General Order








TITLE: Notifying Sheriff of High Liability or




Heightened Community Interest Incidents








AMENDED: March 4, 2014

August 19,2009








CALEA 11.4.5



Special Order: Notifying Sheriff of Libelous to




Heightened Community Interest Incidents 07.06.2007





PURPOSE: The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedures for notifying the Sheriff of incidents or information of increased liability to the Office or heightened community interest.

POLICY: It is the Sheriff's policy that employees having information of situations in which the Office has an increased liability exposure or where community interest will be heightened need to make the administration aware of such information so that it can be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.


Incidents or information in which the Office has an increased liability exposure or community interest will likely be heightened shall be reported to the Sheriff through the Chain of Command.

Reporting Time Requirement – The on-scene supervisor who has information as outlined in this order shall notify the Sheriff immediately via the Chain of Command.

Examples of such incidents are, but not limited to:

Pending or potential lawsuits.

Suicide cases involving prominent citizens, or that occur in a public place.

Serious accident involving a Sheriff's Office member with injury or large amount of damage.

Crimes committed by an officer of any local, state or federal agency within Monroe County.

Jailbreaks or serious injury to a prisoner or Detention Deputy.

Death of a person in custody, including death of an inmate in a jail facility.

Strike, riot or major public disorder.

Shooting involving a law enforcement officer(s).

Hostage or barricaded subject.

Arrest of government officials.

Deaths, except those cases where the deceased appears to have died by natural causes by the deputy or detective in charge.


Sexual battery with serious injuries or attempted sexual battery with serious injury.

Armed robbery.

Aircraft accidents.

Special weapons and tactics team call out either by MCSO or another agency.

Arson case or fire with loss of life or substantial property damage.

Disaster resulting in loss of life or extensive property damage.

Search for missing child or disabled elderly involving extensive manpower.

Specialized unit call out (dive team, bomb unit, Homicide Detectives, Major Crimes Team, Field Force, etc.)

(Revised 09/14/09)

Any event where the media responds to a scene or event.

Vehicle pursuits and/or anytime spikes are used to stop a fleeing vehicle.

Any Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Child Abuse.

(Revised 09/14/09)

Anytime U.S. 1 traffic is closed for more than 30 minutes.

Any other event where the on-scene supervisor believes the Sheriff should be made aware of a situation or event.

Once a Commander receives the notification and the notification occurs between 2200 and 0700 and is of a more minor nature, then it is the Commanders discretion to delay the notification to the Sheriff.

However, this delayed notification shall be made no later than 0730 hours.