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Vehicle Allowance Program




August 19, 2009


August 19, 2019







Sheriff of Monroe County






I.PURPOSE: The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedures for a vehicle allowance for employees in lieu of an assigned vehicle.

II.POLICY: It is the policy of the Sheriff to reduce the cost of the vehicle fleet and associated maintenance by providing a vehicle allowance to employees normally assigned an office vehicle while still providing a benefit to those employees.



1.Employees who have traditionally been assigned an office vehicle as identified by the Bureau of Administration will be offered an allowance in lieu of an assigned vehicle.

2.Participation is voluntary.

a.If the employee chooses to participate in the program it will be for a minimum of one year.

b.After the 1-year period, the employee may request an office-assigned vehicle. However, assignment is dependent on the availability of a vehicle

3.The employee may elect to accept the assigned vehicle.

4.When a position is vacated, which previously had been assigned a vehicle; the position may be posted without an assigned vehicle or vehicle allowance as a position benefit. The Sheriff may reassign a vehicle to the position at his discretion.


1.Employees shall submit a memorandum to the chief of the Bureau of Administration via chain of command asking if they are eligible for the program.

2.If eligible, the employee shall use the approved application form.

3.The completed form will be sent to the chief of the Bureau of Administration for consideration.

C.Vehicle Allowance Payment

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1.Eligible employees will be paid $350.00 per month: $4,200.00 per year - $161.53 per pay cycle. The payment will be included in the participating employee’s bi-weekly paycheck.

2.The allowance payment is subject to federal income tax and is not eligible for calculation of the employee's retirement benefits.

D.Travel Outside Monroe County

1.Employees receiving an allowance traveling outside Monroe County for work-related travel are eligible for per mile per diem once leaving Miami-Dade County.

2.Travel vouchers will note the nearest city on the state travel list to receive mileage.


1.Employees receiving an allowance shall secure their own insurance and inform their insurance company that the vehicle is used for work purposes.

2.Employees must provide proof of insurance prior to receiving the allowance payment.

3.Employees are required to sign an agreement to maintain insurance at the appropriate level of coverage per the Bureau of Administration.

4.The employee will be required to provide proof of insurance each time the policy is renewed or there is a change in coverage status. Such proof or notification will be sent to the Bureau of Administration Chief.

F.Restrictions on Travel Outside Of Monroe County

1.Participating employees are not eligible for pool cars and temporarily assigned vehicles for any reason unless traveling north of Miami-Dade County.

2.Law enforcement employees who receive the allowance shall not take law enforcement action in their personal vehicle. Law enforcement employees are not to:

a.Install any emergency lights or siren in their vehicle

b.Enter into any pursuit

c.Operate the vehicle as an emergency vehicle

d.Operate the vehicle in any manner outside of the state Motor Vehicle Code

e.Transport any prisoner in their vehicle, but rather call a marked unit to transport the prisoner

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