Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Daily Crime and Information Report

Issued by the Media Relations Office, Public Information Officer Deputy Becky Herrin

November 25, 2002

Sheriff’s detectives work to identify murder victim

Bahia Honda – Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the shooting of a young man whose body was found on the north end of the Bahia Honda Bridge early today.

The young black male, probably in his late teens or early 20s, was spotted by a passing motorist just before 6 a.m. today. The motorist flagged down a deputy who was working on a traffic stop nearby. The driver said he’d seen a dead man on the north end of the bridge. When deputies arrived, they found him lying on the side of the road. He had several gunshot wounds on his body. Detectives say they found no identification when they examined him.

The victim is described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s with short black hair. He is approximately 170 pounds and is over six feet tall. He was wearing long black pants and a yellow jersey-type shirt with the number 05 on it. He had two earrings in his left ear, and two tattoos. Detectives declined to release where the tattoos were located or what they looked like.

Anyone who knows who this victim might be, or who has any information at all about the killing should contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. If a call to Crime Stoppers results in an arrest, the caller is eligible for a cash reward. The Crime Stoppers hot line number is 1-800-346-TIPS.

Sheriff’s detectives respond to death call on Lower Matecumbe

Lower Matecumbe Key – Sheriff’s detectives responded to a report of a man dead in his car near a Lower Matecumbe Key convenience store.

Detective Bobby Haynes said he found no signs of foul play when he examined the body of 64 year old Thomas Edwin Sheridan. Sheridan was known recently to be living in his car, a 1995 red Oldsmobile.

His body was found by an employee of Angelo’s Country store, who saw him in the parking lot and reported it to her boss. He then called the Sheriff’s Office to report it.

Sheridan was found lying partially in and partially out of the car. It appeared he had been sleeping in the vehicle. The cause of his death is unknown and an autopsy is scheduled for sometime this week to attempt to determine what it was he died from. He was last seen alive by an acquaintance at the Captain’s Table restaurant Sunday night.


November 21, 2002

Marathon man charged with credit card fraud

Monroe County – A Marathon man has been arrested after he was caught stealing people’s credit card numbers using a scanning device at a convenience store he worked for on Big Pine Key.

Detective Henry Hamilton was contacted by a fraud investigator from Citibank who noticed a pattern of credit card fraud cases occurring in Monroe County. In particular, the cases pointed to the Tom Thumb store on Big Pine Key.

Detective Hamilton began to investigate, and discovered during his investigation that 35 year old Raul Antonio Delcid was the one allegedly responsible for the credit card fraud cases. With the cooperation of the store manager, Detective Hamilton was able to pull a video surveillance tape from July of this year showing Delcid using a scanning device to scan customer’s credit cards apart from the usual scanning device used by the store for purchases. The device he used records the magnetic strip on the cards, enabling the card’s numbers to be used later.

When Delcid was confronted with the video tape, he confessed to “skimming” the credit cards. He said he would copy a large number of cards into the box, then sell the box to someone he only knew as “Carlos” in Miami. He was paid $15.00 per credit card number, making $800.00 on one occasion from cards “skimmed” at the Tom Thumb on Big Pine, and another $800.00 from cards he “skimmed” while working at the Dion’s Quik Mart on Summerland Key.

The card numbers he sold were subsequently used to defraud credit card companies out of thousands of dollars. Delcid was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center Wednesday on a felony count of credit card fraud. More charges are pending.

According to Detective Hamilton, investigations such as this one are complex, but because there is a clear paper trail from the person who does the actual skimming, people such as Delcid are relatively easy to pinpoint. He is still working with credit card companies on similar cases in the lower Keys, and with detectives from other areas of the county on similar cases throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office hopes to make more arrests such as this one in the future. The “skimming” of credit cards is taking place across the country and costs credit card companies millions of dollars every year.

To avoid being a victim of such a crime, people who use credit cards should keep a sharp eye on their cards at all times. If a clerk appears to be scanning the card through more than one scanning device, report the incident immediately to either the store manager, or to the Sheriff’s Office. Never let someone take your card out of your sight, or hold it below the counter where it is not visible to you.

