Revised 12/11/17


Acceptance of Arrestees 2:001

Acceptance of Court Clothing 6:001

Acceptance of Inmate Account Monies 1:001

Accreditation Specialist Post Order 10:022

Administrative Assistant Post Order 10:040

Administrative Confinement and Protective Custody 4:001

Admissions of Arrestees 2:002

Animal Farm/Landscape Specialist Post Order 10:001

Assessment of Inmates/Detainees' Classifications 3:001

Attorney Visits and Telephone Calls 5:001

Awarding of Gain Time and Computation of Release Date 3:002


Bail Bondsmen 2:003

Balancing of Cash Bonds 2:004

Bonds on Federal Inmates 2:005


Cameras 8:001

Cash Balancing 1:003

Certifications (Law Enforcement, Dual Certified Deputies, and Power to Serve Warrants) .. 1:004 Chaplain (Volunteer) Post Order (DELETED/RESCINDED by 6:023) 10:003

Chemical Testing for Substance Abuse 6:002

Major of the Bureau of Corrections Post Order 10:007

Civil Case Arrestees 2:006

Classification and Security of "High Profile" Inmates 8:002

Classification Clerks 10:004

Classification Clerk 2 Post Order (DELETED/RESCINDED by 10:004) 10:005

Classification Folders 3:003

Classification Supervisor Post Order 10:006

Commissary Requirements and Fair Market Value Audit 6:003

Confinement Inmates; Health and Well-Being 4:003

Confinement Inmates; Rights, Privileges, Access to Programs and Services, and

Deprivation of Authorized Items 4:002

Confinement Sheet and Watch Form 4:004

Contact Visitations 3:004

Contacts with Public, Media and Other Agencies 1:005

Contractor Communication 1:006

Control and Use of Force and Non-Deadly Weapons (Chemical Agents and Tasers) 8:005

Control of Contraband 8:003

Control of Tools, Culinary Equipment, and Medical Equipment 8:004

Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) Cell Extraction and Tactical

Situations (DELETED) 8:006

Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) Members Application and

Selection Process (DELETED) 8:007

Court Remanded Inmates 2:007

Courthouse Holding Cell Deputy Post Order 10:008

Crimes Within the Jail Facilities 8:029


Deaf or Hearing Impaired Inmates 5:005

Delousing New Inmates 2:008

Deputy Down Alarm Response 8:016

Deputy Down Test Unit and Monitors 8:017

Direct Supervision 8:032

Disciplinary Confinement 4:005

Disciplinary Hearings 4:006

Disciplinary Reports 4:007

Disciplinary System-Ice Detainees 4:009

Disposal of All Trash and Recyclables 8:008

Distribution of Medication 7:001

DNA Testing of Sentenced Inmates 1:002

Dorm/Unit Deputy Post Order 10:009


Employee Orientation Curriculum 1:007

Executive Assistant Post Order 10:010

Extradition Proceedings 2:009

Extraditions (DELETED) 2:033


Facility Housekeeping 6:004

Facility Secured Envelope Access 1:008

Facility Security and Sanitation Inspections 1:009

Facility Tours 1:010

Federal Prisoner 2:010

Felony Registration 2:011

Finger/Palm Prints and Photographs 2:012

Fire Alarm Response (RESCINDED by EP:007) 8:010

Fleet Maintenance/Inventory 9:001

Food Services and Feeding of Inmates 6:005


General Orders 1:011

Glossary .............................................................................................................................. Glossary


Hazardous Materials 8:011

High Security Transport Belt 8:012

Hospital Detail 8:013

Housing Assignments and Requirements 3:005


Identification Technician Post Order 10:047

In-Service Training 1:012

Inmate Account Deposits 1:013

Inmate Drinking Tumblers 6:006

Inmate Educational, Vocational, and Treatment Programs 6:007

Inmate Holds/Pick Up Orders 2:013

Inmate Identification 3:006

Inmate/Detainee Mail 5:002

Inmate Marriages 6:008

Inmate Medical Fees 7:002

Inmate Movement 8:014

Inmate Movement Between Facilities 8:030

Inmate Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous Programs 6:009

Inmate/Detainee Personal Hygiene 6:010

Inmate Operations/Work Release Specialist Post Order 10:050

Inmate Processing Fee 1:030

Inmate Programs and Inmate Participation in Programs 6:011

Inmate Razor Issuance 6:012

Inmate Records 2:014

Inmate Request Forms 5:003

Inmate Reunification Bus Ticket Program 6:022

Inmate Sexual Abuse/Assault Prevention and Intervention((Prison Rape Elimination Act) .. 8:031 Inmate Uniforms 6:013

