10-4 - Acknowledged (OK).

ACA - American Correctional Association - All ACA standards are based on "Standards for ALDF, 3rd edition" - NOTE: We are utilizing FCAC standards instead of ACA standards.

Actively in Trial - For this P/P manual, the definition shall mean that period commencing when a judge calls a case for trial on the trial docket and all parties have announced themselves ready to proceed, or the court has ordered that the trial shall proceed, until the rendition of the verdict or the close of testimony in a non-jury trial.

Administrative Confinement - Placement of an inmate in housing separate from the general population when ordered by the Classification Department or other authorized persons when the continued presence of an inmate in the general population would pose a serious threat to property, self, staff, other inmates, or to the security or orderly operation of the facility.

A.K.A. or aka - Also Known As

All Certified Personnel - ALL Monroe County Sheriff's Office certified personnel who work in the Detention Facilities.

All Personnel - EVERYONE who works in the Detention Facilities.

All Records Personnel - ONLY Monroe County Sheriff's Office non-certified personnel who work in the Records Department of the Detention Facilities.

All Support Personnel - ALL Monroe County Sheriff's Office non-certified personnel who work in the Detention Facilities.

BOC - Bureau of Corrections

Body Cavity Search - A visual, manual, and/or instrument inspection of an inmate's anal, oral, vaginal, ear, and/or nasal orifices. It will be conducted by a Physician ONLY.

Caustic Material - A substance capable of destroying or eating away by chemical reaction.

CERT - Correctional Emergency Response Team

Chain of Custody - The documented person-by-person, storage, or possession of any item considered to be contraband or evidence.

Chaplain - An Ordained Minister of the Gospel, certified by a denominational body, who coordinates all aspects of religious programs within the Monroe County Detention Facilities.

Close Supervision - Constant visual contact

Combustible Liquid - A substance with a flash point at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99


Command Officer - Highest ranking detention personnel or designee on duty or on scene at the time of incident.

Concurrent Sentences - Multiple sentences running at the same time with one another.

Consecutive Sentences - Multiple sentences succeeding one another.

Contraband - Any item or article inside the facility, on the property of the facility, or in the possession of an inmate that is neither issued, approved for purchase through the commissary, purchased through an approved source with official approval, nor authorized and approved for delivery by mail. Any item or article not originally contraband shall be deemed contraband if it is passed from one inmate to another without authorization, if it is altered from its original condition, or if it is in excessive amounts.

Credit for Time - The amount of time to be deducted from an inmate's sentence for incarceration prior to sentencing.

Cubical - Bunk areas inside the dorm.

Direct Filed Juvenile - A juvenile who at the time of commission of the alleged offense was 16 or 17 years of age and against whom information has been filed by the state attorney transferring the juvenile for prosecution as an adult pursuant to the provisions of F.S. 39.047(4)(2)5.

Directed Inmates - Inmates who are instructed to move to a particular location without constant visual monitoring such as moving to an elevator or visitation area.

Disciplinary Confinement - A form of separation from the general population in which inmates committing serious violations of conduct regulations are confined by the Inmate Disciplinary Committee/Hearing Officer for short periods of time to individual cells separate from the general population.

DR or D.R. - Discipline Report

Emergency Counts - An official count taken at other than one of the times specified for an official formal count. Emergency counts will be taken when there is reason to believe an inmate is missing. A count may be necessary to determine how many inmates are unaccounted for and who they are.

Escorted Inmates - Inmates who are visually and physically escorted from one location to another within the facility such as those moving during transport, intake, release, or court and those inmates classified as special management.

Evidence - Any item that is to be securely kept for use in the prosecution of a criminal act. Items considered as evidence could include contraband, photographs, latent fingerprints, event reports, statements, articles of inmate's clothing or personal belongings.

FAC - Florida Administrative Code

Facilities - All three facilities (KW, KV, and PK)

FCAC - Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission

Fire Alarm - An emergency alarm activated electronically by various devices (e.g., smoke detectors, pull boxes).

Flammable Liquid - A substance with a flash point below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Centigrade).

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99


Flash Point - The minimum temperature at which a liquid will give off sufficient vapors to form an ignitable mixture with the air near the surface of the liquid or within the vessel used.

Float Method - Placing medication in a drinking cup filled with water which the inmate will consume.

FMJS - Florida Model Jail Standards

Formal County - Official counts that are conducted in an organized manner at specific times of the day or night when bodies shall be counted.

Frisk Search - A search of an inmate during which the officer conducting the search uses his/her hands to "pat" or "frisk" all parts of the inmate's body to search for contraband. Inmates will not be required to remove their clothing during a frisk search.

FS or F.S. - Florida Statue

FSA - Florida Sheriff's Association

Fugitive - A person that leaves (flees) demanding state either before conviction or after conviction of a crime.

Garment Bag - Bag in which inmate's clothing will be stored.

Grievance - A complaint regarding a policy, condition, or staff of the Monroe County Detention Facilities.

Hazardous Materials - Flammable, combustible, toxic, or caustic substances

H.S.T.B. - High security transport belt

Housing Unit, Cell, Room, or Area Search - A thorough and systematic inspection of a living unit, cell, room, or other area of the facility.

Indicted Juvenile - A juvenile of any age indicted by a grand jury on an offense punishable by death or life imprisonment pursuant to the provisions of F.S. 39.022(5)(c).

Inmate worker - An inmate that works outside of the facility that is not involved in a program.