Anyone with information about credit card “skimming” can call Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. Callers may remain anonymous and are eligible for a monetary reward if their information leads to a felony arrest. The Crime Stoppers hot line number is 1-800-346-TIPS.

Drug arrests in Key Largo

Key Largo – A four month long investigation into drug sales in Key Largo wrapped up this week with a number of arrests for sale and possession of crack cocaine.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division rounded up a number of suspected crack dealers who used the parking lot of an upper Keys bar as their home base. Over the past four months, the drug sellers, from Homestead and various areas of Key Largo, sold crack cocaine numerous times to undercover operatives. They were picked up Wednesday night when detectives called them and set up a meeting to buy more drugs. When they showed up to hand over the goods, they were taken into custody.

According to detectives, when the Sheriff’s Office tackled the drug problem in Hibiscus Park, successfully eliminating virtually all drug traffic in that neighborhood, some of the drug operations moved to the parking lot of the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. When detectives discovered the new base of operations, they began targeting it as well. These arrests are the result of this targeted drug operation, nicknamed “Operation Bogart” after the Caribbean Club featured in the Humphrey Bogart movie “Key Largo”. The Drug Enforcement Administrator assisted in the drug investigation.

“We will continue to make life as difficult as possible for those people who choose to cultivate a criminal lifestyle,” said Sheriff Rick Roth. “If you sell drugs in our county, we will see that you go to jail.”

Arrested in Operation Bogart, so far:

Randall Goings, 59 years old from Key Largo. Goings was arrested at his home on Big Pine Road in Key Largo and was charged with two outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine. A search warrant was also served at his home Wednesday, turning up six ounces of cocaine, $12,000 in cash and a loaded handgun. Federal charges may be pending against Goings as well, due to the quantity of drugs found in proximity to the loaded handgun.

Mario Medina, 20 years old from Homestead. Medina was charged with possession of cocaine and three outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine when he showed up at the parking lot to sell drugs to an undercover operative Wednesday evening.

Phillip Vaughn, 19 years old, of Homestead. Vaughn was charged with possession of cocaine and four outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine after he showed up at the parking lot Wednesday evening to sell cocaine to an undercover operative.

Paul Moore, 33 years old, from Homestead. Moore was arrested for an outstanding warrant for sale of counterfeit narcotics when he showed up at the parking lot with his nephew, Vaughn, to deliver drugs to an undercover operative Wednesday evening.

Anthony Fuller, 33 years old of Key Largo. Fuller was arrested November 14th at Key Largo School and was charged with a warrant for sale of cocaine in connection with Operation Bogart.

Jerry Goodner, also known as “Blue”, 49 years old was arrested and charged with five outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine.


November 20, 2002

Stock Island man charged with cocaine possession

Stock Island – A Stock Island man was arrested in a joint Sheriff’s Office, Key West Police investigation Tuesday.

56 year old Daniel Dominguez was charged with possessing 43 crack rocks after a search warrant was served at his home at Rodriguez Apartments on Stock Island. The search warrant was obtained after an undercover operative purchased cocaine from Dominguez several days ago.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office and Key West police searched Dominguez’ apartment, locating the crack rocks in a Pepcid A/C pill bottle. They also found a digital scale used to weigh the drugs, plastic bags used to package the drugs and three razor blades with suspected cocaine residue on them.

Dominguez was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Bay Point man charged with sexual battery on young girl

Bay Point – A Bay Point man was arrested Tuesday and charged with sexually battering a young girl sometime between March and May of 2001.

The victim, a 14 year old girl at the time of the incident, said 29 year old Wuiliam Matamoro, who also goes by William, drove her to Key West and raped her on the return trip. The incident was reported to detectives from the Sheriff’s Crimes Against Women and Children’s Unit.

After investigating the allegations, Matamoro was placed under arrest Tuesday. He was charged with sexual battery and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.


