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Performance Evaluations




June 19, 2013


September 9, 2021

Sheriff of Monroe County

I.PURPOSE: The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines for assessing the job performance of Sheriff's personnel.


A.This directive shall apply to all Monroe County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) personnel, to include reserve deputies, with the exception of the Sheriff. An accurate system of evaluation is of paramount importance to individual personnel and MCSO in providing an objective and fair means for measurement and recognition of individual performance and specific needs. All or a part of the performance evaluation procedure may be superseded by a collective bargaining agreement entered into between the Sheriff and a recognized collective bargaining unit.

B.The objectives of the performance evaluation system are to:

1.Allow fair and impartial personnel decisions;

2.Maintain and improve performance;

3.Provide a medium for personnel counseling;

4.Facilitate proper decisions regarding members under intensive evaluation;

5.Provide an objective and fair means for recognition and measurement of individual performance in accordance with prescribed guidelines; and

6.Identify training needs.


A.Each member shall be evaluated at least once annually for the previous twelve months by their immediate supervisor.

B.The criteria used for the performance evaluation shall be specific to the position occupied by the member and shall be based solely on the performance during the rating period. At the beginning of each rating period, each member shall be informed concerning:

1.The tasks of the position occupied;

2.The level of performance expected;

3.The evaluation of the rating criteria.

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C.Each member's performance evaluation shall be documented, reviewed and signed by the rater's supervisor.

D.Performance evaluations will be retained in conformity of the State Records Retention.

E.Responsibility of the Rater

1.The rater shall be trained to evaluate personnel and in the preparation of evaluation reports.

2.The rater shall ensure that the individual's evaluation is based only on performance during the time period covered by the current rating period.

3.The rater shall be judicious on behalf of the office but fair, impartial and open-minded to the individual being rated.

4.The rater shall meet the required time frames to facilitate timely submission of the evaluation.

5.The rater shall evaluate the individual using the following criteria:

a.Fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities of the individual’s position;

b.Daily work production and work quality;

c.Statistical comparison with other personnel where possible;

6.The rater shall complete the performance evaluation, utilizing the following criteria:

a.Above Standards, Meets Standards or Requires Improvement.

b.The rater must provide comments for each of the performance measures listed on the evaluation.

c.One Requires Improvement rating will result in the member receiving a Below Standards evaluation.

7.The rater shall review notes, memorandums and the personnel service record regarding behavior for the period being rated.

8.Whenever the performance of any member is deemed to be below standards, the member will receive an evaluation. The evaluation will include a written performance improvement plan which outlines actions that should be taken to improve the employees work performance. The plan will not exceed 90 days in length. The rater will provide monthly performance evaluations during the period covered under the performance improvement plan. The specific performance issues which resulted in the below standards evaluation, shall be addressed through corrective action and/or discipline. Members whose evaluations remain below standards after the 90-day plan has expired, will continue to be evaluated monthly. The monthly evaluations will continue until the performance improves to a level that meets standards or the member is terminated.

F.Responsibility of the Reviewer (Rater's Supervisor)

1.Upon receipt of a performance evaluation, the reviewer shall check the evaluation for completeness, ensure explanatory comments are included for each performance measure, sign the evaluation in the appropriate space and forward to the next person indicated on the evaluation.

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2.The reviewer shall evaluate raters regarding the fairness and impartiality of ratings given, their participation in counseling, and guidance for rated individuals and their ability to carry out the rater's role in the performance evaluation system. The commander, director or supervisor shall ensure that the rater applies ratings uniformly.

3.If the evaluation is contested, the reviewer shall supplement the evaluation by documenting their findings.

G.Responsibility of the Individual Rated

1.In an interview between the rater and member, each evaluation report of an individual's performance shall be read received and acknowledged by the signature of the individual. The signature shall indicate only that the individual has read the report and shall not imply agreement or disagreement with the content. If the individual refuses to sign the evaluation report, the rater shall note the refusal and record the reason given.

2.After the rater has discussed the evaluation with the individual, the rated individual may submit comments in the form of a memorandum to the commander, director or supervisor for review. Members wishing to appeal their performance evaluation need to refer to GO Chapter 014 – Grievance Procedures.

H.Evaluation Results and Utilization: Annual evaluations shall be used to:

1.Determine individual training needs that have not been met;

2.Assess the strong points of the individual for possible future duty assignments;

3.Aid supervisors in conjunction with other evaluation for promotional consideration;

4.Determine suitability and effectiveness in present assignment; and

5.Assess ability for assuming added responsibility;

6.To assist the member with career development needs;

7.Merit increases.

I.There shall be an Annual Review and Inspection of the evaluation by Inspection Services.

J.The performance evaluation system manual shall be available to all supervisory personnel, and is available for review by any member, in the Human Resources Division.

K.The member will be provided a copy of the completed evaluation.

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