Inmate Visitation 5:004

Inmate Welfare Committee and Commissary Operations 6:014

Inmates Sentenced to Weekend Custody 2:015

Inmates Services Sergeant Post Order 10:011

Intake Interview 2:016

Intake Pat Searches 2:017

Intake/Release Deputy (Certified) Post Order 10:012

Intake/Release Process 2:018

Intake/Release of Property and Money 2:019

Intake/Release Sergeant Post Order 10:013

Intercom System and Hand Held Radios 1:014


Juveniles 2:020


Key Control 8:015


Laundry 1:015

Laundry Deputy Post Order 10:014

Law Library 6:015

Library 6:016


Mail Clerk/Librarian Post Order 10:015

Main Control Room Operator Post Order 10:016

Maintenance Facility Specialist Post Order 10:017

Maintenance Shop and Tool Room Specialist Post Order 10:018

Maintenance Supervisor Post Order 10:019

Marathon/Plantation Key Dorm Deputy/Shift Supervisor 10:052

Marchman Detainees 2:034

Medical Deputy Post Order 10:020

Medical Receiving Screening Form 2:021

Medical Treatment for Inmates and Staff Injured in an Incident 8:019

Minor Infraction Warning Book 4:008

MCSO Commissary Clerk Post Order 10:002


Observation of General Population and Special Inmates 8:020

Off-Duty and Extra-Duty Employment 1:029

Operations/Support Services Commander Post Order 10:021

Out of State Extraditions (DELETED) 2:022


Population Count Principals and Procedures 8:021

Preparation of Court Folders 2:023

Procurement Clerk Post Order (DELETED) 10:023

Programs Services Assistant Director Post Order (DELETED) 10:024

Programs Services Director Post Order 10:025

Programs Services Staff Assistant Post Order 10:026

Property Clerk Post Order 10:027

Public Lobby 1:016


Quality Control Deputy Post Order (DELETED) 10:028


Radio Communications for Transportation Operations 9:002

Receptionist Post Order 10:029

Recommittals 2:024

Records Assistant Post Order 10:030

Records Manager Post Order 10:031

Records Supervisor Post Order 10:032

Recreation 6:017

Releasing Information on Arrestees 2:025

Releasing Inmates to Other Agencies 2:026

Releasing Inmates to Probation 2:027

Relieving a Post 8:022

Religious Programs, Materials, Diets, and Clergy Visits 6:018

Removal of Comfort Items and/or Property 1:017

Reporting for Duty 1:018

Reporting of Serious or Unusual Incidents 8:023

Restraint Chair 8:024

Rover (Floor) Post Order 10:033

Rover (I/R Holding Cell) Post Order 10:034


Safety Rules and Regulations and Expected Practices 8:025

Search of Inmates and Facility 8:026

Security and Storage of Inmate Records 2:028

Sexually Explicit Material 6:019

Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment 2:036

Shift Lieutenant Post Order 10:035

Shift Sergeant Post Order 10:036

Sick Bay Deputy Post Order 10:037

Sick Call 7:003

Site Commander Post Order 10:038

Smoking Within the Monroe County Detention Facilities 1:019

Special Needs Unit (SNU) Deputy 10:048

Specialized Training 1:020

Standardization of Electronic Logbook Entries 1:032

Standardization of Paper Log Entries 1:021

State Prison Commitments 2:029

Subpoenas for Inmates 2:030

Suicide Prevention 7:004

Supplies Daily Operations 1:022

Support Services Commander Post Order (RESCINDED by 10:021) 10:039

Support Services Captain 10:051


Telephone Courtesy 1:023

Teletypes 2:031

Touch Screen System Access Codes (DELETED) 8:027

Transportation Deputy Post Order 10:041

Transportation and Extradition Specialist Post Order 10:046

Transportation of Inmates 9:003

Transportation Sergeant Post Order 10:042

Inmate Workers Assigned to Outside Agencies 1:024

Inmate Worker Program Field Supervisor (DOT) Post Order (DELETED) 10:043

Inmate Worker Work Assignments Criteria and Selection 6:020

Types of Inmate Releases 2:032


Unit A Deputy Post Order 10:049

Use of Restraints 8:028


Vehicle Inspections 9:004

Vehicle Logs 9:005

Victim Notifications 2:035

V.O.I.C.E. Corrections Program (DELETED) 1:025

V.O.I.C.E. Volunteer Post Order (DELETED) 10:044

Volunteer Orientation Curriculum 1:031

Volunteer Recruitment 1:027

Volunteer Religious Providers 6:023

Volunteers, Programs, and Quarterly Evaluations of All Volunteer Staff, Inmates,

and Programs 1:026


Warrants Clerk/Supervisor Post Order (DELETED) 10:045

Weapons 8:009

Work Release Program 6:021

Written Directive System for the Bureau of Corrections 1:028