Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-79)


BUREAU: Corrections


CHAPTER: Security



Sheriff of Monroe County

TOPIC: Cameras


The purpose of this directive is to establish policy for the Monroe County Detention Facilities that personal cameras will not be allowed in the secure areas of the facilities except for official Monroe County Sheriff's Office use or as authorized by the Major of the Bureau of Corrections. Security cameras will only be accessed by authorized personnel.


This directive applies to all personnel


All Personnel.


Personal Cameras

No cameras of any kind will be allowed into the secure areas of the facilities except for official Monroe County Sheriff's Office use.


The Major of the Bureau of Corrections or designee may authorize exceptions to this policy either by written or verbal order to the officer-in- charge.

Security Camera System

Only command officers at the rank of Sergeant or above and Maintenance personnel may access the Server Room. At no time shall a non-ranking deputy or anyone from the support staff other than Maintenance personnel access the Server Room.

The Server Room is monitored by a camera that is connected to a recording device. The room is videotaped and recorded 24/7.

Sergeants and above can copy data from the camera system using their desk computers.

Installation or Updating Video Monitoring System [BOC:8031]

When installing or updating a video monitoring system, electronic surveillance system, or other monitoring technology, the agency will consider how such technology may enhance the agency’s ability to protect inmates from sexual abuse.

BOC - 8:001

Date of Original: Jan 1994

Previous Revision Date(s): 9/15/99, 1/10/08, 8/22/11





FMJS 5.04(c), 11.14

RESCINDS: Policy Directive 14

BUREAU: Corrections




CHAPTER: Security


TOPIC: Classification and Security of "High Profile" Inmates


Sheriff of Monroe County


The purpose of this directive is to establish policy for the Monroe County Detention Facilities to establish and maintain a means to protect all staff members and other inmates from well- known violent inmates. These inmates are classified as "High Profile" inmates.


This directive applies to all personnel.


All personnel.


The Classification Division will use the following rationale for classifying an inmate as "High Profile" status:

Correctional Staff, civilians, or inmates to be harmed.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office will assign such inmates to involuntary segregated housing only until an alternative means of separation from likely abusers can be arranged, and such an assignment shall not ordinarily exceed a period of 30 days. [§115.43(c)]

If an involuntary segregated housing assignment is made pursuant to §115.42(a) of this section, the facility shall clearly document the following: [§115.43(d)]

Date Storage, Publication, and Destruction

The PREA Coordinator, or designee will ensure that the collected sexual abuse and sexual harassment data is securely retained. [§115.89(a)]

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office will make all aggregated sexual abuse data from all Detention facilities readily available to the public on an annual basis through the Sheriff's Office. [§115.89(b)]

Before making aggregated sexual abuse data publicly available, all personal identifiers will be removed. [§115.89(c)]

The PREA Coordinator, or designee, will maintain and retain sexual abuse data for at least ten (10) years after the date of its initial collection, unless Federal, State or local law requires otherwise. [§115.89(d)]


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will have independent audits by a PREA certified auditor. The audits will be pursuant to §115.401 through


[FCAC 22.04]


The purpose of this directive is to establish policy for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to operate the Key West Jail as a direct supervision detention facility.


This directive applies to all personnel.


All Personnel.


All certified staff will receive direct supervision jail training prior to assignment to direct supervision units. [FCAC 22.02]

Inmates will not be housed in direct supervision units unless classification personnel approve the housing assignment. [FCAC 22.01]

Sufficient staffing levels shall be maintained that provides direct supervision of inmates in direct supervision housing units. [FCAC 22.03]

Sufficient staffing levels shall be maintained that provides emergency back up to the housing





FCAC 22.01, 22.02, 22.03,

22.04, 22.05

FMJS 10.02, Ch 15


BUREAU: Corrections




CHAPTER: Security


TOPIC: Direct Supervision

Sheriff of Monroe County

deputy in direct supervision housing units. [FCAC 22.03]

Prior to staff of the opposite sex entering an inmate dorm/unit, the dorm deputy will announce their presence. [BOC 8:031]

The Marathon and Plantation Key Facilities are not direct supervision jails. However, a deputy will be placed in the housing units whenever possible.

Each deputy will carry a radio. Each housing area has a deputy’s telephone. The deputy's telephone and radio are not to be used by inmates. [FCAC 22.05]

General Rules for Direct Supervision [FCAC 22.04]

All detention deputies and members of the staff will be called Deputy, Mr. Ms. or by the title of their position along with their last name. Inmates will not use deputies or staff members’ first names or other terms. Inmates will be identified by their last names.

All directives and requests from staff members are orders. Inmates must promptly and fully carry out the order without complaint. Even if an inmate feels the order is unjust, the inmate must obey the order. Inmates, after obeying the order, may file a complaint by completing an Inmate Request Form that documents his or her


Inmates are required to go directly to their assigned housing area during all unscheduled and scheduled head counts. Inmates must stand by their bunk and remain silent. Inmates are not to move after the count starts and until the deputy announces that the count has been completed. During head counts, the television and other instruments will be turned off.

