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April 27, 2012

Fire burns derelict semi-truck on island

Marathon – Deputies and firefighters responded to a fire on the island in Boot Key Harbor Thursday afternoon.

The large trash fire sent a column of black smoke into the air at 4:50 p.m. as it burned a semi-truck and other items left on the island.

Deputy Nick Whiteman and firefighters responded to the island on board a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission vessel to assess the fire, which had almost burned itself out by that time.

There were no injuries involved in the incident.

Big Pine teen charged with business burglary

A 17 year old Big Pine resident was arrested Thursday on an outstanding warrant for burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

The burglary to Paradise Petroleum on Big Pine Key took place on March 23rd. 17 year old Nicholas Burttram was caught on surveillance tape throwing a large coral rock through the front glass door of the business.

Once inside, he stole a cardboard box with several hundred packets of Spice, a commercial product commonly smoked as a synthetic marijuana. Spice is no longer legal for sale in the state of Florida.

Detective David Cruz was assigned to investigate the case. Fingerprints were lifted at the scene, from the countertop of the business. Fingerprint comparisons confirmed they were Burttram’s. Once he was confronted with the evidence of his involvement, Burttram admitted to the break in.

April 25, 2012

Man wanted for sexual abuse of child is arrested

Marathon - A Marathon man wanted for a total of 12 counts of sexually battering a young girl was arrested today.

55 year old Angel Parrado was picked up at his residence at 240 Sombrero Road in Marathon this afternoon. He was booked into jail on a $3 million bond.

Parrado is accused of sexually molesting a young girl from the age of 9 until the age of 15,when she reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. The girl approached School Resource Sgt. Glenn Test at Marathon High School and reported the abuse to him in March. Sgt. Test then called the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, who sent specially trained investigators to interview the victim. She told the investigators she estimates the abuse has happened “hundreds of times” over the years in question.

She said she told her mother about the abuse, but her mother told her Parrado would be returning to Cuba soon and she should just “stay away from him”.

Parrado was booked  for 6 counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12 and six counts sexual abuse of a minor between 12 and 18 years of age.

April 23, 2012

Miami man wanted for contractor fraud

Key Largo – Sheriff’s detectives say a Miami man is wanted for taking money from three Calusa Campground property owners with the promise of building them awnings on their properties; he then failed to do the work he was paid to do.

In February and March, 45 year old Israel Acanda agreed to build the three awnings for the victims. He claimed to own a business called “Perfection Awnings”. He took checks totaling $6,890.00 from the three victims up front, as a down payment for the work. As of now, no work has been done on any of the jobs. The victims called the Sheriff’s Office to report Acanda after they repeatedly tried to contact him without success.

Detective Francisco Gaete was assigned to investigate. He checked with the Monroe County Department of Licensing and found Acanda does not have a license to operate a business in Monroe County. He called the phone number Acanda gave to the victims. The phone number belongs to a roofing business in Miami; the owner says he has owned the company for two years and does not know Acanda.

Detective Gaete obtained a warrant for Acanda’s arrest; he is currently wanted for one count of scheme to defraud; three counts of operating a contracting business without a license and three counts of grand theft. Anyone who has information as to Acanda’s whereabouts should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 853-3211.

“This is a good time to once again remind people how important it is to thoroughly check out businesses before hiring them to do work for you, and before paying them any money up front,” said Sheriff Bob Peryam. “Make sure they have a license to operate in our county; make sure the contact information you have for them is legitimate and talk to others who have done business with them in the past. You may just save yourself from becoming a victim of fraud,” he said.

April 21, 2012

Man arrested for hitting, injuring someone – leaving the scene

Islamorada – A Key Largo man has been arrested for hitting a man with the side mirror of his truck causing severe injuries; he then left the scene of the accident without reporting it to anyone.

According to Detective Patrick Crozier, 22 year old Corey Gaddys was leaving the Full Moon Party at Morada Bay in Islamorada on April 7th in the early morning hours when he hit 21 year old Storm Mendez with the side view mirror of his truck. He then left the scene, leaving Mendez laying on the ground with severe injuries to his face and head.

Mendez’ friends found him at 3:30 a.m. He was transported to Mariner’s Hospital for treatment, then transferred to South Miami Hospital. His father called to report the incident later in the morning, relating the events to Deputy Todd Wyatt.

Once the victim was at the hospital, he was questioned by staff and by a deputy working a detail at the hospital; he  had no memory of what happened to him. His friends said they were at the party and lost track of Storm. They said they never saw him get into any fights or have any problems that night. He sustained a head injury, and fractures of his nose and the orbit of his right eye.

As he investigated the incident, Detective Crozier received several anonymous tips indicating Mendez had been hit by the side view mirror of a blue Chevrolet 1500 pickup truck and that a man named Travis Sebastian was a passenger in the truck at the time. The detective made contact with Sebastian, who said he was drunk that night, but remembered the truck hitting a man with brown hair. He identified the driver at the time of the accident as Gaddys.

Detective Crozier interviewed Gaddys and examined his truck. He found dents and damage to the truck indicating it had hit something or someone. Gaddys admitted to hitting someone that night. He said he left the scene because he didn’t want to get into a fight. He could not give a reason why he didn’t report the incident later.

Gaddys was arrested Friday, charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and he was booked into jail.