Internal Census Counts - Counts made while inmates are working, engaged in daily living activities, or engaged in recreational activities. These counts shall be made at irregular times by detail shift supervisors, housing officers, or any other official supervising inmates. Reports will only be made when an inmate is found to be missing.

Jail Booking Number - In book number (i.e., 9200, 9300, etc.)

JTO - Jail Training Officer

Juvenile - A person who is under the age of 18 and is charged with a delinquent or status offense and has not been transferred for prosecution as an adult.

Juvenile Wanted in Another Jurisdiction as an Adult - A juvenile who is wanted in another jurisdiction for prosecution as an adult pursuant to the provisions of F.S. 39.044(4)(b).

KV - Key Vaca (Marathon)

KW - Key West

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99


Main Training Unit - The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Training and Career Development Unit.

Man Down Alarm - An officer's duress alarm generated electronically by the man down monitor or by the officer activating the panic button on the monitor.

Man Down Monitor - An unit that is used for emergency distress calls. It can be set to automatically activate when in the prone position or you can press the red button on the top rear side to activate.

Man Down Test Unit - An unit to test the man down monitors.

Marchman Acts - A person brought in by law enforcement as a Marchman Act that has lost the power of self-control with respect to substance abuse and is NOT under arrest.

MCDC - Monroe County Detention Center (KW only)

MCDF - Monroe County Detention Facilities (KW, KV, and PK)

MCSO - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Medical Restraints - Soft padded leather devices used to secure the wrists and ankles to a bunk or bed

M.R. - Message Retrieval

M.S.D.S. - Material Safety Data Sheet (issued by the substance manufacturer).

NAC - National Academy of Corrections

News Media Representatives - Identified representatives of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television stations.

NFPA - National Fire Prevention Association

NIC - National Institute of Corrections

NIJ - National Institute of Justice

OBTS Number - Offender Base Transaction System Number

O.C.A. - Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol

Officer - Detention Deputy

Pending Disciplinary Hearing - An inmate(s) who violated a rule infraction and is placed in a confinement cell pending his/her disciplinary hearing outcome.

PK - Plantation Key

Plain Talk - Means no codes or signals.

P/P - Policy and Procedures

Pro Se Inmate - An inmate who is without counsel because s/he has elected to defend themselves.

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99


Program Extra Gain Time - Gain time that may be awarded to a sentenced inmate for participation and satisfactory completion in approved educational programs or various other self-betterment programs approved by the Bureau of Corrections. A inmate worker participating in programs beyond his/her normal work day is also eligible for extra gain time.

Protective Custody - A form of administrative confinement from the general population for inmates requesting or requiring protection from other inmates for reasons of health or safety.

Public - Individuals who are not officials in law enforcement.

R.E.A.C.T. - Remote Electronically Activated Control Technology

Remanded to Custody - When a defendant is remanded to jail by the Court System (Judge).

Running Counts - An informal count maintained by each Unit/Dorm Officer on an Inmate Accountability Form (e.g., court, recreation, kitchen, laundry). This count will be recorded in the Unit/Dorm log books.

Security Envelope - The areas surrounded by security walls and doors that is not accessible to the general public.

Security Restraints/Equipment - This includes, but is not limited to, shackles, waist chains, handcuffs, or plastic restraints.

Sentenced Weekender - An individual that has received a weekend sentence from the arraigning Judge.

Sexually Explicit Material - Any material clearly showing or depicting sexual acts and/or the sexual organs, or any material which may reasonably be expected to cause sexual arousal.

Special Management Inmates - Inmates who are in a lockdown status.

Statutory Gain Time - Standardized reduction in sentence awarded to sentenced inmates at the rate of five

(5) days per month as per Florida Statues.

Strip Search - See Visual Body Examination

Supersedeas Bond - A bond posted after a person has been tried and sentenced. This bond is set by the sentencing judge, drawn up by an attorney, approved by the sentencing judge, and handled by the Clerk of the Courts.

SWAT - Special Weapons Assault Team.

Toxic Material - A substance that, through chemical reaction or mixture, can produce possible injury or harm to the body by entry through the skin, digestive tract, or respiratory tract. The toxicity is dependent on the quantity absorbed and the rate, method, and site of absorption.

Valuables Bag - A small bag in which the inmate's wallet, jewelry, etc. will be stored in and sealed with a numbered seal.

Visual Body Examination - A search during which the inmate is required to remove all their clothing and the officer conducting the search visually examines the inmate for contraband. An inmate is not to be physically touched by the officer during a visual body examination. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a "strip search".

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99


V.O.I.C.E. - Volunteer Observers Impacting Community Effort

Waived Juvenile - A juvenile who is at least 14 years of age and whose case has been certified and transferred for trial as if the juvenile were an adult pursuant to the provisions of F.S. 39.022(5)(a) and 39.022(5)(b).

Work Days - Work days is defined as Monday through Friday. Legal Holidays recognized by the Federal Government or the State of Florida are excluded from the definition of "Work Days".

Work/Good Time - Additional gain time awarded to a sentenced inmate worker at the rate of ten (10) days per month for satisfactory performance of work, duties, and tasks assigned or if they cannot work for any reason (e.g., handicap, medical, protective custody) but obey all established rules and regulations.

Work Release - A court order release and intake of an inmate for a period of time, sentenced by a judge for outside work.

BOC - Glossary

Date of Original: Jan 1994


Dissemination Date: 9/15/99

Previous Revision Date(s):

Effective Date: 9/15/99