Schedules for work, sick call, dining, recreation, laundry, visitation, church services, educational classes, passing of medications and other programs will be posted on bulletin boards or otherwise announced. Inmates are responsible for following these schedules/announcements. Inmates must be fully dressed, including their identification card, and prepared to report on time for any scheduled activity or program.

Inmates are required to keep their living areas and cells clean. They must also assist in cleaning day rooms, showers and toilet areas. These areas must be ready for inspection at any time. Inmates will not deface any property belonging to Monroe County or to another inmate. Inmates shall not attach pictures or articles to walls, ceilings, beds, writing desks, doors or windows. Inmates shall store their pictures in their grey bins.

Inmates shall not give, loan, barter, exchange or sell any personal property, food, commissary items or issued items to another inmate. Personal property in the possession of anyone other than the recorded owner will be taken and disposed of as contraband.

The television shall be turned on each morning after inspection is successfully completed. Televisions will be off during lockdown and during meal times. Television channels are selected by majority preference. The television is a privilege and may be withdrawn by any staff member when rules are not followed.

Tampering with, damaging or destroying county property and/or safety devices, such as smoke detectors, is a punishable offense. Disciplinary action will be taken and/or criminal charges filed against inmates found in violation of F.S.S. 806.13.

Smoking is NOT allowed. All tobacco products

and accessories are contraband. Inmates may be criminally charges with a third degree felony under F.S.S. 951.22.

Inmates shall not enter any cell, dorm, unit or other housing area except for their assigned cell, dorm, unit or housing area. The only exception to this rule is when an inmate is supervised and instructed by his or her work supervisor to enter these areas.

Inmates are encouraged to shower daily. All inmates MUST take at least two showers each week.

Inmates are responsible for their own personal property. Deputies shall not “watch” an inmate’s personal property or “secure” an inmate’s personal property except as allowed by policy.

Inmates are issued an identification card. This card must be worn on the bottom of the “v” on the inmate’s uniform shirt at all times when they are outside of their assigned cell/bunk. Inmates who lose their identification card will receive disciplinary action and have an administrative fee assessed against their canteen account. The loss or removal of an inmate’s identification card will result in a delay/denial of privileges, services and/or release.

Inmates will not remove bedding and linen (mattress, blanket, pillow, pillow case, sheets) from their assigned sleeping areas. These items shall not be used as rugs, tablecloths or for any other purpose other than their intended purpose. An inmate who loses his or her towel will be charged an administrative fee and this fee will be deducted from his or her canteen account.

Excessive noise, horseplay, shouting, yelling, profanity, etc. will not be permitted within the facility or on the facility grounds.

Inmates shall not pass items to and/or from other inmates in lockdown or in segregation.

Inmates shall not talk with other inmates in lockdown or in segregation.

Hats, headbands, caps, handkerchiefs, scarves and sunglasses are not authorized except when issued to work crews. When issued to a work crew member, the member may wear these items only on the outside of the facility.

Inmates shall not alter or mark their issued clothing.

Inmates shall not litter. Trash containers have been placed in selected locations for inmate use.

Inmates shall not leave any assigned area without first receiving permission from their supervisor.

Inmates are required to proceed directly and promptly to and from any designated area.

No inmate will be placed in charge of another inmate.

Inmates are required to immediately report any injury or accident to a staff member. Injuries and/or accidents must be reported no matter how minor the incident.

Inmates shall not run within the confines of the facility except in the recreation yard.

County sentenced inmates may work up to ten hours per day as outlined in the Florida Model Jail Standards.

Inmates are not allowed to have any keys in their possession.

Inmates shall not have any tools in their possession except when assigned to a supervised detail requiring tools.

Any inmate who leaves his or her assigned housing cell/bunk will display proper identification in accordance with the facility rules and regulations.

Inmates shall not move from bunk to bunk or from cell to cell without a deputy’s permission.

Inmates shall sleep head to toe while in their bunks.

All inmates are issued a drinking cup upon admission into the facility. Loss of this cup will result in an administrative fee being charged to the inmate’s canteen account.

Inmates shall not cross any red line painted upon the floor without permission from a staff


Inmates shall not touch anything on a deputy’s desk without permission from the deputy.

Statement of Prohibited Conduct

Any inmate detained in any Monroe County Detention Facility is subject to the same Federal, State and Municipal laws and ordinances as any other citizen. Inmates who violate any laws or ordinances shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In addition to facing criminal penalties, inmates who break facility rules face disciplinary action. According to F.S.S. 951.05, inmates who violate facility rules and are found guilty by a disciplinary committee may be punished with up to 30 days of disciplinary confinement, loss of privileges and/or possible loss of gain time.