April 18, 2012

Fisherman reports body – detective finds hoax

Monroe County – Sheriff’s Detective Manny Cuervo responded Monday to a location offshore of Key West after a sponge fisherman reported seeing what looked like human remains on a sunken boat. The man called the Sheriff’s Office at 1 a.m. Monday after returning to shore. He said it looked like a human torso sitting on a captain’s chair about three feet underwater.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gave Detective Cuervo a ride to the area where the fisherman reported seeing the remains, about 200 yards offshore of Archer Key, which is several miles west of Key West. An FWC officer went into the water to retrieve the captain’s chair with the remains attached. When they brought it into the boat, they found it was fake. Someone had attached part of a plastic skeleton to the chair and put it underwater; a sunken boat which has been in the area for some time was nearby.

“It looks pretty real,” said Detective Cuervo, “but if it was real, the skeleton would have fallen apart long before it had time to accumulate all the algae that was on it,” he said. “We removed it from the water so we don’t get any more calls about it in the future.”

April 17, 2012

Marathon man wanted for sexually assaulting young girl

Marathon – A Marathon man is wanted for repeatedly sexually assaulting a young girl.

The girl approached School Resource Sgt. Glenn Test at Marathon High School and reported the abuse to him in March. Sgt. Test then called the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, who sent specially trained investigators to interview the victim. She told the investigators 55 year old Angel Parrado, also known as Angel Parrado Torna, had been sexually molesting her since she was nine years old; she estimates the abuse has happened “hundreds of times” since then. The victim is currently 15 years old.

She said she told her mother about the abuse, but her mother told her Parrado would be returning to Cuba soon and she should just “stay away from him”.

Major Crimes Detective Geni Hernandez obtained a warrant for Parrado’s arrest; he is wanted for 6 counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12 and six counts sexual abuse of a minor between 12 and 18 years of age. His bond is set at $3 million.

Detective Hernandez says there is a possibility Parrado may attempt to flee to Cuba; she is asking anyone who knows where he is to call the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. If a tip leads to an arrest the caller would be eligible for a substantial cash reward.  Crime Stoppers can be reached at 1-800-346-TIPS or on line at

April 6, 2012

Key Largo man cut on the face

Key Largo – A man who intervened in a domestic dispute Thursday night was cut on the face with a pocket knife. The suspect is still at large.

The victim, 38 year old James Galloway, told Deputy Darnell Durham he and his live-in girlfriend babysit her sister’s children while she works. On Thursday night at 11:15 p.m., the sister and her live-in boyfriend, 29 year old Leon Davis, came to their house on Cindy Place to pick up the kids. Galloway said the couple got into an argument in the driveway and when the sister came inside, she said she was afraid to drive home Davis because he was drunk and aggressive. Her sister told her she’d take her and her kids home.

Davis became more upset at this turn of events; he shoved his girlfriend against their truck. Galloway then intervened and the two men began to fight. Galloway walked away from the fight and, as he reached his house, he heard Davis yell. When he turned around, Davis cut him on the face with a pocket knife.

Davis fled the scene in his truck; the victim called the Sheriff’s Office. Galloway received stitches on his face. Deputies searched for Davis, but did not locate him. A warrant will be issued for his arrest.

April 5, 2012

Trailer burns on Cudjoe Key

Cudjoe Key – A trailer in Coco Palms Trailer Park on Cudjoe Key caught fire Wednesday morning.

When deputies arrived at 6:15 a.m., they found the trailer at lot #15 engulfed in flames. They began knocking on neighboring doors to alert neighbors to the danger. As they were doing that, they heard someone yell for help near the rear of the burning trailer.

Deputy Todd Jones ran to the back of the burning trailer and found a man, 54 year old Peter Deluca, at the rear of the trailer. He helped Deluca to a safe area. Deluca was the resident of the burning trailer.

Monroe County firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze. The Fire Marshalls Office responded and will investigate the cause of the fire.

Stolen vessel recovered; Miami man arrested

Key Largo – A custom made boat, stolen from a Key Largo campground in September was recovered in Miami. The Miami man who stole it is in jail.

Surveillance tape from Calusa Campground shows the 2007 30 foot custom made Concept vessel being towed away August 28, 2011  by a white Cadillac SUV. The vessel’s value, including the trailer and two 350 HP Mercury engines, is $137,000.00. The owner discovered the theft several days later; he told Detective Robert Dosh no one had permission to take it and he wanted to press charges.

On March 21st of this year, the owner was contacted by the company that made the boat for him. The company owner said he’d received a phone call from someone who was thinking about buying the boat. The potential buyer said he was suspicious because the person selling it was only asking $20,000.00 for it. He told the company owner he suspected the boat was stolen.

The company owner did some checking and discovered the boat in question – which he was able to specifically identify from his records – was indeed reported stolen. He called the boat’s owner and told him he knew where the boat was. The boat owner called Detective Dosh to report the location of the boat.

Detective Dosh enlisted the aid of Miami-Dade detectives who went to the residence where the boat was last seen. The man who lived there said his nephew had parked the boat there, but had removed it a couple of days before. He gave detectives the nephew’s contact information. He also confirmed his nephew drives a white Cadillac SUV, and identified the vehicle from a photograph.

When detectives contacted the nephew – 22 year old Yadiel Valera – he told them someone had given him the boat. He said he didn’t know the person’s name and couldn’t tell detectives where the boat was located; when pressed for more information, he stopped communicating with them.

On March 30th, the boat, motors and trailer were found abandoned in Miami-Dade County. A warrant was obtained for the arrest of Valera for grand theft.  He was arrested today and booked into the Miami-Dade County jail.