November 19, 2002

Key Largo woman says she was grabbed as she walked home from the grocery store

Key Largo – A Key Largo woman called the Sheriff’s Office Sunday night to report being grabbed by a masked man as she walked home from the grocery store.

The 19 year old woman told deputies she was walking home with a bag of groceries at approximately 6 p.m., on a dark wooded trail between Samson Road and Janet Place in Key Largo. She said a man grabbed her arm. He was wearing a mask over his face and was wearing long sleeves and long pants. She dropped the bag of groceries, yelled at him and kicked him. He then fled the area. She picked up her groceries and she ran home.

She told her mother what happened, then called the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident about three and a half hours later. Detectives are investigating.

Anyone with any information about this incident should contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers of the Florida keys. If a tip leads to an arrest, the tipster would be eligible for a cash reward. The Crime Stoppers hot line number is 1-800-346-TIPS.


November 18, 2002

Drug sting nets 13 arrests

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Key West Police Department joined forces Friday night in a drug sting that netted 13 arrests. Officers from both agencies posed as drug dealers in the Fifth Avenue area of Stock Island and the Virginia Street and Thomas Street areas of Key West. The results were five arrests on Stock Island and eight arrests in Key West. The operation began about 6:30 p.m. and concluded around 11:30 p.m. Arrested on charges of soliciting to sell cocaine were 35-year old Timothy Wayne Lucas, 51-year old Larry Ray Wells, 43-year old Juan Daniel Vidaurres, 42-year old James K. Whitehead, 51-year old Onelio Alberto Garcia, 49-year old Wellington Meikal Bodden, 37-year old Carroll Brent Jourdan, 36-year old Christopher Robert Finch, 32-year old Mathew John Brudage, 26-year old Colin Wade Stiefel, 43-year old Ricky Gene Myers, 38-year old Kevin Joseph Wasser and 36-year old Matthew Brenden Mayo.

Cocaine found on Coco Plum Beach in Marathon

Sheriff’s Deputies recovered 29 kilos of powdered cocaine at Coco Plum Beach in Marathon last Wednesday. Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Coleman was dispatched to the area after a resident found one kilo of bundled cocaine on the beach. Deputy Coleman decided to check out the beach in case more cocaine had washed ashore. Deputy Coleman encountered three men emerging from a wooded area near the beach. The trio said they found a large bundle in the woods. After inspection, another 28 kilos of cocaine turned up in the bundle. The cocaine will be placed in the Sheriff’s evidence locker and will eventually be destroyed.

November 14, 2002

Key Largo School Student Reports Abduction Attempt

 Suspect initially taken into custody will not be charged

 Authorities still investigating the case

 A 13-year old female student at Key Largo Elementary School reported that she was the victim of an attempted abduction by a man who tried to force her into a nearby wooded area.  The female student said she was able to get away and call for help before reaching the woods.  The student said her attacker was a tall African-American male who was wearing a brown checkered shirt and a ski mask.

The report triggered a quick response from all local law enforcement agencies.  The Sheriff’s Office immediately set up a perimeter around the area and launched a search helicopter to the scene and dispatched a Canine Officer unit to assist.  Florida Highway Patrol and Fish and Wildlife Commission officers also arrived on scene to search for the suspect. 

At 9:40 a.m. (approximately twenty minutes after receiving the initial call) law enforcement officers located a suspect walking outside a nearby condominium project.  The suspect was taken into custody and transported back to the scene where the victim identified the man as the suspect who tried to abduct her.  A background check of the suspect revealed that he had an outstanding warrant on drug charges, so he was arrested on those charges and questioned about the abduction.

However, after questioning the suspect and interviewing witnesses in the area where he was picked up, lead investigator, Sgt. Patricia Dally, said that the suspect could not have been involved in the reported abduction. Dally stated that several witnesses reported seeing the man at a location far from the school during the reported time frame of the abduction.

Sgt. Dally said the man is not being charged with the abduction.  Detectives are continuing to question the student and an alert is still out for a suspect matching the description given by the student.  The case is still under investigation.

