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Thank you for participating in our Web Site Visitor Survey. We hope to use this information to better serve those visiting our site, and to better serve the people whose safety is of paramount concern to us, the citizens of the Florida Keys. If you would like to simply make a comment to the Sheriff's Office, rather than fill out the form below, please visit our Issues of the Week page. If you have a question about the web site, send email to Web Author Deputy Becky Herrin.

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 1. This survey is from a:

Note: Please include as much information as possible so your comments and observations can be forwarded to the appropriate person or persons in the agency.

Local Monroe County Business. Zip code of business

Local Monroe County Residence. Zip code of residence

 2. Identification information:

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5. Are you visiting our web site for (you may choose more than one):

Looking for general information about our Sheriff's Office

Looking for general information about Monroe County

I am visiting this site specifically to participate in this survey

Looking for Employment Information

Looking for Crime Prevention Information


6. If you are visiting for information, did you find what you were looking for?



7. If not, what is it you were looking for?

8. Do you have any suggestions for making the site more user friendly (for detailed suggestions, please send e-mail to the webmaster)?

9. How do you rate this site when comparing it to other law enforcement sites you have visited?





10. Do you know the deputies assigned to your area or zone?

Yes   No

11. Are you a member of a local Crime Watch group?

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 12. If not, would you like someone to contact you with more information about this program?

Yes   No

13. Have you had contact with an officer from our department within the last 12 months?

Yes   No

If yes, please answer questions  A - E. If not, proceed to question #14.

A. Type of contact:





Assist with sickness or injury

Community Contact

Assist with crime prevention information, property check or other general information

B. Officer's demeanor:

Good   Satisfactory   Poor

C. Do you feel you were you treated fairly?

Yes   No

D. Do you feel the situation was handled appropriately by the officer?

Yes   No

E. Did the officer explain the situation and the reason for his/her actions to your satisfaction?

Yes   No

14. Please rate the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in the following categories:

A. Taking care of the community's overall safety and security.

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

B. Providing service in a prompt manner while maintaining a positive, respectful demeanor.

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

C. Providing a variety of effective Crime Prevention programs (Crime Stoppers, Crime Watch, etc.).

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

D. Maintaining safety in residential neighborhoods in the Florida Keys.

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

E. Helping to maintain the quality of life in residential neighborhoods in the Florida Keys.

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

F. Providing for the safety and security of school children, both on campus as well as before and after school.

Excellent   Good   Satisfactory   Poor

15. Please mark the level of truth of the following statements to help us determine your quality of life in the Florida Keys:

A. I feel safe and secure living in my Florida Keys neighborhood.

Always  Most of the time  Sometimes  Seldom   Never

B. I feel safe and secure when driving in the Florida Keys.

Always   Most of the time  Sometimes  Seldom   Never

C. I feel safe and secure when I am shopping, working or participating in community events in the Florida Keys.

Always   Most of the time Sometimes  Seldom   Never

D. I feel my children are safe in the Florida Keys.

Always   Most of the time Sometimes  Seldom   Never

16. I would like someone to contact me about the following (you may choose more than one):

Crime Prevention Programs in general

Citizen's Crime Watch

Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys

Juvenile Programs

I would like a free home or business security survey

17. Please contact me by:

Phone number:

  E-mail address:



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