the conclusion of the interview, ask the witness if there is anything that you have failed to ask or that the witness would like to add to this statement?

  14. Advise the witness that the investigation is still confidential and they are not to discuss it with anyone except their representative until it is concluded.

  15. State TIME interview is concluded.