 Lewd and Lascivious Battery Arrest

Sheriff’s detectives of the Crimes against Women and Children Unit arrested 19-year old Felix Carillo on charges of lewd and lascivious battery after serving him with an arrest warrant Wednesday afternoon. Detectives received a complaint from the mother of a 15-year old girl who stated that her underage daughter was having sex with Carillo. Detectives interviewed the victim, who stated that she had intercourse with Carillo on November 3.  Detectives then tape-recorded a conversation between Carillo and the victim.  During that conversation, Carillo admitted to having intercourse with the 15-year old.

Carillo was arrested at his residence in Key West.  Detectives booked him into the county jail on charges of lewd and lascivious battery on person twelve years of age or older, but less than sixteen.

 Drug Arrest

A Marathon man is in jail on drug charges after detectives from the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit served an arrest warrant Wednesday.  39-year old Santiago Hernandez, also known as Carlos, is charged with two counts of sale of cocaine.  Detectives made the first undercover buy of fifty dollars worth of cocaine from Hernandez on October 23 at a mobile home park in Marathon.  The second buy occurred in the parking lot of a Marathon convenience store on October 29.  Hernandez sold 150 dollars worth of cocaine to an undercover officer.  Detectives obtained an arrest warrant.  Hernandez was taken into custody Wednesday and booked into the jail in Marathon.

 Stolen Weapon Recovered

Dive Team members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Monday recovered a machine gun stolen during a Key Largo burglary.  The dive team located the Ruger Mini-14 automatic weapon in Florida Bay waters off Hammer Point in Key Largo.  The dive team also recovered a suppressor device and three magazines.  The automatic weapon and several other firearms were taken during a burglary last June at an Islamorada residence.  One of the suspects arrested for the burglary led the dive team members to the location where he tossed the weapon overboard.  Sheriff’s detectives are still working on recovering other weapons taken during that burglary.


November 11, 2002

Murder Suicide on Summerland Key Saturday

Summerland Key – A man shot and killed his wife Saturday morning on Summerland Key, then turned the gun on himself.

Roommates and a neighbor found the bodies of Ronald and Kendra Foster Saturday morning in a bedroom of the house. According to Sheriff’s Homicide detectives, it appears Ronald Foster shot Kendra Foster numerous times as she lay in bed, then shot himself.

According to investigators, the two were separated and in the process of getting a divorce. She was staying in their Summerland Key home with three roommates. He was staying at a residence on Cudjoe Key.

They reportedly got together the evening before, then she returned to their Summerland Key home and he returned to Cudjoe Key. Neighbors say 40 year old Ronald Foster left his Cudjoe Key residence at about 8:30 Saturday morning. From there, detectives believe he went to the Summerland Key home and shot his wife while she lay in bed.

A .45 caliber Glock semi-automatic handgun was found on the scene, along with six spent shell casings.

Two of Kendra Foster’s roommates were home at the time of the shooting. They heard the shots, went to a neighbor’s house, then returned to the home to find the pair dead.

Bi-plane from Cuba lands at Key West Airport

Key West – A Bi-plane was escorted in to the Key West Airport today by military jets. The plane was believed to have come from Cuba.

Sheriff’s deputies and Key West Police detained the nine adults and one child who on board the plane until they could be turned over to Immigration and Naturalization Service officials and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Airport activities were not interrupted significantly by the incident.

Accidental Drowning takes woman’s life

Stock Island – It appears that a young Stock Island woman accidentally drowned Saturday afternoon as she was walking her dog on Stock Island.

25 year old Melissa Melson and her dog were both pulled from the canal that runs parallel to 12th Avenue by a neighbor who heard the dog barking and yelping. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call at 1:30 p.m. Melson was not breathing, but the dog was fine. Her fiancé said she had left their house a short time before to take the dog, reportedly a large Rottweiller mix, for a walk.

An autopsy revealed she died of salt water drowning, but also suffered head trauma leading detectives to believe she slipped, hit her head and fell into the canal.