General Order

CHAPTER: 019 - A

TITLE: Cellular Phones


August 19, 2009




CALEA 81.2.9


Special Order: Cellular Phones 12.12.2007


Sheriff of Monroe County

PURPOSE: The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedures for the issuance and use of cellular phones.

POLICY: It is the Sheriff's policy that cellular phones be issued to positions where it is likely to be necessary to conduct Office business from remote locations.


Criteria for Issuing Cellular Phones

The Undersheriff will determine which positions will be issued an Office phone.

The list of positions authorized to receive phones will be forwarded to the Finance Department and phones issued accordingly.

Phone Restrictions

Phones issued by the agency are for work purposes. Personal use is discouraged.

Calls to directory assistance, are discouraged. Employees are subject to reimburse the Office for directory assistance.

Employees issued a phone who abuse their phone privileges, or who use the phone for non-work related matters, may be required to reimburse the Office

Phones are not to be used to conduct any income making business the employee may be involved in. Phones are not to be used to conduct any illicit or illegal activity.

Public Records

Records pertaining to Sheriff’s Office business transactions are a matter of public record and subject to disclosure as provided within FSS 119.011. This applies to records associated with mobile data communications regardless of device or data plan ownership.

Sheriff’s Office business conducted on wireless communication devices owned by members or issued by the sheriff’s office if related to sheriff’s office business. is subject to public records disclosure.

All non-transitory business text messages, photographs will be archived by forwarding them to the e-mail account during each occurrence, regardless of whether the wireless communication device is personally owned or Sheriff’s Office issued.